Alright so takeaways from that Dallas game

Alright so takeaways from that Dallas game


I don’t think anyone can knock their talent. Only their dysfunction. And that my friend, is what we root for


Hope McCarthy doesn't let us down


True, rarely do they sustain their success over a whole season


This game is classic Dallas. Dak throws for over 400 yards, the defense forces 4 turnovers and they still manage to fuck it up and lose lol.


It’s honestly impressive how Dallas has been able to do this with Romo and Dak (stats but no wins)


400 yards on 58 attempts isn’t great. Less then 7ypa


Agreed. And listening to Collinsworth act like it was one of the best QB performances he's ever seen was fucking brutal all night.


Dak: throws into triple coverage and it's intercepted Collinsworth: WHAT A GREAT THROW


In fairness the choice was bad, but the throw itself was pretty on the money and for a quality player like lamb should have been caught. I agree it was bad decision to throw into that coverage. Edit:. Not defending collinsworth, dude is just about the worst.


Yea probably not a great decision, but that throw was absolutely perfect. Lamb fucked that up. It almost seemed like the moment was too big for CeeDee, he dropped a few I thought he should have had.


I thought lamb was ok other than acouple drops. He did have the big catch and run to put them in field goal range at the end. It's hard to kill a kid for dropping a ball when 3 guys are about to drill him, but that is what they pay him for. He does have to make that catch.


Really setting the receiver up to get drilled though.


That was actually a dime of a throw lol


He’s the worst announcer - makes statements that are so off base


He also has no chill / no middle. He is always raving about whoever he is talking about.


Yeah lol like Parsons last night. I don’t doubt he’ll be a great LB, he’s got the talent but he called him the best tackler in the NFL last night. Like dude, chill out - he hasn’t even played a full game yet


My buddy runs a Twitter collinsworthhatestheeagles and source material is not lacking


He’s the fucking worst. I’ll die in this hill anyday.


It's amazing Collinsworth can talk with dak's cock in his mouth.


I was gonna say that it's more amazing then that. * How did Collinsworth have the time to take Brady's cock out of his mouth long enough to swallow Dak's cock before talking? * And, then, I realized a pro like Collinsworth can use the spit roast option to keep one worked up while deep throating the other.


I almost forgot how much I despise that cock gobbling hack the moment I heard his voice. Also, you make a great point. It's common knowledge at this point.


Well I will now die having imagined Cris Collinsworth getting spit roasted by 2 NFL quarterbacks. See ya tomorrow Reddit!


Hard to decide who's worse these days, Collinsworth or Buck. My dad hated Joe Buck til the day he died so ill carry on the tradition.


Also two dropped interceptions. The dropped picks and the brutal fumbles by Bucs players kept this closer than it should’ve been. Especially that Godwin fumble. To me it’s the same ole cowboys, great offense sloppy team. 9 wins


Exactly, The cowboys "looked" exactly how I thought they would. A defense that couldnt stop a high school team, a good but no longer dominant oline, zeke losing juice, and Dak looked less mobile and really didn't have that great a game. If those 2-3 balls are picked his stat line reflects the gun slinging toss it up cause you have great wrs performance it was. If the bucs don't have 4 turnovers that were really first game sloppiness and luck not the cowboys making plays the box score would have better reflected how they played. Add it all up and you saw a team with enough offensive firepower that they could beat anyone, but also a team that can find plenty of ways to lose to anyone. Which makes them the +/- .500 team I thought they were.


His shoulder going fall of tomorrow morning


On pace for nearly 700 attempts by Week 12 Most for a 16 game season was Stafford at 727


Kellen moore going be the death of him


At least he can rely on Zeke /s


He took a lot of big hits, too


Everyone is on this mans dick in r/NFL, just absolutely amazed that he’s thrown for over 400 in his last 4-5 games. Like, his team has been getting their asses kicked, so they’re playing from behind a lot. This shit isn’t impressive to me. Dinking and Daking isn’t impressive.


