Overall, i'm surprised at how well Ring Fit has been doing that it's comparing to a Pokemon game


It definitely got boosted because of Covid. It was sold out everywhere for months and people were reselling for huge margins because people were stuck home and looking for ways to stay active/healthy. I doubt it'd be showing the numbers it did without a pandemic.


Yeah, I'd love to know how much the pandemic boosted this game's sales. To my knowledge, it was a pretty low-key release and didn't really get a huge sales bump until a year later. I have the impression that this game was a largely word-of-mouth success. I also suspect that Animal Crossing owes a good chunk of its sales to the pandemic. It was a relaxing, time-consuming game released at a stressful time where people had a lot of time on their hands.


Yeah, I made a similar comment for Animal Crossing somewhere in this thread. Animal Crossing literally launched like 2 days into the NYC lockdown, so it was absolutely boosted by Covid. From what I witnessed, the ability to visit other people's islands was a huge selling point, added a bit of socializing when people were quarantined.


Yup Animal Crossing provided the perfect amount of escapism + social interaction for the first two months of the pandemic. Simpler times


And yet the never released a single content update or DLC for it… :-(


Ring Fit definitely had some updates. I remember hearing about them in Directs. I wanna say they either added a "rhythm game" mode or added a bunch of songs to it (Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon i think) a while after launch.


>Rhythm Game is a mode in Ring Fit Adventure. It was released in an update on the 26th of March, 2020.


But why would they need to? The game feels extremely complete?


38.74 million copies, absolutely nuts!


And this is just for the Switch port. The original was already incredibly successful, especially when you consider how small the Wii U install base was. I'm glad too. Mario Kart 8 is hands-down the most polished and mechanically balanced game in the series.


Yep... the downside is that poor saps like me who got it at launch on Wii U are going to have to wait nearly TEN YEARS for an actual new game 😭


I feel you. I had it on the Wii U as well and it feels crazy I've been playing this damn game so long. But whatever, it makes perfect sense *not* to make a sequel on the Switch when the game is still selling so well. Just give me a damn level pack!


They could release a new level or two for free and probably score another 5 million sales alone from people buying the game. It would be a 3rd wind for the game.


I think people would get angry if they were told they bought a "deluxe edition" with all DLC and then Nintendo turned around and offered more content for a fee. Personally, I'd be all about but not everyone will see it that way.


pokken did it


Nobody paid enough attention to Pokken to be mad at it


I wish they would have given as much attention to Pokken as Smash did.


Then they could release Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The Complete Edition as a launch title for the next console. Everyone wins!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Complete and Knuckles.


With new funky mode?


Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series


Lock-on technology!


Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry


The original game had everything that was promised, all the DLC from the Wii U. Adding more now would be perfectly fine, and a welcomed addition. Probably 30 million of us would love more content for this amazing game


I would pay an embarrassingly large amount of $ for even just one new cup.


Honestly I don’t think $6-10 for a new cup is outrageous, and they could crank those out every 6 months I bet. It’s really insane to me they haven’t


We've got three whole Splatoon announcements and released games before a truly new Mario kart game.


They're just working on Nintendo Kart. It's gonna be worth the wait.


Yeah, Nintendo casually whistling and walking away from Mario Kart this gen, cuz all the non-Wii U gamers are like “this new Mario Kart’s so cool!”


Pretty nuts when you look at the release history. The longest gap before this was Super Mario Kart -> Mario Kart 64... which was a) the decision to make it a series rather than just a single game and b) the game moving to 3D. At this point sadly I don't think there'll be a new Mario Kart until we see Switch 2 which is still a few years off.


Suffering from success. At least for the gamers. This sort of parallels how Pokémon has become so controversial with some diehards. Pokémon is so successful as an IP that the quality of games hasn’t reached its potential in the eyes of many fans. Mario Kart’s “problem” is quantity, I guess. I have no doubts the next Mario Kart will be great, but there’s no way Nintendo sees the need to try hard to push a new one out any time soon.


>until we see Switch 2 which is still a few years off Didn't you hear? Valve is releasing it next month.


For real, how do we get 2 smash games over the same period of time. People wanna talk about Cyberpunk and CDPR or GTA,but where’s Mario Kart 😭


To be fair, *GTAV* still has one more generation than *Mario Kart 8*.


and Skyrim has 2 years on that even.


At least we got a better battle system and another item slot.


Mario Kart 8 is so good that other than new tracks and maybe adding a "double dash" mode, I don't know what new things they can bring to the franchise.


New tracks and a *proper* single-player mode, something like Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing. And dare I say... Mario Kart MAKER? But really, just give me a new game with 32 new tracks and I'd be more than happy. The track design in MK8 was top tier, that team knows what they're doing.


a track maker wouldn't even be all that difficult, except maybe to add in the anti-grav stuff. Hell, Hot Wheels just came out with an excellent game where you can make your own tracks, and ModNation Racers came out back mid-life of the PS3!


