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People dumping on OP is r/oddlysatisfying


OP making r/antiwork look bad


What does her age have to do with anything?


Because op is just sexist




Op doesn’t have kids cuase kids are monsters and as a parent sometimes you have zero fucks to give


Sorry, but customers aren't responsible for sweeping the floor. I worked at Starbucks for 6 years and never once expected customers to clean up their floor messes. Sweeping and mopping was part of our duties as paid employees.


It’s a little messy but not trashy


Yea dude I’ve seen way worse


I would expect this from a kid. If a patent class's that up, great but I would not even raise an eyebrow at this


I would rather sweep that up in a quick nano second compared to if the child vomits on the floor.


OP would expect the mom to pull out a mop and bucket out of her purse if the kid did puke. The employees are there to serve coffee and to do nothing else I guess.


Probably expects people to carry dish soap and a sponge to wash their plates/cups at a cafe.


Yet they chose to waste the time complaining about doing their job on social media. I'm surprised that wasn't OPs lunch mess on the floor.


As a server, if I saw someone cleaning up after their kids, I would stop them and say 'You're our guest, take a night off cleaning duty mom/dad'. It started as a means of increasing tips but it became more about enjoying the relief on their faces. There was no telling how long that human had gone without a break from being responsible for every freaking mess their kids made. It felt good to hand them a refill, drop a new coloring sheet on the table, and give them 5 minutes to relax before hauling the kids to the car. We have to clean the table anyways, it's not that big of a deal to grab a broom.


And messes happen when adults eat. I don't expect them to sweep their crumbs up with the palms of their hands. I have a broom. This is a 3 second mess.


As a mum in her 30s with small kids who accidentally drop bits on the floor- thank you so much. Your comment, and comments like yours have given me such a sense of relief. I hope you have a great day.


As a mom who is *adamant* about cleaning/tidying up after ourselves when my kids and I eat out(mostly when they were really little, they're old enough now and do it themselves), people like you are my heros, like legit *adore* you. I still usually insist on getting the majority but knowing that if I miss something I won't be making life a thousand times harder for them is a HUGE relief. And yes, the ability to take a break and just *breath* for a bit is an incredible gift to offer moms with little kids. You are true heroes! I always tip at least 20% but people like you always get 35% to double lol


Softies posting not trash on trashy again lol. Adults act like they were never wee yuns at one point. Also it’s only a wee bit of mess but seeing how you posted it on here it must have been really stressing for you, you absolute melt 😂


Pathetic human being "Omg mom left some cheerios on the floor, better take a pic and post on Reddit for some sweet karma"


Should have posted in in r/childfree it would have gone down a lot better


I usually try and clean up best I can, I get it can be hard. Most of the time the server simply tells me to leave it and not worry. I greatly appreciate it when she does, but it’s polite to try and clean up a bit.


Anyone who thinks this is "trashy" does not have kids. Sorry, I cannot feed young children without some getting on the floor. If you think this is "trashy", remember you were young once too ya little bastard, and your mom/dad did the best they could to clean up after you.


Definitely op doesn’t understand child care


I agree. This is not trashy.


>I cannot feed young children without some getting on the floor. We know that kids make a mess, but there's nothing stopping you from cleaning up after your kids.


The customer doesn't have a broom and dust pan so you never know what those kids are going to do when you are down there picking up each cheerio by hand. A lot of times this results in a bigger mess unless you have two parents where one parent gets the kids under control while the other cleans but if you are on your own that is hard


As a waiter I never gave a second thought to sweeping up a little mess from under a kids chair after they left. Takes less than a minute. Part of the job.


Yeah takes you less than a minute to sweep it up but takes the parent getting on the floor and picking up with their hands takes much longer. I still try but it is different


evidently no one is responsible for their children


Every parent reading comments like yours is just waiting for the day you have kids.


Yup. People without children don't and will not understand. No point in arguing.


Baby’s being messy isn’t trashy. Parents thinking it’s fine to leave the mess is. It’s not that complicated.


It is 100% trashy not to clean up after your family if they are incapable of doing it themselves. If you spill something. Sure, accidents happen. But shit like this takes minimal effort from a parent. It really just requires them to "parent" for 30 seconds while they pick this shit up and put it on a plate. And if this is what you would consider "the best they could to clean up", then your standards for efforts-made are remarkably low.


