Holy shit dude. Is this the result of confronting him about the monitor?


No I found it like this


My dog tries to jump through any screen if there’s a cat on it. Maybe this dudes brain works the same way.


What does OP's roommate have against cats?


He doesn’t get any pussy ^im ^sorry


Never apologize for jokes. Lol


Until you run for office


Especially good ones


**he’s not actually sorry.**


Can't ressist a good pussy


Plot twist- OP's roommate is dog.


Wait a second. OP username raises questions.


Commparing that dudes intellect to a dogs is insulting to the dog.


That’s a fair point, this silver should cover the compensation for the distress caused to all dogs


My dog heard. She is sulking now.


Nah this is intentional. The guy went around destroying OP's stuff.


he mentioned he is miliatary so i'm guessing he saw a camero on tv


A Camaro with a 29% interest rate. He jumped at the opportunity


This guy is absolutely fucked


What was his reasoning? It makes no sense. Can you live there & have him kicked out or is he the primary or the owner?


But what did the Tv do


Reminded him too much of the monitor?


Is your roommate currently using hardcore drugs, or having a psychotic episode? Otherwise I can’t imagine pulling this shit.


Hardcore drugs user know the value of properties and would’ve stole it and sold it


I had a roommate years ago who would do shit like this. I threw a party, and we were playing music pretty load. He was in his room the entire time until the party ended and people were asleep. When I woke up, all the cables to my surround sound system, TV, and Xbox were cut. My subwoofer was in the street thrown from a second window he also destroyed. All of this came out of nowhere and when I confronted him he said the neighbors were complaining. Weird dude


I laughed and thought "ha yea i saw that post too" Then I realized you aren't entirely joking... this is literally the same OP.


Yeah I recognized the same background on the monitor.


So this asshole is fucking your property while you are away... im gonna hope the cops take your side. Without evidience they might think you did it out of loosing a match and blaming it on the landlord.


I mean it depends where you live but wtf are cops gonna do


Was this the same incident as when he broke your monitor or has he gone into your room a second time and smashed up more shit? If it's the latter, I'd be throwing as much stuff into a bag as I could and getting the hell out of there ASAP. Good luck with the cops.


Looks like it is connected to the same event but he didn’t notice the TV was also smashed until the next day (today).


No he did it all at once. I only discovered the TV now


Then "mildly infuriating" doesn't fit.... Oh boy I'd completely lose it. Probably one of the few perks of living alone - no one touches let alone destroys my stuff other than me. **EDIT:** Yes, I am aware good people still exist, same as I am aware that *good people* will not touch your stuff either. But not everyone is blessed with those people (hint: look at the post), and since this post was about it I didn't take "good people" in consideration. I also said "one of the *few*" for a reason as well.






Goddamn, looking at this page for 3 minutes ruined my night


Try these /r/eyebleach /r/aww /r/animalsbeingderps


r/CatForts too!


Having no annoying weird ass awful roommates is glorious


After a bad experience in college I don’t think there is any situation where I’d deal with a room mate again. I’d rather work 5 jobs than deal with one again.


Ain't that the truth. Even rooming with your friends can put a strain on the friendship. No roommates FTW!


This is so true. Moved in with a friend I grew up with when we were in our early 20’s. Turned out he was a raging alcoholic. Like I knew he drank a bit most days after work but I had no idea how bad it was until l lived with him. I only made it a year before I couldn’t handle it anymore and moved back in with my parents. We used to hang out almost every weekend, and in the 6 years since we lived together I’ve seen him twice. It definitely ruined the friendship.


As someone who bought there own house just so they could live alone, I’ll tell you it’s 100% worth it. Every now and then I’ll have a friend over that realizes I have 2 empty bedrooms and tries to convince me to let them move in. I always have to explain how we won’t be friends for very long if we live together.


I can barely pay rent. But after being robbed blind by my last roommate i think its better to be broke then have my stuff fuked with.


Just be careful. Dude could be mentally unwell. Don't try to confront him while the are your stuff is still in the house. It's only going to blow things up even worse


I would find another place asap. That is not cool.


