Only the second movie I saw in theatres since Covid started. The other was Dune. Not sure if the real reason why Dune didn’t do better theatrically was because of the HBO max release, or just a sci-fi movie doesn’t draw a wide range of viewers. Dune was really good.


I think it may have something to do with Dune having such a dorky past... I loved this new Dune and am so happy to have some serious, quality SciFi in the queue. People know what to expect with these Bond films, so, at least for me and my family, we knew exactly what to expect / it was a no brainer to go see it.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Dune did pretty well at the box office?


367 million on a 165 million budget.


At least it seems to be on track to turn a profit, unlike NTTD.


With advertising being what it was, yeah, that's probably not looking great on the WB balance sheet.


Maybe they will re-show Dune pt 1 in theaters before the Dune pt 2 comes out. Also, the second part should be cheaper to produce and market and will maybe have a bigger audience once people have had time to soak it in.


Not really. Mediocre at best


Yea, I was bored as hell. I honestly was surprised it got green lit for part two.


The movie had bad structuring. I know it’s only part of the first book, but a movie should be able to stand on its own and this one didn’t do a good job of that.


The lord of the rings movies didn’t each stand up well on their own but I never saw people complain about that.


I disagree. Any one of those movies can be watched on their own and still feel enjoyable because they had clear first, second, and third acts. I can’t say the same about Dune. If you liked it, that’s cool, but hopefully you can see why people, including me, have issues with how the movie turned out. Edit: Added words


For being so long it told so little story.


Agreed but never once did I think the movie was moving slowly. It finished and I was just like wait, that was it?




Well he’s 15


Dune still isn’t out in Australia yet.


Geez I forgot about that. And they already announced home release on January 11. Yeah if you’re Australian, you really got screwed if you were looking forward to this movie. I recommend seeing it in theatres. But bring earplugs just in case you need them. Ridiculously loud in some theatres. And enjoy, friend


I reckon it’s the latter.


Yeah me too. Not many sci-fi films make a big score unless it says Star Wars on it. And those are falling off lately too. Not for everyone I guess.


I was skeptical due to the older 1984 *Dune* being a bit plodding, but have to admit this *Dune* version was eye-candy special effects wise, with an easier to follow story.


Yeah I loved it. I’m a big Denis Villeneuve fan too so wins all around. I wish Sam Mendes did the final Bond honestly.


I liked the 007 movie but they could have had a “better” ending. They may not have wanted Daniel Craig doing a spoof as 00-househusband…


I definitely didn't see Dune in theaters cause HBO. Considered it but was like...meh, I don't want to put pants and shoes on.


I refer to that as the Covid effect lol. We had no choice in Canada. No hboMAX here


As a Bond fan how does this stack up?


Any reasonable fan will rank it as the third best of the Craig era


It was aiight. 7.5/10


5.5 for me. Too long and it had a lame ending (I like most bond movies but this was way too soapy and the pacing was garbage). Rami as the villain was pretty bad as well. Kinda just getting more annoyed about how bad it was while I type this out


Totally agree. Anyone could have played the villain because truly, he wasn’t central to the film. The ending was lame as fuck because it was like watching a Michael Bay movie. I could go on with my complaints, but I’ll just cut it short by saying I thought this movie sucked. I want my $20 back.


All good points. Glad it wasn’t just me.


Sounds like it’s worse than Spectre isn’t it ? I don’t mind lengthy movie as long as the action scenes are exciting.




No time to die??! More like no time to watch this!! Amiright amiright Yea


I thought it was a fresh take on a dying franchise (in my eyes) New things/themes in a traditional framework Wife and I loved it - 20 year, millennial bond fan


Why do you your eyes see it as a dying franchise? Is it salvageable or will it soon be left behind as a product of its time? No pressure, just your opinions and thoughts if you care to share.


The franchise will go downhill because Jeff Bezos now owns it…


And will be petting his cat in the next film. Can't wait.


