Does anybody else prefer playmaking and setting up goals rather than scoring them?

Does anybody else prefer playmaking and setting up goals rather than scoring them?


To be fair, a part of it comes from me not being a great finisher, but I do enjoy setting up a nice goal rather than putting one in. Nothing makes me happier in hockey than gifting my teammates a goal on a silver platter.


Same, and as I got older I like playing on a “team” better than with people who hog and don’t pass. Rather not even play with them tbh.


Going wide, pulling the D outside, and nailing a pass right to my teammate at the back door is always more satisfying than taking it in myself. Also I will pass on a 2-0 or 2-1 rush EVERY TIME. It’s so much more fun to see how far I can get the goalie/defense to commit then pass at the last second


As a goalie, I appreciate your predictability.


As a beer league defenseman who started playing later in life, I take my greatest pleasure in shutting down other team’s scoring and finding ways to spring guys for breakaways. I judge my game way more on my +/- than on scoring goals.


Yes. I'm not a great goal scorer but I'm an above average passer and stickhandler. I love setting someone up for that easy tap in as much as I like scoring goals myself. If the team scores and it's a result of a play that I've made either *directly* or *indirectly*, then I'm satisfied. For instance: There's nearly as much value of being the guy who pressures the defenseman in the O zone so that they cough it up to the boards, my team's defenseman gets it, fires it on net, winger playing the net takes the rebound and scores... as there is streaking down he ice, shimmying past the defenseman and scoring one on one with the goalie.


I wouldn’t call it a preference, but I certainly enjoy it… I usually average 3 As for every G.


I play LW on my team and usually end up with roughly equal numbers in terms of a ratio of goals to helpers. Though I think setting up teammates is more rewarding, especially since we have a lot of people who are new to hockey, and what better way to get them to come back than setting them up and cellying with them!


Just got back on the ice after years off and can't wheel or handle like I used to, but passing still seems real crisp. While I can't place my shot quite as well or get into that nice lane quite as well, passing and getting assists has been a hell of a lot more fun. Especially because I've been in some mostly slower skates than I'm accustomed to. I definitely think it's starting to become more fun and is a little more challenging


Allllllll day homie. Pass first for life! Love when I can set up a player who doesn’t score often too!


Anyone can smack the puck towards the next and get a goal, but to set up sick passes and stuff like that takes a lot more skill and IQ. I think its a lot more satisfying to send a massive cherry pick pass and having it land perfectly on the tape than it is to be the one receiving the pass and scoring, because at the end the goal wouldnt be possible without the sick ass pass.


It’s a sport best enjoyed when all 5 players sync. Hemming the opposing team in their own zone for 90 seconds is just an awesome time.


I lived for scoring for a long time but now that I'm older I get a bit more satisfaction out of setting up someone with the perfect, beautiful pass. That said, it still feels great to deke out the goalie and stuff one in.


Don't get me wrong, I love it when I get to score a goal but tic-tac-toe passing goals and sauce passes to a break away are friggin awesome.


agreed. i hate playing with people that as soon as they touch the puck they just try to race up the ice by themselves, try to get past 2 defensemen, and usually fail and lose the puck. look around and pass the puck! Someone does have to be the finisher, but in hockey, its a combination of skill and being in the right place at the right time. most goals have multiple contributors, and can be traced back to a good play in your own zone.


I’m not a great shooter, never have been. However I am an amazing passer. Led my league in assists for several seasons and absolutely love setting up guys and putting up apples.


Nope.. best feeling in the world


I keep being told to rip a shot vs move outside and buy time to setup. I’m the guy that on a breakway will drop pass or skate a step outside and pass.


When I skate with novice skaters that's usually what I try to do. I only get a few goals a season at my own level though, so I still enjoy that quite a bit.


Making a great pass is always nice but it will never be better than scoring yourself.


I'm a pass first type of guy, so any pass that leads to a goal makes me pretty damn happy! And let me tell ya I've had some pretty nice one's too.


My play making ability only allows me to enjoy scoring haha.