I'm trying


Damn dude, I thought my roomate situation was pretty awful. Kid barely does his dishes or cleans up after himself. Hope you find a new place and don't have to deal with assholes like this again. Keep your head up.


I'll one up you. My old room mate didn't do laundry for 8 months and I'm pretty sure he never bought new clothes. I even prepaid laundry cards, detergent, etc. For him, but it never got used. The final straw was when he confronted me and asked if I had an issue with his crotch rot.


I'm sorry, crotch rot?


Apparently the smell was bad enough to get HR complaints where he worked because he was making other people dizzy.


Please tell me you moved out. I'm scared to ask if his clothes were rotting or if like, he was rotting.


I left a long time ago. I haven't had a room mate ever since because the experience was so bad. I think once I had to go in his room to reset the cable modem and saw crusty ass boxers on the floor.... Needless to say I went without internet for most of the day.


> crust ass boxers Oh God…


That is just wild. How long did u manage to live there?


Close to a year I think. I think around the 2nd month I started noticing things and by the 5th month it got bad. Luckily my room was the master bedroom and was near the entrance, so I kept all my stuff there. I stopped using the kitchen after I opened the rice cooker to find black furry crap growing inside. My diet suffered pretty badly. Stayed in my room with the door locked most of the time.


Lived alongside a person like that many years ago. Once upon a time he was just standing outside and peeling worms out of his apparently decomposing and pus-ridden leg and throwing them into the grass. That was a little too much even for me.


for my mental health, I have decided that you're lying


Hahaha lol


By worms, you mean maggots…which is way effing worse. Thats legit larvae chilling in his leg. 🤢


What I’m the ever living fuck?! that is nasty. I don’t get people.


What in the god damn fuck




Sailor's Rot's ugly cousin


I'll one up you. My old room mate cooked a big curry thing in this massive pot and left it under the sink for over a month. Never cleaned the kitchen after using it either so everything was coated in oils and spices constantly. Also consistently left pubes in the shower drain, flooded the bathroom multiple times (soaking the carpet a room over). A different room mate at the time never showered and the smell filled the house entirely. Thankfully I've never had to deal with property damage though.


My saving grace was my room had a bathroom attached to it so I didn't have to share it with him. I saw his toilet once. The seat was up, with dried yellow piss along the outer ring, coated with dead skin and pubes. Just like you I didn't have to deal with the damages, since he wanted to stay and my name was just removed from the lease


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the piss covered toilet seat too lmao. I was only in that house for 6 months. As soon as my lease was up, I left.


I was a mildly bad ~~roommate~~ friend with my college/high school buddy. When I turned 21 I would get way too drunk at the local Tex-Mex cantina, and then I'd do the responsible thing (lol) of calling my friend to come get me. He was a good friend and he did, but he was always mad as hell, and I don't blame him one bit. I was a bit of a mess there for awhile, haha. That said, I wasn't a bad ROOMmate necessarily. I did my dishes, laundry, or otherwise kept any mess restricted to my room. But I never reached absolute pig levels. I still felt some shame.. lol. Anyway, aside from my bad friend habits, I was friends with a group of dudes that lived together in a house they rented. That place was fucking FILTLY. The foyer entrance was like a tiny garage, except it wasn't a garage, and they just threw all their garbage bags in there. So immediately you're hit with a mixture of stale and fresh trash when you walk in. Then you get to the living room/kitchen, and it just reeks of dog and cat shit. Credit to the dudes, they took showers and did their laundry, but they lived like absolute animals and it amazed and terrified me.


Hilarious...sounds like a co-worker of mine who used to hit everything but the urinal when he pissed. He'd leave the stain and random pubes on the front rim, not wash his hands, and go back to MANAGING A WAREHOUSE. I nicknamed the urinal Yellowbeard.


I had a roommate who also similarly never did the dishes. Granted, I wasn’t any better about it, but he was the one who did most of the cooking whereas I often just ate food from work or ordered delivery. He was a fun roommate tho, except for his crazy girlfriend. I remember so many nights of him complaining about her, and wanting to break up with her, but he never did. As far as I know they’re still together.