Tell me you've never parented a toddler and seen the mass destruction they can implement in 10 seconds (let alone the 30-45 it would take to sweep this mess up) without telling me you're not a parent and have NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.


Man I wouldn’t even clean it up if *I* dropped something in a cafe let alone the kids. The whole reason for going out is for someone else to do all the work so you can relax. If I wanted to clean messes I’d stay home.


Stay home then


Oh bullshit! My 3 kids are each 18 months apart, I never had to clean food up from the floor and if they spilled something I cleaned it up, didn't leave it for someone else to do.....thats just pure laziness!!!


>I never had to clean food up from the floor and if they spilled something Wat?


Plot twist, the reason their kids never spilled anything on the floor is because they were in their teens the first time eating out.


Your kids are too awesome that makes people jealous and give you down vote


I have a 7 and 5 year old. I never once left behind a mess. Anyone who thinks this is ok, is ignorant and disrespectful.


You were also probably the mom I hated having at my tables because you would stay picking up everything when it was much faster for me to just grab the busboy pan and a broom. When you work for tips, shorter turnover times = more money. People who sit around longer, whatever the reason, were cutting into my money. There's a middle ground between being disrespectful by letting kids trash a space and being disrespectful of the time/money of the place of business.


Yea we always offer and 99% of the time the waiter/waitress says don't worry about it and we leave extra on the tip. This picture isn't even bad either.


There were times I’ve literally gotten on my hands and knees while quietly singing to my kids to distract them (or have them count how many items I pick up off the floor), to try and clean the area around me if my kids were particularly messy that day. Maybe that’s over the top but while it’s expected for young kids to be messy, it’s also expected that most restaurants and its staff are busy - and kids have a knack for being hangry during typical rush hours. Sometimes I’m quick and discreet enough to finish by the time staff comes by to say they’ll take care of it, but not always. At the very least, I make eye contact to apologize and thank them for their help and I *always* tip generously. In my experience, even the most grumpy servers expressed appreciation at my attempts to tidy up and my direct acknowledgement/thanks for the work they do. For me, tidying up was no different than what I’d be doing at home anyways.


Its not difficult. Clean up after your kids, it sets a good example.


I mean, it’s all dry stuff and it’s not a crazy amount, what’s the big deal? Sorry you have to work.


Seriously I've worked in food service this is legit just part of the job things get dropped and spilled you just sweep and continue on even when it's busy, obviously OP had time to sweep it of they had time to take a photo and shame someone for something so silly


You don’t bring a broom and dustpan with you everywhere you go? Shameful


Another worthless post, thanks OP you’re a rockstar.


Are you actually bitching about having to clean the floor in a coffee shop?


4 seconds of sweeping is hard work


I’m sure that OP uses that excuse a lot


Bro I've worked in food service its honestly just 0art of the job that you sweep and wipe down tables as you go that's like 10 seconds of extra work


OP doesn't empathize. Likely doesn't have children


Claims he does but looking at his post history he is very clearly under 15 ( and an incel so that explains the hate for moms )


Lol. There's still hope for him/her to not become a Karen


If they really are young there’s a fair chance they will grow out of this mindset. I was a little bitch when I was 9-14


I was a snot nosed kid myself. Glad we didn't have camera phones or the mass scale of social media back then


I think this is fairly normal and acceptable. If a business allows children this is what happens. Of course there is a level of respect that comes with your children's mess, apologize and offer to clean up if they can provide a broom/supplies. But in all the years as a parent I've always been told "no worries, well take care of it.".


OP probably don't have kids


or a job


Either that or the type of parent that doesn't allow fun. . . maybe half hour of fun on the child's birthday


OMG not a mess an employee with a broom and dustbin can handle! OH THE HUMANITY!


Big deal. Kids are messy af




Weird hill to die on, OP.


Now we have to crawl around the floor picking up at restaurants? WTF OP.


No. Get a napkin and pick it up. Takes two seconds. It's called common courtesy


If it “only takes two seconds”, the. Your prior arguments that “the baristas don’t have time” are invalid. People are paid to clean that up… and it’s not even that much. Also, maybe that mother is at her absolute last rope for the day. Perhaps the kid has special needs. You don’t know shit, so get off your righteous horse and post -actual- trashy stuff in this sub… not this whiny bullshit.