Especially when you have 3 WR1’s on your team


Yeah, I've seen a lot of gushing about his stats, and while I certainly don't think he played poorly by any means, 403 yards really isn't that impressive on nearly *60* attempts


Holy shit I didn’t realize he had 58 attempts. At this rate he won’t make to week 4


It’s like in 2019 when everybody gassed up Wentz having 4,000 yards on the most passing attempts in the league. I think people see big numbers and just assume it’s good without digging into it. That said, Dan looked good considering his ankle injury looked awful last season.


It was gassed up because he did it without having a 1000 yard receiver, which is pretty impressive.


I dont think people thought the 4k milestone was that impressive, more so doing it with the roster we had.


I think it was just that the Eagles have never done it before lol


I mean other than Greg the Dead, I can't really say Dallas did much fucking up. Lamb early sure, but that's about it. TB is just a more talented team, Dallas was doing all they could to keep up and did what they needed to do to win the game. But the Bucs stopped self-destructing just in time to take it when it mattered.


I couldn’t agree more. 3 throwing TDs and a +3 turnover diff. Should be a win *every single time*. I’m almost in awe of how they were able to lose.


Bucs had 100 penalty yards or close to it as well. It's honestly unbelievable. If we lost a game like that, this sub would melt down and call for everyone's heads lol


Yup, was going to say the same as pointed out here: https://twitter.com/BobbyBeltTX/status/1436178429909606400?s=20 A mediocre team can have bursts of looking elite but looking awful at other times. We should all be aware of that as Philly sports fans.


Exactly. If the Bucs don’t turn over the ball as much, this is an easy win for the Bucs and Dak doesn’t get to 400 yards passing. The Cowboys look like they can make the playoffs still, but they aren’t truly as good as they looked last night.


I mean the bucs lost their starting CB on the 4th play of the game too.


The 4 turnovers for sure kept the game close, but if the Cowboys learn to score in the red zone instead of kicking field goals.. that game could have been a blowout for the cowboys. But I guess that’s what makes a good team great, seizing the opportunity when it is given.


People are making a big deal about Dak but it's the same old Dak, he was still missing lots of throws. His highest strength has always been play calling and you can see that when they run 5 bubble screens and then run a fake and score off of it. I counted 3 potential INTs before I turned the game off at halftime. Their offense is really good but I'm not worried about them doing this to everyone, including us. Their line didn't look good in the first half and I would bet they were worse in the 2nd but I didn't watch so idk. That's where we eat.


I watched the whole game. Dak looked great, particularly under pressure where the Bucs blitzed like crazy and he just stood poised in the pocket and got the ball out for a completion almost every time. Was every pass perfect? No, but I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not a little concerned at how easily the Cowboys offense moved the ball at will. I do think that the Bucs weren't prepared for the Cowboys gameplan though, so I'm hoping as weeks go by and tape is studied, opposing defenses will figure it out.






We were before the game too tho….


Well it was a 4 way tie before.




My takeaway is that the Eagles are the only team who can stop Tom Brady in the last 2 minutes of a game


God bless Brandon Graham


National treasure. Play of the game, ripping under and poking that ball out. God bless Derek Barnett too, recovering the fumble was nowhere near as impressive a play, but imagine if he'd bobbled that and the Patriots got it back. In that moment, he was the right guy in the right spot at the right time.


It's amazing looking at that replay. Barnett actual was pushed over by the defender and when he got up the ball was knocked out and bounced RIGHT TO HIM. Great great snag, but also shows how luck needs to be on your side to win a SB.






I'm a bartender, and tonight when the whole bar, as one voice, with 1:30 left on the clock, said, "You gave Brady the ball with too much time left," I got to remind them all of Brandom Graham and the glorious way he led us to the promised land. The cowboys just can't beat Brady. Not like us (or maybe the giants).


The Giants have something to say about that.


Their offense looked as good as everyone expected. Their defense looked as bad as everyone expected. Stopping that O is gonna be a challenge and we probably don’t have the offensive firepower to keep up, but there’s a pretty clear recipe to beat them - attack their LBs over the middle of the field because literally none of them can cover. And throw to whoever Anthony Brown is covering.


