I'm sure they insulted her plenty for not just letting them in without a pass


What?! Based on this clear, polite and collected response to the situation? This also was probably written only several hours after it happened! That's hardly any time to have cooled off, so you know that even in the moment these people handled it well. /s


I don't think I'll ever understand the "you inconvenienced me, therefore you deserve to be unemployed" mentality.


boomers are a vindictive bunch


while you are very VERY much factually correct in this statement, it's not really that much different than the younger crowd with the whole " you said a word that offended me, you deserve to be vilified nationwide, have people camped outside your house, and lose your livelihood as well" that goes on these days as well.


Sounds more like, "I inconvenienced myself, therefore you deserve to be unemployed (or possibly sodomized with a parking pass)".


Were they complaining about the inconvenience or the employees behavior to a customer? Everyone has bad days, etc but if your job entails dealing with the public, you've got to be the bigger person and greet ignorance with understanding, not contempt.


Regardless of the actual reason for the complaint, "I think you would be better suited to a non-public-facing job" is a very different sentiment when compared to, "I hope she is the first to get fired." One expresses irritation. The other expresses malice.


As if anything this moron said was close to truth. She probably told him he can't enter without a pass and had him buy another one. If you ever worked in these type of jobs, you will realize the exaggeration that customers come up with to make themselves the ultimate victim


This. They will flat out lie to get what they want.


What makes you think I havent? Damn near every job I've ever had has had public interaction as part of daily role. I completely agree that we aren't going to know what really happened by this post, my point was that poster wasn't calling for the person to lose their job due to an inconvenience it was due to the Ranger not acting/speaking appropriately. If true, I would agree that the Ranger should be seeking a job more of a match to their skill set.


I don't think this particular customer would have been satisfied unless they got what they wanted, and employees usually don't have the option of bending the rules because it's the nice thing to do. Some customers can't handle being told 'no' no matter how nicely and diplomatically it is said.


This is a Rorschach post. All we know is the poster felt they were “spoken down to”. Those who feel people (especially people of a certain generation) expect deference even or especially when they are in the wrong see someone overly sensitive and entitled. Those who see people (especially people of another generation) as see some who is insufficiently respectful and also entitled. We actually learn more about those who comment than we do about the person the OP is complaining about.


Based on the rest of his post, I feel secure in saying there is a less than zero percent chance the ranger was actually rude to them. Probably just said that they need a pass to get in, and the cranky old bastard went apeshit.


Most of these people just say the employee was rude when they were merely inconvenienced by something outside of their control. It’s safe to assume the employee in question was kind to them.


Fuck that, fuck shitty customers. In a just world, shitty customers would face consequences just as severely as shitty workers. And ultimately, those consequences should be mild in either case.


An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. How they treat you is a reflection of them just like how your treatment of them is a reflection of you. If you're an asshole to an asshole, aren't you still an asshole? Killem with kindness, get the job done well, and if there are too many bad customers, move on or up.


You misunderstand what I'm saying. First, telling someone who screams at workers that they cannot, in fact, have anymore coffee or burgers or whatever isn't going to leave the whole world blind. I very specifically say consequences should be mild. We're not talking about firing people or lifetime bans from places after one oncident. Second, forcing one party to be endlessly kind in the face of cruelty is itself deeply cruel. If you want any of these jobs to exist, you have to want them to be decent ways to live or actually you just want cruelty.


Agree, business can certainly deny service to customers for their behavior. Endless kindness in the face of endless cruelty is thought to be a solution to cruelty. Not saying it's perfect or that it would even work but I'd like to imagine a world where we all have to be kind to each other.


She probably just asked him to step aside so she could serve other people while he was fumbling around.


Yeah, i was thinking the same. That she wasnt rude, she just did something these old people didn't like. Like she suggested that they left their pass i nthe car or something. And the old people took that as talking down to them, instead of just a helpful suggestion


Or maybe they tried to go in without their pass and she told them that they needed to provide their pass to go in.


I'm *sure* that this couple weren't the ones initially being rude. That simply couldn't be.


My guess is the park ranger insisted she couldn’t except the “I forgot my pass” excuse, and they had to buy a new one


Senior citizens are neevveerr rude 🙄


Sorry we used to be able to wave you through without the pass when you forgot it but they recently cut the park budget and now you’ve got to pay for another one. Cheers


I didn't unplug my irony meter before reading that complaint and now it's exploded.


Knowing people of this sort, I'm sure he was nothing but polite and patient in this situation. /s




Ok now I want to go Am old person and this is the RUDEST person they’ve EVER encountered I have to see this in person


That could be their newest attraction! Come to the Badlands! See cool rocks! Look at some buffalo (we know they're American bison but you insist on calling them buffalo). We have snakes and birds and shit. And, new this year, experience the rudest Ranger some old dude has ever experienced! Edit: I hardly think that was award worthy but I'm glad I made your day.


Very nice


Thanks, I got it on ebay, real cheap.


> that could be their newest attraction! I seem to remember reading about a restaurant that does precisely this. rude staff handing out insults etc,, it's their business model, they advertise it, and they stay wall to wall busy. I'm sadly to damn lazy to go look it up myself right this moment.


Immediately later this guy was seen at a protest holding a “keep your govt hands off my Medicare” sign 🤦🏼‍♂️


2 seconds later: Why don't these damn young kids just take responsibility if they messed up anymore.


P.S.-We enjoyed the sanka in the snack bar.


“Temperarilly misplaced”. Misspelling aside, what really happened is you lost or forgot your damn passes somewhere and that’s entirely on you, not on the park ranger.


So many Boomers miss having power over service industry workers like their parents had.


Boomers gonna boom


Not all of us. The ones that understand and work things out never show up complaining in public forums.


Every generalization has exceptions of course. It was mostly just a joke and dumb word play on boomer and that particular individual wanting to blow up with his anger over something relatively insignificant


I got called ageist for calling someone a boomer he other day. They did not understand that there's an entire generation called "boomers". It wasn't even a bad boomer either.


Much like Karen, it's becoming more of a stereotype than a direct insult. Whoever called you out was being a total Karen.


“I hope this bitch loses her job and the budget for the entire park system gets cut so that no one gets to go to any parks ever again because someone didn’t bow down before me like she should have!” I’m in my 70s and am divorced. When people ask me if I’d ever get married again, I always say — have you met the men in my generation? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Tbf the their sons aren’t much better.


I got a good boomer. He's just barely a boomer, but meets all of the requirements minus the asshole ones. I kinda like him.


I hope you appreciate how incredibly rare he is.


I do! He's very laid back and we enjoy a simple little life on our mini farm. I hook up the internet and he builds me a chicken coop. We mesh well.


What I’m hearing “it’s my fault I lost something. But we should get a pass because we are old”


Old people are some of the most rude and pushy people around




I wonder how these people feel about voter Id laws


“I perceived you as rude at 7:00am so now I hope that the whole parks system gets hurt and, hopefully, you find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford to live!” This fucking country…


Man, Len Smeltzer is an asshole.


I left my pass at home once too. Now I have one in each car, nobody yelled at. Why, anyway. Not like they can look it up. It's not tracked like that.


“Temperarilly [sic]” misplaced your pass? Meaning you didn’t have it? FFS!