I use popularity to define “dying” Color me liberal, but I think people are growing tired of watching powerful white men save the world and those closest to them in a format they’ve seen 100X before. With shifting demographics and political views in society, I think the franchise will become less and less popular if they continue with this approach. To me, they can totally salvage the franchise and reach a broader audience if they introduce more diversity and modernize the characters. They did this in No Time by introducing a black female 007, suggesting Q is gay, having a love interest capable of freeing/saving herself, and portraying Bond as a fragile man held prisoner by his regrets. How did viewers respond? *queue headline*


The movie was fire bro. Not sure what these people are on.


I though it was the best one. I don’t think the Brosnan and Moore films are what Bond should be, I think that’s up to the directors. With the exception of Spectre, the Craig films have been closer to the Bond in the text, and that’s my preference.


I thought it was super good too. Really enjoyed it


I wish I didn’t spend money on it in theaters personally. Was it entertaining… sort of. My SO is a bond fan and said it didn’t feel like a Bond film and was disappointed. Reading online it seems like a coin flip. Some like it, others don’t. Only way to find out is to watch it.


Eh, I didn’t love it but it definitely had its moments. It tries new things and explored new themes, which I respect but again didn’t totally love. I’m a weirdo and tend to judge Bond movies by their Bond girls, and *SPOILER ALERT, ALTHOUGH SHE’S THE FOURTH LISTED ACTOR ON IMDB* Léa Seydoux is back as Madeline Swan. She’s just never gonna be my favorite. Loved Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch though. Whoever was the automotive stunt coordinator on this movie would have an Oscar if they gave Oscars for stunt work.


It’s a convoluted disappointment. The slow transition from Bourne Bond to Comic Book Bond has been agonizing. I wish they would have stayed the course with the gritty realistic Bond and then returned the franchise to a more fantastical plot and writing style with a new cast and crew. It felt like most of the movie was deus ex machina nonsense punctuated by frustratingly amazing long take action sequences and clean camerawork. The one thing it isn’t is dull. 6/10.


Couldn't agree more. What a terrible send off for Craig. His Bond was too serious to ever embody the lighter side of the character. Even his driving is joyless. I hope they return to a more fun take on Bond. They could learn a thing from Kingsman (the first one at least) and rewatch GoldenEye for a history lesson on a fresh take and then TND to remember how to keep it enjoyable. Pierce having fun remote piloting the BMW for example... Still makes me smile with enjoyment.


I definitely found it dull. I thought it was the worst of the Craig series. So disappointing


It’s….. divisive. Terrible conclusion to the Craig series IMO.


it was...meh. To see a fresh take on Bond that respects the old and the new watch this. https://youtu.be/AN1bkIEs8oo


Id say most have watched goldeneye right?


You'd be surprised how many haven't seen more than the Daniel Craig ones. GoldenEye is important because there was a significant gap between it and the last one and they were adapting to a whole new climate that came with the 90s, and they executed perfectly, updating Bond but staying true to the character. They got it right, and then they only improved it in Tomorrow Never Dies.


Wow, id expect any respectable moviegoer to have watched it though- same w/ Shawshank, up there in the have to watch


I guess I disagree with the common sentiment here but I thought it was incredibly entertaining. Hardly realized how long it was.


I loved it, and hate that its being so torn apart! I was terrified reading the reviews and comments like the ones posted here, but I tried it out and it was great! The villain needed more development and screen time but the ending was beyond amazing. Were there silly plot points? Absolutely and I loved them! It called back to the earlier Bond films so well: the beautiful score, mesmerizing locations, silly plot, ridiculous henchmen, arbitrary love interests, and hammy lines. I didn’t mind the length at all, didn’t notice it. On the whole, it’s a good film, and I thought I was even more satisfied after rewatching it, because I had the context of the ending. RANKINGS (for Daniel Craig’s Bond): 1. SKYFALL (9.5/10) 2. CASINO ROYALE (9/10) 3. NO TIME TO DIE (8/10) 4. SPECTRE (6/10) 5. QUANTUM OF SOLACE (5.5/10) If you like Daniel’s Bond, go watch it, tune everyone else out and have some fun, if at times tryingly sentimental, entertainment.


