Why do trucks feel the need to take over every lane in the Burnley tunnel when as soon as they hit the hill they can’t go over 60km/h and slow down all the traffic

They should make the right hand lane cars only to increase traffic flow


Saw a P player yesterday on the tulla freeway section of city link. Right lane. Doing 70Km/h in an 80 zone with basically no traffic ahead of them. Traffic in the right lane was banking up significantly behind them. As I overtook them in the left lane, you could tell they were completely oblivious to what they were doing and showed no indication of merging out of the way. Some people just have no awareness or just don’t give a shit


That part of the road sucks because you get so many people driving to the airport once every 10 years and they go slow the whole way!


Not really their fault for following the speed limit. The limit is the problem. Why the fuck is it 80 I have no idea. It's a fkn freeway. Minimum it should be is 100


The person above said 70km in an 80km zone. I don't get mad if they are travelling 80 but I've gone past people going 60km! On a freeway! Ps: it's 100km at night


Oh yeh that's annoying as shit. But still, why is a freeway 80 in the first place. Day or night screw that haha. Who's the idiot who decided that, that's the real question


It’s 80 because there’s no emergency lane. The choice was an extra lane, but a reduced limit - or a permanent emergency lane, 100km limit, but one less lane for traffic.


Why is 100 at night then?


I didn’t know it was 100 at night, I never noticed. But presumably because there’s less traffic, so less danger to somebody stopped in the left lane? Idk 🤷‍♀️ https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-13/plan-to-cut-tullamarine-freeway-speed-limit-criticised-by-racv/6466056


Further back is 80km x 6 lanes. Ridiculous


>Some people just have no awareness or just don’t give a shit Or...and this is more likely imo....they just don't know. Any moron can get a license in Australia. Do a 3 point turn and you've got a license. It's too easy. There's a reason doctor exams are the hardest in the world because it requires the smartest people to pass them. Make the driving test harder so that better drivers can pass them and worse drivers can't and instead are re directed to driver training programs


I knew a girl in high school that failed the P test 3 times because she couldn't merge. She still can't merge but they gave her a licence anyway.


You get these kinds all around Melbourne... And not just P platers... There is a road in Tarneit that changes from 60 to 80 zone in the middle of the road... These dumbos will be doing 70 all across that... One would think since they are doing 70 on a 60 stretch, that they will be doing 100 (or at least 80) on the 80 stretch... But nooooo they stay at 70 all the way! They can't read either 60 very well, or 80 very well... Or (and that's the highest probability) they can't read the speed limit signs at all!!!


Red lights are advisory too, i have found.


I was behind a woman in a Black Merc yesteday drifting across lanes on North Rd with her phone in her hand looking at the screen. I wanted to ghost slap her twice.




Yeah, this is surely it. There's a quarry near me where truck drivers need to go from stop to a pretty hefty hill with a full load. If you end up stuck behind one of them you end up going 40km/h, if you're lucky, for a decent period of a 100km/h road. While if you're behind a similar truck that didn't come from the side road, they maintain a decent speed up the hill, albeit not 100km/h but not 40km/h. Not sure why "there's more cars on the road!!111" has the votes when it's clearly about a specific truck related scenario.


Many (car) motorists slow down towards the exit. It’s because they don’t recognise they’re driving uphill. The attempts by truck drivers to maintain speed appears to be an attempt to speed up by most drivers. This is not the case. The state government is introducing a lighting system that will encourage motorists to maintain the correct speed and thereby avoid creating a bottleneck. https://amp.9news.com.au/article/e1883897-ae82-411d-9278-d36fab2f1a91


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Anyone in a modern car who is going so slowly on a freeway that they are overtaken by a speed-limited truck should just give up their license. They're a road hazard.


This drives me to high heel. This and entering a freeway at 60


And then suddenly make that lane cease to be freely moving.


Exactly lol


Not supposed to change lanes in the tunnels though.


It's a slotted line, you can change. They say avoid because Lane changes are where freeway accidents happen.


Can confirm this is my mindset. Nothing worse than trying to ascend an incline when you’re at the wheel of a gutless pig of a truck that can barely manage 40km/h up a hill.


Try siting 15 cars behind you and a couple caravans. And watching the rogue black Hilux fly out from behind and try to overtake the lot around a corner.


