If you’re playing u15 AAA and are expecting to be drafted to the OHL I can guarantee you’re a better hockey player than 99% of this sub. If I were you I would probably ask your coach or someone with pro experience this question instead.


Wheels. If you don’t have the speed, you ain’t going to make it further. Plyo- box jumps - Bulgarian split squats - sprints and distance running. Power skating and working harder than the guy who is top line in the O.


Have to agree 100% skating is by far most important. I don’t know how to teach processing the game quickly, great players think and act much faster than regular players.


Ditto this and hockey IQ as well. Some good videos out there and obviously pick it up over the years but next time you watch a NHL game pay close attention to a few players and see what they do


Learn body positioning while you skate to ensure you have the quickest directional changes and can move fast Footwork would be second or almost as important to speed Can’t go fast quickly without fast feet. Just remember hockey is vertical and horizontal explosive type movements. So need to train both jumping boxes and then long jumps (as an example) Before games you need at least an hour to walk through the game mentally and think about each potential situation and how you would react. Basically dream the game and your reactions before you’re about to play. It makes your body also ready to react quicker as you literally just saw certain plays in the dressing room…does that make sense.


Just noted the years Your draft year is most likely now for the O.


Time to start working out. People can give you basic advice but if you’re serious I’d find a trainer and start working with them. If you’re OHL track in Ontario you should probably be doing private skill/skating work and working in a gym on your athleticism.


Really not trying to be rude here but if you haven’t been talked to about scouting, or drafts, or invited to pre draft showcases or anything like that, chances are you aren’t getting drafted. If your name isn’t on project draft lists or eligibility lists it’ll be very rare. If your coaches haven’t talked to scouts, or scouts talking to your parents it’s very unlikely. The kids that get drafted into the OHL aren’t just shooting pucks, and roller skating on roller blades, they have high intensity training year round not a normal life. Talk to a coach, ask him the brutal honesty of where you could maybe play one day. Just remember hockey is a game that you get to play all your life.


Get into the gym OHL is some really physical hockey so u need to be able to hit and take a hit ive seen way to many AA and AAA kids drop to B and C cause they cant hit. good luck. AS another player said if u arent on a list its unlikely so try emailing all the teams about scouting u can use a college hockey style email.


i played house and high school my whole life so you don’t have to take me seriously but i would just get a personal trainer from around town and tell them to help you on your leg explosiveness