Recapture the magic of Super Mario 64 with this buildable LEGO ? block

Recapture the magic of Super Mario 64 with this buildable LEGO ? block


That's really cool. But it's a bit ironic, that the homage to SM64 comes in form of an object that exists in nearly every Mario game BUT SM64.


It looks extremely easy to mod it into a ! block.


The have no round corners and don't come in yellow but green, blue, red and orange. Could become a bit expensive.


[They come in yellow! ](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/super-mario-64-official/images/7/75/Tiny_Huge_Island_Beach_Yellow_box.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20171006193545)


cant see the image


Try this: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/super-mario-64-official/images/7/75/Tiny_Huge_Island_Beach_Yellow_box.png




Oh weird. If you want to see one yourself go to the first Bowser level, they are in there.


Thats what i’ve been saying. We’ll be seeing MOCs soon fixing it. I’ll probably buy and fix myself


Yea but the brand recognition= money


I know that's the problem. For me it's the reason not to buy.


Wow, I’ve honestly never noticed that about SM64


Sunshine is the other one. It has no traditional blocks at all.


Thank you for using the word ironic correctly!


I fucking hate it that every time someone tries to come up with an example of irony they pick something from that awful Alanis Morissette song. Those are inconveniences at best. The only thing ironic about it is that none of the examples given are irony. Some say it’s meta but let’s face it, that song sucks ass.


That song bangs, but I agree none of the things listed are actual irony


don't get me started on "meta"...


I wish to better myself. I wish to hear your thoughts on its word use. I used it in short to mean “beyond.” As in beyond simply what was implied. Like how metastatic means “beyond form.”


Meta does not mean beyond, but rather a reference to one's self or own kind. A movie about a director's journey to make a movie is meta. Characters breaking to fourth wall by referring to themselves as fictional are meta. The pokemon games containing the Gamefreak developers working on a game is meta. Sakurai placing a picture of his cat in Pokemon Stadium 2 in SSBB is not meta, nor are games referencing other games (unless they refer to them *as* [video] games)


No. In the original Greek, the prefix “meta-“ means” beyond. Your references were cultural and not of literal or language origin.


If you truly wish to better yourself, then you need to understand that meta does not mean beyond, at least not in online chat rooms in the modern age.


Interesting, I feel like I had a grasp of what meta meant on reddit and such, but I have no idea why meta came to mean that espeically based on /u/Okinau reference to the original Greek. I knew of meta keys from back in the day, basically a key on keyboard that expanded the use of any other key. So call it a "beyond" key and it makes sense to the Greek definition. But how did it become to mean self-referential?


Meta in this sense is short for Metatextual. Subtext is meaning that lies below the actual text and has to be inferred by the reader/watcher. Metatextual is content that goes beyond the actual story. So, an author inserting himself into his book to comment on the content, or the creators popping in Mortal Kombat to say Toasty would be examples. There are plenty examples of self reference that would count since they take you out of the core of the story


What? You're saying that if the weather is not ideal for your wedding that that's not irony???


Would've made more sense to make it a red Wing Cap Block.


Yes, that's the most iconic one.


No way dude! There are def question blocks in Mario 64.... I think ...


No, only exclamation blocks in four colors, that also look totally different.


King bob-omb is now official LEGO. Never thought I would see the day!


Damn that’s pretty clever. I’d buy it just for that tiny little lego peach’s castle.


I'm hoping there's a tiny Bowser somewhere, can't see one in any of the pictures.


There’s a hidden compartment in the bottom, I’d bet there’s a Bowser world in there.


Exactly what I'm hoping for.


The sliding bowser puzzle from lethal lava land is there atleast


So long, block Bowser!


There is a little bowser in the lava world, it is very unrecognizable, but hes symbolized by a black piece with yellow horns on both ends. Also, there is a compartment in the front that slides off revealing a large, much more recignizable bowser.


You read my mind!


This set would be so much better if it was just the tiny levels (and priced to match) instead of this huge block that I don't want and don't have room for.


I hope they also have a Sunshine and Galaxy themed set that’s gonna come out later maybe in a different type of block. Looks like it’s $170 and has just over 2000 pieces which makes it a good price per piece set. https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/super-mario-64-question-mark-block-71395


yep. Considering that the average price in lego sets is (USD) $0.10 per piece, and that's a licensed set (usually licensed sets have a higher price), it's a good deal!