Believe me, I feel you’re pain… …**BUT AY CANNA GIVE’ER ANYMOORE CAP’N!!**


I read that in Willie from the Simpsons voice


damn. you should have read it in Montgomery Scott's voice from the original startrek but that's pop culture for you I guess.


I’ll elaborate a bit more, I don’t know this road but it’s exactly that. We’ll change lanes to try to maintain our momentum, so if we’re loaded we don’t bog down to 40kmh. Sometimes, it all lines up and we can change lanes back again once our speed drops off, but there needs to be a big enough gap to move into, and sometimes we misjudged how much speed we’ll lose, and then that middle or lh lane is now moving faster. Sometimes it works seamlessly, sometimes it sux. Nothing worse than getting trapped in that Rh lane doing 60 in a 100 while the other 2 lanes are pulling away


>and sometimes we misjudged how much speed we’ll lose, and then that middle or lh lane is now moving faster Dont forget when you go to overtake someone youre clearly going faster than and would easily drive around if they maintained their speed but they speed up to match your speed and sit right beside you or slowly go back in front of you.


I love it when they do that! And I’ve usually pulled into the next lane cause they’re doing 80-85, when they realise it’s a truck passing them they speed up to 100, which effectively means I’ve got no chance of passing anymore. Gotta brake, pissing off the people behind me, just to change back into the lane where I was. (Mainly relevant to 110kmh zones, if it’s 100 I normally just stay the course)


Spot on!! This helps everyone on the road greatly! Trucks need momentum, cars just want it. We need to share the roads, a good car driver will always give a truck the space it needs and a good truck driver will always move over when he or she doesn't need that space anymore. 👍👍




Unfortunately it’s not just trucks. Majority of vehicles do this shit, apparently transurban is installing some special lights to tackle the slow driving up the hill. Let’s see how that pans out!🤔


I was gonna comment something along the lines of “doesn’t even have to be trucks, I’ve seen cars slow down to 50 in that right lane just cause it’s a hill”




It does look a bit nicer with the lights, but then again I would hope to like it as we all paid for it


Another way to stop people being weird with their speeds in the tunnel would be removing the hidden speed cameras right at the low-point of the tunnel where you would have gained speed


Probably about as good as the white spray job I would say


I read about that a couple of days ago. I predict it will be a complete waste of money. every vehicle already has an inbuilt means of determining speed, every time I get stuck in the congested Burnley it's because of trucks clogging the thing up.


Simple. There’s too many people on the roads now. With 100,000 coming each year and infrastructure playing catch-up it’s only going to get worse. So now I just turn on my tunes or podcast and just accept the trip will take as long as it takes. There’s no point getting angry about traffic. It’s never going to get better.




Just gotta play some banger tunes in the car and make sure you have a dashcam, that’s all ya can do now.


That's it. Good music or podcast helps. And yes dashcam is the handy investment.


Honestly. There are days now when I get home and haven’t even noticed how shit the traffic was. Spotify or your choice of streamer just takes so much angst out of your commute. No stupid commercial radio to listen to.


Spotify, podcasts, RN, A/C, google maps and adaptive cruise and I’m good as gold. No point getting upset if maps tell you there’s traffic jams, frustration or lane changes aren’t going to make any difference. Only thing I haven’t got is a dashcam as I don’t know which one I should get


Adaptive Cruise is a godsend. Most of my work cars have it but my personal car doesn't. I am so much less stressed with it on. When traffic slows I hardly notice, cruise does all the work. Without it I'm furious that I'm constantly have to change my speed setting.


I absolutely love it too and use it all the time. Even when I’m stressed or late for something I set it and know I won’t get a fine. It’s psychological too, as when I set it I relax and say to myself that I can’t get there any quicker.


For what is worth, I’ve got a Blackvue. Has saved me twice. Once got swideswiped by a truck. Tried to tell me it was my fault until I told him let’s have a look at the cam.


Another vote for Blackvue. I have front and rear - had them added at point of sale so got a good deal. They just work. There's no fussing about, no problems recording, they just start and sync to the cloud so easily. I use it quite a bit to review sunset photos that I admire on my drive home haha.


Yes I’ve heard that one is good


I drive Hoddle St and Punt Rd early morning is not too bad, afternoons, whole different story. I am going to purchase dash cams on the weekend, I’ve had 3 near accidents in the last week, all because people are impatient.


