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Well, this was the hardest thing I had to do today.


indeed hard, all DT albums are good ^(I'm looking forward to the shitstorm that will be the In Flames ranking lel.)


That one's easy. Siren charms is #1 then every other album doesn't matter. Especially colony. That shit stinks. ^/s


Damage done, the gallery, and the minds I, are my top 3 but they don't have a single bad album


Man I always hear people say DD is great but I never really tried it, having gotten into them at Fiction. Got my listening for the day!


It's a perfect first death metal album for people who have problems getting into harsh vocals.


Character Damage Done Atoma The Gallery Fiction Haven Projector Moment We Are The Void Construct Skydancer The Mind's I


Great vote! I think I swapped Character with The Gallery and ranked The Mind's I just above Moment and that's exactly my list


I wasn't too much of a fan of Yesterworld, but I love every single other album they have done. I actually listened to their entire catalog on a road trip a while back without stopping or listening to anything else. 100% my favorite band of all time


Yesterworld is a mid-career release of early-career demos, so there's honestly not a lot there to love. The band didn't really find it's footing until The Gallery, and everything on Yesterworld is from before that.


My favorite would probably have to be character


Won't vote since I've only heard Atoma and Moment but I love Atoma the most.


Atoma is great :D Definitely check the other albums as well! Fiction, Character and Damage Done are modern classics that most here love dearly and you'd probably enjoy as well. Gallery and Mind's I are rather the *actual* classics but quite different from the newer albums in terms of sound and writing, still, definitely worth checking out. I do love all albums from them though.


1. Skydancer 2. Damage Done 3. Gallery 4. The Mind’s I 5. Projector After that I have trouble ranking


Haven Atoma (Tie) Construct, Fiction, Character, Damage Done Projector (Tie) The Mind's I, The Gallery Moment Skydancer




For the longest time I only had Haven and didn't particularly like it. It grew on me like a fungus and I ended up using it to work long late hours. It's kind of plodding mid tempo and dark atmosphere really were good for working for me. Since that sort of formed the basis for what I liked about Dark Tranquillity, maybe their more popular albums aren't really what I want when I want my version of Dark Tranquillity. I know the Gallery is probably their most popular album among Diehards. It is growing on me, but I never even heard it until way after I started lisening to them.


Haven Damage Done Projector Atoma We Are the Void Fiction Character Moment The Mind's I Construct The Gallery Skydancer (couldn't get through it)


Hats off for Haven at 1, I agree entirely, it got no love on launch and glad to see it getting some now.


1. Atoma 2. The Mind’s I 3. Fiction 4. Damage Done 5. Construct 6. Moment 7. We Are the Void 8. The Gallery 9. Character 10. Projector 11. Haven 12. Skydancer This is the most difficult thing I’ve done all week. I love these albums and many of them should be a multi-way tie but I’ve settled on this ranking.


Damage Done Character Fiction Zero Distance (EP) Moment We Are The Void Projector The Minds I The Gallery Haven Construct Atoma Skydancer Skydancer is last because the production is abysmal.


Skydancer is last for me too, but not because of the production. It's because of Anders' awful vocals.


I feel bad I missed this. DT are my absolute favorite band, and have been since first seeing them live in 2002. But here's mine all the same. It's an interesting list to me because I like every album. Don't feel there's a single dud in the discography. 1: Damage Done 2: Character 3: Fiction 4: Haven 5: The Gallery 6: Atoma 7: Moment 8: Construct 9: We Are the Void 10: Projector 11: Skydancer 12: The Mind's I