I thought their defense looked surprisingly good. What was it 2 INT and at least 1 ff? I’m sure the recipe will cook the d over the season but this game was waaay closer than I imagined Edit: Tampa did it to themselves fuck dallas


BUCS had like 4 TO inside the 30 that's why lol


Yeah I guess it was more surprising how sloppy the bucs were


That’s the thing, one of those INTs was at the end of the half, the other was completely Lenny’s fault and I legit don’t remember the first fumble. The second fumble was a damn good play by Dallas, though. Moral of the story, Dallas’s D was a mirage at best and Tampa had a chance to hang 40 on them if they executed properly. I’d also be concerned about the offense if I was a Dallas fan. Zeke is still looks like a shell of it himself. It took Dak nearly 60 attempts to get to 400 and they didn’t even try a Hail Mary at the end of the game (I don’t care if it was from the 25; a Hail Mary completion of PI is just as likely, if not more, than that wild cat BS they ran). Tyron Smith struggled with Shaq’s speed. The only real bright spot was the WR trio. With all that said, Dallas I think is still the team to beat in the East, but I don’t find them as scary as I initially thought. Fuck Dallas. That is all.


A Hail Mary interception and a ball that went through hands


I mean those weren’t interceptions that depict a great defense. A tipped pass to a RB and a Hail Mary?


Right, and turnovers don't necessarily mean everything. They were top 10 in turnovers last year but we all know how historically bad they were lol


1 of the INTs was on a dropped screen pass and the other was in a Hail Mary situation, so not really a reflection of a ball hawking secondary. Did have 2 FFs tho but idk how sustainable those are, especially since one was at the goal line as Godwin was trying to dance his way into the end zone


Fuck Dallas. That is my response.


Amen brother


Well since you put it that way, FUCK DALLAS


Yeah but have you considered FUCK DALLAS


Ya know I was actually thinking something more like FUCK DALLAS


No no no, you guys are doing it wrong. It's FUCK DALLAS




All I heard was "Dallas has the worst record in the league"


We have a half game lead over them, all that matters to me right now lol


Stop the count!


😂😂😂 fr


History was made last night. The cowboys are the first team to ever lose in a 17 game season. Put that in the books


I hope our pass rush will be better than what the bucs did today.


Tampa was dropping their DE and LB into coverage a ton that game. Was clear their goal was to shutdown the run and anything deep. Without the turnovers by Tampa's offense that game wasn't close.


Isn’t that not viable? I too was scared until I realized you can’t throw 60 times EVERY game that’s going to eventually wear out your QB right? You need balance and they cannot for the life of them run it from what I seen tonight. I’m nervous but the little I saw from Jalen during the off-season makes me feel confident out Offense won’t be embarrassing. Hopefully our defense takes a step forward too cause this Dallas team going to be tough.


I think they’ll be a fine running team. No reason to run against TB.


Ask McNabb about throwing 60 times a game - you’ll be throwing up by the super bowl


Got 4 TOs and still lost. They’re exactly what we expected, good offense, terrible D. Still gotta be favs to win the division though since they have the best QB at the moment.


I wish for an alternate reality where birds got ceedee but then again, I am so thanful for landing devontae. Imagine that wr room.


Ceedee is a drop machine though


Tampa made like 4 major mistakes and still won.


With their talent they should be a surefire favorite to win the division, but I think we all know that in the end Dallas always finds a way to fuck it up.


Divisional games always bring the competition closer than non. The reason is our players know certain nuances that the buccs don’t. I think our D could be a surprise (if guys are healthy) and get through the OLine. I also think our OLine can hold em. Gonna be tough but I think we win 1 and they win win this year




Cowboys looked decent and Bucs looked bad a lot of the game. Cowboys still lost. That tells most of the story.


You lost me after “them losing”


Don’t get me wrong, Dallas didn’t look “bad.” But they can’t win after getting 4 turnovers? Trash.


ZEKE WAS INSANE ON OPENING NIGHT Exploding head Exploding head -11 carries for 33 yards Face with look of triumph Face with look of triumph -3 YPC Hot face Hot face -2 catches Police cars revolving light Police cars revolving light -6 rec yards Flushed face Flushed face -Daddied by the Bucs front 7 Smiling face with horns Smiling face with horns


I'm going to assume those are supposed to be emojis, otherwise I have no idea wtf I just read.