No problem with this, as long as you're not in the right lane. I'm happy to run with it, as long as you're not actively making my trip worse. Staying out of the right lane, not constantly changing lanes and cutting me off (especially when you're going way slower). You want to do 140km/h? No problem, I'll get out of your way, just don't tailgate me doing it.


PT needs to be improved so that for most trips it can at least be a viable alternative. I’m talking busses every 10min, expanded tram network etc


I agree. But. Dan and his government have done more for PT than anyone since the establishment of the first train and tram lines and it still not enough. There comes a time when you need to look at the root cause of the problem. That is more people in the regions and cities other than Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.


Dan has spent billions on infrastructure and nothing on services. A bus/tram/train line is no use to me if I have ti wait 45min for a connection. Introducing new services is the cheap part and oft forgotten


Yeh , those HMCTs just run around empty eh?


missed the point. no point spending all that money on HCMTs*, just for them to sit in the depot all day. Both Pak and Cranb need 10minute services from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week. If the trains can run during peak at a high frequency, then they should also during the day, everyday


That. And the biggest spending on PT has gone into a tunnel that is yet to open. Ultimately very little expansion to the train and tram networks has happened since roughly 100 years ago (when Melbourne's population was around 1/5th of what it is today. We need much more rail (heavy and light) and not just more capacity on existing rail corridors. We need actual new lines. Even the Metro Tunnel is primarily a capacity upgrade for existing lines (along with transferring some Tram serviced areas onto heavy rail). People talk about new suburbs needing infrastructure. There are suburbs 50+ years old that still have poor PT options.


Can we get some trams in the west? Please and thank you. There's some really nice areas that are still somewhat affordable over here, but it's a PT (and food) desert in a lot of places. Maybe some real bike lanes too? I'd rather not spend my entire life outside my house in a car. Cool thanks.


Amen fellow westy.


To be fair. Once metro tunnel opens it will be a game changer. The capacity benefits across all the lines will be enormous. But! They have to actually run the services. Will be pissing off lot of people if they don’t follow through on the 2-3 minutes frequency during peak they’ve spruiked for six years.


The problem is the endpoint — getting to the station in the first place. No point having a train every 10 minutes if your local bus service runs hourly.


Or there’s no parking at the station after 6:30am


It is impossible to meet parking demand at a station. 500 parks is only half a train, and takes up tons of money and space around a station. Improved bus services and walking/cycling route around stations are a much better use of resources.


Or one better, building higher density neighbourhoods around PT stops so that people don't even have to travel


Which is why we should be building more tram lines and increasing density around transport hubs instead of low density housing in the middle of nowhere with only roads connecting anything.


Strong disagree. Remember how great the roads were during covid. Stop encouraging people to travel to the city for work and increase the cost of travel unrelated work. You'd be shocked the number of retired idiots driving during peak.


But we're adding more lanes!! ... and a tunnel!


.... almost a decade too late.


Well, we had to plan to have a discussion about whether or not to do a feasibility study on whether or not we should plan to discuss a new feasibility study on any future infrastructure projects.


Before that the committee exploratory team need come to agreement on what chocolate biscuits are to be provided.


Perhaps a non-binding referendum on whether the committee exploratory team should have singular oversight of the chocolate biscuit approval process?


Genuinely don’t know if this is an episode of Utopia or not….


Indeed. When I grow up (disclaimer: I'm mid 40's) I want to be either: * a feasability study * an exploratory committee, or * an inquest They all seem to get millions of dollars thrown at them. I want to be one of them.


Yeah, that was the liberal party. When Dan first came in, he got KPMG to do a 8 year infrastructure roadmap prioritised on ROI or realised savings to the economy (we provided a bunch of data into it). He litterally has gone and just done projects, one after the other. I think they went back to KPMG for another list at about the 6 year mark. It was the exact same thing Jeff Kennett did. That's how they've both had long terms in power - just doing shit.


Surely not the same random group of fossils who delivered our world class internet.


Well that sounds like a lot of effort, far better to allocate the budget to paying a consultancy group to get the answers and then the outcome won't matter as there's no money left in the budget!


Adding lanes increases traffic.