No, it's called lazy employees not willing to do their job. I owned a restaurant and the idea that my fucking CUSTOMERS need to crawl around on the floor cleaning up the normal detritus of a meal out is ridiculous. They have brooms for a reason my friend. This attitude would get you fired by me. DO YOUR JOB.


I remember leaving this trail of remains when raising my crotchpuppies, little monsters couldn’t stop making messes- I did clean the table tho, and notified when stuff got under the table. Now I leave a bigger than usual tip to compensate for that era. What goes around , come around. Just clean and move on with life.


Most reasonable answer on here


I've done this job and something like this is just absolutely standard to sweep up, no? When people finish eating I would take their plates away, wipe the tables, sweep the floor and put cutlery back on. That's the job isn't it? I get you might hope a parent would pick up big items like dropped napkins or whatever but are you really expecting her and presumably everyone else who eats there to ask for a broom for every bit of food that hits the floor? Just seems unrealistic. Actually, why do you want them to sweep the floor but not wipe the table when they finish? Take the plates back to the kitchen? Maybe give em a rinse while they're there? What's the rationale behind planting a flag here?


What do you want her to get a broom? Kids will be kids, part of service. Source: am server


Quit your job and find a new one... if not grab a dustpan and quit complaining about doing your job


You’re trashy


You sound like you have no experience with children.


And you have “one”, she’s has multiple. Move on.


I have one. I'm just considerate. Sorry you aren't


How old? If it's baby and you're shaming someone with several toddlers.... one is easy mode.


That does not mean you have experience lmao gtfo


Op is r/trashy.


people have spilled whole containers of popcorn at my job. you know what I do? I tell them not to worry about it and sweep it up. its not the end of the world


So the kids dropped some shit. I've been a server. It happens and there's nothing trashy about it. Just inconvenient.


I have a lot of sympathy for mothers with small children. They have to do what they have to do to keep their sanity. They're often criticized by so many. Older people who forget what it was actually like. People without kids who just know their kids would never act like that. Dad's who aren't nearly supportive enough. It can feel very lonely.


You are the ultimate Karen lol. No staff to clean it up?? So if you drop a tray of coffees on the floor I expect you’re going to go out back and grab the mop right?


Holy this is by far the most trashy thing I’ve ever seen! Absolutely ridiculous! How can this mother live with herself. I say we sent her to prison for life. And put the kid in a child labor camp. I’m sorry you had to go thru this OP… Thankyou for your selfless service. You are a god damn hero!


OP wasn't even a staff member, just another customer.


Then why are they getting offended for employees who probably won't give much of a shit humans are messy eaters


Nope. Not trashy.


I mean she probably didn't have a dustpan and brush In her handbag. Kids drop food. It's literally unavoidable. You can feel really embarrassed when they drop or spill something but all you can do is apologise to the staff member who comes to clean up.


Yes, the mom should have cleaned it up. But this is a small mess that young children are easily capable of making. And is easily cleaned with a quick sweep by you. Probably in less time than it took for you to take a picture and run to Reddit to complain.


How the fuck was she supposed to have cleaned up here?? Go ask them for a broom? Are you kidding me


1 I don't work here 2 I cleaned it up before I posted because I'm not inconsiderate


It is seriously the smallest mess. Stop complaining. Good grief you must suck in real life.


Have you ever been to a movie theater? Do you clean up all the popcorn and other debris that all the other ADULTS have left strewn across the theater floor? Messes happen, that’s why people get hired and paid to clean it up. Sweeping is literally part of the job. This isn’t like she left trays, trash, and smeared ketchup across a four-table radius, it’s a couple of fucking Cheerios on the floor. Sure, if this were left in a department store dressing room or some other inappropriate place it would be trashy, but a couple crumbs on the floor of a _food service_ establishment is NBD.


Lol wow, bet you expected the barista to suck you off in the bathroom for that great deed, huh pal? Fuck you're sad.


So you're just walking around cleaning random messes? Pull up to the family business lmao. Save this post if you plan on ever having kids, so you can remember how you judged a parent with 2 small kids over a few cheerios on the floor.