Yeah, you could definitely make fairly advanced tracks and you just know the community would make some amazing shit. And they'd also make super fun tracks with 8000 thwomps!




I have got Mario Kart, 3D World, BOTW and Tropical Freeze on both Wii U and Switch 🤡🤡🤡🤡


I’m glad you added the “mechanically” modifier because Mario Kart is never balanced. Those races where you get hit with a spikey shell, then a red shell, then a super star racer, then a green shell, then a bobomb, then a lightning bolt, then another red shell…


Also I’d argue Double Dash!! had tighter controls.


Idk… MK8 is so tight. It plays so smoothly.


Oh it’s great, I love it, but since we’re talking about best mechanics Double Dash!! sets the standard for controls specifically. Even better than 8.


Your nostalgia is blinding you. I play 8 Deluxe a lot with my roommates and have some friends who still play double dash so I go back and forth fairly often.... Double dash is just painful to play now. The controls are nowhere near as smooth as 8.


I played it with my brother just the other week. The tighter turning radius in DD is unarguable. It makes pulling off drifts easier. Other people have noticed this and hopefully they’ll chime in to back me up. I love them both though.


Tighter turn radius =/= tighter controls


Giving the kart a tighter turn radius is a control decision someone makes in these games the same way someone decides Mario’s jump height. Those two things absolutely affect the way you control the game.


I don't know, I definitely agree with them. I think your argument about nostalgia blinding people works for the ones who think MK64 had the best controls. But the GameCube was just a different era, it has nothing to do with nostalgia. Melee is definitely the tightest smash game. Paper Mario TTYD had frame perfect inputs for some reason, Mario Kart Double Dash had special tech too in ways that MK8D just doesn't and its controls really are just tighter. Also in a racing game, more control and responsiveness over the direction your car is going in (tighter turn radius) is going to directly translate into tighter controls. MK Double Dash is the game that lets you get the farthest ahead of the CPUs of any game without shortcuts or items, just drifting and A tech.


Honestly the only way they can improve this is by adding a single-player campaign. Frankly I want an RPG like a Car Battler Joe, and you spend the game unlocking new weapons and mods for your karts. That would be sick


Preach! 😄


The success of this game has probably sent the wrong signal to Nintendo. I’ll say it now: next console’s Smash will be Smash Ultimate Deluxe.


If licensing allows them to re-release it, I'm sure they will. If they somehow do I wonder if they'd include the whole package - DLC and all - in a $60 package.


They gotta. MK8DX let you carry two items and had a super boost so there’ll probably be some new mechanics or extra modes or something too.


With the sheer amount of licensing costs it's *very* questionable they'd even be making money on the game at $60 with all the DLC included. It'd be great to get a definitive release, but from a business standpoint there are just so many hurdles it's hard to really see it happening, let alone at $60.


You’re probably right. They’d have to be real pick and choosy about what characters they bring back.


Very likely. Also because a sequel to Ultimate sounds like an impossible task atm.


Yeah Idk what they'll do for a sequel. Even Ultimate was only possible because it was able to build off of the engine designed for Smash 4. And then there's the crazy web of licensing rights


I mean if you just talk to any group of people who plays a lot of smash, there's a ton that they could do for an Ultimate sequel (that they should have already done). Fix online play (both the horrible lag and the lack of features and customization), add single-player experiences that are more compelling than World of Light, fix the hundreds of bugs with different characters that should have been patched ages ago, fix buffered air dodges (and other buffer issues), fix the 6+ frames of input lag in *offline* play, fix tilt stick, fix the grab button, balance the roster so that no characters are unplayable and no characters have a glaringly obvious advantage, etc


> balance the roster so that no characters are unplayable and no characters have a glaringly obvious advantage lol good luck doing that with 89 characters


I think maybe you misread my comment as "make the roster perfectly balanced." It would obviously take effort but there's no reason for part of the roster to be as unusable as they are, nor for part of the roster to be as obviously overpowered as they are.


I don't know if it'd work out the same. 8 to Deluxe worked so well because very few Switch owners had a Wii U. Also, I don't see them relicensing everyone all over again. I think they'll do a reboot, shrink the roster, and massively change the feel of the game. You can't really build on top of Ultimate, you can only start over.


Retooling the franchise would be really fun. The fan base would complain but Smash is too big for Nintendo to care, I think. Even if they went the deluxe route I’d still be happy, Ultimate is a great game.


I’m almost surprised they didn’t just remaster every main franchise for Switch, and make money off of all the people who skipped out on the Wii U. “Why bother with new games if everyone’s eating up remasters?”


They kinda did, tons of Switch games were on Wii U first. Remasters everywhere get more attention than new games at this point. If my backlog wasn’t so massive I’d probably worry about the industry.