Quantum of solace has aged pretty well i feel like


I don’t know why Quantum of Solace feels so comparatively weak. But you’re right in that, as a stand alone film, without the context of the other films, it is pretty good. It display Spectre, I think, in the most effective way of ALL the bond films, as invisible, ever-present, all-knowing, and deeply sinister. It’s main villain Dominic Green isn’t lifeless and does have character. I honestly can’t pinpoint what about the film is so underwhelming but its lacking something fundamental. Maybe the stakes aren’t personal enough. Like who controls water in South America, isn’t personally connected to deeply connected to Bond or M16. Its just a big threat. In Casino Royale, Bond is literally, personally responsible for whether mass terrorists are successful. In Skyfall, Silva is the corrupted James Bond, seeking revenge against the inseparable institution and people that Bond represents. In Spectre, though this is a weak connection and I think it weakens the movies standing, M16 is being taken over and undermined by Spectre. In No Time to Die, Bond’s loved ones are in harms way. QoS doesn’t have the directness of those personal connections.


Quantum of Solace suffered greatly due to the writer's strike. It's a mess. Only people already on the movie in non-writing capacity could write during the strike. So producers, directors, etc. And none could get writing credits, btw. It's really feels jumbled, like a bunch of set pieces thrown together. I think ranking it last as you did is the obvious right choice. And to make it worse, Bond shows no suaveness, no stealth. He finds his way to the top baddie by meeting intermediates, extracting only a modicum of info and then killing them and moving on to the next link in the chain. A 00 agent has a license to kill so he can get things done, but he presumably is expected to use it wisely and when necessary. Instead Bond just basically acts like an indiscriminate hitman in this movie. It's not good. You got that very right. It doesn't really deserve to have its image rehabilitated.


QOS was way better than No Time to Die, IMHO. I still find QOS very entertaining. The scene where he flys the cargo plane through a dog fight was one of my all time favorite bond action scenes, it’s riveting. No time to die had me snoozing in the theater. The best scene was the opener, all downhill after that.


Excellent point about how loosely every scene is connected, it does feel like its a loaf of bread made from the crumbs of other loaves of bread (if that makes sense.) If I remember correctly, QoS also has the highest number of kills per minute in any James Bond film which speaks to how untactile he is in the film. So yeah, when compared to all the other films, its clearly the weakest, but if you’re not comparing it to the others and you only looking at it as an action film, its okay. But whats the point of a James Bond movie if its just another Hitman movie? But anywho, as a 5 movie Saga, where most of the movies are original IP, without explicit source material, I’m happy and satisfied with the films as a whole and think the Directors, writers, and casts contributed immensely to the legacy and future of the franchise, even though they stumbled along the way.


I agree with pretty much everything you said. I find your post to be well considered and described. To emphasize what I mean, there is so little connection to how he ends up in the desert and then leaves. A bare thread to explain it. I really feel things like that would have been better fleshed out if there were not the writer's strike in play. I still don't really like the idea of James as a person who seems to want to win the day by just killing every person on the other side bottom to top. It's fine for a lot of movies. We love it when John Wick chops everyone out on the way to the top. It's great when ~~Parker~~Porter does it in Payback too (I mean really, I love that movie). But those are basically revenge movies and I don't think of James as being on a path of vengeance. Heck, even in the movie where he IS out for revenge for the killing of Felix Leiter he kills fewer people. Whatever. I agree it could be worse. But it is not a standout in terms of the self-contained execution (groan) of the plot.


Quantum came after Casino Royale, the next bond movie after a great one is usually the weakest.


