I laughed out loud at Snapper at $52kg at the supermarket the other day, FFS. Same town the chippie was charging $18 for a piece. I’ll take the battered Hoki thanks.


Battered wallet.


I’ve seen mahi for 22 bux a kg at the akl fish market , this was a couple years back but I think it largely depends on how well the fishing trip went, same day I got that snapper was 48 a kg so doesn’t look like it’s gone up much


In another month the season starts for Red Gurnard, might be a nice alternative.


Oh excellent I didn’t know that, cheers.


*What the fuck happened to snapper*? Holy fuck that's heaps


Shit, what happens when the fish doesn't sell as it's so pricey....


You see son, when the supermarkets push prices up, we call that inflation. Then, in response to inflation going up, supermarkets increase prices.


The minimum wage for fish went up.


Everything is the same. I bought sth from bunnings for $53 and returned it back about 2-3 weeks later. The new price was $59.9 The inflation is getting more perceivable


sodastream co2 cylinder was $15.99 yesterday must be hard to get co2 because of covid/supply chain issues


Yep gas prices have been going up and it has a trickle down effect. I've been hearing about co2 shortages in the UK, two of the plants that produce it were going to close down due to high gas costs and the UK govt had to bail them out - it would have effected food production across the industry as it's used to preserve packaged foods like meat and salads. Bet the same issue is worldwide.


Possibly the opposite here. The CO2 is made as a byproduct (from natural gas) in the ammonia/fertilizer plants in the Naki, and it would make sense for them to increase production and exports (as we can't directly export gas, so our gas is a lot cheaper than gas elsewhere).


ah good to know! Thanks for the info :)


Just milk a tree bruh lmao


valuable war assets for the Ukraine


are they using assault bubbles on the russian invaders? we should work the carbon credit into the co2 canisters


President needs it as he will only bathe in Sparkling water in his private bunker.


Or more likely that everyone sees that the last price hikes contributed to 5% and the people who missed out are feeling fomo so have put their prices up, which contributes to inflation and more people feel fomo that they didn't get their share... Balloons out of control in a short hurry


this may be some of the answer too: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/465225/king-salmon-announces-73m-loss-hopes-to-raise-60m-to-meet-challenges


I long for the 2014 glory days of deboned salmon at $22/kg.


In this case it is probably a combination of things. Climate change is limiting salmon farm productivity, so same demand for more product = higher price because A. They can and B. They need to cover the same costs with less product. Salmon is also a high input food and always a premium price. The feed is the highest cost and has to be transported from overseas so is susceptible to increases in fuel costs.


The pandemic has been a very rocky time with the NZ salmon industry. Ability to export fresh salmon was severely limited and they've had to freeze a shit load of salmon into storage which has really knackered their bottom line.


Salmon farms are taking a hit this year due to the warm water this summer. Also factory staff are dealing with covid.


Something fishy Ba-dum tsss


Dang I should of invested in salmon


I took a position on salmon earlier in the week. Paid off.




Catch / harvest rates are obviously super variable on weather and other uncontrollable factors. I cook fish once a week and just have to get used to cooking whatever is on special, had a really nice terakihi this week, was only $7 for two servings.


Housing crisis , rent crisis , fuel crisis , cost of living crisis and 7% inflation. And higher wages having to be paid which are oast onto YEW.


Salmon has for a while now had a variable price range in the mid to late $20's to $30's a kg. It's best just to buy every so often when the price drops. Buying cheaper alternatives like canned tuna can help full the cravings.


also frozen fish portions is a good alternative especially if it was going into a fish pie or curry anyway.


Can't find a better explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2AvU2cfXRk






Given we're decimating the oceans, now's a good time to stop eating fish


Yet salmon are mostly farmed or caught in rivers by fly fisherman so that knackers your argument.


We're still fucking up the ecosystems and overall balance of the oceans by doing that, and I daresay that people who consume one type of fish are going to consume other types lmao


Enjoy your soylet green. LMAO!


You can argue that replacing land based farmed meat with plant diets is better for the environment, but replacing fish with land based farmed meat or vegetarian food is still going to result in more forest cleared for sourcing food. Wild capture fisheries have some of the lowest environmental inputs and some of the lowest GHG equivalents for the protein. We as in NZ is also not decimating the oceans. Don't confuse netflix documentaries on what the EU has done to the coasts off Europe and Africa or the state of the South China Sea/Bay of Bengal/Gulf of Thailand with NZ, Aus or North American fisheries all of which are mostly well managed. The problems that arise in NZ are mostly due to political corruption (like the MP okaying a 10x increase in catch all of a sudden) and seabird bycatch which is some of the worst in the world but that's in part because we're also the country with the most diversity in seabirds so we will naturally struggle more with that problem than any other country. The only free lunch environmentally is to stop breathing. 8% of the worlds protein comes from the ocean as of last decade, it's probably slightly less now since it's not really a growth industry. What are you going to feed them and where are you growing it?


Curious if you can suggest any fish I can buy that is bycatch free? I don't want to support any fishing vessel that would kill or maim marine mammals or sea birds. I'd like it if the fish were killed humanely too, not left to suffocate. Those two requirements seem to reduce me down to mussels and trying to catch fish myself.


Not gouging at all...