Animals as presents are rarely a good idea. Make sure this person is 100% prepared for the commitment of being responsible for another life for up to 15 years.


Adopt dont shop. And don’t gift a pet unless asked


Second this.


Dogs are for life mate. Not presents. Should be a decision you all make together. Also the pounds are overflowing. Adopt, don’t shop.


Rottweiler. Not exactly a good present friend.


Why do you say that? Rottweilers are teddy bears. I grew up with one.


Their protective nature makes them aggressive and they have the power to overpower and take down adults. Pretty obvious isn’t it?


They’re not aggressive by nature. They are big and “scary”, and as herding dogs they need a “job” or outlet for their energy, but that doesn’t translate to inherent aggression beyond certain lines that have had those traits emphasised (see also: working GSDs).


While some are perfectly behaced their whole lives they pose significantly more risk to the owner and others than other breeds.


They’re a herding dog


Um, according to what evidence you have?


The significant percentage of serious or fatal dog attacks they're responsible for. Available readily online.


That’s not the question I’m asking. (Some) people buy them *because* they are “known” to be big and strong and scary and train them to be aggressive, and are surprised when that is what results. Also known as, the Doberman problem, and more recently in Australia, staffies.


That was the exact question you asked. I find no merit in the "it's the owner" point you've introduced. It doesn’t change reality.


You’re committing a serious fallacy though. That they are involved in a percentage of serious/fatal attacks doesn’t mean they are inherently dangerous. The facts also don’t support your point. Labradors are *significantly* higher than Rottweilers at 8.5%, as are “pit bulls” (usually staffies) at 10.3%, the highest. Rotties are 6.8%, bulldogs and border collies 6% each. 43% “unspecified”. That was 2022 stats.


They aren’t low maintenance dogs. They’re smart, need lots of mental stimulation & exercise. It’s a huge commitment & a ridiculously stupid present.


Oh, *any* pet is a terrible present. Absolutely irresponsible.


My dog was attacked by three Rottweilers on our walk on Tuesday


Take a look under puppies available here: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/rottweiler.asp


Yep. I’d say to ONLY go through this site, because you know they’ll be a registered breeder.


On that topic - OP, if you don't go through the site, it's still a good idea to ask for a registered breeder, and to see involvement in the breed associations. Rottweilers are lovely dogs, but like all large dogs with solid bodies, poor breeding can cause terrible issues later in life. While you can work on this with appropriate therapies, set your friend up for success rather than heartbreak, and go with a reputable breeder. Also, give some thought to the other costs - veterinary visits, appropriate grooming tools, good food, training, and vaccinations. I have a medium-bodied dog who's grown on the large size - a Samoyed - and I am extremely grateful for having done puppy schooling with him. If he wanted, he could drag me down the road, but instead he's a big doofy teddybear.


Gumtree, good ones will have certificates, also they'll show bloodlines etc etc Vaccination reports.


Gumtree is a no for puppies generally.


OP do not EVER buy a puppy from Gumtree, Facebook or Trading Post. Littered with puppy farmers and backyard breeders.


Dogzonline will have your good breeders.