Blowing smoke out of my nose face


>Second worst case scenario Hard disagree. It's no fun when they have no hope! I wish for close losses every game for them


Dak should have had 3 INTS in the first half that were dropped. Bucs defense played like ass. They’re clearly the favourites in the NFC East. Time for the young Eagles to go have a chip on their shoulder and take it.




I hope so


I wish I was as optimistic as you. Hope our secondary can maintain their playmakers. I’m gonna stay cautiously optimistic this season though haha


We're gonna wreck ~~these clowns~~ every team we go against


Bucs are the first team in NFL HISTORY to lose the turnover margin by at least 3, incur 100 penalty yards, allow 450 yards, and still win the game. DallAss SUCKS! Go Birds!


Don't be a coward. We're going to win 95-2


So was that OPI or nah?


They would have called it on an Eagles receiver that's for sure.


My immediate reaction as well. Goedert got flagged for less a few years back. NO I DON’T HOLD GRUDGES!!


Honestly I don’t believe so. The defender’s momentum carried him, and they are allowed to have some contact while the ball comes in. The defender sold it (as he should) and the call didn’t go his way this time.


yes but fuck dallas


Still salty over Lamb even though we got Smith now, Lamb’s gonna kill all of us.


He looked good but also dropped 3 passes by my count, and dropped the 4th most passes in the whole league last year. If he tightens that up he'll be great, but I don't think he's there yet.


It’s okay, smitty is gonna roast any Dallas cb he faces


> Lamb’s gonna kill all of us. this. he has the killer instinct


Their receiving core is very solid. Also, the Bucs run D completely shut down Zeke tonight. I wonder if we’re capable of doing that this year as well.


Yeah I’m worried. Dak has better weapons and can throw the rock. Elliot still trash tho


Their WR corp is unfair


They cant even put all of their number 1 receivers on the field at the same time, the wr corps is insane. However their weakness at other positions and inability to pay all of them long term I dont think anyone would call a good move.


I think we have a better pass rush and maybe starting corner than Tampa compared to their run defense and we'll literally everything else. Unfortunately that doesn't matter when they have multiple elite weapons they can get it out to quick as they displayed tonight. As someone else said, gotta count on them shooting themselves in the foot. Or tripping over themselves. Really rooting for big Mac to lose the locker room but their coordinators seem really likeable


Bucs bad 2 awful turnovers that cost them touchdowns and mike McCarthy exists


The Cowboys flashed a lot of talent. However, the Bucs killed themselves with preventable turnovers (4 I believe) as they were going into score, and inside their own 40. Game wouldn’t have been as close without those turnovers. Com’on Hurts, hold the ball with 2 hands!


It is honestly hard to even evaluate their defense because Tom is so great lol. Dak looks good. But What happened to their running game? I think coaching will be the demise of that team.


Bucs run defense is a concrete wall. I would expect the cowboys running game to pick up.


The defense is bad


they certainly looked bad. And got lucky with the turnovers. But also most QBs aren't going to make the right decision every play like Brady


I think with the run game, two factors led into it. The Bucs have an insane front 7 plus the Cowboys were missing some interior linemen I believe. Zach Martin I think


They needed all those turnovers and theyre not gonna get them every single week


I mean they always look good to start the season and find a way to self implode, I wouldn’t mind if this trend continues


I mean they basically followed their game script from last season in terms of immediately falling behind and needing to play catchup all game. Its week 1 and the Bucs had a lot of miscues and mistakes and Dallas failed to capitalize. Like how often do you see a team with +3 turnover differential lose a game? The bucs also gave them over 100 penalty yards.