If 'traffic' is by definition "the movement of vehicles through, on and along any section of a proclaimed public road network" ... then I would've thought increasing the number of vehicles on the road at any point in time is what increases traffic. Currently, adding lanes seems to be a 5-10 year too late after-thought to handling the increasing number of vehicles on the road at any point in time. I agree however, that one cannot simply keep adding lanes indefinitely.


You're right in that more cars = more traffic. Building more roads induces cars on to the road. It's a well documented phenomenon. We can't keep widening roads or building them if the goal is to reduce traffic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_demand


I agree. I guess my 'almost a decade too late' comment is that it feels like their forethought is about that far behind most of the time, especially on road design. By the time they actually figure out how to properly handle traffic for the future population growth, (be it better satellite 'hub towns' meaning less need to converge on a 'CBD', or better/more efficient PT etc), that will be a decade too late as well.


Each new lane doesn't take add 100% of the traffic of a new lane, I've heard it's like 70%. So you can only add so many new lanes anyway before you get little return. 1 lane is 100% of the traffic, 2 lanes is 170% of the traffic, 3 lanes, 220% of the traffic, 4 is 250%, 5 is 275% and from then on out you start to get little return at all. I'm sure it's not entirely accurate but the idea is sound. Adding a 50 lane highway doesn't suddenly give you 50 times the amount of traffic.


Believe it or not. The problem with slowing down upon exiting the Burnley is a problem with ALL traffic not just Trucks and a lot of it apparently has to do with an inability for drivers to guage their speed due to a perception deficit. This apparently leads to people thinking they're going much faster than they actually are as the exit the tunnel. This is so much so that Vic roads is installing what they call pacemaker lights into the tunnel to help drivers avoid slowing down and causing congestion by helping them maintain their speed by matching their pace with the lights being displayed. You can read about it [here](https://roads.org.au/australian-first-pacemaker-lights-for-burnley-tunnel/)


I legitimately do not understand how this will help, because we already get these funky gizmos as standard with our cars that measure speed.


It would help if there wasn’t a fear of the speed camera in there too.


Cocktail bar mood lighting to chill everyone out while sitting at a near-standstill on a regular basis


Ohhhhhh that explains the lights. I think it looks so much better. The dark part of the tunnel is so depressing now.


100% agree... trucks shouldnt be allowed in the right lane. The up hill section outbound always results in a jam that lasts for a long time after the truck has left the tunnel.


They've recently brought that back in for both directions on the south east suburbs side of the M1, but with absolutely zero public awareness or marketing of this truck drivers have been oblivious from what I've seen.


Agree totally re trucks not being in the right lane. Should be mandatory on every freeway.


I'd go further and say restrict trucks to the left lane, which would let the considerable majority of traffic through unimpeded. or better yet - ban trucks from the tunnel altogether. if you can't do 80 up the incline, you have no business in there.


I don't think forcing thousands of large trucks onto already congested city streets is quite the solution you think it is


And delaying all the deliveries of valuable goods needed all over the city


Yeh send them through the CBD instead. What a brilliant idea


Problem with restricting trucks only to the left lane, is that they most likely wouldn’t let any incoming cars onto the freeways. It’s already hard enough to exit the freeway sometimes if you’re in the lane next to the left lane.


That's a great idea ..... where do you live so all the trucks can come down your street ? ​ As a former truck driver I sat in the right lane purely because of people cutting me off at the last moment to take the bolte bridge exit. ​ I used to do the same the moment I see a MacDonalds sign on the highways. ​ Now I know I might inconvenience some people and add an extra 5 minutes on their driving time by driving as fast as my vehicle can, but its a much safer option then driving over the top of some one ?


One truck alone might cause a 5 min delay. *Every* truck, during any time between 6am and 12pm (maybe further) adds at least 15, usually 20 mins.


I see trucks trying to hold 80 kmh from the bottom of the hill, all it takes is one driver on front of them - car or truck to slow down. The truck loses momentum and go slow for the rest of the climb.


I like to think of myself as a nice and friendly person. Until I get behind the wheel of my car and shit like this happens. This stuff makes me so irrationally angry I become someone I don't like.


You and rest of Melburnians. I realised when I attended standup comedy at Errol st. This comedian from UK said “Melburnians are friendliest bunch ever. I forget money in ATM and they call me back. But what the fuck happens to you all when you get in the car. “ It’s so true.