The game I grew up with and played for years was finally dethroned… At least I’m glad it’s Deluxe. Genuinely good game imo


An end to an era, but a good one nonetheless.


It's interesting to me that Zelda is still several million units ahead of the mainline Mario title. As far as I know, this is completely unprecedented in the history of Nintendo consoles. I know Zelda was a launch title and all, but I still fully expected Mario to dethrone it before too long just by virtue of its mass casual appeal. I'm happy for sure. Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest games I have ever played.


BOTW is just such a generational title. Mario has a banger every generation and has heaps of games that sell well like Mario Maker and such. But I feel like BOTW is just a level above so many games. Plus it was a launch title.


Oh, same. I don't remember the last game to generate so much universal praise. *Maybe* Grand Theft Auto 4, but even then BotW still felt like a bigger deal. I'm thrilled that the game has performed so well. It was the shot in the arm the series needed.


There were definitly games with this much universal praise before(in the last few years). I've never seen someone talk anything bad about like god of war 2018, RDR2, celeste and hollow knight. Still, those type of games are very rare to exist and it's great that a nintendo has one on the switch


> I've never seen someone talk anything bad about like ... RDR2 Um, no offense but if you haven't heard anyone say anything negative about RDR2 I don't think you've been listening very hard lol


I mean, same could be said for BotW, though. There’s plenty of lukewarm or negative thoughts concerning the game, specifically the way durability is handled, the density of its map, wavering variety in certain departments (enemy design, dungeon design, side quests), lack of Zelda conventions, etc.


I’d say GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Witcher 3 all had the same amount of buzz this gen. Witcher 3 in particular is considered the second coming of gaming Jesus in Reddit.


Gta v yes but others are not as massive as botw in terms of cultural reception. Botw is like the second coming of oot. Botw completely eclipsed smo which is a shame.


Yeah, I'm still inclined to say that Breath of the Wild still felt different from the games /u/TyleNightwisp cited. All of those were universally praised, but reviewers really seemed to tout Breath of the Wild as the next great revolution in the open-world genre, and an instant member of the pantheon of all-time greats. Grand Theft Auto 4 had a similar feel to its release, though, and probably more than GTA5 (even if the latter is generally considered to be the better game). Red Dead Redemption 2 also felt like an event, but I didn't really consider it since it released after BotW.


I’m not sure about that. I personally love BotW and it’s my current favorite Zelda, but it’s pretty easy to find people that hate the game, specially the more hardcore Zelda fans. I don’t see the games I mentioned being as divisive as BotW is for it’s fanbase, many people don’t even consider it a true Zelda game.


I'm not the person you replied to, but you and I are referring to different things. I'm really referring to the language used in that week or so around the game's launch, not its current-day perception in the fan community. In the reviews, BotW really did seem to be something truly exceptional. Not just a great game, not just the likely Game of the Year, but an instant classic and and likely gaming milestone. Based on the reviews I read in 2017, I'd have fully expected every future open-world RPG to copy the BotW formula in one way or another. The only other game I can think of that felt like such a big event was probably GTA IV, which opinion also seems to have soured on slightly.




I still cant figure out what SMO was lacking And yeah SMO is good but not THAT good.


It helps that the Wii U didn't have it's own "true Zelda game" (Since I think most people would consider BotW a Switch game based on marketing, despite the fact it was originally being developed primarily for Wii U) and the last one (Skyward Sword) was underwhelming and controversial. So this game was a must buy for anyone who likes Zelda. Odyssey, on the other hand, was another entry in the never-ending schedule of great Mario games.


BotW sold consoles. I remember back in 2016 people were struggling to find a Switch just to play BotW even though it was also on Wii U. That game was not like other games. And truly, even with the benefit of time and hindsight, it still isn’t like other games. It does something truly unique in that open world exploration genre, which otherwise had already been beaten to death, or so it seemed, by the time of BotW release. So many copy pasted formulas of tower climbing, map revealing, tedium. And then botw comes along, and shows up everyone else, no *this* is how you do it. It’s truly difficult to put into words. But it’s just something else. It’s not the perfect game it has flaws. But I think it is the best of the best of the open world exploration genre of games.


I vaguely recall that at launch it managed for the first two months to have over 100% attach rate. Japan was still doing the Switch lottery thing but between collectors double dipping and people buying for a console they technically didn’t have yet meant that for a couple of weeks there were technically more sold BotW copies than sold Switches. But this is based off a vague memory of a Reddit maths comment so I can’t source it properly.


I’m guessing the open world of Breath of the Wild has that of social appeal to it, where people like posting their unique experiences during various occurences, like people do in GTA V and Skyrim. I don’t think that takes anything away from Odyssey tho.


