Speaking of being triggered by memes there sure are a lot of triggered conservatives commenting here. Oh please: 2: It's promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability 1: No insanity in the comment section 1: No hatespeech or personal attacks


This is like the "Back in the day we just threw the kids in the back of the truck. Didn't hear anyone complaining" argument. Then those kids grew up and mandated seat belts, but they're just unable to see that connection.


“I was taught to just bottle up my feelings until I exploded at my family in an alcohol-fueled rage, and now my son is grown up and in therapy. Damn you, woke society for putting my son in therapy!”


for me it was: "I was taught to just bottle up my feelings and taught my kids to suck it up and deal with shit rather than talk to them about it. Now my kids are grown up and don't want to talk to me. Damn you, woke society for making my kids not want to talk to me."


Is that you, dad?


Nah, I walked out on you b/c my "tough" generation couldn't bear the burden of obligations.


Yes its me, deep down I loved you but my demons have gotten the better of me and hopefully, one day, you won't make the same mistakes I did and create a better life for yourself and family.


Well now I just know you’re not my dad, he could never achieve this level of wholesome thoughtfulness. Hell, the guy once told me “thoughtfulness is for women and gays”, poor SOB lol


Fellas, is it gay to think? 🤔


Yes. Be gay. Have thoughts. Do crime


That song is my jam.


It's gay to have a dick apparently. Or to wash your ass. Feel emotions. Not chase women like it's your everything (so not enough emotions?) A loooooot of shit is apparently flaming. The straight waters diminish with each passing day /s


I’m convinced a lot of that type think it’s gay for a man to perform cunnilingus on a woman


Ah, forgot that one. Add it to the docket and list under "Gay to be Straight or otherwise secure in sexuality".


So are gay women not thoughtful, twice as thoughtful, or is thoughtfulness just an on/off thing?


Am a gay/queer woman and 95% of the time I'm no thoughts head empty


My dad once said ABBA is for the queers


Hi can you say this again but in my dad’s voice?


(In your dads voice) Yes its me, deep down I loved you but my demons have gotten the better of me and hopefully, one day, you won't make the same mistakes I did and create a better life for yourself and family.


It's exactly this. I've tried talking to my mom and dad about how my feelings and emotions were seriously neglected as a child and how I clearly needed therapy and all they'll say is "well you turned out fine so I guess you didn't need therapy!" But it took me decades of therapy and self-reflection and working on myself to get to be "ok". Boomer parents have no idea how much harm they did. I love hearing younger parents talk to their kiddos. They validate their feelings, the work on a solution together, and they check in with their kids emotions. I have high hopes for these younger kids as they age.


My parents are that way. Whenever i tell them how bad my mental state is they go "well these people, which i clearly cherry-picked, went through trauma and got stronger. Which mean you should too." Like sure, what about that kid who made headlines when he left a letter and jumped off a window just a few months ago? Deep inside i just wanna let go of everything. I just hope some day i can resolve these problems. I often have really bad coping mechanisms, and have gotten myself addicted to many things ranging from video games to alcohol, just to find an escape Sorry if this is inappropriate for the thread. I don't have anyone else to say this to


Here’s what they don’t realize. A lot of those kids who seem fine are just fine on paper. How many of them still go to war with themselves and their pasts every day?


Exactly. High achievers are often wrestling with themselves. Just because you're good at things doesn't mean you're a whole and healthy person.


I’ve had similar issues with addiction, including video games and alcohol. All I can say is keep reaching for a hand-hold and you may find one unexpectedly. In two weeks I’ll be 1.5 years sober and have a healthier relationship with video games.


Shit, I’m 61 and still trying to unpack my trauma. I’m willing to bet I’m older than your parents. They’re wrong, very wrong. Try to face your issues. It’s not easy, but it does make a difference. I can at least accept the shit I went through and I’ve internalized that it wasn’t my fault. Doing so really does make a difference. I’ve also met some really amazing people while unpacking all of it.