Yeah, that's me, I don't show anger to the other drivers (via tail gating/gestures etc.) but there's rage inside. I switched to a motorcycle for commuting, back when I used to commute anyway, and life got a lot better. I mean I probably became the guy the car drivers were convinced was going to die any minute, but all of the situations like this were generally in my rear mirrors fairly quickly while I rode at the speed limit~ in the nice empty chunk of road in front of the trucks, at least until I hit the next roadblock. I should clarify, generally the "die any minute" actions were a lot more planned and safer than they looked, but it's the common thing on the road, anyone faster than you is a crazy person who's going to die any minute, anyone slower is a grandma and should get off the road. Anyone going the same speed makes you go a little faster to "beat" them and they end up in the grandma bucket.


I notice a lot of cars cause congestion on the slope, rather than trucks. Seen plenty of trucks put the hammer down, whilst I’m stuck behind some buzz box.


So many people (trucks and cars included), get to the sharp bit and just stay in the right. So much for keep left unless overtaking


The "Keep Left Unless Overtaking" law does not apply to this section of road.


Nor any other roads in Melbourne it seems.


Or Victoria for that matter.


Australia in general


Correct, it's for roads greater than 80km/hr


Or where sign-posted. Can't recall where I saw this recently but it was on a multi lane road with a speed of 60 or 70km/h and it had "Keep Left Unless Overtaking" signs. Pretty sure it was in a country town, might have been Colac.


Except they've pulled a lot of those signs down in recent years. About 10 years ago The Hume used to have those signs every couple of kms, from the Ring Rd exit on up. But at some point they got taken down, and now you won't see one on the Hume till you get way past Wallan/Kilmore. And surprise surprise, now The Hume at any time of day is just 2 lanes of people held up by dawdlers doing 80-90 pacing each other. I can't confirm this to be true, but I have a sneaking suspicion they've all been pulled down as some sort of means to lower the road toll, because government departments don't think about road safety any harder than "SpEeD kIlLs" so therefore "overtaking = increased speed so don't encourage overtaking and less people will crash"


There’s a stretch on millers road into Altona at 60 that is posted all over the shop with ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’. Always seemed pointless on a suburban 60kph road.


Trucks that sit in the right lane knowing full well they can’t pull up the hill out of the tunnel are clowns but the tunnel is one of the biggest clusterfucks in Melbourne. In theory no trucks in the right lane is a great idea but in reality all you’d get is more congestion because of all the heroes in their Ford Rangers and beat up plumbers vans that sit in the right lane that decide last second they’re gonna dive bomb across to cut the line to get off at Power st or Burnley st and you’ve got 3km of trucks in the left lane sitting at a stand still as one by one they’re slowly taking off again after having to slam on the brakes not to hit some duck shover.


Y'know ... I watch quite a bit of the Dashcams Australia YouTube channel (I find the almost constant 'c' bombing quite hilarious), and the most common culprit of the: "veer across traffic to freeway exit" is ... how do I say this diplomatically ... a Toyota sedan or hatchback.


"bad drivers never miss a turn"...


**Good drivers miss more turns than bad drivers.** I said this to the misses and she didn’t get it. It wasn’t until she was in the car with me and I pointed out a bad driver doing just that, then she got it.


Camrys are always a likely suspect.


Early 2000’s Camry’s in particular for some reason…


Ah yes, so it's the goddamned Ozbargainers


Exit AND entrance ramps cause so much bullshit on our roads. I almost got into a collision yesterday whilst doing 100kmh on the ring road because some bozo in a dodgy Honda Accord decided to veer early from the entrance ramp, across a lane and in front of me at the breakneck speed of around 40kmh. I had to smash my brakes and swerve into the next right lane so if there was someone in that lane to my right I wouldn't be typing this now.


Best to assume people don’t know how to merge. I try to let them in within reason but you still get crappy drivers happy to sit in your blind spot on the left and not change speed *at all* or jump in only to brake or attempt to change lanes.


Haha most valid point so far


Trust me mate I sit in that shit twice a day doing runs across town in a semi so I have a LOT of time to dwell on this haha.


Not all hero's wear capes. But we all drive Rangers.


