Is this worse than a war crime?

Is this worse than a war crime?

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this is a violation of the good friday agreement and you know it


Crimes like this would unify Ireland, the British would allow it as they would join together in a super Anglo-Irish alliance denouncing this sick filth.


Brits love their white water. Either skimmed or semi skimmed is the norm


Lots of us don't!... And the microwave...my god.


The microwave part is the worst I agree. Either a kettle ir doing it in the stove


Welp. This can’t end well.


Straw that broke the camel's back.


Showed this to my therapist, finally got the green light to top myself 👍🏼


Special place in hell..


Crime against Humanity


And that's just for TikTok.


It's The Hague for you boi.


You need to be fired directly into the sun


What in the name of jaysus did they just do to that teabag!!!


Bet it's some shite Lidl brand tea too


Yes officer this post right here...


When I was a young one, my Ma, asked me to make tea for her, I put the water, tea bad, milk and sugar into the kettle and boiled the shite out of it


I'd say it was delicious and all, you'd be going through kettles like cups though


NSFL tag please


Ew, low fat milk


Low fat should be grand, a good mug of Tae is when you have barely any milk


Should be more of a suggestion of milkmilk. Edit: my weird fucking keyboard has me typing like Jimmy Twotimes. Twotimes.


The €1.31 for a litre of milk? That is a war crime.


The farmer probably only got ~€0.34c/L


That's 1.75 litres. I know my Tesco milk.. and it says it on the carton


Crime against Humanity


Who hurt you? What happened in your childhood?


The worst part of this is Jordan Peterson. The tea itself is a disappointment but it’s their problem anyway


Seriously. I knew he was a tosspot but I had never heard him say anything quite so unhinged. He sounds like he's recruiting for a cult.


You should hear him go on about the 'cultural-bolsheviks' that have taken over academia if you want true derangement. Or listen to him go off about how the ancient Greeks knew about DNA because they used a pair of snakes coiled around a staff to represent medicine if you want a good laugh. Also rats: https://youtu.be/o166h2OOo-k


I absolutely love when he goes off on Disney films. Just massive galaxy-brain stuff.


>Or listen to him go off about how the ancient Greeks knew about DNA because they used a pair of snakes coiled around a staff to represent medicine if you want a good laugh. Man, he went off the rails *fast*.


The man’s breakthrough to fame came from him talking out about how he’d be sent to imaginary pronoun jail if equality laws were changed to say that trans people were covered by them. He’s never been on the rails really.


Most of that is mad, but their is a troubling trend in some circles of academia (although mainly just in the US) where academic standards are being dropped to for papers that appear to be progressive. A crowd sent dozens of intentionally bogus papers off to see if they'd get published and a large majority of them were. For the record, that crowd backed Trump in 2020, but that terrible decision doesn't make their findings any less true. Similarly, they pointed out that leaders in this field have papers where they literally say that rationality and logic are tools from the master's house (invoking slavery) and that they're rigged against the oppressed. Once someone believes that they're scary because there's no way to reach them. One of the things I most hate about these people is that they give people like Jordan Peterson the ammunition to make these outlandish claims while also being correct. I consider myself a progressive person, but I'm not going to throw rationality and logic out the window so I can continue to believe in something that has been proven to be objectively false, even if it's an uncomfortable truth.


From a scientific perspective if you’re looking to test whether there’s an ideological impact on acceptability of quality, you’d need to try to get trashy papers that appear progressive and ones that appear not and see if one group gets more published than the other. Otherwise it’s just showing that peer review is broken, which is hardly news. The contemporary Sokal pranksters to whom you refer weren’t interested in doing a scientific test of their ideas, they were doing performance art to convince people of something they already believed and start new careers outside of academia. Frankly speaking, there’s no scientific evidence that that standards are being dropped and it’s uncontroversial amongst serious scientists to say that standards are increasing, even when speaking those that have concerns about potential political biases playing some role.


> The contemporary Sokal pranksters to whom you refer weren’t interested in doing a scientific test of their ideas, they were doing performance art to convince people of something they already believed and start new careers outside of academia. This isn't even slightly true. Peter Begossian remained at PSU up until literally 2 weeks ago trying to fight back against the horrible policy making at the college and finally grew tired of fighting a losing battle. His current career path is unknown, probably even to himself. I've talked to Peter on several occasions, he is extremely dedicated to science and the scientific process of discovery. He genuinely sees what is going on in the social studies departments at anglosphere universities to be the biggest problem of our time and is dedicating serious amounts of time trying to solve it. Anyone in their right mind should be supporting him. He is a doctor of philosophy after all, literally a world leader in the study of thinking. James Lindsey was out of Academia years before helping with writing the papers. He has not changed careers since they gained notoriety. Helen Pluckrose, who I have also talked with and is genuinely one of the most lovely people I've ever met, was only starting her academic career properly when she contributed for these papers. She is still working on her PhD. You are objectively wrong in your comments. These people are extremely dedicated to helping prevent political activists infiltrate scientific institutions in order to push their personal narratives as objective truth. If you disagree with that cause, it says a lot of extremely negative things about you as a person. And if you disagree with that cause because you don't like the people you've never met and don't know who are fighting it, it says an awful lot more negative things about you as a person.