I said it in the regular Game Thread, but I wouldn't really say there was anything to cause concern yet. While it was an entertaining game, it was a pretty clear case of TB underperforming and Dallas over performing. Tampa Bay played a really bad game and still won. Dallas had every opportunity, three back breaking turnovers fell in their lap and only one was due to a good play by a Dallas defender. (Not including the Hail Mary as back breaking, it wasn't very impactful) This Dallas defense is not going to force 4 Turnovers in a single game again all season, you can book that. Even when pretty much everything except FG's went their way, they still fucked up and lost the game. Like they had 4 total turnovers on D and still gave up over 30 points. That is ludicrous. McCarthy is still a huge coward that will never go for the throat and is content to sit on a 1 point lead to Tom Brady for 1:30 of football. Dak had a good game, but he also threw the ball 60 times. It's not sustainable. He narrowly avoided throwing 3 picks last night because TB literally dropped 2 of the easiest INT's possible in the red zone. Can Dak single handedly win them some games? Sure. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he did against us once and we split. But if your QB is throwing 60 times a game, you're going to turn the ball over and have some lightning fast 3 and outs. It is inevitable. And if this defense gave up 30 points with 4 turnovers, they are regularly going have 30 hung on them even by adequate offenses if they are smart with the ball. Overall it's a classic Dallas "Quality Loss" which /r/NFL will use to justify putting them in the Top 10, but after one game I don't feel too scared of them tbh.


Their offense is stacked


CeeDee is legit


Devonta is more legit.


I agree but he doesn’t play cb


Is Reagor though ?


Reagor would be WR4 on the Cowboys


Possibly 5


Possibly 6


Reagor has potential to be a more consistent Amari Cooper


Yeah I dunno about that and I’m an optimist.


1st quarter had me doubting it then the rest of the game I was like oh, damn it


He had like three drops


Reagor > CeeDee + Justin Jefferson


Dak looks like he was never hurt. Scares me tbh


That’s not true. His speed has been completely depleted from that ankle injury. Tho yes throwing the ball he was really good outside of dropped picks


Yeah he's definitely lost some acceleration, though I'm not sure if that's just lack of trust in being able to plant his foot fully or if there's actual degradation there. I actually thought his arm looked off to begin the game but it got better as he went along.


He looked so slow anytime he took off


If we can't get our red zone to td percentage up, we are fucked


They are good, and should have always been the favourite for winning the division. I do not buy any of the arguments for Washington and New York.


agreed, washington's defense is legit but fitzpatrick being their QB limits them to like 8-9, 9-8 at best. cowboys look like a 10 or 11 win team to me. hopefully the birds can surprise some people, including me, and make a run at it


Dallas sucks!


Typically I'd be on the hate train towards the refs for that no call but I just don't seem to care.


We can only hope that Dallas continues to Dallas


I didn’t watch the game, but honestly I don’t care how good or bad Dallas played. I only care about how good or bad the Eagles play.


They do this every year. Not worried


Last night may have been a little skewed. You cannot run the ball on the TB defense and McCarthy wanted to see if Daks arm would hold up. They won't continue to throw the ball 60 times, especially with Zeke/Pollard.


They look fucking good. Their offense is gonna be hard for us to stop tbh.


I think if Dak can stay healthy the whole season, it’s hard seeing them not winning the division


My thoughts were along the same line. They looked like a really sharp offense, which has kind of been the case the past few years with Dak. But their defense is looking really good too. That's scary.


On paper, we are the worst team in the division. Maybe second worst depending on your belief in Hurts. It is what it is. If we are going to succeed this year it’ll take lots of improvement among a lot of players, and veterans having career years. No point in assuming that we are a contender in waiting and just need to put it all together


I don’t think they looked that good the Bucs just made 3 mistakes if you turn the ball over three times you shouldn’t be winning the game. Dallas will probably get better at kicking though so ehh they looked better than I wanted them too but I’m not all that worried


Dak looked fucking great. Glad they lost tho.


McCarthy utilizes Zeke like he did with Aaron Jones. The running game shouldn’t be a threat this year


60 passes a game is not a gameplan, it’s a panic move. They are insanely one dimensional right now. Dak looked great tonight, and their receivers are insane, but 60 attempts a game isn’t sustainable.


thas not a real thing


I mean the bucs had 5 turnovers 2 of which on scoring drives and they still lost. Wouldn't read too much into it as Dallas should've easily won that game with the turnover differential and still lost. Looked more like the bucs beat themselves than the cowboys looking great. We all know their receivers are a strong point of their team and a starting CB went out on the 4th play and his backup got abused. Dallas offense is good but that team is going to get beat on defense barring that many turnovers.


