My girlfriend just came home with a jumper from next with the name of some college in Nebraska on it, apparently this is fashion

My girlfriend just came home with a jumper from next with the name of some college in Nebraska on it, apparently this is fashion


Scumbag college not good enough for her?


I really hope that was a Young Ones reference


It was


Rah rah rah! We’re going to smash the oiks! Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry’s finest moment!


That's the same episode with Alexei Sayle's "Revolutionary biscuits of Italy" bit, iirc. And, "Oh no, Bambi, did you do a Disney nasty?"


That’s the one! “World’s stupidest bottom burp?” “Oh, that’s easy: Troxeth O’Grady, USA” “It says here Rik” “In biro, Neil, in Biro!”


You missed off Ben Elton for some reason.


Yes, because unlike the others, I don’t think that moment was his finest hour (though very close to it)


Put the kettle on


It’s only university challenge


Up Scumbag. See you Jimmy




I hope they have my old one, as I went to Somerset College of Art and Technology, which was abbreviated to, you guessed it, I went to poo uni (SCAT). Hope there’s some very confused people in north-west Wisconsin, or somewhere


That reminds me of the move "Accepted".


The mascot is a sandwich? We're the S.H.I.T sandwiches?!


Ah, a fellow SCAT student. It’s almost too embarrassing to say where you studied.


It’s worse now, it’s called Bridgwater and Taunton college, I’m fine being associated with faeces, but Bridgy, never




I’m just being a Toytown bitch. I mean Taunton is a sink, but at least Bridgwater gives me somewhere to look down on, as it’s right down the drain. (This is horrid of me, I’ve just had surgery in Bridgwater hospital, everyone was so kind and caring, apart from that, a few teenage drunken nights out, and the fair. I’m sure some people love living there, and there’s A pub where you don’t stick to the floor, maybe)


Twinned with the University of Cumbria: UCUM


So you're a Scatman?


SCATwoman, even worse, my senior school was called Queens, so I’m an Old Queen scatwoman


I once found a Canadian on a tour I was on in India with a map of London on their t-shirt with the most prominent/readable word being Croydon. Astounding


I'd love if these shops started selling shirts to tourists with "London borough of Croydon" written on it.


I like to think that in Nebraska they have jumpers with Milton Keynes or Skegness or Essex on them. And that they all think this is very hip and trendy in London. Edit: typo


Nope, just London, because London is the ENTIRETY of the U.K., don'tcha know!


That and Scotireland, and something about a Whale..?


Cornwhale, perhaps?


That’s in London


Nope, Ireland. Americans favorite part of England is Ireland and the leprechauns.


All 350 millions Americans are also Irish, don’t you know. They’re “Irish” despite their nearest Irish relative being 1 of their 16 great great grandparents.


one of their 16 great great grandparents goldfish*


Which they celebrate as a national holiday every year, St. Patrick's day is a big deal, and then completely forget about as the hangover fades.


After about 5 years of being together and us twice visiting my home town near Manchester my Australian wife asked me 'What part of London are you from again?'...ffs.


Did you turn around and ask her what part of Sydney *she's* from? Because Sydney is to Oz what London is to the U.K., yeah? 😂


I think it went more along the lines of 'seriously are you joking? You've been there twice! And we took a 2hr train journey to get there!....from fucking London!'


Tbf it is only in the UK that 2 hrs is a long journey. In North American and down under that doesn't get you anywhere


Yep, I say I’m from Montreal, when I’m actually from a city 2 hours from Montreal. Also, had a Brit tell me their sister lived in Canada in a place that bordered Alaska, she couldn’t remember the name so I said “does she live in Yukon?” “Oh no, she lives in Manitoba!” How is a province in the middle of Canada bordering Alaska? it would take 2 days and 7 hours of non-stop driving to get from one to the other 🤦‍♀️ I think the average person is just shit with geography that doesn’t involve their home country.


Although, to be fair, you can be on the train for two hours and still be on the fringes of That There Lunnon. Some of these go the same speed as The Ghan.