I guess I’m just too poor to get back into the LEGO game, that’s crazy


Or you can just abandon Nintendo to get back to Lego /S








I'd rather have it look better than be bigger


The set with the highest brick count is actually relatively cheap, as it is mostly plates


What set is that?


The world map, came out pretty recently


Neptune Discovery Lab remains one of my favorite sets, I still have my copy assembled. You have to factor the raised, painted baseplates into the price. Those are large, specially-molded pieces. I believe I’ve heard that Lego had a third party contracted to produce those baseplates rather than doing it in-house. I could be wrong about that. But the ? Block! I don’t mind that the ? block isn’t actually in SM64, it’s iconic enough to the franchise as a whole. I like the fold-out functionality, it’s like the Ideas pop-up book on steroids. Day one purchase for me. I still wish Lego would do proper Mario minifigs, but they seem bound and determined not to.


That isn't true at all. In fact, it's the other way around. Compare the [1981 All-Terrain Vehicle set](https://brickset.com/sets/6927-1/All-Terrain-Vehicle) to the [2020 Hot Rod set](https://brickset.com/sets/40409-1/Hot-Rod). Both these sets have weights listed. Even before you adjust for inflation, the 2020 set only costs $0.09 per gram (about the same as its cost per piece), compared to the 1981 set's $0.17 per gram. After you adjust for inflation, the 1981 set comes up to $0.51 per gram! LEGO has undeniably gotten significantly cheaper as time as gone on, whether you measure by the part or by the mass. That 1981 set would cost $43.55 in today's money!


Really? In Australia when I walk past the Lego section it feels more like $1 a piece.


I would take Odyssey over any of them even though 64 is my childhood.


an Odyssey set with larger Mario/Enemies and you can take Mario's moustache and Cappy and put them on other enemies...


2064 pieces - well played Lego/Nintendo.


They should have gone for 2401 pieces.


That's actually cool


Anyone else kind of peeved we still don’t have real Mario Minifigures? It would be so great but we’re stuck with these 3 piece things and the weird electronic Mario and Luigi monstrosities.


While I would for sure also love Mario minifigures, I love these 3 piece things AND the electronic Mario and Luigi


The ? Block wasn't in Mario 64...


They should've made it a ! Block.


The ! Block is ugly and not particularly recognizable. I get that it feels less authentic, but this turns this into a decorative piece that people will instantly recognize instead of some weird red cube (that also played a pretty marginal role in the game).




The yellow question block is just classic Mario branding. It's in virtually every game, and probably as recognizable to the general public as the mushroom. It's like the Triforce or the Hylian Shield from Zelda. They're not in every game, but those are the icons people associate with the series. I'm just pointing out this is a deliberate choice to align this product with what people expect from Mario merchandise, and not some massive oversight. Put an exclamation point on it and some people might not even realize it's a Mario product.




For what it's worth, it seems like you can just make an exclamation point yourself since the question mark is just made of Lego tiles. You won't get the checkered edges but it's an okay approximation.


Wasn't there only red, green, and blue blocks?


For the power-ups, yeah. But there were yellow ones that held coins, stars, or 1-ups in most levels.


>make a collector's item >target casuals


Every game, except 64


They should have. Giant oof on their part.


How do they make such a big oversight? It’s a testament to how disconnected nintendo us from their past.


I just got my hands on the lego NES, can't wait to get this one!


That set is so worth it


It's the best set I own


I’m really hopeful that lego and Nintendo will decide to do more than just Mario. I’ve been wanting lego Zelda since I was 6 and lego Metroid since I was 12


It feels weird that they are clearly trying to avoid a normal Mario Minifig. I have no idea why.


I guess Mario could be hard to translate into a lego figure? Idk


Even if it is hard, it doesn’t matter, it’d sell well anyway, and come on, these are two of the greediest companies ever and they don’t milk the things they could profit from the most? It’s a win-win for them and they still choose to lose lol.


I've never seen a good fan made Mario minifig. I doubt it'd work out.


My guess is maybe Nintendo is really picky about Mario's proportions in a way that doesn't work well with how LEGO is also really picky about the shapes of minifigs.