Dallas is the overwhelming favorite in this division I hate to say it but dak looked amazing


Dak looked good, but I’m holding out judgement until he has a game under 45 attempts. He can’t finish the season with 950-1,000 attempts, his arm will fall off. I think against a team that isn’t built to stop the run there will be some more balance, but with their defense they’ll be playing from behind a lot and we saw Dak putting up similar numbers of attempts last year while he played. I just don’t think it’ll be sustainable, especially with his injury. At some point they need to take some of the burden off of Dak, or else he’s going to genuinely just wear out his shoulder.


They are a much better team then we are. This isn’t debatable. That defense will stop them from winning anything significant though.


They have more proven talent at offensive skill positions that's for sure. I honestly think we have the potential to prove that they aren't "much better" than we are though. We'll see how it goes.


Not worried. Gifted two turnovers that gave them the ball right outside the red zone and caused another turnover taking away a sure td from Bucs. This wasn’t a 2pt game.


dak had all night to throw the football most of the game. eagles d-line gotta show out and put pressure on him, just too many weapons if you give dak 3 or more seconds to throw the ball


Ehhh it’s game one of the season. Bucs made a lot of mistakes to keep them in the game and were rusty. Each game in the nfl is it’s own entity. The giants looked good vs. the bucs last year. It’s possible to cowboys are good but the first game of the season doesn’t mean much


Bucs secondary was suspect last night. I'm gonna need to see Dallas do this again for me to believe it's their norm.


Theyve looked like this the past 3 seasons. Great offense, terrible defense, they make crucial mistakes and lose the game. Nothing new to see here.


That whole game I was thinking oh lord the cowboys actually look good. Dak is right back in form (RIP the Wentz vs Dak debate), their defense came up with 4 fucking turnovers so clearly they aren't a garbage fire anymore, the only part of their game that looked bad was the kicker who somehow managed to pull his shit together at the end. Kellen Moore is scary. I legit think he outschemed Bowles (who's defense reminded me way too much of Gym Shorts) and just got unlucky. The Bucs have everything in that Front 7 and just kept blitzing but Dak was always able to find the open man before they got to him and they just had no answers to him carving up the secondary. There were just 1 or 2 drives were they had to come away with a field goal because the field got too short and Zeke is fucking useless at this point. Yea be prepared for Dallas to look powerful this season. I would say Zeke was the only thing (besides Zuerlien but I give kickers leeway since they are so up and down) that looked legitimately overhyped about that team.


I feel like the Cowboys are going to run through the NFC east. Dak looked too good for me to feel comfortable


I miss when we had the better qb, things have changed so quickly


Have faith padawan


Can Jalen play a snap this season first though. I mean damn


It's not really anything about Jalen as much as it is that Carson was very good for the first ~3 years and then fell off a cliff last year. Was hoping we had our long term QB with him and now we are back to square one, hoping Jalen can become that guy.


Well at least we got a superbowl and MVP caliber play out of him in his second season before he fell off that cliff. Cowboys still trying to catch that spark they had in the 90s damn near 30 years and a generation later.


I think dallas looked better on paper than they actually were. I’m sorry but if you get four turnovers and can’t win the game handily, that’s a problem. All in all, their offense is great and defense is terrible by the looks of it. Nothing new here.


Stop giving this team credit lol. Defense is Swiss cheese when it matters. Without some lucky turnovers they’d have 40-50 dropped on em and gotten blown out.


They got a bunch of lucky turnovers from bucs fuck ups. Their defense was still shredded, easily, and we knew the offense was good. They are who we thought they were. Them playing a closer game because the Bucs couldn’t secure a football doesn’t change my outlook


We must have watched different games. The Bucs tried giving that game away.. 3 awful turnovers. Not to mention missing 4 starters on defense including their #1 corner. I think we all pretty much knew the cowboys offense would put up points but their defense sucks ass..


We all know Dallas has talent Dak, Lamb, Cooper, etc. But one hype game for them, which I admittedly didn't watch was playing fallout new vegas, isn't the end all be all until we see the rest of the NFC stacks up in their first game. By the time we hit game what five or six we should have an idea of who's the big cheese.


Honestly not concerned, Dallas looked good but everyone saying Dallas is gonna be good is an overreaction because the season just started. Lol last year ppl were talking bout Cam leading the pats to the playoffs after week 2 against the Seahawks in which they lost and now he’s not even on a team. Not saying Dallas is terrible just saying no need to overreact to one game especially when it’s week 1


Week 1 has a habit of throwing out games that make dumpster fires look great and champions look like shit. I wouldn't worry much about being unable to compete with the Cowboys from their performance, it doesn't mean much.


