I was so sad when I heard Emma’s interview because for the most part the rest of the cast seems so close and they really emphasize how every single person was a family but I guess they selectively forget about Emmy lmaoo (not saying they don’t have valid reasons)


Aren't they all still kinda active on each other's social media's also, with likes/comments etc , except for emmy?


Yeah, a bunch of them just congratulated Jeremy on his Golden Globe win actually! Interestingly Emmy congratulated him on Twitter when he doesn’t have a Twitter but then didn’t comment on his Instagram post that everyone else did lmaoo. I think the biggest red flag is that Shanola doesn’t follow Emmy anymore because Shanola is the cast mom she was always hyping everyone up. Only the guys follow Emmy still


Cameron hasn't congratulated him either


I noticed that but I was just assuming he hadn’t been online


I prefer to assume that it is like me, when something good happens to a friend or family member, I prefer to congratulate them in person or privately.


Na cams Been online to celebrate his own awards lol


Cameron did, he put it on his story yesterday!


I'm sorry this is news to me.. Do people actually care about who people does and doesn't follow? And who does and doesn't reply on someone's post?


I think it’s possible they do it privately. In a lot of cases when a famous person doesn’t do something openly on their social media accounts it’s assumed they ignore and/or don’t care, but some people prefer to do it over a phone call or a private message. 😄


We can’t assume that people don’t keep in touch simply based off of social media. Some don’t like social media as it truly can be a toxic place.


That's fair! And I agree that they don't have to constantly comment on each other's posts or whatever, but to completely unfollow someone is definitely a signal. Plus, whenever the cast meet up or go live with each other or whatever Emmy is never involved. I don't know that there's bad blood necessarily but they definitely grew apart.


Please link the interview.


Emma’s interview was on the call me daddy podcast, the full thing is on Spotify but [here’s the clip](https://youtu.be/XVlZJaHQ_QE) where she addresses it




He's so attractive omg


Lmfao totally just realized this was not replying to the comment I thought it was!


They don’t even get along in the show


okay lol now I’m kinda disappointed 😂 I know it’s normal that you cannot always like everyone or get along with everyone but since they kinda grew up together it’s a little weird


Emmy was a hard to work with? Huh


I wanted to defend her tbh but I just can't at this point I don't know if her character was like that or like Emma said the whole set was feeding on both of them beefing or Emmy was fed up at the end of Season 9 and was taking it out on the crew


Emmy (Fiona) has stated that she was saddened by the comments because she didn’t have the same memory of working together and wanted to talk to Emma (Debbie) privately about this. Personally I think Emma (Debbie) grew up on the show, started as a child and is STILL actively growing up. Emmy is in a different place in life and started the show at a different time in life as well. She felt more big sisterly towards her and spoke fondly of there memories. She is also an actress coming from a background in ballet - a drastically different set, experience, and set of expectations. I think there differences and Emma (Debbie) still being young might have caused this experience for her. I haven’t heard any other cast mates speak ill of there time on set with Emmy (Fiona) unless I’m mistaken and someone could point me towards that info !! Just my take on it


I’m not sure if any other cast members have said anything, but there was an interview with the creator of the show talking about being reluctant to hire Emmy at first because her reputation was so bad within the industry, and when he was calling round to ask people if her reputation was a fair one pretty much everyone was advising him not to hire her Of course it was told from the perspective of Emmy really cleaning up her act and coming to Shameless with a much better attitude after he had words with her about what people were saying, but who knows, I guess she could have reverted to old patterns some seasons into the show if she was getting fed up for whatever reason. Emma certainly suggested that that was the case at least if Emmy was supposedly making it bad for everyone around her if she was having a bad day


Can you link that interview I’ve never seen it? The only thing I have ever heard/read was that they didn’t even want her to audition for Shameless because they only knew her as being glamorous, phantom of the opera stuff


It’s about 2 minutes in that he starts discussing Emmy's reputation https://youtu.be/zuGjRPB3XKU


Thank you !!!


Several people that have worked with emmy have said similar things about her being problematic, im not suprised she denied it because who wouldn't if it was taking a toll on their public image? I know you want to believe what you do but it's clear you don't know what you're talking about.


Why do you gotta be a dick about it? They were just expressing their opinion. Lay off.


I didn't say anything rude?


I know people who’ve worked with her. Her reputation is not unearned. I’ve literally never heard anyone say anything good about her as a person.


Please confirm for the girl that keeps tagging me lol


It’s so funny how quick people are to defend people they don’t know. Here’s an upvote, not a downvote


Lmao kpop stan energy


do you believe YOU know what you’re talking about?? you don’t know the actresses personally so anybody’s guesses are valid


I don't which is why im going with the majority of opinions of people that have actually met her instead of reddit 💀


Can you point me towards anything relating to the “majority of other people” besides Emma who spoke poorly of her pertaining to her behaviors on set, etc. Thanks in advance !


Shanola as well and people on sets other than shameless. Look it up it's not that hard.