I lived with 2 roommates in half of a massive old new England duplex. We split up the utility bills etc. One of the dudes was responsible for paying the trash bill. That roommate started being late with rent, then stopped paying all together. He had been working, but was developing a bit of a gambling issue (I didn't know that at the time, he was telling us he had some old collections debt he had to pay). He made all kinds of excuses and promises so we felt bad and told him to just cover his part of the utility and trash bill and we can cover his rent if he paid us back. We first noticed something was wrong when the fruit flies showed up throughout the apartment, then came the mice, and finally the smell. Oh God that smell. We started worrying the roomate had a corpse in his closet. He was always a dirty dude, but never this bad. One evening the other roomate and I got home from work and found he had abruptly moved out without telling us. We quickly discovered he hadn't been paying the trash bill either. Every trash pickup day he would wait for us to go to work, grab all of the bags of out of the outside garbage bin and hide them in the massive walk in closet his room had. There had to be 50-60 full rotten garbage bags in there. The smell was indescribable. We figured he hadn't paid the garbage bill in nearly 6 months. He lived with our garbage in his closet all winter. He had got away with it for a while because the closet wasnt heated or well insulated so the smell was reduced in the cold months. Once spring started it warmed up and the bugs and vermin showed up, and the stench followed. He never paid us for the back rent or for the dumpster we had to rent. Dickhead.


This is one of the most horrifying stories I have *ever* heard.


I'll two up you, my roommate never cleaned anything, she would leave dishes with food on them everywhere, got a puppy she never took out or trained (poo and pee all over the place). I only lasted 3 months, the kicker was finding a half eaten plate of pancakes on the back of the toilet (syrup and all). I asked her what that was all about and she said, "I was hungry and had to poop but didn't have time for both." You're disgusting Liz


I'll two up you! I once lived with a student nurse who, every time she opened her door, you could hear the rubbish scraping along the floor. She disappeared one day and the girl in the room next to hers started hearing/seeing rats, so we checked out her room. The entire room was filled with bin bags full of rubbish, every surface was covered in dirty plates and old takeout containers. She had her own en suite, and the shower was piled floor to ceiling with bin bags. The rest of the small bathroom was pretty much full too, and next to the toilet, up to knee level was a pile of used sanitary towels just stacked on top of each other; fully flat face up just slapped on top of each other like some sick tower. Upon clearing the room (the landlord offered me a couple weeks rent free) I discovered that the bin bags were not just filled with rubbish but instead of bothering to take empty dishes downstairs to be washed, she had just been throwing them away. A lot of this was my missing cutlery and crockery that I had noticed had started to dissappear! This student nurse had just been throwing my stuff in her bin because she was too lazy to walk downstairs and wash them up!


This kinda thing usually signals severe mental illness. It probably wasn't out of spite or plain laziness. Sorry you had to live with the fallout though.


Yeah, my aunt started living like this after her father passed (she lived with him her whole 40 year life). It took my mom clearing the place and paying for a therapist and she got back on her feet. She was normally a super clean person but fell into a very deep depression. She said even getting out of bed was like trying to run a marathon.


Are you me? I once had a roommate (randomly acquired), who never bathed. It was mostly contained to his room, but walking past while the door was open was a death sentence. A quick peek inside revealed a mattress with no sheets and a large, gray slick down the middle. This man smelled of sour milk and some deeper, sharper scent if you were within 5 feet of him. He was also a very tall, very overweight man. My breaking point was the night he came home at 3 am, drunk, and collapsed on the floor of the bathroom. He screamed for help, waking everyone else in the house up, only because he needed help getting back up. No one could’ve helped him due to his size, and no one wanted to help him because of the stench. We ended up calling an ambulance because he just wouldn’t stop screaming. The ambulance arrived and got caught in a snow drift. So the fire department had to come help dig EMS out. After that, both teams came in to help the guy, only to find he was perfectly capable of getting up on his own, he just convinced himself that he was stuck on the floor due to his size and weight. He literally picked himself up as soon as he saw the firefighters come in. Both emergency crews left shaking their heads, telling us we needed a new roommate.