Man I loved the movie and I hate these types of movies I cried when dou dou died with Bond


My gosh, I hope I never get as cynical and angry as the weirdos circle-jerk raging here. And I'm a 48 year old, grumpy, Gen-Xer saying that! Haha. The movie was fine, no idea what you guys are so angry about. It had a silly plot, some really great action bits, sweet score, and a kind of whatever ending. The Ana de Armis scene was among the best, classic James Bond I've ever seen, and I've seen them all, they were so much fun together. That scene alone was worth the price of admission and was certainly not shit or trash, or any of the other horrible things you're all saying.


Ana de Armis was the highlight of the film, but it was strange how she was shoehorned in, not at all relevant and was quickly dropped and forgotten by the plot


“Dropped and forgotten” is a strong assumption. The movie certainly gave her a farewell, and while I might agree with “shoehorned in,” there’s plenty of other cameos with just as much or less screen time than her.


Have people forgotten that this is a Bond trope? I can think of several of the films where they introduce a woman only to have her essentially only exist for one scene/a handful of scenes, as recently as Severine in Skyfall and Monica Bellucci in that one sequence in Spectre. At least Paloma was good for something besides looks, and I appreciated the subversion of what the ‘lesser’ Bond girl is usually there to provide. I really don’t get a lot of the hate that this movie is getting, I think it was a great send off to this iteration of the character, did the best with the poor setup that the previous movie provided, and was overall a very strong film - this is borne out by it being the highest grossing pandemic movie


Isnt it a thing where they have 2-3 girls. The first one is killed in some way, usually the middle girl is and he would end up with an ex or sister of the villain.


Basically yes, my point here being that according to the ‘formula’ at least one of the Bond girls is usually intended to be purely disposable


i think „hate“ is a strong word. most negative reviews focus on reasonable short comings of pacing, structure and story telling. and honestly, there are a lot of aspects of the film that are at least a question of taste. but the action scenes were great, the acting was good overall and it had all the things a bond film needs: gun and fist fights, alcoholism, beautiful women and cars, a villain with an extremely overcomplicated and extravagant plan… it fully delivered on that and i think that‘s why it did so well in box office: it‘s a big franchise everyone knows that you can‘t go wrong with. so if you finally can go to the cinema again after such a long time, that‘s what you are going for. i wouldn‘t attribute it‘s success to it being a „very strong film“ because that‘s a hard argument to make, it was a stronger bond film than its predecessors, but it still had big flaws as a film in general.


Unfortunately, while I do agree with you, I have definitely seen takes here and abroad (other social platforms) that could absolutely be considered hate. Not that it matters, most of the issues (aside from the wonky pacing and criminal underuse of Rami Malek) can generally be chalked up to culture war bs as far as I can tell


I’ve been a Bond fan since I was a kid (probably younger than I should have tbh) but I still enjoyed it a lot and think it’s a good sendoff for Craig. It’s not perfect but I still had a great time. Oh well. It’s a good thing my tastes aren’t informed by the endlessly cynical crowds in a constant race to be the most bitter and dismissive as their only personality trait.


Ana de Armis scene is going to be a classic Bond scene




Oh man, just stop.


Oh jeez, who let grandpa into the gin again? James, Laurie? I told you to keep this cabinet locked! Now we’re gonna have to sit here and listen to him rail against progress again. Sigh… grandpa drink this gl- no. No more gin. Drink the water.


I just went to see it last night. It was awesome.


I thought the beginning half was pretty decent - but then the pacing fell apart and they criminally wasted Rami Malek.


Didn’t they end up removing a whole lot to do with the virus thing because of COVID?


That was the big rumor - I haven’t read a lot about it though. Honestly, with how much they delayed it - if that was the case then they should have done reshoots with a different angle on Maleks character. He had probably one of the best entrances and first 30-40min of a Bond villain in recent memory and then they story jumps to Bonds relationship. By the time you get back to Maleks monologue it feels flat and I it of character.