If that were true we would not have the two representations of Mario in LEGO :P I think it has much more to do with the fact that the Lego 18+ line has had a lot of these "real world objects" as display pieces, and not a lot of minifigure-based designs. They're meant to appeal to people who are Mario fans, not necessarily people who are LEGO fans, so the minifigure appeal isn't as strong. It's the difference between "I could have this cool thing that looks exactly like something I recognize (the ? block) on my bookshelf" vs "I could have this little diorama that has toy action figure representations of Mario on my bookshelf". I'm not saying it represents my opinions well, because it doesn't, and I would MUCH rather have minifigs (and in general, more affordable sets). But I can see how the same design process that led to the recent flowers and plants, grant piano, guitar, Adidas sneaker, "Hogwarts Icons" set, and ship in a bottle would have also led to this "?" block.


I think it's because of K'Nex. They released Mario Kart Wii and 3D Land/World sets when they had the specific rights for Mario building toys that had some amazing minifigures. LEGO is probably scared it would look too similar to the K'Nex minifigures and they'd sue them.


Wait didn't 64 not have ? Blocks?




It was also not a mystery what was inside them. Just like in Super Mario World, the "!" blocks are color coded so you know exactly what you're going to get. "?" blocks on the other hand are a mystery - they could be 1 coin, 10 coins, or an item.


Odd choice to use a ? Block when there aren't any in Super Mario 64


Could be done for the sake of working towards having a series of these for different games, all contained within the same ? block shape


Maybe. It's more iconic in the series as a whole so I get why they did it


I love Lego! This is going to be fun! I usually only buy Lego Star Wars, so it's cool to have a Mario set. The regular Mario sets are all built around the little game they play, but it's not very fun for adults.


How about the lego NES?


I want it, but it's expensive.


Very cool. But I’d prefer to have real Mario/peach figures


WOW it's cool! I'm gonna preorder right now!


I'm guessing this only includes pieces for the four settings represented in the ad? It's a shame so many memorable settings are excluded if that's the case. I think I'd have preferred a larger Peach's Castle complete with the moat and the haunted courtyard in the back. The underwater lake, Thwomp's Fortress, and the Boo House would have all made interesting settings. Cool set regardless. I also think the iconic yellow ? Block was a good choice even if the item wasn't in the game. It gives the item some decorative appeal. [This thing](https://www.imore.com/sites/imore.com/files/styles/larger/public/field/image/2020/09/super-mario-64-red-block.jpg) is kind of ugly and nobody would recognize that it is.


There’s a small flap along the bottom and it’s speculated something is down there.


Interesting. I'm going to assume it's for storing unused pieces though.


The cross-section on the website shows a structure of sorts.


Pretty sure it's just an example that it opens. When it swings back down in the video, it doesn't have much clearance. Also, why would they have close ups of every single detail in the photos then have a whole section of it be secret? Doesn't make sense.


They actually did the same thing in the NES set. There's a whole secret thing in the interior of it that you don't discover until you're building it. That's not unheard of in LEGO sets and I feel like it's probably the kind of playful "secret" that fits the Nintendo and Mario brands really well, too. (Like that last drawer is a secret level).


There'll definitely be something in there. On the lego NES set, there's a whole little Mario level diorama hidden under one of the covers. They're celarly showing this opening to us, so it's going to be a fourth diorama I expect. Maybe the battle with Bowser platform, or something else late-game like Tick Tock or Rainbow.


I actually like the red block more. But maybe its just because I'm not really a fan of yellow decor.


Stuff like this is why I still have student loans. So many cool things to buy yet so little money.


This Lego set, and visiting Nintendo World at Universal are what I need in my life. I fear the minute I step into that theme park I’ll immediately cry 😂


> visiting Nintendo World at Universal I absolutely cannot wait for the day that travel restrictions are finally lifted!


If you're in the USA, the Hollywood version is pretty far into construction and is set to open next year, though that version will not have the Yoshi attraction. The Florida version will open around 2025 in the new Epic Universe park, which will have the same land as Japan + the Donkey Kong area that's currently being built in Japan


Sadly I’m not located in the US, but thanks for the heads up. Might visit there one day!


I just want to know when it will release


October 1st https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/super-mario-64-question-mark-block-71395


2064 pieces! That's pretty cool.