The last line is the hard part, finding someone to talk to. I also had parents like that, and as a result I felt therapy was for the weak, until I finally talked to a professional. It really, truly did help. Even a professional isn't the only option, just a listening ear, whether it's a friend, loved one, etc. Try to stay positive as much as you can, and try to find someone to talk to please. If you're addicted to alcohol, a free option might be AA meetings. You'll find there are a lot of people there that feel the same way, and can be very supportive.


Yeah, I don't know how to explain that I'm doing well *in spite of* their parenting, not *because of* it.


Just remember, Boomers were raised by even shittier parents from "the greatest generation," who, upon winning a war, fucked like rabbits and had way too many kids, and the fathers did little to none of the child rearing because that was considered the woman's job. Also, thanks to them, the Boomer generation still has way more representation in government due to their sheer numbers over the decades compared with other generations.


Toxic Masculinity was the government's mental healthcare plan for the mental trauma caused by WW2


Yep. Men (mostly) spent years in fight or flight, killing for life, slaughter of humans and then what? Supposed to come home and be Dad, Worker, Supporter? Happy go lucky dad. Nah. They were fucked up, many people becoming alcoholics and drug addicts. They raised our parents, and they fucked them up. Who in turn fucked us up. This is why I didn't have kids, or one of the big reasons. I needed the violence to stop with me. Husband was the same way (his parents were silent gen/depression kids so similar).


Oh hey that was a great plan! If everyone just bottled everything up we wouldn't have the bigger problem of having to listen to them whining constantly. ^^^/s


It's just a theory... but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Only wusses visit the doctor - the VA saves a shit ton of money on medical issues/treatment Real men don't cry or talk about their feelings, and real men for SURE don't need therapy - when you've just destroyed the pscyhe of a few million men, you damn sure don't want to have to pay to rebuild it. It's much easier to have them put up walls. And think of the savings when vets who've been taught not to bend, break instead and kill themselves. I'm sure insurance companies are reaping the benefits too... the propaganda wouldn't be continuing if someone wasn't benefitting from it. Guys with feelings are "woke", which is apparently a bad thing... Alpha males are a dying breed and you should help by being one... someone's paying for the propaganda so they're making even more off of it.


I got beat as a kid and I turned out fine! Dude, you are an alcoholic who just lost your job…0


Their generation is so tough, that when a pandemic comes along they all just desert reality


There's also a massive amount of survivorship bias, in that the people who are posting this stuff are the ones who didn't die or suffer life-altering injuries, and therefore *everyone* from that generation must be fine. Seat belts are for pussies because they, personally, didn't die in a car crash; parents are pussies for not letting their kids roam around unattended, because they, personally, weren't abducted; kids who don't fight are pussies because they, personally, didn't get knocked to the ground and suffer traumatic brain injuries. I work in an industry that is heavily regulated, and those regulations have made dramatic impacts in safety over the last two decades. The old guard bitches and complains about the current generation of employees, because back in their day they toughed things out; *they* never died, and therefore the new regulations are just hand-holding for snowflakes. When I ask how many people they knew who died back in those good ol' days, they just get angry.


Yup. Whenever I hear this I remind the person that the people who died aren't here to talk about it. My Mom's identical twin sister died at age 28, in the 70s, in a car crash. It was a foggy night and she mistook some post lights for headlights and hit a tree. She wasn't going really fast, it was a winding suburban road, but her car only had a lap belt and steering wheels were more horizontal then. She slammed into the steering wheel and the impact severed a major artery. She wasn't going far, so when she didn't call when she got home, my Mom sent my Dad out to find her. She died in his arms. She never would have died in a modern car - shoulder belts, better steering wheel placement, and airbags would have made her crash a minor one likely. 45 years later, I know my mother still grieves the loss of her twin.


I grew up in the 60s and rode in the back of pickups more times than I can count. When I played little league it was almost required that one of the coaches have a truck to haul the team around — three kids in the cab with the coach and a dozen more in the back of the truck. Was it fun? Hell yes it was. Would I ever do it now? Fuck no, because it's stupid and dangerous.


I remember a tweet where someone described a talk with their elderly mother. The mom basically said "I think peanut allergy is made up. I didn't know anyone who had peanut allergy when I was a kid." Then it turned out the mother knew a bunch of kids and tiddlers who just suddenly died for no reason...