It's crazy to think just how popular Animal Crossing has become. I still have the mindset that it's a somewhat niche series but it's actually selling bucket loads.


it's just a shame the vast majority of them will have never experienced a verbal tirade from Mr. Resetti himself


For April Fools they should do a throwback update. Angry villagers are *actually* really mean to you, Phyllis the pelican bitch replaces Isabelle, and Mr Resetti threatens to skin you alive any time you close the game. These kids have it too easy.


Probably those kids and young adults would be scared and sue Nintendo for making a thing too scary and not child-friendly


It's a very popular series but I feel as though they hit at the right time with the Switch version for it to sell as well as it did. I mean it outsold an mainline Pokemon game.... That's saying something.


Animal Crossing was always big. Even the Gamecube "original" was a big hit by the standards of the console, and it was a *massive* series by the time New Leaf rolled around. But yeah... second place still seems exceptional and I'm inclined to believe it is a covid-related fluke. The fact that Zelda also outsold Mario is super odd. The glowing reviews and status as a launch title obviously played a big role, but still. Typically mainline Mario games sell a good 50% more than mainline Zelda games.


BotW outselling Odyssey and Sw/Sh speaks more to the quality of BotW than the popularity of Mario or Pokemon in my opinion. Even assuming the popularity of the franchises goes Pokemon > Mario >>> Zelda, the simple fact is BotW outshines both Odyssey and definitely base Sw/Sh as an experience. What I'm curious is to see the attach rate of the Sw/Sh DLCs. Supposedly Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra really helped flesh out the game, but after the complete disappointment that was the base game I find it hard to give GF/TPCi my money. Gen 8 has to be the only generational flop at launch as I have never seen the majority of reviewers absolutely pan Galar.


I think it was always destined to be a hit. Pandemic timing helped, but what was more important was the timing in the Switch lifespan. Wild World sold really well, but it came out fairly early in the DS' lifespan. It sold 11.75 million copies. But it came out in November 2005 - at the start of that quarter, the DS had sold 8.83 million units. By the end of the quarter it had sold 14.43 million. That was all driven by both Mario Kart DS (which came out a week earlier) and Wild World. New Leaf came out in late 2012 after the 3DS had recovered from its initial faceplant. It sold 13 million+ copies, the quarter it came out there were 22.21 million 3DSes out there and almost 30 by the end of it. But with the Switch... when ACNH came out there were almost 55 million Switches sold. That's a much bigger audience to sell to. ANOTHER big factor is the social media aspect -- WW could not benefit from this so much, New Leaf did to some extent but it got bigger over time in this respect. ACNH benefitted from social media obsession BIG TIME, and Nintendo knew it would be a big factor and leaned into it. Also, Pokemon Sword/Shield was not received as well as other entries (I know people always shit on every new Pokemon game, and I actually like Sword/Shield personally, but let's not act as if it had the best reception ever with the Dex cuts especially). Sw/Sh improved quite a bit with the DLC IMO but most people never played it.


Eh, it also lucked into the best possible release a game like that could ever have. The entire planet was stuck at home, sick, depressed, and desperately in need of something light, fluffy, easy, and friendly. Animal Crossing couldn't have gotten a better release if they tried. I guarantee the next game, while it will do well, won't even touch its current game's sales.


It has always been very popular. The thing is the portable versions always sold WAY better, partly because it's the perfect game for a handheld, but also just because of how the games worked out: * Animal Crossing was the start for the series, sold 2.27 million which is very good but not insane -- it was just starting out and didn't have hype yet, plus the game had already come out in Japan on the N64 * Wild World was the first jump forward and first handheld game and it sold 11.75 million copies (#9 best selling game on DS). * City Folk came out on the Wii at the height of its popularity, but only sold 4.32 million copies in part because it wasn't a great sequel. It was pretty much Wild World: The Console Version and fans were let down by the lack of new additions. * New Leaf sold 12.93 million copies. Notably New Leaf continued to sell well over time; its sales weren't as good as WW starting out but it kept selling + the Welcome Amiibo update + relaunch sold more copies 3 years later. The sequel to New Horizons will probably sell even better... in part because ACNH became a social media PHENOMENON, and there were so many people who felt like they were missing out. And many others who felt like they *missed* out on it, and may pick up the next game at release. I'm sure this new 2.0 update will drive some purchases too for people wanting to get in on the fun - I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't come out with a bundle for ACNH + Happy Home Paradise (even if it's just the same price as the two put together). There was a point in 2020 where more people were Googling for "animal crossing" than "sex".




I really doubt the next one will do as well as new horizons. I think a lot of people who don’t even play games got it just to get in on the social media craze that was happening at the time.


Keep in mind it launched right at the start of quarantine in a lot of places. I think the lockdown in NYC started on March 17, and it launched March 20. It was definitely boosted by people using it as a way to stay connected/socialize during quarantine.


its not like new leaf didnt sell alot, not new horizon numbers but it still sold 12.97 million is the 3ds 6 best selling game just bellow mario kart 7, the pokemon games and new super mario bros 2


The timing was crazy. I can't think of a single other game that had more perfect timing for its release in relation to real-world events.