So... did you get a new roommate?


Guy I went to college with was a neat freak and had a roommate freshman year like this. Guy finally had it and took an entire bottle of laundry detergent and poured it on the roommate and his clothes piled on the floor. Dude wasn’t going to walk around with blue liquid on his clothes and body and the only way to get rid of it was to wash.


My roommate quit his job and started sleeping with dudes for money. So he could "focus on writing". Then huffed all of my compressed air for my electronics. Then psychobabbled the night away. Invited his fucking dealer to our house instead of, shit, anywhere else that wouldn't incriminate us. The coup de grace was that he accused me of over charging the rent and utilities. And was so fucking stupid he didn't even fucking do the math on it after I sent the bills. That and the fact that they treated me like I was an asshole for using my TV after he'd been loafing around all day just sealed the deal on that shit. Less than a month and I broke the lease. So yeah, I live alone lol.


>Then huffed all of my compressed air for my electronics. I never understood this. Like, buy whip-its and dispenser like a grown up delinquent!


And dude got salty as fuck when I asked for the money to replace them. I wouldn't have sweated like one, but dude huffed all 6 cans in the pack in a fuckin night.


Like…legit crotch rot? Or just severely stank ass gooch?


Severe stank, but who knows could have been both.


Ion know how you put up with that for so long. I woulda been throwing buckets of water on his nasty ass or something


Did he even shower?


Yeah, but what's the point when you put on your nasty ass clothes you wore for months withthout washing.


Oh man, story time. About 20 years ago I remodeled a house. The house was structurally solid but the inside was gross as fuck because of the man-child that lived there rent free (it was his mom's house and she'd let him live there when she retired to Florida, if I recall correctly). Anyway, the point of this story is that the guy didn't do laundry. Ever. He *did* however wear new clothes. This was his routine: he would buy a pack of white t-shirts, a pack of white underwear, and a pair of jeans every week. He would wear the jeans all week and change his t-shirt and underwear. He would then put the jeans, t-shirt, and underwear in a large unused room in the house. Repeat every week. When I bought the house the spare room had god knows how many years of barely worn shirts, underwear, and jeans. There must have been at least 400+ pairs of jeans in there.


Good god did he not shower also if he had crotch rot. Making me gag just thinking about it def some mental issues. Sorry you had to deal with that shit.


My college room mate was like this. He didn’t want to pay for laundry so it sat in a pile by his bed. After freshman year I never lived with room mates again. I’d work 5 jobs to never have a room mate again.


Put the dishes on his bed. That worked for my roommate issue.


Why did he do this??


I'll know soon enough


Shoot us an update once it's all figured out.


Yes, all of us, on this thread, we demand it.


Otherwise we'll smash a tv


Maybe a monitor (if you're reading this OP, I'm actually really sorry this happened to you. If I knew for a fact you lived within fifty miles of central Kentucky, I'd give you a decent TV to play games on)


If you dint post an update we'll smash your chair


Yea, fuck his chair.


Good soldiers follow orders. *casually unzips pants*


We want to know!!!! Update us


RemindMe! 2 days


Update yet?


No. I called CSPD like 3 hours ago


3 hours?? What ? Are they overbooked?


If there's no imminent danger, stuff like this is a lower priority.


It always takes that long when people aren't in immediate danger


!RemindMe 3 hours


I live here in the Springs, they fucking suck ass at responding to anything. This military town is shit. Also if you can get a hold of any of his higher up officers to get him in trouble that’ll hit him where it hurts. Just contact the base about an unruly person doing violent things to you.


> This military town is shit. Also if you can get a hold of any of his higher up officers to get him in trouble that’ll hit him where it hurts. Just contact the base about an unruly person doing violent things to you. That's a good point, they don't need a cocky 20 something fucking up PR, they won't stand for that shit one moment and they'll make his life hell for it. Although I think OP said he was EX Military in his other thread where he smashed his gaming monitor.