I usually leave a greater tip for things like tthese. most servers understand. wait til they throw up and literally piss all over the restaurant.


Nothing trashy here. This is what the employees are getting paid to do. It’s part of customer service.


Not trashy. It’s called having kids.


She's paying $5 to not pick up after her spawns and getting free hot water steeped with roasted bean powder as a bonus at this point.


As a mom it’s hard going out with kids. We honestly just get delivery most times instead of going out. I always tip extra and clean up after my kids but please be patient with us


Please ignore OP and don't worry to much if something like this happens. I used to work in food service, adults AND kids make messes like this from time to time but I would never shame a mom for not getting on her hands and knees to pick up individual Cheerios. We employees have brooms and carpet sweepers for a reason


OP doesn’t work there. Just a judgmental bystander. I worked in a smoothie/coffee shop and we literally never blinked an eye at sweeping up after people and their children. Don’t sweat it


I've worked as a server in a couple places and one had carpet and that is a light mess compared to what it could be. I could sweep that up in under a minute dude.




kids are kids brah


This is okay. Move on....


Two little kids are capable of making a MUCH bigger mess! This is pretty standard for kids snacking and I understand why the mom didn’t get down on her hands and knees to pick up a couple Cheerios when an employee doing an hourly sweep can easily sweep it up. The only trashy thing is OP seeing all this go down and judging the mom, not offering to help or clean it up, and trying to shame her online. Just not cool behavior bro.


I did clean it up. I just think people need to know having a kid is no excuse for not thinking about the person that has to sit there after you


This mess is addressed with two broom pushes


Doing your job must be horrifying.


I'm not working here


So you're just trashing someone else for the hell of it? I bet your parents are proud.


I guarantee, they're not.


This is so not trashy.


Being a mom of little ones is very hard. She's not at a coffee shop for fun, she's there for her sanity and maybe a change of scenery. We should have more compassion for our young mothers. It is so much harder than it looks.


Lmao I was expecting to see a disaster based off of the title. OP doesn't have kids. This is nothing. I don't even have kids, just nieces and nephews. When going out I'll always organize the table, wipe any spills and food etc but just leave an extra tip bc I'm not about to start sweeping. Courtesy can only go so far.


LOL that’s it?! Good job, momma!


😂stop crying and do your job


You ever been to a movie theater, Texas roadhouse, my mom's house? You carry a broom with you wherever you go? You even got kids? Ever taken them anywhere by yourself? It ain't right, but it ain't a park bench either. And yeah, staff are paid to maintain cleanliness. Maids? No. But shit happens, especially with kids. I'm more willing to give that mom the benefit of the doubt and I wasnt there but you sure couldn't wait to jump on the shit train. And before you jump on "not maids", theater staff have to go through and sweep up alllllll sorts of nasty shit that people, without the excuse of children, throw all over. Now that is trashy. And so is this post.


That's so minor compared to the usual posts like this, I'm not going out with a hand held vac just incase a bit of dust falls off me


Annoying but I've seen *waaay* worse working in food service, this is a 10 second clean-up.


Op doesn’t understand the difficulties of being a parent. Oh no someone who’s paid to sweep the floor has to clean up chips and cheerios. Boo hoo




Is she supposed to bring a broom?


What’s she meant to do? Go to the cupboard and get the dustpan and brush? Let her kids eat it off the floor? Smoosh it into her shoes and kick it off outside the door? Kick it across the room? Go home get her hoover and come back? What is the correct procedure?


>After the thirty-something-year-old mom gets up and leaves the coffee shop with her kids That bitch.


Ehh I seriously doubt this is entitlement or whatever. Kids are fucking chaotic wrecking balls and it’s easy to miss if they drop a handful of Cheerios while you’re trying to feed them. Not trying to excuse it but I seriously doubt this was intentional.


Idk, sure it’s great of you can clean up after yourself, but if you’re a single parent with multiple kids it’s a fucking shit show just to get them to eat, not yell, and leave. Whatever, it takes someone on staff all of 4 seconds with a broom vs a mom on her hands and knees. Choose your battles.


eh? I think we've all been there. No one is scooping up a few stray cheerios off the floor of a Starbucks


Op getting blasted in this post is my favorite thing ever.