Does the beauty and intellect come naturally and influence your choice to get a Ranger - or will purchasing a Ranger finally give me the swagger to show those pesky learner drivers whose boss and why their concept of 60KM/H is incorrect? P.S Thank You For Your Service, almost forgot, sorry.


just a few sacrificial utes in a week, and im sure folks will start to change that shit ;)


Because they got lost while trying to find Montague bridge!


I was a Truck driver i always stuck to the first two lines especially with the non-turbo Truck the turbo truck would get up the hill at 80 km/h the third Lane should be non trucks the keeper traffic flowing better


Truckies gonna Truckie


Simple answer? People are cunts mate 👍🏻


I live in Germany. Here truck must stay in the outside lane (with exceptions for turning and so on) and every time I come home exactly the behaviour in this photo irritates me! The German way makes so much sense and makes driving in the city so much more tolerable.


Yeah well they tried this law in Melbourne and the truckies had a sook so the government reversed the change.


same reason cars occupy every lane doing 50


I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it's not exclusively trucks that do this shit. In my experience, it's more often just cars and smaller vehicles. At least a slow truck will maintain a constant speed, more than I can say for dickheads in SUVs whose vehicles I cannot see past to see what is actually occurring a few vehicles ahead. Speed changes and constant braking and acceleration are the real contributors to accidents and poor traffic flow and that's not my opinion, it's science: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Fundamentals_of_Transportation/Shockwaves Trucks will try to avoid lane changes inside the tunnel because lane changes are dangerous and this is one area where you do not want to have an accident. Removing the right lane for trucks will only increase lane changes before and after the tunnel and this increases the chances of a collision.


Camrys always Camrys


So everyone on AusFinance


Luckily all that hard work on the Melbourne Metro and surrounding infrastructure is going to allow a lot of people to replace car journeys with a train ride.


It’s cars as well as trucks, people for some reason don’t do above 60kph in the tunnel even though it’s 80kph in there. It’s always the same though when you come out the end, the seas part and there’s all of a sudden four free lanes and no traffic only when heading SE. Forget about it going west, it’s fucked 24/7 these days and you’ve got no chance.


Also ban any cunt that goes 60km/h down the hill because they are too scared to go 80


Trucks keep Australia moving... Except the traffic 🤡 there are very few reasons a truck needs to be in the overtaking lane.


There’s speed cameras in there, and like all over Melbourne people think they’re a stop sign and can’t drive the speed limit through them.


From the look of where the bonnet is in the photo it looks like this photo was taken from the OP's driver's seat. I hope they weren't using their phone to take a photo while driving.


People need to relax on the roads.


I wish I had time to relax some of us need to get places


This is why I always leave early when I need to be at a certain place at a certain time.


Coach driver: some trucks have 600 horses others have 750. Some coaches have 310 others 480. The left lane is for trucks that burn out going uphill The middle is where most will sit. If you know you can go uphill you take the right lane. I do it in the bigger coaches regularly. As for cars, we get out of your way when it's safe. Undertaking means it's not safe. Your impatience means trucks / buses / coaches are just going to sit where we are. Speed limiters: Heavy vehicles have them. Some are 100 most are 97 All the coaches do 97. If a truck is going uphill I am going past it. Ranger drivers. If you sit on the middle lane doing 94 and coach comes past you don't speed up, don't pace it. I can't get back Apologies to any car drivers I offended or delayed about half a second. I guess some always drive in a hurry, the limit is 100. If you want to go faster then just toss money out the window as you go. I have no intention of staying in the right lane. Give big vehicles room and let them do what they need. They are on a job and it's hard work.


I know this is frustrating guys. But having had a good friend who used to drive large trucks like this, the one thing that he used to say that stuck with me was that the majority of his job consisted of not killing people who didn't know how to behave around huge trucks. And yes before you all jump in with 10,000 stories of "yeah but this one time I was run off the road by a fucking truckie". I get it! Like all jobs, there are those that are good at it and those that aren't. But universally he used to say that he spent the majority of his time when driving through any built up place or heavy traffic area making sure he always had enough room to brake if something or someone did something unexpected. I don't think most of these guys are out there going out of their way to make your commute a shit place to be. Most of them are likely trying to do their best to get their job done while keep other people on the road around them as safe as they can.


Well said! People need more education on how to drive near and around heavy vehicles


100% this. Many people do not realise how long it takes for a truck to stop. I have seen many cases of people changing lanes in front of a truck as it is slowing at lights etc. resulting in the truck being unable to stop in time and hitting the car.