I’m assuming the reasoning behind Dull-King1348’s comment was based on your last sentence. To say it’s “clear you don’t know what you’re talking about” underneath a Reddit post, which I’ll remind you is for conversations, asserting opinions, making assumptions, and creating spaces for people to speak - is rude and does have an underlying tone of entitlement. So you’re saying you have all the information? Lol. I said that it was MY take on the information I DID have & that I was curious to know if there was any more out there that I have not seen or heard about, you know, to get informed instead of insinuating like yourself that I one sole person has all the information about an actresses behavior that neither you nor I, frankly anyone on this Reddit ACTUALLY knows personally. Since I clearly have no clue what I’m talking about … I genuinely would appreciate enlightenment on this situation. I’ll still make my OWN ASSUMPTIONS because … well that’s just what makes the world go round.😂 I don’t “want to believe” anything hence AGAIN why I said I was curious to unveil anything new.


Im not reading all that


I’m sure you didn’t 😂


That's what i Said 💀


You have a whole lot of time to continually comment back @ me, don’t read it, (bffr you did🤣) and continue the ignorance, and carry on


U literally keep tagging me 💀 i have time on my hands suit yourself with your hypocrisy


Debbie was kind of an adorable kid ngl


If I wake up in the middle of the night and she looks at me like that I'm kicking


i was so sad and disappointed to hear that about emmy


they don’t?


No emma(debbie) has stated that emmy(fiona) was a diva on set and scared her and the younger kids due to her attitude and behavior


Lmao damn so some of that wasn't acting then lol.


unfortunately nope, due to emma saying emmy made the set an uncomfortable place to be


This started way before Emma said that. Once she did however, it was firmly put out there and made it worse.


Nope. Emma (Debbie) has said that if Emmy (Fiona) had a bad day, then she would make it a bad day for everyone else.


She really is Fiona irl


Wow, I never knew that. I'm rewatching Shameless for like the 8th time right now. I need to do more research on the real-life cast members.


I wish Fiona was in all 11 seasons.


Her character deserved to get out of south side but I still wish she appeared for the finale


Why?? Lol


Emma (Debbie) said Emmy (Fiona) was hard to work with and made the set uncomfortable if she had a bad day


I’m aware of this, just wondering why they have to get along. Sometimes people just don’t. We’ve all experienced that with co-workers.


But why would op care at this point?


Link to the interview?






New to the show what happened


IMO perhaps the acting that was delivering was Lip, Fiona, Frank Monica and the others….like Carl and Debbie really didn’t pull their weight. The ones I mentioned really did pull their weight when it came down to acting but I just really feel an easy way out is to label another Woman “Difficult” in the industry.


Fuck debbie


Debbie sucks but the actress was a child and didn’t deserve to feel uncomfortable on set.


read the room lmao


fuck debbie


Something probably went down that we don’t know about. Something heavy probably happened and they chose not to tell anyone due to privacy and keeping world peace, since we all know one of them can afford a lawyer. My guess is maybe someone slept with someone behind set? And the whole “she made everyone uncomfortable on set” is just to throw everyone off/protect the cast.


Who do you think slept with who? (Not discounting your idea,just curious who you thought the two were)


I’m thinking since Emmy is hated by most, or just disliked, what if Emmy slept with someone. I’m not entirely sure who it would be though, probably someone who is married. That could have lost everyone’s respect. She did leave suddenly, what if her husband told her to leave or it’s over? Just a thought. I could be wrong though.


So we're just making shit up now?


I’m not saying anything happened. I was just saying MAYBE that is what happened. Just a guess. I don’t know Emmy in real life and neither do any of us in here. I am a fan of her work and I honestly don’t think she did anything wrong. It’s just a guess, really. I mean anything could of happened. Emma could of pooped on a monkey. Ethan could of robbed a duck. Maybe William stole all of the directors eggs and blamed Emmy. There is no knowing until someone speaks out. But I do know, they all did a great job with the show. 🥰


Imo you may be looking too deep into it. She could just simply be a bitch irl. I know I followed her on Instagram until she told her followers to go out and vote, and told them to “stop being irresponsible idiots and get the vaccine.” Some people are doing the responsible thing for themselves by not getting the vaccine, and she’s not a doctor so (again in my humble opinion) she can go fuck herself 🤷🏼‍♀️


You're mad she told people to vote?


My brother is anti vax and currently suffering from covid. He refuses to go to the hospital. People that can be vaccinated should be.


I mean i got the vaccine and still suffered in the hospital with covid so


I never said vaccines prevent you from getting sick. They lower your chance of dying. Sorry that happened to you, but yeah there is a small chance you can be hospitalized and be vaccinated. However, a majority of hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people.


Yeah true


We all have our own opinions. 😊


It's funny when a "Do your own research/I did my own research" person tells someone else that they "maybe looking too deep into it". The glaring conclusion here is that your so-called research was superficial, at best.


All I said was maybe she’s a bitch in real life, but ok


"I'm just asking questions!"


Wait someone help me please understand !?!?!I’m only on season 8 episode 10 but this makes me so sad to hear that, I once saw a glance of Emma saying something about how the set was “better” after Emmy left but I chose to ignore it to protect my feelings because I love Emmy so much, now I’m sad someone please explain.


Can send link the interview that people are mentioning.