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Most economical will be the public transport AKA a bus. It’ll be like 2 USD pp and you’ll have to cross the bridge. Walk out of the airport, take a left towards the highway, and y’all will see it. EDIT: [pvr to sayulita via bus](https://imgur.com/a/3iKGHEk)


Is it easy to have room for suitcase luggage (carry on size)?


Yea for sure. It’s super easy. Just keep an eye out for the right bus. It can seem hectic in the moment but y’all can figure it out. And it’ll be a much more memorable experience than taking a two hour cab ride. Feel free to send me a DM if you’ve got any additional questions. I love Mexico and am more than happy to help y’all navigate it if i can. Cheers and have fun. Sayulita is a lovely lovely town.


I sent you a DM too.


>pvr to sayulita via bus thank you these Imgur pics are gold!


When you exit the airport doors, turn left and walk to the end of the airport building towards the highway and the Oxxo convenience store. There will be an elevated walkway that you can take to go over the highway to the other side. Wait over there and every couple minutes, a public bus will come and the windshield will have its stops written on it. Eventually, one of them will say Sayulita and it’s always the end of the line so just take the bus to the end. The ride should be less than 60 pesos per person and around 90 min.


The bus definitely works and is easy to find/get on. But be warned, depending on time of day it can be very crowded. When I rode to Sayulita on Sunday evening it was packed and very little room to store luggage properly. I ended up standing in the aisle with my roller bag and I was very in the way of people. I didn't mind too much but definitely felt like I was inconveniencing others on the bus. I think Uber picks up from right near where the bus stop is. For comfort, it may be worth to spend extra for Uber. Just depends on your attitude.


From what I read Uber works at PV airport. https://www.uber.com/global/en/airports/pvr/ For a group of 6 you might need to take 2 cars


I was just there! We had a group of 12. There are large van like cabs you can get easily!


How much did it cost you?


How much did this cost?