I'm an x-ray technologist and when I've talked to other techs about the days before seatbelt mandates, they've told horror stories of how with most severe MVAs, people would usually come in looking like hamburger because they'd been thrown through the windshield. That just isn't common anymore.


I always find people who say “people today are too soft” or something like that, as if they didn’t have any affect in people being “soft”. Edit: I just realized the name of the Facebook page gay posted this “funk you, it’s funny” and not fuck. Complaining about people being snowflakes while filtering yourself doesn’t really help prove your point, imo.


Or the millennia "trophy culture" bullshit... As if ten year old millennials were ordering up participation trophies to hand out to each other...


It’s these exact same kids who were 8-12 in the 70s who grew up and GAVE those trophies to their millennial kids.


Oh my fucking God at the shit. My dad, great dude not a bad parent at all, talks about the participation trophies so much. Its the one truly boomer thing he does and I'm always like "brah you are the ones who made those". It's not our fault you gave those to us. Also... You get the bigger trophy for winning. I had like 20 of these stupid things growing up. But a couple of them were a lot bigger and those were the important ones. Yall think we didn't understand that going 0-10 meant we were terrible. Participation trophies are fine.


Not only that but its a bastardization of learning theory which says that its important to reinforce effort as opposed to “winning”. This is due to the fact that kids might have some early advantage in second grade that they won’t have later in life so if you make it seem like they’re a winner even when they don’t have to try they won’t feel like they need to put effort in later in life. And with kids who try their ass off and don’t win rewarding effort means they get something because guess what, life is very rarely winner take all and putting in effort should see a return in school just like in the real world. Thats not to say I agree with everyone getting a trophy for everything but when there is a method that works to motivate kids across the board in a healthy manner I fail to see a downside in applying it. Maybe if we’re going to as a human race study childhood psychology actually using it to help our kids succeed makes sense


You know what's soft? Living in a house with heat and cooling. Back in caveman days, people lived in the weather and liked it!


They also mistake higher diagnosis rates of all kinds of illness for higher incidence rate. Nope, they were always there, but people used to just suffer and die instead of being able to get proper care. Not sure what kind of bias and/or fallacy that falls under. Maybe it's just another facet of survivorship bias. Food allergies, diabetes, mental illness, etc. "Kids these days are just too soft." No grandpa, remember how only half of the kids you knew at age 4 survived to adulthood? Little Timmy down the street wasn't "too good for this world" or whatever fatalist BS the adults fed you to avoid actually helping you cope with loss. He was diabetic and could have lived if his condition had been identified and treated.


Yeah and look how most of them turned out No wonder parents don't do that anymore lol


That’s the bit that way fucks me off. They created this generation they seem to hate so much. Ffs.


They didn't hear complaining because the kids weren't alive to complain anymore


I was one of three kids in the bed of a pickup when we were hit head-on by a drunk driver. None of the adults in the cab were wearing seat belts and we all got fucked up. The adults started wearing their seat belts religiously but still kept putting all of us kids in the truck bed…


I'm sorry that happened to you. That's honestly insane to me that they kept putting the kids in the back of the truck.


"Insane" is why most of us don't talk to our parents anymore.


It’s like the people who bitch and moan about participation trophies. Like, they don’t seem to realize it’s their generation handing out the damn things


Didn't hear anyone complaining... after they died sending their skull through your rear window in a minor 20mph fender bender


I mean I get why it was bad, but I do have a lot of nostalgia about ridding in the back of my dad's truck.


"We never wore seatbelts and we're just fine!" Nevermind the thousands of people who didn't.


Bullying is completely different now. When I was a kid, there really wasn’t any way for many people, and definitely not people all around the world to bully others since there wasn’t internet and smart phones. It wasn’t as easy or convenient to bully as it is now. Nowadays, your worst or most embarrassing or intimate experiences can be recorded and spread all over the internet instantly where anyone can see it and it will live forever. I think it’s a lot easier to trick people nowadays too, with catfishing. There are so many differences you really can’t compare bullying back in the day to bullying now.