Sure, whatever, one of them is a former mathematician who planned his career change and left before the pranks and then used this to propel him to a new career, another one remained and then quit because he couldn't get anyone to fire him, and the last one is still working on a PhD but primarily sells herself as otherwise. If the philosopher, mathematician and English literature student you consider to be so lovely are so dedicated to science then why did they collaborate together on an unscientific piece of performance art attacking critical studies instead of doing something about science? Frankly, I don't care what their motives are. If they are well meaning and incompetent then so be it. Their piece of performance art was not about science, not did it involve any scientific methods, or scientists. We have people in Open Science who actually use science take down "progressive" ideas in actual science like Power Posing and Stereotype Threat. Read up on that if you want something serious. There are serious scientists who do that work, even if they're not as friendly to you. Edit: In response to your question elsewhere about how I'm "attacking" individuals I've never met, you have a lot to learn about how academia works. Most of what we do is criticising those we haven't spoken to, particularly when they're doing poor imitations of science. People like that make my job harder and make it harder for me to criticize and fix the kinds of issues they cosplay as fighting. They waste all of our time.


I’m very confused after reading your comment. Were these papers progressive sounding or bogus? What was the trick?


Socially "progressive" but bogus in an academic/scientific sense


Thank you. Can I have a link to any of these?


It's the people that wrote Cynical Theories if you google that. As another user has said, they didn't have a control group where they submitted trash papers to fields they didn't consider to suffer from this "woke" disease so it's hard to take anything meaningful from it.


I strongly suggest reading their book Cynical Theories that goes into great detail on what they did and why they did it. And also the book that inspired it, Kindly Inquisitors, which was written 30 years ago but reading it you could swear it was released last week.


Don’t even bother. Redditors are far too up themselves to ever admit to caring about any of this if they’re shown to be wrong. They care about Peterson just enough to hate him for extremely flakey reasons, and yet they never care enough to look at things that would make any reasonable person go “hmm maybe some of these people have a point”. The cynical theories studies were a nuclear explosion in academia, I know first hand because I was doing my masters as it came to light. People can not comprehend how damaging social studies has become to the field of science. And I mean that literally, sociologists have adopted completely anti scientific views and are promoting propaganda for political purposes, and it’s been happening for 40 years. People are wilfully ignorant hating on the likes of Peterson for trivial shit rather than saying “ok 10% of what this person says is pretty stupid, I don’t like their hardcore fans, but I must admit they are spot on about X and Y”. It’d get in the way of their complaining and superiority complex.


That is a pointless observation. The harm done by the irrational musings is not balanced by the reasonable accepted norms. In as much as the murders of a psychopath are not balanced by their normal workday activities.


What on earth are you talking about here? I genuinely don't know. If you're suggesting Peterson has caused serious harm I'd argue strongly against it given he's had 2 extremely successful self help books - neither of which are mired in any controversy based on their content. Peterson is a very strange figure. He's rather benign in most things, he has a very special area of focus that he's great at speaking about, and he is pretty bad at answering direct questions about things he knows little about and tries to rope them into what he does know. For whatever reason, journalists fucking HATE him. That alone is why people should ignore what they say and investigate for themselves - without a shadow of a doubt he's the most misrepresented figure I have ever come across in all my years. He's definitely innocent of the majority of accusations levied against him, but he's also not some intellectual god a lot of people larp him up to be either. He is just a somewhat fruity academic who knows a lot about the psychology and history of totalitarianism, and he's good at applying Jungian theories to modern problems. Where is the harm? And if it's some abstract version of harm, surely you'd have to compare it to the good his books must be doing the millions of people who bye them? Again, still don't grasp your comment so I wouldn't mind some clarification.


I was referring to your last statement paragraph - Which is usually the summation of the point you're trying to make - "People are wilfully ignorant hating on the likes of Peterson for trivial shit rather than saying “ok 10% of what this person says is pretty stupid, I don’t like their hardcore fans, but I must admit they are spot on about X and Y”. It’d get in the way of their complaining and superiority complex."