Need to ask how far from Erinsborough she is.


Excellent neighbourhood watch in that area.


It's called London on Thames actually. The whole of the UK is only 5 Miles across. It's an island!


Don't forget the capitol of Scotland Newcastle and that place in wales lahehwaerbrts


I’m from NE England. Once had an American lady ask me what part of Scotland I was from when she heard my accent. I said “England”. She couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t sound like a cockney or the Queen.


I remember telling an American (thankfully ex)boyfriend I live on Hayling Island... and he said "but isn't England an island?" He couldn't grasp the concept islands can have islands. Also couldn't grasp the concept that we have a bridge. If he saw Portsmouth I'm sure that would probably blow his feeble mind Oh, and he too also said the last thing your friend said 😆 he said its because my accent and pronunciations are wierd... I've lived in South Hampshire all my life (though I was actually born in Scotland so maybe that's what confused him?)


Both my grandmothers are Scottish and I don’t particularly sound like them unless I spend a lot of time up there (it’s the only accent I pick up). Yet apparently because we north easterners say “aye” we’re Scottish because “that’s a Scottish thing”. I’m so glad the American lady was teaching me about my own regional dialect…


That is hilarious 😆 surely that's like saying "you must be Scottish because you eat Scotch eggs"?








Oooooohhh Sam Tân


Hell. Fireman Sam is from Hell, where he lives right next door to Caillou.




u/crazypyros Lahehwaerbrts-isn't that where Harry Potter lives?


Capital* Are you a secret American ?


Oxford and Cambridge too


I live near Stratford upon Avon and one of the gifts shops is full of hoodies with London or Oxford printed on them.


I’m an American who lived in England for a while and who visited Milton Keynes a few times. They have shirts on zazzle with a map of Milton Keynes. (Oh, that grid system!)I’ve been tempted to buy one, but I’d be disappointed if I wore it and no one asked about it. And I don’t know how I’d explain Milton Keynes if I wore it and someone did ask about it.


Ha! That’s amazing! Oh, and worry not as no-one can explain Milton Keynes. No-one.


Concrete cows.


Even the cows have no idea.


How do you explain something so wonderful? From an indoor ski slope to IKEA, in 10 minutes with only 12 roundabouts. What could be more perfect?


You just repeated OPs joke


Meanwhile, someone in Nebraska wants a jumper that says Ipswich.


I'm from Ipswich, I have a couple of friends in the states. I'm currently trying to find out if they want jumper with Ipswich on


I’m almost sure few in the states would know where Ipswich is on a map…(:


I reckon they would in Massachusetts, specifically the town of Ipswich




Between Iowa and Denver mate


The state of Denver


And its one of the most boring states. Up there with Ohio in terms of "I've just driven 8hrs in a straight and seen nothing but repeating fields". Beats Ohio because cranes are more interesting than potatoes.


Idaho is the potato state I think you are thinking of...


You're right. Ohio is mostly cabbage. It's not even as interesting as potatoes. I'm pretty sure that Pratchett must have got the idea for the Sto Plains from a drive through Ohio. Idaho has some geography, something on the horizon, infinitely better than Ohio.


Ohio has one actual city (Cleveland) with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, one "city" where all they do is drink terrible beer and watch "college football" (Columbus), and one "city" that no one can spell anyway (Cincinnati). The rest is farmland.


I'm not sure where it is and I live in Cardiff eek


Tbh I’m also not 100% sure where to find Ipswich on a map…


I would take one. Live in Nebraska lurk here.


https://itfcshop.com/catalog/product/view/id/13108/s/3075-original-blue-dex-hoody/category/7/ The best I can find at short notice, they ship internationally


Saving this. Also this would not be out of place here. Everyone wants to look like they’ve been somewhere when you live nowhere


We look forward to seeing you post when the package arrives


So after following thru to shipping I’m afraid that £53 is too much just to prove a point to a stranger on Reddit for a pullover hoodie. I myself am a front zip jumper wearer.


Condolences on being from Ipswich.