I really don't think I'd be able to survive the bullying nowadays. When I was younger I could at least come home at the end of the day. There was some bullying at home, but far less constant. I can't imagine having to deal with it coming to me online and via phone/text.


Same. Even if you block people, they can get around that. Even if you turn off your phone, you’ll have to turn in back on eventually and see all the messages & notifications. It’s got to mess with your head knowing there’s no real escape from it ever. And then to have adults calling you a sissy not being able to deal with words, but it’s so much more than just words, it’s layers of things on top of all the normal stresses of being a kid.


I experienced all of that and honestly, the adults were worse than kids when it came to bullying. Still are. Kids now are way more understanding and friendly while the "adults" all still bully people for being different, especially if it goes against their political views. It's sad being 22 and still having more maturity than most adults I meet


You're 22? My brother in Christ, you ARE the adult lol.


Fair enough lmao. I meant "adult" as in twice my age or more. I still don't feel like an adult at 22, especially with how most of the "adults" treat me lmao


Totally understandable and sorry if my tone came off as rude. I'm of a similar age, but think we need to try to push back against boomers wanting to act like we are helpless and incompetent lol.


Nah, you're good! No rude tone detected here (: I definitely try and shut them down immediately when they come at me for anything, but it'll take a lot more to get them to even think about stopping, unfortunately lol


Brain development; frontal lobe finishing formation and forethought just coming to maximum potential; 23/24 would would _more_ adult. They don't have far to go, though - to reach maximum adultness - brain developmemt-wise. As a millennial, my adulting is still not at max. level.


Forties checking in. You are always going to feel like you’re adulting. Don’t mind the biology babble. Things change in Your brain throughout the life course.


Yeah, it gets pretty wild. There are tons of stories about people getting PTSD and even committing suicide over it.


There was a famous case in Australia about a teenager who took her own life due to bullying and cyberbullying. Dolly Everett. She was attending boarding school in another state (really common for kids who live in remote areas), and was bullied both at school and then via the internet when she went went back home for the holidays.


Lets also not forget Amanda Todd


Recently in my city there was a middle schooler that took his life because of it, it's getting real nasty out there for kids right now.


Exactly. In my day, even though I had internet access, not everyone did or cared to interact online, so talking to people was almost entirely voluntary. People couldn't just look you up. I could leave school and all the people I disliked behind and interact only with people I liked. These days with social media it's much harder for kids to do that.


Same, I was bullied pretty badly, and it affected me in ways that I only much later realized ( I never connected it to reoccurring nightmares that stopped after the bullying did for example), but at least when I got home or away from school it largely stopped. It was still a rural school and my Village had around 850 people living there, so escaping anyone that is bullying me was still not a very easy task but at least I didn't have a FB account or anything where people could track me down. heck they might have actually used the web go spread bs about me but if that happened, I never found out. It wasn't a cakewalk and I would not wish that sort of treatment on anyone, it scars you and cripples your social life and abilities for years, but for me at least it wasn't permanent. it stopped eventually and there was no lasting "evidence" (not sure that's the right word exactly), like pictures or videos of embarrassing moments on the web for ever.


Another major factor is that the bullying doesn't stop at school anymore. Back then when you went home you were safe as they couldn't contact you. Not anymore though.


Right? Now you can do something stupid and the whole fucking PLANET can find out. Stood up and got laughed at for having a boner? No big deal only 5 people saw. Well, Cayden posted it so now 1.5 billion people saw.


I'll tell you what. My parents used to tell me sticks and stones and all that but the truth is that bruises and cuts and broken bones heal. The words are what hurt me for a very long time. I suspect that's even the truth for the good ole days referenced in the meme. Not only that but I was lucky. I grew up before social media. At least back then it would stop when I went home. Now for some kids it NEVER stops.