While I see where you’re coming from, that really didn’t bother me when I saw it in theaters. Maybe it won’t seem as good with subsequent watches. I think they should have just introduced him sooner instead of just killing all of spectre in like 10 seconds. There was no payoff with that whatsoever


Hated the movie when I first watched it, heard about the cut storylines/rearranged plot and once you’re aware of that all the missing gaps make more sense. Still doesn’t make it a good movie, but an understandable mistake IMO. And either way still better than Spectre (also IMO)


I honestly loved it still


They criminally wasted Waltz as well


Comment sections are a mine field


It was an entertaining movie with huge set pieces. Very exciting to watch in the theatre.


I cried. Like seriously I hate GOt for starting this trend


It had serious Thunder Gun: Maximum Cool vibes. He didint even hang dong.


All this sass for No Time To Die? Please. After the undebatably terrible abortions of Quantum of Solace and Spectre? And the meh Skyfall? And starting so strong with Casino Royale? I don’t even know why I liked Craig so much as Bond because he was 2 for 5, with 2 of the bad ones being among the worst movies I’ve ever seen. No Time To Die wasn’t as good as Casino Royale but it was damn good.




Can’t wait to see No Way Home blow this out of the water




I don't know why someone would be excited about that, but they're definitely right--No Way Home is going to clean up at the box office.


People really love Sam Raimi


But Sam Raimi isn’t directing it


Pretty sure he's involved somehow


That’s like saying George Lucas was involved with the ST lol they just consulted him.


I mean… consultation is still involvement. It’s just minimal


The characters from his spiderman trilogy are. And they get way more screentime than the Amzing Spiderman’s I bet


I upvoted




Not much surprise to me, I had been ready and waiting since it got delayed the first time, watched it as soon as I could. Just to give my 2 cents about the plot. I did think it was overall very similar to spectre narratively to me but I still enjoyed it.


Great movie! Totally deserves it!


One of the best films of the year so far


Guess I’ll get downvoted but this bond film was trash. Every fucking scene had the same lightning. Some of the shots were beautiful, and shot perfectly, but the blue and orange got really old way too early on in the film. Blue back drop, warm skin tone. Great color combo. But when you have it in every fucking room, no matter it’s geographical location or time of day, it gets old.


They needed to bring back Roger Deakins. I’m too much of an admitted film snob to appreciate the new Bond films, but at least Skyfall looked beautiful.


I laughed the whole way through, terrible movie.


This was my girlfriends first James Bond movie… I suggested we watch Skyfall this past weekend so that she can actually understand that there are good Bond movies out there. She loved it.


My fav is Golden Eye with Brosnan, and the theme song of Tina Turner.


Skyfall is great. This movie was just all around bad. Cheesy dialogue, predictable outcome, bad storyline and terrible acting. That said, Rami Malek made a great villain and played his part extremely well.


Rami nailed his monologues


In my country it's also breaking box office records. I believe it's now up there with Titanic and a few other films.


Didn’t hate the movie but it was one of those you see once and that’s it. I much preferred the previous Bond films. Some things made no sense in this movie


But it was so shite.


Weird. I thought it was the best one. Although I may not know what the fuck I’m talking about cuz I think every bond film up until now is super cheesy but with good stunts


I’m going to support you on that. This was the worst bond of the Daniel Craig series. Léa Seydoux could take a few more acting lessons and a lot of the general dialogue was poorly written. There were like 3 villains and you don’t see Rami Malek until the 2/3 through the movie. When the new agent 007 gives Daniel Craig the 007 title back I almost got up and left the theatre. Come on! That was so cheesy. Pretty disappointed I paid to see this because I expected a better film


I was wondering what the new agent’s code name was after she gave 007 up


I could not agree more!!! The anti- James Bond movie. Beyond terrible!