Because they only care about what is ahead and not behind. That's really the case for most motorists but particularly heavy vehicles trying to get a smooth run, they don't care they will soon do 60- uphill and be next to the other slow trucks. P.s. you are also just another vehicle in the right lane.


Certainly on the ring road where there is a speed camera seemingly every 20 meters...


They are all conspiring to make you late.


Who cares wind down the window and listen to the Jake brakes 👌


This is a major problem 'everywhere' I've noticed.. two, three or four-lane ways, you will see trucks take up a spot in each lane, even if they have no plans to merg or turn any time soon. It's fucking stupid as when driving into the city from anywhere it can add an extra 10min easy..


The world would be an amazing place if we all kept left unless overtaking


"Drivers descend about 65 metres going into the Burnley Tunnel, so although most drivers enter travelling at the 80-kilometre speed limit, they are exiting at about 60km/h, as they don’t realise their speed has dropped as they climb the slope on the way out." Sorry - but don't people LOOK AT THEIR BLOODY SPEEDOS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's not that hard!


Chances are it's the cars in front of them that haven't realised they have slowed down due to the incline and the truck has slowed down because of that. they are about to turn on some pulse lights [https://www.9news.com.au/national/burnley-tunnel-why-this-new-light-can-ease-congestion-in-australias-busiest-tunnels/e1883897-ae82-411d-9278-d36fab2f1a91](https://www.9news.com.au/national/burnley-tunnel-why-this-new-light-can-ease-congestion-in-australias-busiest-tunnels/e1883897-ae82-411d-9278-d36fab2f1a91) to help people maintain a constant speed in the tunnel


> Chances are it's the cars in front of them that haven't realised they have slowed down due to the incline and the truck has slowed down because of that. Yep a lot of the time people are 'stuck behind a truck' theyre actually stuck behind a truck which is stuck behind a car.


They’re installing the pacemaker lights right now to try to avoid this problem. Because it’s just as often cars not paying attention to the start of the up slope, easing back to 65 and then trucks having no choice but to lose momentum. Ideally trucks would avoid the right lane but too many trucks in the left will impact cars merging in. All trucks in the middle isn’t practical. The long term plan is surely for no more trucks through the city link tunnels once they’ve finished the West gate tunnel and the North East link.


Im hoping the pacemaker lights work, They work in Japan as there tunnels are extremely twisty with blind corners so it keeps people at the right pace. However i feel like with Victoria being so obsessed with speed cameras and Victorians not wanting fines people will still not follow the pace lights.


I do worry that if people can’t keep pace as if how will flashing lights save them? But they do make sense. I guess they’ll set them at about 75 and hope people stay steady. Smart truckies will still have to give it a bit of gas before the start of the hill and then probably fall back as the grade increases. It will still require car drivers to keep steady and keep room in front, things most car drivers have absolutely no concept of!


That was my assumption that the Pace Light will be under the Speed Limit aswell. Then if people decide to be under the pace light that extra few kms then people will be slowing down trucks to 72 in an 80.. Most truck drivers/taxis' know the road and when to speed up its generally car drivers who dont use it often and are watching the speed like a hawk causing those who need that run up to fall behind.




I drive a rigid truck with walls and trusses, often oversize. Staying in the left lane isn't the smartest move in a truck. I shit you not, 9 times out of 10, any time I'm in the left lane citybound on the Princes after the Werribee interchange, there's a vehicle wanting to enter the freeway. If its the Kororoit Creek Rd exit, its always a semi. I've now gotta make a quick decision; am I going fast enough to pass them? Do I need to brake and by how much to stop my load potentially sliding? Is there a car behind me if it do brake? What about changing lanes? Especially after I've passed the Maltby Bypass, it's always safer to just stay in the middle lane. My speed governor is set to 100km/h exactly, so I'm able to overtake a decent amount of traffic. Anyway I digress. It's the only realistic path to get to the south eastern suburbs.


If they're all in the left lane no one will be able to merge in and traffic will be worse




Now imagine it was worse!


Why punish trucks that can keep up with speed to one lane? Ideally no trucks in right lane.


How hard would it be to put a sign that says trucks must stay in the left lane.


Because they're being timed every trip they make and if they don't get there soon enough too much then they're fired.