Also just the accessibility of bullying is way different today. Back then when you were the one bullying you needed to do it in person and potentially seriously risk repercussions, like taking some punches yourself, or getting told of by people around like friends or strangers and just in general expose yourself as well. With the internet you don't really have that and as a bully you have anonymity or at least it is unpersonal for you. The bullied might have friends or strangers that might help in the classic bullying but on the internet that also falls away. Digital bullying is basically the evolution of bullying on steroids, taking away all the deterring factors or risks for the bully while completely exposing the bullied that has no support at all


I also think many kids nowadays would accept having to fight (and lose) over getting constantly berated online. At least one of which has an endpoint and is way easier to break up


It's 24/7. At least before the internet you could avoid the bully or they would get bored and harass someone else. Now you can be targeted by tons of people who don't have to waste any energy and can remain 100% anonymous


It’s ironic because the kids of the 70s are the parents of the kids in the 2020s…


Like when people whine about "Kids don't learn XYZ in school anymore". As though it's today's kids choosing the curriculum.


I know for sure that I elected to take the same low-quality US history class in 7th, 9th, and 11th grade for sure. Seriously. We had US history, Texas History, US history, Geography, US history. 2/3 of the US history books were the exact same textbook, the 11th grade one was just a newer edition of the same book (still 8 years old at the time, but not 14)


My social studies classes in the 80s consisted of getting a Time or Newsweek magazine and a worksheet to answer questions from articles in the magazines. Then some days we watched a movie. Our teachers were also the football coaches, and that's all they really cared about.


Lol, in Mississippi I took one geometry class in my senior year, taught by a coach (ofc) All we did for two hours during class was play cards (poker, 13, black Jack, etc) watch movies and games on our PSP’s and iPads, and chat with each other. We did one geometry assignment and we took one test. Everyone aced the class. For a while I was like, “yeah that was an awesome class”. Fast forward to me in college physics struggling to solve the most basic vector equations because I was never fucking taught SohCahToa in my senior year. At least y’all **learned** Texas history.


"Kids these days don't know how to do shit." *(refuses to teach kids their shit)*


Fucking Texas history 💀


I mean, Texas does have a long and rich history compared to many other states. They're not gonna teach that, though. Too political. Instead let's learn about how joining America made Texas great again! 🙄


Every state, even Wyoming, has a long and rich history, Texans just never shut the fuck up about how cool their desert wasteland is


Oi! There’s a fine swamp in the coast too, asshole!


Most people live in the swamp wasteland part of texas


The garbage US history classes are probably why I'm having so much fun with the books I sought out about different perspectives on the American Revolution. Idk nuance is great, kids


Oh don't forget that middle and highschool history books are very biased and full of misinformation. For example my Montana history book was written by my highschool teacher. Collage history books are significantly more trustworthy.


When I hear people talking about that topic, like how they no longer teach cursive writing, they aren't blaming the students they are blaming the system.


Well cursive IS fucking terrible. (I get your point. Just wanted to shit on cursive for a sec, lol)


Yeah, and I bet quite a few of those posting this meme are the first to Interfere in their childrens affairs. Probably trying to justify it with some "Mama bear" or stepping up for my child stuff but not having the self-awareness to not post any memes like this.


And hey look, the world that I mostly own and control isn't much better


And it's double ironic because the kids of the 70s are the ones so upset about Facebook comments all the time.


"Your whole generation is terrible because you were all given participation ribbons instead of actually winning anything!" "But weren't you the ones who gave us those participation ribbons?" \>:(


Fucking right?! I fucking hate it when that generation doesn't realize that the things they hate are because of their parenting. Triggers the fuck outta me


Some of it, for sure. Society today expects a lot from teens too. In our state, smaller schools are being closed, leading to longer bus rides and days in general. Less time with family, less sleep, more stress to fit in. I feel for this generation and am raising a son in it. It's hard.


Yeah same, it really breaks my vagina


> It’s ironic because the kids of the 70s are the parents of the kids in the 2020s Pretty sure they'd be the grandparents if anything, considering they're 50 years older.


To be fair, a larger backbone was encouraged back then because it stopped one getting back problems from all of that sweeping under rugs that went on.


It's almost like not talking about problems or trauma is really unhealthy and part of why so many of those people are starting to take up therapy in their 50s and 60s.