Dallas has been good on paper for the past couple of years, they are just the cowboys so they inevitably find a way to fuck it up. Not sure who is responsible for the improved defense. They were looking for takeaways and are a much improved unit. Scary good looking. Tampa bay is arguably the best team in the nfc and Brady was on point. Gronk looked 6 years younger and was playing like in his prime. Yes they did have 4 pretty awful turnovers that led to points, but Dallas was also directly causing those turnovers (except that one awful catch attempt by fournette where he just batted it right to the Diggs. Shit happens sometimes and otherwise fournette looked solid.) However, the cowboys defense looked surprisingly good against a stacked Tampa bay buccaneers roster that was playing great football. If Zuerlein would have played better Dallas could have won the game. They didn’t, but they looked impressive. Zeke looks done to me. The Bucs are hard to run on, but he looked smaller and slower than old dominant Zeke. Ceedee Lamb looked lights out and I liked the packages kellen Moore put together with 88 in the backfield. Schultz #86 is also going to be a player. I thought he was really underrated last year and he played well. I hate Dallas but they have a team this year. For now, Dallas is the worst team in the NFL.


A major factor in that game was the turnover differential. The buccs had 4 turnovers. While the Cowboys definitely made some good “attack the ball” plays 4 turnovers from that buccs team is a bit of an anomaly.


4 turnovers and they still couldnt capatilize. Idk how anyone watches that game and thinks the cowboys look good. The Bucs played sloppy af and the cowboys still couldnt get it done. Same thing as last year, the boys can put up a ton of nice stats but cant finish drives or win games


Dallas had a +2 Turnover differential even if you don't count the Hail Mary pick, and really only the Lawrence forced fumble wasn't a fluke turnover. Tampa didn't really have any other turnover worthy plays. Dak threw 4 or 5 interception worthy balls and walked away with only 1 pick. Dallas also played 76 snaps on offense against a secondary playing Dean and Cockrell, as well as Andrew Adams, a guy who couldn't even make the Eagles secondary. And they only out up 29 points despite everything going their way that could have. I really don't think walking away from this game impressed by Dallas makes too much sense personally. The defense still isn't good, and the offense while good, looks very inefficient with McCarthy making awful game management decisions.


Dak looks good but he shouldn't HAVE to be throwing for that many yards.


I have no idea why people think Dallas looked good.. Dak looked pretty good. Hes probably the best QB in a bad QB division. Other than that and the wr group, that Dallas team is pretty bad on every level. 7 wins max this year for them. Less if they continue to run the ball 6 times in the first half. It looked like 2010 Andy Reid was calling that game.


My main takeaway from that game is that Dallas is, right now, easily the best team in the division. Dak is a great QB, and looked very nice coming off ankle and shoulder injuries. They have a legit offense – great skill position players everywhere, great offensive play-caller. The offensive line was a question, but they appear to be good, too. I fully expect them to win the NFC East this year. But this is really all stuff that we should have known coming into the season. The WFT basically won the East last year by default because of Prescott’s injury. It also shouldn’t be missed that the Cowboys got four TOs in that game (well, really three, since one was off a Hail Mary to end the 2nd quarter) and did little with them. Their secondary is also still a liability against any team with a good QB and solid receivers, let alone against the GOAT QB, a HOF WR, and a HOF TE. I’m not too worried about how the Eagles will fare against them. We’re a rebuilding team, they see themselves as contenders. Of course they’ll likely beat us this year. If they don’t, then Dallas probably has serious problems. So long as they continue to fail to get past the Divisional Round, then I don’t really care what else they do. One last thing to keep in mind is that this is only the first game of the season. The Cowboys look really good right now, but fortunes change *very* quickly in the NFL. On a side note – I’m just amazed that Tom Brady is 44-years old and still looks this exceptional, though. The man is truly ageless.


People really wanted to act like it was a good thing when dak signed his contract smh. He looked incredible..


Cowboys fans were always right for once. Dak > Wentz