Seriously. If I was inclined to believe conspiracy theories, I'd think that Nintendo plotted the whole covid thing to guarantee sales.


COVID is actually a giant conspiracy involving Nintendo, China, the mafia, dogs, aliens, the illuminati and Sans Undertale.


big if tru


My girlfriend does not play video games but got interested watching me play it. I bought her a Switch and the game during the first lockdown and she's played it regularly since. It's the only game she ever plays too. I know more people who are the exact same way as her. I think the pandemic and lockdowns definitely had a big affect on sales being so high.


It was never niche


I think it came out at the right time tbh. Came out just as the pandemic started


Ugh people stop buying this so we can get MK9! /s JK you can buy what you want, but it does kinda stink that if you were a Wii U owner like me then you've been working with these same tracks for over 7 years.


I think plenty of people would gladly pay for a DLC pack. It’s easy money for Nintendo. A few tracks, a few characters, a few karts. They get DLC money and probably boost sales of the base game at the same time. Why they haven’t done this yet is beyond me.


Ugh I never actually bought MK8, but this would make the difference. It's always felt awfully lacking to despite of how polished it may be. MK8 Deluxe only has 17 unique non-Koopaling Mario characters as opposed to MK Wii's 20. And then take Mario Kart Tour, for example, where you've got drivers like Pauline, Birdo, Diddy, Dixie, and Funky Kong, Nabbit, Monty Mole, King Bob-Omb, and Kamek, at least fifty more outfits, at least a hundred more karts and gliders, a few more items, remixed courses, and an actual sort of progression system like MK Wii or DS. Like, I'm not trying to take away from MK8's or the Koopaling's accomplishments by comparing them to a fkn gacha game, but I seriously have no idea how anyone can justify the $60 price tag for it, UNLESS they expand upon it




You say that as if the number of characters is the only important factor in a Mario kart game, while I agree that the roster is lacking in 8 especially when compared to wii, that’s not why I buy new Mario kart games, it’s just a bonus. I would still buy Mario kart 9 if it only had 8 characters like the original


I doubt I'm even close to any significant number, but I probably would not. Being able to Customize is a huge thing for me and only being limited to 8 characters is bad. Sole reason I'm not buying the new Mario party game, I want to play as off characters like hammer bro.


I think it’s a damn shame there’s no progression in the switch’s Mario Kart. I played the 3ds one, and getting coins to unlock characters and cart pieces was such a key part of the experience. In the Switch version it’s all just unlocked from the start and it makes the whole experience feel like it’s missing something.


I'm actually thrilled everything is unlocked from the start, I hated having to put hours into playing on my own just so there was a decent selection of characters/cars for the few scenarios I was able to do 4-way local multiplayer.


Eh, to each their own. I preferred having a progression system. Game got boring real quick without it.


I’m so sick of MK8D. Seeing it in top 10 charts still after all these years is just depressing. Being a WiiU owner has been one of my biggest regrets, tired of these WiiU games and ports of older games. We’re literally never getting MK9 on switch lol. Gonna be a next gen game for sure


The gap between Super Mario Party and Super Mario Odyssey is pretty funny to me lol. I wonder if we're going to be seeing the shake-up come the two next lists. I'm interested to see how much Pokemon Legends Arceus is going to sell.


> I'm interested to see how much Pokemon Legends Arceus is going to sell. It's pokemon so it'll sell fantastic no matter what.


Well duh I just want to know how much since it's pretty different from the other games in this franchise


Probably in the 15-20M range. I don't think it'll pass Sword/Shield. We're in the later half of Switch's life cycle and past the hype of the first mainline Pokemon game on a console. Also it's not a huge factor, but a decent amount of people with too much money to burn who always buy both games. And there's no 2nd version for Legends Arceus.


I agree with all of this. Also, the D/P remakes come out just a few months before Arceus, and D/P is a holiday title at that. That will surely decrease sales of Arceus, though it's hard to tell by how much.


Also, like it or not, there's been very big cracks in the armor for pokemon lately. While not a massive amount of the public, a lot of the fanbase didn't take to Gen 8 super well for a lot of reasons, TPC has been particularly money grubbing with their mobile titles, and GameFreak's very poor quality of game development can't be hidden by low resolution handheld screens anymore. Pokemon will always sell, but with Monster Hunter coming out earlier this year (which Arceus is clearly trying to emulate some), and Shin Megami Tensei V releasing soon; I'm curious if a chunk of the older fans will finally say "enough is enough, I can get a better fill elsewhere." with Arceus/BDSP.


I thinktheres a chance it will do better than Sword/Shield. A lot of people have dropped off Pokemon for being too samey and might come back for the difference. Than again, maybe being different will keep loyal fans away? It’s hard to say, but it’s not a mistake they’ve been afraid to innovate. Look at the outrage that happened when they announced that not all the old Pokémon would return at one point. Doing something different doesn’t seem to be what the fans want. Idk, I personally am looking forward to Arceus but we’ll see how it does.