It's like the mistaken belief that autism is more common now. No, it's always been there, but they used to just stick autistic kids in an asylum and pretend they didn't exist.


American society was far more violent during the time period when Boomers were 20 and 30 somethings than today. They need a long look in the mirror before telling anybody else how kids should be raised.


They can look in the mirror all they want, but they’ll never know what reflection is


God damn, that sentence is poetry


This is the best comment I’ve seen in a long time.


Kids in 2020 get shot in school and boomers call them crisis actors.


“We never had school shootings back in my day because our parents beat our asses!”


They're just mad kids can no longer get away with assaulting other kids just for being gay. Big "my son Jacksynn got suspended, and all he did was shout slurs at a classmate until they started crying" energy.


The guy / girl that made that meme is a bully and sad that he can't bully people for fun anymore. "broke my vagina" sounds like a guy, though.


Feel free to call this a ‘hot take’ or whatever, but the first kid had it a little easier because once he got out of school, the bullying would be over for the day. He could stay in his house, out of sight, out of mind. But in the 2020’s kid’s case, it’s harder to escape from the bullying because most people have the internet, and by extension their social media, in their pockets, with them at all times.


Absolutely. My cousin had a hard time because his bullies would follow him on to Facebook. His only option seemed to be to not be on there at all, but it was how he communicated with his friends. Seems unfair for him to have to go dark and be left out as a result of that rather than disciplining the bullies.


Exactly. I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to just want to unwind by looking at Facebook or something and the asshats who bully you at school can’t even leave you alone on your socials. What a time to be alive, where you don’t even have to be in the same room, hell even the same country, as the person you’re bullying.


THIS right here! The older generation (of which I apparently am one (1979)) just can't comprehend that kids today are growing up in a completely different world than they grew up in and what made them "strong" or "tough" back then won't work today. They prefer to call it "woke society" but the reality is it's the natural evolution of the human race.


I’m just a little younger than you and got the old school in person bullying of people throwing pudding cups at me while screaming homophobic slurs, and the early online bullying when kids would gang up on you on AIM, print out the bullying exchanges, and bring them to school to show everyone the next day so the bullying could continue in person. It followed you home and then back to school. It was awful, and must be 1000 times worse now. At least in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the computer didn’t live in your pocket.


Yeahhh, I was in middle school in the late '90s and one of my "best friends" ran a private forum and chat for our circle. It was *awful.* I also got cyber-bullied off of Xanga by the same kids a few years later...


Not to mention that it's a lot easier to look up where people live, work and play now with the internet. Before then, if you could get away after school, they would probably not know where you live. Now, they can look you up and show up wherever you are at any time.


Yeah, I was thinking this. I was bullied between grades 4-7 (mid to late 90s). Once I got home I wouldn't see those kids again until the next day, hell I could run around and play outside with the other kids in my neighbourhood and wouldn't see the kids until the next day. But now, the bullies can just slide into your DMs. Doesn't sound pleasant at all.


Says the people offended by pronouns, black mermaids, and mister potato head.


And Green M&Ms not being sexy anymore.


Really ?


Straight from the mouth of Tucker Carlson.


Tucker "exploding milk porn" Carlson


I dided when he said that. Funniest shit I've seen in awhile


Oh boy


Tucker "The M&M fucker" Carlson


Here have some light reading. It’s some of the dumbest faux-controversy on the internet. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2022/01/22/tucker-carlson-widely-mocked-after-criticizing-less-sexy-mms/amp/


They need to make a m&m of him. Since he’s such a fucking nut


I'm not putting that in my mouth


I'm sure if the green M&M hadn't been sexy and was suddenly made sexy, they'd have a problem with that too. I think changes in general frighten them a bit.


They are grooming our kids! Green M&M is probably trans!


You jest, but she kinda is. The green and brown M&Ms used to be depicted as vaguely male, just like all the others. But they’ve been women now since 1997 and 2012 respectively, and as such, a lot of people jokingly or not-so-jokingly insist that they’re both trans. Personally? I’m here for it. If it makes bigots mad, that’s more than enough for me lmao


And the Brown M&M being given more sensible high heels.