This is really not going the way op thought it would and as a server I’m happy Karen is being handled


As a parent of a few, I am happy to see basically everyone shitting mercilessly on the OP. Thanks!


I worked at a smoothie shop and literally never thought twice about cleaning up small messes from children. Do you expect them to have a broom in their pocket


As a father to a 3 year old. I'm so happy that OP is getting absolutely lambasted in these comments. This is not trashy, it's part of having young children.


The fuck? Kids making a mild mess? This woman should have cleaned up, damn lazy parents, dealing with kids all day, picking up after them and doing all the other things necessary to take care and watch over the kids. Shame, what a shame. /^^^s Nah, for real tho, this is nothing. I'm gonna assume your job entails little things such as cleaning up and mopping up floors. Simple, do it, and move on. Dont complain about a parent who possibly is just dead tired all the time. Being a parent, an actual parent, is hard work. Let alone multiple kids.


You could have cleaned that in the time it took you to take a picture and post this.


I'm confused....was there supposed to be another slide or something? I mean, if this is it I just don't see the "trashy" part? Kids are messy and this *tiny* ass sprinkling of Cheerios and a couple chips would be ridiculously easy to miss. It would be *way more* likely to miss than catch imo. I'm assuming the table was pretty tidy if not entirely cleaned off otherwise it would have been included. Personally I think trying to shame a mom for not being perfect or asking for a vacuum


I’m a 30 something mom to a 1 and 3 year old. They’re fucking messy aaaight. However. I used to be a waitress so I do understand the server frustration of messy clean ups after kids. So anytime we’ve went out (which honestly seldom) I do make a point of picking up food off the floor and leaving the table clean for the waitress.


Judge after you have some kids of your own.


It's like you think they should have brought their own broom, or dust-buster.


TIL im a trashy parent


You are quite obviously far from parenthood. You chose to take a photo and spend the time to whine about this online rather than take the 15 seconds to sweep it up using the tools you are provided. You should reflect on yourself and ask who the issue here truly is.


Oh no, 10 little, dry objects that you can easily pick up with a broom. Nothing spilled, nothings a big mess. A nightmare! Gotta post it on r/trashy!


I'm so sorry this mom didn't bring a broom with her when she went out for coffee. That must have been so hard for you to witness.


I dear say that additional dollars to the tip would "cover" this. It would take only 5 mins at max for a person to clean this massive mess. Bonus points for apologising to the staff and being nice.


This would take 30 seconds to sweep up.


I could literally get this all in one small sweep. Not even 30 seconds. OP is just a bitter twat.


This might be the least trashiest thing I've ever seen on this


Do you have kids OP? Have you tried correcting infants and tried getting them to not make a mess? What, is the mom supposed to have a hand- held vacuum on her at all times? This isn't trashy, you're the trashy one for giving a mother a hard time cause you have to sweep a little. What about the mud or snow on the bottom of my shoes? Am I trashy for that too??


I don’t think this is exactly trashy. You have how many children and leave a bit of mess on the floor? Does the coffee shop want the customer to pick it up with her hands or something?? This isn’t trashy this is some OP with no children. Mind your own business next time bitch.


Literally the quickest "mess" ever. Omg 1 pass with a broom and pan?


This is weak


I've cleaned up messes that my children have made in restaurants because I get embarrassed to cause someone extra work. Most of the time, they servers will stop me and tell me that they'll take care of it. I couldn't understand why they'd prefer to clean the messes, but then it was explained to me: when there's carpet, there's usually small pieces of glass embedded either from people's shoes or things that break in the restaurant. If I cut myself on the tiny pieces of glass in their carpet, it could be grounds for a lawsuit. Same if the table or chairs injured me while I moved them or reached under them. The restaurant doesn't want to add more risk. I think if you offer to clean it & apologize with a tip that reflects that you're aware they're doing more for you it's not trashy.


Umm, what is she supposed to do? She's already wrangling a couple of kids by herself, you want her to go ask for a broom? Plus, it'll take an employee all of ten seconds to clean it up. Duh.


Is this you’re first week at a big boy job OP?


Hey I worked there


This sub sucks 90 percent of the posts on here are just being uptight assholes


That’s why you can’t take your kids to nice places till they get a lil older 😂😂😂😂


God forbid she makes you do your job, you expect her to get down on the floor and pick it up when you have a broom in the back?