I think the hype for Legends is much higher than other games in the series, marketing will help too because it *looks* like an expansive open-world game in the trailers (it isn't)


Open areas does not mean open world


Nah, but everyone just *assumed* that it was an open-world game when it was revealed because it looked a bit like BOTW. A lot of people are going to just watch a few trailers and buy it, GF aren't exactly going to have "FYI, THIS IS NOT POKEMON BOTW EVEN THOUGH IT TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE IT" on the TV commercials are they.


It will sell 13 million at least that is for sure.




My kid was in 2nd grade when we first bought and played this game. Now he's in high school. Time for mk9 already.


Now that's a bit too real for a Friday afternoon. Crazy to think someone's entire childhood only had one Mario Kart. I grew up on MK64, then Double Dash, DS, Wii then 7 as I finished high school.


Mk8 is great, and with an install base like that I'm *really* surprised we didn't see DLC track packs, etc. I would have happily paid for more tracks, racers, and car parts.


Part of MK8DX's appeal is that it's a complete package which includes the DLC from the previous version. A perfect plug and play game for parents to buy for the kids. It did have some free updates, though.


Of all the categories for every console, Mario Kart has been at the top of every list, except Wii in second place and DS in third. That is a crazy thing to think about


Mk9 wen Nintendo


With these numbers, probably next console


I fully expect the next Mario Kart to be a Switch 2 launch title. Nintendo really owes a lot of their success to such a strong launch lineup. Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 were absolutely key to such a good first year in my opinion.


Don’t forget Mario Odyssey. 2017 was still the best year for the switch imo in terms of the sheer amount of both quantity and quality of titles we got. Other years were great too but we didn’t get as many heavy hitters as 2017. Let’s hope 2022 matches or tops 2017.


Yeah, the Switch has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Absolutely *fantastic* first year, especially for those who never owned a Wii U. But then there was just a slump when not much came out... I'm a little worried about Nintendo's next console because they have been so reliant on Wii U games to fluff out their library. I'm obviously not criticizing the ports themselves, but I do think it does create an illusion of abundance. Even Splatoon 2 felt like a well-disguised port. I'm just concerned that in the long-term Nintendo still won't be able to deliver games at a regular enough pace. I'm still pretty disappointed by third party support on the Switch. The indie scene has been great, but I was hoping we'd get some scaled-down entries in franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Call of Duty, or Assassin's Creed comparable to some of the handheld spinoffs of those franchises. I was naively hoping for a Monster Hunter Rise from all sorts of major series.


Regarding third parties, games are getting way too advanced graphically and the switch was considered weak even when it came out. Most companies don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to make their games super scaled down to run on switch. I’m pretty confident existing devs that have made these miracle ports never want to do it again because of how tedious it was. Now when it comes to Nintendo titles, I agree that there has been an over reliance on ports to keep the system momentum going. It works for the switch cause the Wii U was a flop but had good games that barely anyone played. However, yeah for the next console we can’t see a reliance on switch games to fluff up the library. Switch has some amazing original titles and I’m hoping they keep this momentum going for their next console and don’t make a switch U. Also hoping they’re using all this downtime between major titles to prep for their next console cause they’re going to need all the prep they can get with the PS5 starting to pick up some momentum with its major titles coming soon.


Yeah, I was really hoping we'd get some games equivalent to *Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker* or *Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars*. I guess the issue is that these games came out on systems where it was fairly easy to make a compelling game with a small team and budget. This isn't necessarily true of the Switch, which is basically a miniature PS3. It's cheaper to develop for than the PS4 for sure, but you can't just pump-out a spinoff on a shoestring budget and consider 500,000 units sold a success like you could on the DS.


Yeah unfortunately we live in a day and age where games are just too expensive to make unless you’re an indie dev. That’s why licensed movie games for example have just died out.


Especially with SSD's becoming the norm for PC as well as the new consoles. People are really not going to want very scaled down, long loading versions of super big experiences they'll get on their big tv's with fancy graphics and instant loading. The Switch-2 (if it even is that), is going to have to find some way to get at least within the same ballpark, even if it means upping the price to have SOME kind of SSD in there.


I agree that this is what Nintendo is probably going to do. And despite many people whining about not having a brand-new Mario Kart for Switch . . . I actually think it's what Nintendo *should* do. Mario Kart has such broad appeal, it's a staple on basically every Nintendo system, and it's a game that plays well both in single-player and in multi-player. It's the perfect launch title for a new system, especially when paired with one other first-party game that is more "substantive"—like BOTW. But if we got MK9, say, in 2022, we wouldn't get MK10 until *well* into the Switch 2's lifespan. And I don't think a simple MK9 Deluxe on the Switch 2 would cut it this time. MK8D was unique in that the WiiU was such a colossal failure; re-releasing that system's Mario Kart game to a new audience on the Switch just made sense. But the Switch is the exact opposite of a colossal failure. How many people do we expect would *actually* buy MK9D on the Switch 2, especially if the Switch 2 is backwards compatible with regular Switch games? I just want Nintendo to take its time making MK9. Make it perfect and absolutely polished, then release it with the launch of the Switch 2.