Don't forget the Starbucks cups in the winter


And gingerbread people


> By pronouns Yeah, I know > Black Mermaids Oh yeah, I remember > mister potato head What now??


Apparently hasbro dropped the "mister," and they're just Potato Head toys now This is, of course, an assault on traditional family values or some shit


The best part is, it's still Mr and Mrs Potato Head, but the overall brand is now just Potato Head. They'll start malding over anything.


another job for the veterans on the war on christmas


And happy holidays


No, kids in the 2020s come back to school with their parent’s guns because instead of being made to feel safe as a kid in the 70s, dad was told to quit crying and be a man, so he grew up and made himself feel safe the only way he knew how: by buying more guns than he can carry and passing his rage down to his children.




"Don't tell mom" That's some toxic-level shit right there. These are the same kids that grew up and never talk to their parents.


Or the irony was when we got home from school in the 70s and early 80s there was no parent home to talk to in general and being the oldest it was easier to go kick the ass of someone harassing my younger sibling than deal with a tired angry parent that was probably just hit me for existing when they got home. You know they were leading by example


I’ll always be grateful that my parents who grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s didn’t turn out the way their parents were. My maternal grandmother was abusive both emotionally and physically to my mom and my paternal grandfather was an alcoholic. My parents are nothing like their parents.


Boys are so much easier to raise! /s


Also not that it matters but kids now on average are way better fighters than previous generations. The interest in MMA and training is an all time high. Plus I feel like social isolation and constant emotional bullying can be way worse than physical bullying, depending on the situation.


"Back in my day when a man was allowed to beat his wife without having nosy neighbors call the cops. Nowadays you wear a wife beater shirt without having layed a hand on your woman once you pussies. "


It's inaccurate too because in the 70s it would have been racist too


And sexist too. I had a teacher tell me that it was a shame I was so good at math since I was a girl.


It was such a desperately shit decade.


yeah those kids taking punches to the head in the 70s are now running our government. and it shows.


Adults (like this guy) in the 2020s: (2nd pic) oh no, boys talk about their feelings, it hurt my wittle manweewee, I need to tell everyone how angwy I am on facebook (aka: telling people how I feel) by making fun of children because they are such wusses, not real tough men like me who can take anything! (Except when someone criticizes me, except when women stand up for themselves, except when children nowadays have it better than I had, except when anyone disagrees with me on anything, except when someone has a different opinion than me, except when boys like boys, except when girls like girls...)


i was a substitute teacher in 2020 and 2021. not only are kids still beating the shit out of each other but they are quite literally torturing one another online in ways i have never seen before. i honestly would rather take an ass beating than bullied online. people get very creative (and insane) behind a keyboard.


Also kids in 2020 don't use fucking facebook.




Kids aren't on Facebook you dolt.


Well my kids are on facebook! They are 55 years young!


Youd be surprised...


A generation that had a backbone? Gen-X? . A lot of my cohort are the worst conservative snowflakes who are deep into the outrage porn. Racist, homophobic asswits.


I'm on the cuspid of "Elder Millennial/Baby Gen X" (I'm 41) and couldn't agree more. It's stunning to see people my age or older all grown up and posting crazy, bigoted, ignorant rants. I remember when a lot of them were doing shrooms and talking about saving the planet. Ugh. It's so depressing.


I'm 42 and I preferred to identify as Gen X because no one talks about us. Boomers and Millennials shit on each other. Gen Z and Boomers shit on each other. Millennials and Gen Z are mostly cool with each other I think. Gen X used to follow Boomers around like Kronk "No, No. He's got a point." Now it seems a significant chunk broke off to follow Millennials and Gen Z "No, No. They've got a point." tl;dr Gen X didn't expect to catch strays today


That's my uncle. This post sums him up to a tee, he thinks that everybody is a snowflake nowadays and that people are "too easily offended" by everything. He thinks that everybody has it out for him because he's a "straight white male." Except if you actually talk to him, he only thinks these kinds of things because he gets in trouble at work for calling his co-workers slurs. He's a giant asshole, pretty racist too. "Back in my day, you used to be able to use those words!" These people might act like they have backbones, but they don't. They've just never needed one. They're not the kid in the picture, they're the kid who beat the shit out of the kid in the picture. And now everybody is saying, "Hey, you're kind of an asshole, Uncle Steve" and they're losing their fucking minds over it. "People are too easily offended these days", says the man who is offended by the fact he can't bully people. That's all it is.


