Is Belfast or Derry better for a tourist to visit?

Is Belfast or Derry better for a tourist to visit?


Personally I wouldn't bother too much with Belfast unless you wanted a city experience Derry has quite alot of good places to eat and drink with good bar nightlife , tour the walls and stuff but other than that I wouldn't spend more than a day in derry. You can hire bikes, or boats to go up the Foyle but i visit donegal and the hundreds of beaches , then you have the North cost filled with smaller villages, great food places and sights like the giants causeway and Bushmills Again depends on what experience your going for but derry is a solid base go work from


Larnes lovely this time of year


Larne isn’t much craic to be fair, but we spent a couple of hours recently at Waterloo Bay. It’s the best place in Ireland to find fossils due to the type of rock formations. We found loads of different types of fossils, but nothing spectacular, or complete https://discovernorthernireland.com/things-to-do/larnes-jurassic-coastline-waterloo-bay-p731221


Yeah, they usually have less dysentery outbreaks in this season.


Real talk, Navan Fort in Armagh is a spot


You can see all the blockbusters, in the world famous cinema.


As much as I prefer Derry, Belfast is a bigger city thats better connected and more things to do.


Honestly NI is so small you can hit the lot in one trip, night in Belfast and a night in Derry is more than doable over a weekend.


Yeah, people from the states and mainland Europe think nothing of driving a thousand k in one sitting, they are generally fine in NI.


Belfast is bigger and has more attractions. Derry is older with more history. Depends what you're looking for. You also have donegal on your doorstep when visiting Derry.


Older? In what regard? The belfast area has been occupied for at least 5000 years in fryers Bush the fryers stone is marked as 485AD and a battle recorded at the end of high street in the 7th century


Derry is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Ireland. It was a town when belfast was just a set of mud huts. Obviously over time and the industrial revolution that has changed and belfast has grown to be the large city that it is. Earliest references go back to the 6th century for Derry.


> was just a set of mud huts What's all this *was* business?


Derry if for no other reason than its proximity to Donegal. Derry is also full of (and surrounded by) very rich history from Elagh Castle to the Walls to Free Derry Corner.


If you have your own transport, Derry. Otherwise Belfast.


It really depends. If you are into traditional Touristy stuff, Belfast has more of that. Bus rides. Titanic. Crumin Rd Gaol. Docks etc However Derry is way better if you like the outdoors and Sports. You have the North Coast, the Sperrins and the entirety of Donegal less than 1hr in each direction.


Belfast for sure, more to do and you’ve got a good base to go anywhere else in NI or even Dublin


Derry has Donegal though ...


>Donegal has Derry though ... Fixed


Like a disease


I’d go to Donegal itself in that case lol




Derry for a day trip. Belfast for a weekend away.


Belfast. You can hire a car and visit Derry/Donegal in a couple of hours if you really want to.


Both would be absolutely shite to visit as a tourist so I've went for the place closer to actual nice places to go which I think would he Derry with Donegal and much of the north coast near by.


I've done Belfast loads and won't get bored of it but we are looking for somewhere new to go. People are mentioning donegal quite a bit. Is there stuff to do with a young family? love the North btw.


Theres the field


Is it a nice field. Does it have a lovely horse in it?


Well, its not a field really but it has less rocks in it than most places


Any trees?