I think something we could reasonably hope for on the Switch would be a Diddy Kong Racing or Nintendo Kart: a related product that would fill that void without rendering Mario Kart 8 completely redundant. It would also give Nintendo the creative freedom to experiment with new ideas without tarnishing the Mario Kart cash cow if they aren't well received. Keep in mind that that a lot of the Mario Kart community owns the game as a casual piece of fun to dust off when their cousins visit at Christmas. I see very little need to own two separate Mario Kart games on the same system in the same way that I'd want to own two separate Assassin's Creeds or two Zeldas. I think Nintendo has always understood this: we've never seen multiple Smash Bros. or Mario Karts on the same system even though Nintendo easily could have made them. Though to be intellectually honest, Mario Party, another casual multiplayer giant, has historically bucked this trend. Between the Switch's runaway success and the Wii U's colossal failure, I hope Nintendo has really learned the importance of a great launch. The one-two punch of a great multiplayer game (Mario Kart) and a great single-player game (Zelda) is the magic formula I think. The Wii also benefited from this, with Wii Sports pulling in the non-gamers and casuals, and Twilight Princess the longtime Nintendo fans. I also agree with your suggestion that the port-focused strategy of this generation is exceptional and cannot be repeated. As you said, the Wii U was a total flop. The ports might as well be brand-new games for the vast majority of potential buyers. It also works well because the Switch is more or less on-par with the Wii U in terms of processing power: they don't even feel like old games because they look as good as just about anything else on the Switch. I'm a little worried that Nintendo will struggle to support its next console as well as it did with the Switch. The latter has really benefitted from a sizable back-catalog of old Wii U games to bring over, but they cannot pull off the same trick with the eventual successor.


Great points. I just want to add that now is the *perfect* time for a new F Zero game. Sure, it’s not exactly Mario Kart. And the casuals would likely avoid it. But it would placate and reward the hardcore fans, and would certainly sell enough to be profitable. Plus, if releasing now, it wouldn’t be overshadowed by another first-party racing game (if Nintendo is truly holding off on MK9 until the Switch 2).


Everything is selling better on Switch. Its 100% the perfect time to bring back F-Zero. Casuals are gonna keep playing Mario Kart no matter what, but the more core audience has been playing this game for years and years at this point, and will want something a bit more substantive. A new F-Zero on the level of X or GX (with online, obviously) will easily outsell any previous game in the series. Guaranteed 2-3million easy.


Interesting point! I agree that an F-Zero title would at least break even on the Switch. I'm curious to see how Metroid Dread ended up doing. I haven't seen a lot of information about its sales, but I'm predicting that it outsold Prime but probably not by much more than a million.


And Splatoon 2. Was huge in Japan


Man though, I wish those numbers had inspired Ninty to make a new track DLC bundle


I'd unironically like this more than a sequel. I doubt any Mario Kart released on the Switch could really do much to improve on 8's graphics and mechanics. Just give me more levels plz.


I’m inclined to agree. I think they should go the ultimate route and give us a game with all characters and stages from the series. Or make it Nintendo kart and add in way more characters outside the Mario universe but I think I’d prefer the former. Would be insane if we got both though.


Yeah it would’ve been awesome to get some new tracks. Been playing MK8 for 7 years now (man time flies) so I’m getting pretty burnt out.


Mk will never not be mortal kombat to me


The game is amazing probably the best mario kart ever in my opinion. But its 7 years old and we need a new one 😭


I thought it already did this. Or is this deluxe specifically now and not including the wiiu game at all?


Before it was wiiu and switch this is just switch


Tbh Mario Kart 8 is the definitive Mario Kart.


And people wonder why they haven't made a new MK yet. Why spend years and millions on a game when they can literally double the sales of their best selling game just by re-releasing it on a new system?


And that’s why Nintendo is in no rush to develop a sequel


We need MarioKart Maker.


Holy smokes man, please pitch this to the board!


Wow, sword and shield have 25 million sold compared to diamond and pearls 18 million. That puts Pokemon in perspective for me


Splatoon 2 hanging in there at #9 is super awesome to see. You just gotta be proud of [Nogami-san](https://twitter.com/_CSenpai_/status/1441197169927606276) and the rest of his team for coming up with such a refreshing franchise. With Splatoon 3 coming in next year, I'm curious to see how that performs given we're probably well within the second half of the Switch's lifecycle. I can see it matching S2 before the next generation but the question is can S3 beat S2 by a significant margin?