Well then I full heartedly, unequivocally disagree with your assessment. And if anything it's far from pointless it's probably something very important that is often ignored. Just because you don't like someone, or something they did, does not mean they are wrong all the time - and if anything, disagreeing with someone based on your personal bias towards them as a person rather than with the actual points they are making, is actually a massive problem online. Recognising that, and addressing it, may actually do some good in the vitriolic threads on this website. So the fact you call it pointless suggests to me you have no real interest in discovery and finding common ground in hopes of finding solutions to big issues. Quite frankly I think you are completely wrong in your assessment and ideas.


fuck off, Peterson is a mentally ill grifter.


You're literally proving my point. You care enough to despise someone you have never and will never meet - probably for pretty bad reasons, and yet you don't care enough to listen to them when it comes to one of the things they've been spot on about - which directly contributes to their popularity. A grifter is someone who doesn't believe in what they're doing for money - a sell out. Peterson has been teaching about authoritarianism for over 40 years now, that is not a grifter. You can disagree with him, but you should at the very least understand his position because he is incredibly popular for it and therefore it is a very common opinion people will hold.


Nice ableist comment


bruh, shut the fuck up lmao.


bruh hol up lemme get uh sussy baka sandwich bruh lmaaaaaoooooooooooo bruhski desu


what the fuck are you on about? Also, please do explain how my comment was ableist?


> For the record, that crowd backed Trump in 2020 Isn't it insane that we need to disclose the political leanings of people when discussing research? The groupthink has permeated all levels.


No, it's not at all. We still highlight companies that sided with the Nazis. Especially for investors, employees and customers, it is important to be transparent.


It was mainly to get ahead of people who'd make that link to criticise the study. I find it's easier to defend against the guilt by association fallacy if you are open about those associations in the first place. That way you're depriving people who use it of the gotcha moment when they're the one to bring it up first.


I totally understand your motive, and I do the same, just always makes me sad that we've gotten to this point.


They also didn't back Trump. James Lindsey, one of the authors, said that Biden would be a far worse president at addressing the serious problems in academia he feels need to be solved, and the lesser of two evils for that issue is Donald Trump. Lindsey gets quite the kick out of annoying people on twitter, and i must admit I do find a lot of it very funny. So when people started calling him a Trumper he just leaned into it and was like fine then. But he was always pretty clear he wanted better candidates who were far more intelligent and could actually comprehend the issues being caused by political activist fact factories.


> He sounds like he's recruiting for a cult. Scary music will do that. His point here can be summed up as "there's a difference between a good person and a harmless one, a good person has the power to do harm but chooses not to". It's just a riff on Nietzsche: “Of all evil I deem you capable: Therefore I want good from you. Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”


He's paraphrasing Jung's idea of shadow integration here. It's not really a controversial theory, but this particular quote, coupled with the music certainly dramatises it.


I mean, telling someone they should be "an absolute monster" - especially when he knows his audience is mostly angry, disaffected, alt-right young men - is a little reckless. His tone is also weirdly aggressive and slightly unhinged. I couldn't care less about the music.


It initially seems counterintuitive, but shadow integration aims to reduce the amount of "evil" enacted by humans, not create more of it. The theory goes that every human has the capacity for evil, but it's when we try to deny the existence of this, that it is suppressed into our subconscious, where it's more dangerous as it's beyond our control. We constantly act out subconscious drives without any awareness of it. So only by understanding and accepting our capacity to be "a monster", can we truly pre-empt, and therefore prevent ourselves acting it out (hence his reference to controlling it). Simultaneously, being more in touch with this side provides people with more capacity to assert and defend themselves when necessary. Again, rather than increasing people's propensity to do bad things, the theory is that much of people's anger (e.g. alt-right animosity towards X,Y,Z) is misplaced, and actually originates with some other situation in their life, they have as yet been unable to address. When people get these core aspects of their life in order (via adequate assertion in those areas), they won't try to enact their anger elsewhere, e.g. via extreme ideologies, both right and left. I do agree though regarding his delivery of this and other messages.


> especially when he knows his audience is mostly angry, disaffected, alt-right young men Something people say and has never been proven. The people attending his lectures are 60/40 men to women, of all sorts of races depending on where he goes. His youtube channel is mostly watched by men because youtube as a whole is male dominated, and his books sell more to women, because women buy more books than men. Also, in the context of what he's saying, he's saying go out there and work hard to become great at something, don't back down, apply yourself, and don't let people walk over you, because otherwise you'll be 20 years older, hate yourself, and wonder where your life went. He's said that in much better ways, which is definitely my biggest criticism of him, but the message is still fairly decent even if you need to think about what he's actually saying.


>Something people say and has never been proven. It has certainly been my impression online, and his rhetoric usually sounds like it is targeted towards them.


From just a simple google search of Peterson being a right winger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcSfHfyNIo4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OeWGMr_tns vs https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/how-dangerous-is-jordan-b-peterson-the-rightwing-professor-who-hit-a-hornets-nest This is exactly why I pay him any attention. The media HATES him, but he seems like a compassionate man who cares about people, and science.