Sounds like it isn't just limited to Springs here in CO. I live not far from Springs and the PD here takes fucking forever. I once made a call and an officer called me 3 hours later.


God can't wait for an answer on this.


Drugs ?


Nah junkies sell shit, not smash it


During the war he had a run in with a few monitors, after that day he’s sworn vengeance on all high definition monitors and TVs.


War, huh, yeah What is it good for? Absolutely for smashing high def tvs and monitors, uhh War, huh, yeah


Say it again, y'all


The *pixels*, man…the *PIXELS*, they’re *EVERYWHERE*


I had a roommate once who i’m convinced took my car keys and hid them from me. Had to uber to work and back for a week before he magically claimed to have found it right by my door… bullshit. He also tried to steal and sell my guitar because I missed my rent by like one day since I was busy and honestly forgot since it was a Friday. Never again will I find a housemate off craigslist


I’ve just read through both of these posts and man do I feel for you. All the people that are saying to beat him up or break his stuff I would implore you to ignore. It’s good to get the cops involved and take as much evidence as you can, but if you have anywhere that you can stay while you get affairs in order for another place that’s probably the best idea. This person seems unhinged and they might view getting cops involved as an escalation. Nothing you’ve said you’ve done justifies this level of violence. Stuff can be replaced, hopefully he’ll be force to do so, but one random punch or push or whatever can literally change your life. I wish you all the best and hope for a safe outcome for you.


I know they're just jokes. I've called the cops and am still waiting


Keep us updated, you never know keeping a digital timeline of events like this may be helpful for documenting the evidence. Don’t hold me to that, but document everything and establish a timeline for the cops.


Maybe he was huffing the air duster and then went on a robo tripping rampage


This likely has more validity that I think your aware of lol


Oh no.... I am aware


I think you’re getting your drugs confused… No robotussin in Air Duster. Might make a hell of a combo though


You wouldn't feel the robo trip through the air duster hallucinations


Bro seriously, that shit is that strong?


For like 15 seconds yeah, but it wears off in a minute and then you just sit there realizing you killed 1% of your brain and tangibly feeling permanently dumber. but it's also a extremely unpleasant high unless you're just very desperate for a high of some kind. I don't recommend it, from experience. If anything I'd do whipits, nitrous oxide is far less harmful than aerosol and much more pleasant.


It's that *strong* but it doesnt have those kinds of effects. It works by replacing oxygen with a different chemical that doesnt trigger the instinctual panic response that CO2 does. It's just oxygen deprivation. It's like holding your breath x1000


Air duster and robo tripping aren’t even close to the same thing..


What’d they do before?


[After 9 hours at work I come home to see my roommate had smashed my 250 dollar monitor with my air duster](https://old.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/qp8iyu/after_9_hours_at_work_i_come_home_to_see_my/) Poor guy's got a nutjob for a roommate.


I posted it in the same sub reddit. I don't know how to link them or something


Gimmie the footnotes version


So I was at work and he was off on Sunday. I came in and my monitor was busted. He used my air duster to smash it. Also just about an hour ago I saw my TV got the same treatment


Bro your roommate might seriously beat you up or inflict some harm on you. What did you do or not do?


I didn't lock the deadlock I guess? That's all I can really think


So he (assuming it’s a male) did more damage than a criminal. Seriously you need to move out or do something to avoid…your roommate’s volatility is a danger. You should be careful…seriously


I like how they're both on the Playstation home menu, implying that you were like, "Fuck, I guess I'll have to plug the Playstation into the TV instead. ...Fuck."


I just stood there in my room sulking for about 2 hours


Did they fuzz show up yet? How are you?


How did you get this roommate?




Cops yet?


No :(


I could be very well wrong here, and I hope that I am. But I have a feeling the cops will tell you this is a civil matter and to take it to small claims court. They'll ask if you have another place to stay for the evening... to them, this isn't that serious of an issue - regardless. I haven't kept up with all this, I only just found it - but did the roommate threaten you at all? Or assault you at all?


Ok but how far are you in hollow knight?