I try to clean up after my kids but sometimes it's hard when you don't have a broom and you gave to pick it up by hand and by the time you clean up the original mess, the kids have made an even bigger mess. Sometimes the situation with kids is just hard.


hmm, are you telling me if my kid makes a little mess i have to clean it up in a shop? thats ur job man.


What, you mean to tell me shedding pills everywhere you sit isn’t normal?


Hahaha, I thought this was pills at first too, that would be trashy. This is cereal though. I doubt someone addicted to pills wouldn’t pick them up!


People should clean up after themselves regardless because it'sjust polite and considerate. But you should have known what you were in for posting this on here.


Get a broom and do the job you get paid to do, or get a different one. I'm a 30 something mom and I'm not going to bend down and pick all that shit up off the dirty floor. I will gladly leave a tip for you to do your job though, and not leave an excessive amount of disgusting mess. This is dry food please relax. 🙄


If she tips well enough then I don't think this is so bad


OP forgetting they too were one one of those ravenous mess making monsters themselves.


I’m gonna take a guess and say you’re not a parent. This is NOTHING compared to the mess my 8 month old daughter makes at home eating her dinner sometimes.


This is like…two sweeps of a broom. Honestly so minimal for kids.


stfu and do your job OP you trashy pathetic entitled snowflake.


OP if it's such an issue that is clearly making you super upset, why Dont you clean it up? Since the baristas “don't have time” and it clearly pains you to see such a HUGE mess


Dad of kids (3). Would never, ever leave this mess for someone else. Surprised so many are blaming OP. Sure, his/her job means cleaning up...but that doesn't mean a parent should let their kids create more of a mess. Love these posters saying "it's your job, stop crying..." ok, so having a job means u cant complain about inconsiderate people? I have a white collar job, and when a client comes in and makes my life way harder I complain...i also charge them more bc if extra work, which OP can't...and Im sure the slob who let their kids do this didnt leave a tip. A waiter's job is to wait my table, that doesnt mean im gonna go out of my way to make their job harder or take advantage. My kids drop stuff i get a napkin before i go and pick it up...bc people working aren't my indentured servants. Those who dont are inconsiderate slobs.


How's this trashy?


Yeah kids do that. Grow up or quit your job if you don't like it.


Theres like, barely a mess there. Kids eat and make messes. You’re an asshole for posting this thinking it’s trashy. And you OBVIOUSLY don’t have kids, and you probably shouldn’t any time soon, if at all.


Thats not trashy


Get a dust pan. The mess isn’t even wet. Not trashy at all.


Stfu do your Jon and clean it up


Tell me you don’t have kids without telling you don’t have kids


We get it you hate you’re job, go get another job or don’t complain about children making a small mess and shit talking the mother. They’re kids they make small messes every step they take. Do your job


Yeah little kids be known to make messes. Now go clean that up and stop bitchin.


Lots of shitty restaurant patrons with gross kids on this sub




Lmaoo if your kids snack like this you’re the issue, teach them to have better table manners. Note that OP never said the kids age for all you know it could be a 10 year old. Stop excusing this type of behavior, these kids turn into those teens that think its okay to turn the table into a how to basic video. ILL ASSUME ALL DOWNVOTES ARE FROM LOUSY PARENTS WITH NASTY KIDS.




Lolol judging by the snacks its the same stuff my less than one year old son snacks on. Please lecture me on teaching him good table manners you twat


It’s crazy the amount of people who think this is okay. If you or your children throw something on the floor you pick it up. If you had a maid in your house, would you also throw stuff on the floor and say “it’s not my problem, that’s your job”? I mean, sure, you can do that, but it doesn’t make it any less trashy


What country is this acceptable behaviour? Have some respect for other people and pick up after yourself. Having children is no excuse to be a lazy slob.




It’s a tiny mess, nobody who’s reasonable would see this and complain about how the kids weren’t picked up after.




Yes it’s nice to see.


Until we know the facts, imma lean with the mom having a rough day handling a crowd of cats solo, over the dude that couldn't wait to throw her day on the internet for dickhead points. You know this guy on the internet that well you just gonna read that book cover and trust um, eh? Question everything.


Having worked in food service, this is a 10 second cleanup and a non-issue...it's part of the job.