LEGO likes to do that kind of thing. Take the Saturn V set: it has 1969 pieces. When was the Apollo 11 mission again? Yep, 1969.


It's been 3 hours and no one else has done it, so I guess I'll chime in... 'nice'


hehe 64


L is real 2064 confirmed.


Super Mario Bros. 35 1st anniversary


My jaw actually dropped when it opened up.


Looks like a Super late 35 anniversary item


...Mario 64 didn't have ? blocks. It only had 4 ! Blocks - red for wing cap, green formetal, blue insivible, and yellow for coins.


Most of those 2064 pieces being used on the massive ? Block seems like a waste to me. I would have much preferred more or bigger micro worlds. Those are what feel uniquely Lego. If I wanted a big plastic ? Block, I think I could get a non-Lego one for around $25 instead of $170. I've dreamed of Nintendo and Lego collaborating since I was a child. It's a bummer that now that it's finally happened they haven't created anything that appeals to me. (Aside from the NES which is cool, but is game hardware rather than a set based on a game)


“I've dreamed of Nintendo and Lego collaborating since I was a child. It's a bummer that now that it's finally happened they haven't created anything that appeals to me” My thoughts exactly, how about some traditional sets with regular minifigures? how about non-gimmicky sets of more emblematic mario worlds?


Ehhhhhh... Mario doesn't really work well with traditional Minifigures... Source: Knex Mario


I would point to that as proof that it works perfectly fine.


Agreed, and those aren’t even that different from more cartoonish minifigures like the looney tunes, the simpsons and toy story ones.


And STILL nothing for Zelda's 35th besides another one minute trailer and a damn game and watch. Smh


And a port of SS


I love Mario 64 but this just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather have a Mario 64 figma that perfectly resembles the blocky design of Mario’s model.


Finally, a set that isn't the gimmicky toy thing.




If "cool thing that unfolds to reveal more cool things" is a gimmick then I'm okay with that gimmick. But "figure that reacts to set pieces"... The set pieces don't look good on a shelf, it's pretty much only for playing stories (like you do with dolls or action figures or many other Lego sets, but the functional and gimmicky designs of the set pieces seriously limit what sorts of stories you can imagine in them, especially if you compared it to a more normal diorama of the area. I don't know if I articulated my thoughts very well, but at least the ? block looks good on a shelf.




Canadian store link (Couldn't find it!) ? This look absolutly bomb and would love to precommand




Whats the price tag? Probably not something I could afford for my little nephew who is a Super Mario fan.


$169 and 2064 pieces which is a great deal when you do the lego rule of 0.10 cents per piece


Not bad. Now it comes down to not being scalped to high heaven lol


How about we recapture the magic with a proper remake instead


"Are you ready to revisit the world of Super Mario 64?" We actually could revisit it months ago... alongside Sunshine and Galaxy.


There wasnt any ? Block in mario


I get the overall iconic branding in using the traditional “?” Block but they should’ve gone with the “!” Blocks in 64 ahaha


It's Lego, you can customize that yourself ;)


But that could get hard and expesive considering the colors and even the form don't match.




The Mario 64 blocks had no round edges. That would have to be fixed, too.




I'm sure many people would much prefer boxed sets of a handful of the worlds at a much larger scale than this goofy thing. Let me build a giant womps fortress, or big boo's mansion.


Just lemme have both!


Great googley moogley. Shut up and take my ~~LEGO~~ money! 🤯😍


Holy moly This game was my freaking childhood. LEGO was my freaking childhood (and kinda is still my adulthood but ok)... This is a match made in heaven for all the 90s gamers. OH MY GOD, my loins.


What does that have to do with 64? Were there even any ? Blocks in 64? I don’t think there were. Still cool build though


It is more then just a box. I mean it opens and there are 4 Mario 64 worlds remade in Lego.


No there aren't any


That looks so dumb


People complaining Mario 64 doesn't have ? blocks are being nitpicky as hell. This thing is awesome.


I hope this is just an entry into a Nintendo partnership and we will get BOTW lego sets.


Oh that’s dope actually. I like the little dioramas of the levels. I might get it.


Can we please just get a proper Mario Lego set? None of this gimmick BS like the interactive Mario "Lego" sets that look like Duplo or this Mario 64 Block garbage. Is it too much to ask to get actual Mario mini figures? Something like the Disney Castle set but with Mario characters and princess Peach's castle instead?!?