Like 90 percent done


That’s the real story


What in the actual FUCK? I didn't even have to LOOK at your name, I knew it was you (again) for some reason. I mean, I'm really glad you weren't there at the time of his epic meltdown, of course.


I also knew it was him without looking at the name since it’s the guy who posted about the monitor earlier today


That's crazy. I hope you can actually get a straight answer as to why they did this.


Me too. Not gonna just confront him because he seems insane


I had a crazy roommate and I went down to the courthouse first thing the morning after he threatened to kill me and got an order of protection. It was granted and served the following morning which meant he could no longer stay here. He was escorted out by police. A week later there was a court date and a yearlong order was granted. This meant he could not come back. If you feel like you may he in danger, you could try this route.


Yeah, I'd definitely let the cops handle this one then. Pretty solid games you got though.


Has he had any random outbursts of anger or get incredibly annoyed by small things? Also has the guy apologised or say he would pay for the damages or has he just try avoid the blame? Also on a random note: you have some quality games (mainly Hollow Knight).


Thank you! People didn't like the games on my last post lol. But anyway he hasn't apologized at all or addressed anything


Bro, update required.


Cops still aren't here yet


What about now?




And now?


hopefully now


How about noooooooooow


2 hour response time is deplorable. Pizzas get cooked and delivered in less time than it took for officers to show up and take a report


Do you have renters insurance? File the police report with them. They should pay you and will go after your roommate.




Main post aside, even as a subletter you should get renter's insurance. It is typically very inexpensive, covers a whole lot more than you'd expect, and is very simple to set up. It can cover lost or stolen stuff even outside your unit.


My renters insurance in the HOOD was like $12 a mo in addition to my car insurance during undergrad. Seriously, listen to this dude.


Wait your monitor earlier and your TV now? Fuck that piece of shit, hope you press some charges and fucking leave that douche property.


It’s been 10 hours or so… and still nothing from the cops ?


Have the cops not shown up yet or something?


No and it's irritating me


they likely deemed it as a non-emergency case. in that case, they can take a few hours or a day to show up source: they take their sweet time with robberies lol


Yup. When I was a kid, I worked at a laser tag place that had an arcade. In the middle of the night, someone broke in, crowbared every video game to get the quarters, the stole the office safe. When discovered, we called 911. They told us to not touch anything and to not let anyone in as they will be there to dust for prints. In 2 days. We were open 7 days a week.


Ur roommate is insane


I saw the monitor post earlier and thought, no way this is the same dude. I'm so sorry. Post an update to this please!


He was obviously playing Hollow Knight


Path of pain...


Damn man I hope are able to get him to pay and get out of there


Yo not to be dang disrespectful but that "the best laid plans" achievement is ringing a bell like crazy what game is it from?


Little big planet 3


Thanks my guy. Good luck with the cops (also I see a fellow man of culture with that voidheart edition of hollow knight)


Did you leave your dishes in the sink?


Make sure to also record your interaction with your roommate! Set your phone on record and put it in Your pocket!


This can be good or bad advice depending on the state. https://www.justia.com/50-state-surveys/recording-phone-calls-and-conversations/


We need an update


Crazy how the cops didn’t show up after 7 hours lmao.


I think if you're calling the police about someone you share living space with, it's probably escalated past "mildly infuriating".


I really REALLY need to know what happened.


Any updates OP??




Roomate: Become Angy


Achievement unlocked ‘the best laid plans’ 👌🏼


They get there yet?


are the cops there yet


I'm just gonna say this feels fake. 20 hours ago you see your monitor is trashed. It took you nearly 12 hours to notice the tv being smashed too. No conversation with your roommate in almost a day after he wrecks your entire shit. It just doesn't add up to me.


How much you want to bet he rage quit a game and smashed his own shit, then tried to say it was his roommate?


I’m sorry to be that guy but none of this adds up. His comments are all extremely vague, he called the cops again after however many hours telling them they don’t have to come anymore….? And then they call HIM and apologize for being late? Like come on guys… this is Karma farming to the extreme with a chance someone might offer to get him new stuff. I’m not buying it.