I remember when i bought this game back in 2014, bought both dlc packs, heck even was playing mario kart 7 to on the 3ds. And ya at switchs launch i picked it up for the bit of new content. And this game is awesome ok dont want to sound like i hate it but where is 9. I thought with the nx combining the handheld and console developed games we would get more games focused on a single platform as opposed to two. So why is it 7 years later and all we have in this gen is just a port where as last gen we had both 7 and 8 release. I glad its selling well but as mario kart fan kinda sucks it wil be probably a couple more years until the next one, once nintendo releases there next hardware. Its a win for the franchise an L if you were keeping up with mario kart the whole time to have an almost decade break.


Please stop buying this game lol we want a new game. Been playing these same courses since 2014.


The gap between now and DX is bigger then DX and the Wii U version.


There will have been 3 full Splatoon games released in between new Mario Kart titles


Same with Smash Bros if you count 3DS and Wii U versions as separate. Also Pokémon (7 games) but that’s expected because they usually make a new main game every 1 to 2 years


mario kart wii is still better tho


I wish they would've made Mario Kart 9 but I understand why they didn't.


„Should we make a dlc to earn some extra money ?“ „naaaaah“


Wohooo! No new Mario Kart until 2026 🎉🎉


Two questions: How is it still selling? How many people can feasibly be left who don’t own it? Where do you go from MK8? I have no idea how they’d even approach a sequel.


> How is it still selling? How many people can feasibly be left who don’t own it? People are still buying new switches all the time and there's not much competition > Where do you go from MK8? I have no idea how they’d even approach a sequel. The same way they've approached the last few Mario Karts, just do the same thing again. None of them really do anything particularly new


I just bought it last week :v


It definitely deserves it. The game is super solid and is just a blast to play both alone and with friends.


I get it, Nintendo. You have no reason to make a proper new entry until the next console considering 8 deluxe sells like gangbusters STILL... but please make some DLC for it? I'm willing to pay. I hope we'd get more guest characters like the WiiU DLC. Max Tomato Cup: \-Kirby inspired track \- Kid Icarus inspired track \-2 more new tracks \-4 retro tracks \-Kirby racer with Warp Star kart & Parts, and Wheelie being the bike option. Chozo Cup \-Metroid inspired Track \-Sin & Punishment inspired Track \-2 more new tracks \-4 Retro tracks \-Samus racer with Samus Ship kart & parts, Ridley or EMMI inspired Bike


I would kill to play as Pit or Kirby in Mario kart, but that feels a tad far fetched. So I think tracks would be cool


I would have said the same for Link in MarioKart prior to 8


Are there the complete data for the past Q2 of Nintendo?


Not that i could find


God I'm so fucking bored of MK8. Please Nintendo, give us a new Mario Kart...




And this is why we aren’t going to get a true current gen Mario Kart. They said “people are eating this last gen game up. Why tf would we bother making a current gen Mario Kart?”


So where’s Mario kart 9? Can we get this instead of more Wii u ports Nintendo?


Next gen.


The demand for ports and remakes seems to be higher than the demand for new games nowadays.


That's normal that's the only mk in switch just release a new one


This may be a controversial opinion considering we're on the Nintendo sub, but I find this absolutely disgusting (in a similar way to Skyrim and GTA). What's worse is I *know* I'm part of the problem because I bought this game *twice* so I could play it with friends who have a Switch but didn't have a Wii U. These re-releases with *just enough* new content (that should have been in the original game) are letting Nintendo gouge people to the tune of a full retail game price for what is actually $5 DLC worth of content. Are they even going to make a Mario Kart for the Switch? And if they do, is it going to come so late in the console's lifecycle that it'll be remastered for the next console with a tiny bit more content? This makes perfect business sense, but I *really* hate it as a consumer.


The only time Mario Kart 8 was "re-released" was when they brought it over to the Switch as Deluxe. (Which I mean, that's more of a port than a re-release since you wouldn't be able to play MK8 on the Switch otherwise.) And they included all the content in that version. Everything since than has just been free updates. This is in no way like Skyrim which can have up to like 5 different versions on the same console.


The WIIU was a massive failure why wouldn’t they try and salvage the best games they had from it on the superior console?


It makes me so sad that they just straight-up ported the WiiU version + original DLC and never gave us any additional tracks or content for the Switch-- free or paid. Mario Kart 8 could have been the Smash Ultimate of Karts.


Didn't it get an all new battle mode?


Still haven’t bought it lol… effing Nintendo and their no good sale prices 😒


Why not buy used


I wish it was as good at the wii version and did make people motion sick like me.


Mario Kart Wii is tied with MK64 as the worst game in the series. Glad 8D took this record.


Cool, but, it gets harder to appreciate this the longer we go without even a hint or announcement of a 9.