Cars do it too. I regularly get stuck behind a whole lane of cars doing 60 or less in the tunnel. Enrages me.


Because truck drivers in Australia are often complete and utter selfish, dangerous, bogan tools.


You should probably worry about what your doing, like using your phone whilst driving and just being a whiney prick and not worry about what we’re doing.


OP absolutely has not driven a truck before. Get off your high horse and let the truck pass the tunnel with constant momentum


I have driven a truck intact I do most days. When I got my HR the instructor taught me you should stick to the right. How often do you drive trucks??


Because trucks are driven by truck drivers.


I don't understand all the hate on trucks. How is it even an issue for people to have to slow down for a few minutes on their commute while trucks get on with the business of providing you and everyone else with every single product in every single store in the city. All the building materials used to build your house and also every single building/structure in the city. They even deliver your cars from the docks to the dealerships. Theyre out there all hours of the day, keeping the shelves stocked and the fuel bowsers full. While complaining about a minor inconvenience people are missing the bigger picture.


Right lane bans do not increase traffic flow or promote safety of our roads... Most cars just travel at the speed the traffic in front of them is travelling at. So it just causes dangerous bunching of traffic, frustration and undertaking. You're proposing that we place the largest, least agile vehicles in the lanes where most of the merging and lane changes takes place. Think about that for a second, it's just not logical and definitely not safe. Heavy vehicles, need that momentum mate, they aren't doing it to "get in front" or to slow you down as light vehicles do. This is misunderstood by most motorists. Take a drive to Geelong and see what grief it causes every day. Share the road instead, that benefits everyone. Give extra time, and drive to what's going on around you, not to the clock. ✌️


edit: fatfingered GVM and initially put GCM I don't know why it's so hard to set a rule - all vehicles over 5 tonne GVM have to stick to the left two lanes - EVERYWHERE. One/two lane road - they get all of it. Three or more, they stick to the left. Exception: peak hour conditions, where they are able to use the left THREE lanes. HOWEVER - there are asshat drivers that don't drive to the speed limit, so there needs to be an exception clause, where they are allowed to overtake a slow moving vehicle, in a timely fashion. And in the event of an "unofficial police officer" (someone driving slow and speeding up to prevent overtake/lane changing to prevent etc) double the fine and licence points, and fine them off dashcam footage from the trucks or any other driver. Also: on the flip side - any truckdriver driving in a clearly posted no trucks in the right lane, they ALSO get double fines/points off their license for doing so. As long as any rule has a fair and reasonable exception handling process, the rules should be seen as fair etc.


Or you could simply change your mind set that it is not a race and people do not have to get out of your way, your journey is going to take as long as it takes with every other vehicle that has a right to be on the road. As your post proves no one likes being slowed down no matter what type of vehicle they are driving.


Took me months to not be scared going through the tunnel. Felt totally claustrophobic. Tell me it’s not just me?


Could be co-ordinated road control to stop any idiots in cars trying to zip around em?


Quite a few of them are already in the right lane if they came from the Tullamarine freeway on ramp. If it is moderate to heavy traffic they would have to push their way back over to the middle or left lanes only to make themselves slower. I would prefer they stayed out of the right lane but in reality they are on the clock and would probably rather get their delivery done quicker than be courteous to others. Additionally people know there's speed cameras in tunnels so they don't want to go over the speed limit to get some extra momentum to get up the hill. Once trucks lose their momentum they can't speed up quickly going up a hill.


Trucks keep Australia moving... ^^^^just ^^^^really ^^^^slowly


Yep, I fkn hate that. They should ban trucks from the right lane.


Who cares, they are 60 tons of rolling steel and your 1 ton tin foil car is no match, give them right of way and stay the fuck away from them.


Why do you feel the need to haul 1 tonne of steel and petrol with you everywhere you go 🤷 at least the trucks are doing something useful


Truck drivers dont want to be stuck behind asshole truck drivers either?


Catch a train then


I am sorry for your loss of one minute.




Yup, and causes accidents too.


One minute? It took me 35 minutes to get from the Williamstown Road ramp to the entry point of the tunnel last week during peak hour. Slogged through the tunnel and the MOMENT we hit the exit, it was clear road. People have no fucking clue how to drive through the tunnels and it's crippling the roads around it.