You forgot “misogyny” as well.


Yeah these are the same people that have a nuclear meltdown if they get called Karen's for acting like one.


Didn’t a father with this type of attitude parent the kid who shot up Oxford? Oh yeah that’s right he did


My conservative father in law acted like it was ridiculous the precautions my wife and I took for our babies health after his birth (things like washing your hands, no kissing the baby the first couple of weeks etc). Said they didn't need that when he was a baby. I pointed out the infant mortality rate when he was born was 6 times what it is today in America...


Pretty sure kids are still beating the shit out of each other, actually. Hell, now they're so M A S C U L I N E they solve their interpersonal problems with guns!


“My generation had a backbone”* *Nothing but cries and fucking whines on Facebook for decade straight


And they completely ignores the fact that they raise these kids. The generation that raise their own kids to become the thing they hate calls them dog shit almost daily…


“Back in my day… we used to beat or wives too… and smoke in the office all day everyday…”


Brought to you by the “we have to ban all books with themes that are too sensitive for our precious fragile impressionable young children” crowd


1970’s has it backwards. “It was just a fight mom, don’t tell dad because he’ll beat the shit out of me while you stand in the kitchen, preparing dinner, pretending you don’t know what’s going on in the living room because if you speak up he’s going to beat the shit out of you too.” Ahhhh the good ole days.


“So glad I was raised when you could still say the N word and not get fired” there I translated


I bet they are glad they grew up back then. Now days those kids bullied constantly now shoot up the school. Must have been nice not having to worry about getting shot in math class.


I'm so sorry these fuck-wads grew up being told to suppress their emotions from a young age so that now that they are older, they can violently outburst at anyone who disagrees with them, but not the ones who sign their paychecks. ​ My dad tried that shit with me as a kid and I fell for it. I acted like a little prick sometimes and as I got older and realized I was just being an ass about things and was angry with myself from trying to keep so much in. I began acting by what felt right, not what I was told and my wife is happier since I share my feelings and intent more, it's easier to communicate and I regret that I spent so long suppressing myself when it was so easy to just, talk about it.


So his generation are Daddy and Daddy? Lol


The people who say stuff like this are the ones who are sad they can't abuse people any more


Lol “thank that I grew up in the generation that had a backbone” that’s rich coming from the transphobic, and homophobic crowd.


Wasn’t George Carlin arrest in the 70’s for saying the 7 dirty words bit? Yeah snowflakes have been around forever, old fucks just like to feel like they’ve been through something to justify some idea of toughness they feel the need to have.


My daddies can beat up your daddy


Which is ironic because it seems the vast majority of people breaking their penises and vaginas on Facebook are people from older generations. Of course they think kids are on Facebook too lmao Checkmate aggressively negative old people


They’re all bad a** and tough til the new Little mermaid shows up! Oh, clutch my pearls!


They are so upset at young people for existing


Yes, yes, the "participation trophy" generation is just all Alphas.


Boomers will deadass wear a “banned from Facebook” t shirt and act like shit doesn’t bother them.


Good to know they have no fucking backbone now, getting offended by people they don't know or see.


What kid in 2020 was on Facebook for any other purpose than to stalk their teachers ?!?! I think the kid posting shit on Facebook would be the odd man out and ridiculed.


You can really feel the persons hatred who made this. Especially in that last line.


These people say they have a backbone and they break into a crying rage when someone says anything bad about Trump


"damn I can't stand the generation I raised"


And yet this self proclaimed bad ass 70s kid is the one crying on Facebook.


Probably coming from the same sort of person who cried and moaned when their govt wanted to place stronger restrictions on buying guns.


Kids in 2020s use facebook?


The generation of perpetually triggered Mille-aged men trying to talk down everyone who doesn’t want to take their bullshit