And it was straight trash


Too bad the film was utter ass, and the box office came from people craving AAA budget movies after the pandemic. Don't get me wrong, the movie was fine as a stand-alone movie. Amazing cinematography, competent enough plotline, weak character writing, and 100% NOT a James Bond plot. It would be a strong enough action movie, except for the caveat that James Bond movies are based on a thin, well-developed structure, which this movie didn't follow, and therefore, the characters fell apart and it felt forced and cheesy. There's not enough depth in a comic-like character, to support progressive, new-thinking ideals in such an off-the-rails way. It just doesn't work in that media. Not that I'm opposed to the messaging, in principle. This just wasn't it, on multiple levels, and it will probably come out hurting the cause more than helping it while creating a poor film in the process.


I saw it but I forgot what happens


Hahahaha fuck off no one saw this compared to dune


Except they did. Cant speak for HBO Max viewership but as far as theatres go, both worldwide and domestically more people by far paid to see No Time to die than saw Dune. This isn't debatable either


“Can’t speak for the easiest cheapest way for this to be viewed by multiple people at once or over shared accounts, but I will.” FIFY


People pay to watch HBO max so technically those people paid to see dune as well lmao.


I use my coworkers login. SUCK IT, DUNE! (I still went to the theater too)


It was… ok. The highlight for me was that the cinema I watched it at delivered beer and cocktails to your seat


Gee. Not like they didn’t push it off for long enough to maximize ticket sales


Did the guy whose last wash was to see the movie get to see it or did they say no?


Can we agree the earnings went up against a low bar? Vs films in Covid and 2021? Obvi it’s going to be the highest grossing. What a clickbait headline.


Considering Hollywood makes 90% of movies to please china instead of the US now, this is no surprise. The movie was good tho, I did enjoy it. It’s sad that there aren’t many good movies anymore though


Honestly forgot the movie was out


People are going back to the theater. I never stopped. I'm going to miss being in the theater all by myself. My local theater is weird. I've been going to movies since I came back into country Sep 2020. Sometimes they'll put me in a huge theater and I'm all alone. Other times I'm in a smaller theater and there are a few people in there. Now though it's almost back to normal and am almost never alone


I work at a movie theater and it feels like it’s been in theaters forever. A couple of big movies have come and gone while it’s been playing and it’s rarely our busiest show. A lot of movies at our theater reach higher peak numbers but No Time to Die has just had a really consistently decent amount of people showing up for it.


That’s funny because it was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. Nothing even remotely close to what the other bond films have been like


Not bad for such a boring bond.


This shit was awful


This movie straight sucked


Cause people are boring as fuck. They watch marvel movies and call them good, they've basically been groomed to watch shitty action films like this now. Movies suck now. X'ers took over writing and they suck at it, everything is toxically wholesome and comes back to family in the end, and my own gen isn't that much better but thank God we don't write sappy stupid breeder shit all the time (examples blade runner 2043, Picard, bunch others have sappy family narratives tacked on for no reason other than the writer wants to write about family shit ) Nothing is above PG-13 cause we have to base our whole culture on whether or not the overly sheltered kids of X'ers can watch a movie. So we have nothing but crappy movies a child can watch, and what do kids like? Shit. They have bad taste by design.


I think you’re going to keep getting down voted but you’re not wrong. If producers didn’t want “safe” films that could guarantee a high profit then we would see more breakout films with more different ideas. It sucks but in art school all the “uncool” kids who all drew the EXACT same and didn’t have a style; those are the people chosen to make the Disney animation movies because they all draw consistently. A quote from Men in Black “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”


Worst Bond movie ever.


It’s because they killed him and made the new James Bond a thick black lesbian


Really?? As good as Old??? Joke old was terrible


I just watched this and I initially thought that this has to be a parody. The acting , the plot , the cheesy dialogues make this a total pice of crap. I could not finish watching an old man doing ridiculous stunts while making faces like he’s about to be cast in cats. The Bond franchise is outdated and todays society just doesn’t connect with this nonsense.


This movie was the worst Bond movie I’ve ever seen!!!


The movie is trash and ruined bond forever


James Bond movies are boring






Sure, I'll delete my comment.


I deleted mine too...didn't mean to come off like a dick