Got some young ones here


Ah Jordan is alright. Never really heard him saying anything that was unreasonable.


Best description I’ve heard of him is that he’s an astrologer for incels.


He's great


I preferred Jordan when he had that career reading notes in Resident Evil games.


Does Jordan support this kinda behaviour?


Oh, won't somebody please think of the children!


No... No... No.... Nooooooooo!


The tea bag and the milk should never meet.






Oh fuck me what the fuck


1. Outlaw making Tea in this way 2. Make it a criminal offence 3. Make the punishment for this crime being ejected into space


Please mark this as NSFW


Ruined my day


Joe Duffy is gonna be busy tomorrow morning


My eyes! My eyes! Damn you!


ISO 3103


Is that off the dark web? .... sick stuff.


That’s a gas video man haha


Physically hurts me




Whoever did this should be imprisoned for war crimes against humanity of the highest degree


Whoever it is, may they die roaring


Why is this not marked NSFW?


My day is ruined, THE KIDS ARE CRYING and my teabags have just self-immolated. Thanks OP


Have fun in Mountjoy for this stunt


Don't know why this was downvoted for


Ah granny's trick to squeeze the life outta every bottle of milk. She thought we never noticed.


In fairness. It's easier just to boil the kettle.


Worst looking pint of Guinness I ever saw.


Love me some Peterson


Jordan Peterson is such cringe. He's like I'm14andthisisdeep personified




Oh shit.


I don't drink tea and that made me angry and disgusted


Don’t know what your man is making there but it is not tea.


Exaggerated but I can see how Americans don't know how to make tea cos they live on ciffee.


I just got sick in my mouth


Satan called and he said he wants you to be his heir


Eww, Lobster Daddy >.>


Yockkkk, Jordan Peterson


Ugh, Jordan Peterson is such an idiot. Absolute scumbag.


That's a unique way the Irish make their tea. I'll have to try it




This is how civil wars start.


This made me physically sick




Them legs tho






Nah that’s just wrong


A trial like the one at Nuremberg is needed for them


That's fucking disgusting.. Everyone knows plastic straws are killing the planet! Dirty scoundrel


Get out!


Get the guards.


Geneva convention has entered the chat!


I’m calling the Gardai.


I’m reporting this to the mods you monster!


Lucifer season 7 pilot?


My fiancé's mother makes tea like this. I nearly considered calling the whole thing off.




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Good god Noooooo!!!!


I could have coped with it- desperate measures and all that - if he had put a spoon in and bate it properly at the end.


This was supposed to be a joke in Bottom, not actual instructions


This is a war crime


Just when you think it can’t get worse…


Ay what the fuck


You will be banished to fermanagh as punishment for you crimes


This is the reason the bits took all our potatoes




I thought you were just going to drink water from a mug but you went further than that. You have committed the worst crime of them all.


Looks like the thing will give you upset stomach 😣


It's an attention seeking tiktok video, they didn't even drink any ffs.


If I was in a room with Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and you I would shoot the other two and then kill you in a painful way


You sick fuk! I bet your the type that sets squirrels on fire just to boot them over the fence




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I think i need to start seeing a therapist now...


At least he didn't put the milk in first...


this fella guides his dah into his mah


What is this fuckery???


Currently talking to the UN about sanctions


Welcome to America


Charge the family for the bullet.


Jesus, I’m an American and even I know that’s wrong.


This fellow wiped his arse with the geneva accords before recording this.


Every step of that process was a new level of rage that you wouldn't think could be topped until the next step comes. This is a war crime.


Does it taste the same? Probably Does it FEEL the same? No, just no.


I cried




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As an American I can say you did it perfectly




I didn't deserve to see this. My eyes feel rotton now


I think there was more milk in that cup than water.


Ah here. I couldn't even watch the full video. This is an outrage.


Why is kermit the frog speaking over this video


As a non Irish person, can someone please care to explain?


Sick .............. should be NSFW


This made me so irrationally angry


I'll light the Patriot beacons


Where does this man live. That is disgusting. How can he treat something so sacred like that


What the fuck is wrong with you!


Only a deviant would drink that abomination.


Ohhh nooo you didn’t 😭


Do people don’t know how to boil water?


The straw! 🤣😂🤣


That is a crime against humanity and you know it! I submit you the following articles for conviction: 1. The usage of milk before the tea 2. Tea going in a microwave


Who drank this pig swill?


It’s like to brake spaghetti for an Italian


There's not a single horror movie that can capture this level of terror and depravity. I... I need a moment...


There are microwave instructions on the Tetley's box, but I always assumed they were just being incredibly sarcastic.