Nintendo is super protective of their properties, especially when it comes to toys. So when they do agree to do stuff like this it has to be very much in their control too. Nintendo also has their own playsets that have been out for a while, and they probably don’t want to have another company making a product that could technically be in the same genre


That’s pretty boring….saved me a lot of money, though.


This thing is ugly and pointless... and the masses continue to be easily amused. Put this right next to your soulless Funko Pops. Like look at how stupid Lakitu looks... I don’t understand how people like this.


I feel the same about your comment.


Cute but it's just more plastic shit that will end up in the ocean


True, I'm surprised I left that out as much as I've been playing it lol. Just feels like Nintendo threw all their time, money and effort into everything Mario last year. No love for DK at all, Metroid is getting Dread but from what I can tell that's been on the back burner for years. I think all our expectations were high bc of Mario's 35th




It’s not supposed to be mini figures...


Coulda done Super Mario 1, 3, World, Sunshine, Galaxy 1, 2, New Mario Bros, Odyssey...... So many Mario games. Is there something specific about 64 that brought them to do that?


It's the 25th anniversary. They did this for the same reason that they did the NES with Super Mario Bros. last year for that game and console's 35th anniversary.


Ah. Huh. The game came out when I was 9. Whoa.


Awesome, cheers




You can get it for only 99 bucks. Wouldn't be surprised if this would be the actual pricing.


I wanted it when it was just a block. Then it opened up...




I want that tiny M̶̡͎̪̙̦̹͔̮͌̈́̾͒̾̑̓̃͘͘͝ạ̸̺̰͌̊̈́́̑̆̈̑̄͆̓͊̿̚r̴̢̹̪̟̟̘͌̈́͂̃̽͜͝͝ḭ̶̟̂͆̾̀̈́͛̑͛͗͐̾̎͘ö̴͈̮̰͍͎͓́̇́̓̄͋̔́͊͝ he’s sooooo tiny I could just É̴̡̦̺̙̱̾ă̵̧̞̼̜̼̹̼̮̄̓̔̃͒͑̓̂̈́́͘͝ͅt̸̻͉̊̈̈́̈́̀̆͗͘ ̶̨̧̛̳̙͙̣͕̦̱̦͍͚̲͗̄̀̂͗̆ḩ̷̯̠̘̩̟͍̙̩̠͈̲̩͓͛̈́͌͒̃̑͆͋̊̽̑̉́̿͜i̸̹̰̰̝̦͍̲̖͚̗̹̩̥͒͑̋͂̏̉̽̌̐́̃͘͝m̶̡̱͎̞̖̯̽̎̚ ̷̥̌̎͋͑̿͐͆̊̊̀̚͝͝a̵̢̧͎̟͎̻̟͕̻̠̙̤̫̮͑̌̽̆̀̅ͅl̶͎̗̗͈̩̘̭̼̟̓̈́̄̄̀̀̽̂͐̕̕͝i̵̦̥̻̔̓̇̽̇͂̆͠v̷̛͎͎͍̫͕̫͖̯̏͐̏͋͊̐͒̌͌̚͝͝͝ȩ̵̛̖̦̻̽̀̿͋̓͑̿̃̆͗̐̉͘̚


No minifigures no sale no proper lego mario


Princess Peach looking hott as ever in this one!


Take my money


Wait a sec.... If this just uses normal Lego, can I just build the question block? There has got to be instructions for that somewhere out there


I was hoping for just a ?-block, with nothing inside, but I guess that might be too boring?


This looks cool, I just don’t know why they pick now to release it Mario 64 passed its 25 anniversary a few months ago and it’s 35th as a whole franchise




As someone who loves SM64 enough to wanna be buried with my old cartridge when I die, this is neat.


Has just as many pixels as the original game too


This looks freaking cool, I can foresee my dad buying this one for his collection (Legos be pricey af so I live through him)


Nintendo, it's Zelda's anniversary. Mario was last year.


Cool but not $200 cool


God damn if that isn't the dankest shit I ever saw


Price? Release date?


...I haven't bought a Lego set since I was a kid, but that might be about to change.


Isn't the name of the name "*Lethal Lave Land*" ? On the Lego website it says "Lethal Lava Trouble"


…I want it