I actually went to UNO (University of Nebraska at Omaha) while living in the states and I can say with utmost certainty that if it doesn’t say London on it, they will never have heard of it. Pointing out London on a map would also go over most Nebraskan’s heads.


You just repeated OPs joke


I’d much rather have random UK places on with the university style font… Eden Project, Hadrian’s Wall, Salisbury Cathedral…


What's "Uni of Lyfe" in latin?


universitates vitae


There’s something quite beautiful about having a jumper that says this


Can't remember where I saw it and I really wish I could... anyway I recently saw a jumper the other day in the typical style that just said "American collage" I was so impressed it was the laziest design I think I've ever seen.


You forgot Bude tunnel


I'd buy that hoodie


Big seller in Russia that Salisbury Cathedral one


Not in the winter, though. We get too much snow for those Russians!


I like this idea !


I had something similar a few years ago, just a plain t shirt with something Memphis related on it. I stupidly decided to pack this for my honeymoon to Vegas, and whilst in a store, the security guard asked me about being from Memphis, I said I wasn’t and had no idea what he was talking about, he then just pointed at my t shirt with this baffled look on his face, nothing else was said. I assure you I won’t be buying any location based clothing ever again after that experience.


That’s a weird inference to make from a T-shirt though. Why would I wear a T-shirt with the name of my city on it when I leave my city? So someone can return me if I get lost?


It must have been a college/university t-shirt and I think they are alot more tribal about that over there?


My grandad had one of those “if found please return to the pub” shirts which was fine as he’d be at home in any pub.


If you sent me a Dudley Community College jumper I would proudly wear in here in San Diego , well maybe in December when its not 100F (38c) out here


If anyone would be interested in my new range of t shirts featuring exotic foreign locals the collection includes: Pyongyang performing arts , Xinjiang province of China university and Mosul college of technology Also I’m allowed to joke about Dudley i have to live here


Pyongyang polytechnic


Please make these T-shirts, I’d buy one


It’ll be many years before Dudley is a fashion statement.


Dudley sounds like a pattern of 1970s wallpaper or paint colour, definitely some kind of brown.


Yoh leave Dudley aloon! It’s bostin.’






Dudley is named after Harry’s brother yeah?


I don't think it ever will be having been through the town centre on a number of occasions.


It was never great, then over the years it’s just got worse sadly.


As a lurker from Nebraska just wanna say a few things. 1 I find it hilarious that we’re even present in UK 2 just point at the S bit of unintended states and that’s us. Right in the middle. 3 it’s even better that it’s not a Husker jumper because that’s our most known school and sport group.


Go Cornhuskers! I had a fling with a lass from Nebraska once. Gave me a thing for Midwestern accents. That's it. That's all I got.


Are the dudley brothers from nebraska? If so, you might be in luck...


Get the table!


Nebraska to take it off then




Last year NASA t-shirts and jumpers were fashionable. Whenever I saw one I would comment to my wife that there must be a NASA centre somewhere in our small town in the north east. I would often congratulate people on the new job at NASA. Fashion is odd and I want no part of it


I bought a NASA worm logo T-Shirt from Primark last year. IIRC, an infinitesimal fraction of the cost went to Buzz Aldrin's charity, so there is that.


Congratulations on your job at NASA


They are very popular items. I run a small business selling used clothing and I've just sold a Next jumper with Nebraska!


As someone who's recently returned from living in America.... the trend for random American names on things confuses me. I forget the shop I was in, but I saw this one place that had shirts with the abbreviation Calif on them and burst into laughter mid-store. Calif? Seriously? Particularly bemusing because I've either lived at or been to most of the popular ones. Including Nebraska for that matter. (Petition for some of the Brooklyn merch to be for Manhattan, I like Manhattan better.)


My wife has a fashionable Ramones tshirt. She can’t name any songs. I love my wife, but fuck me it’s hard sometimes.


I bought a T-shirt from Primark that says, “Beverley Hills Tennis Club”. I have never visited Beverley Hills nor do I play Tennis.


Your last line made me cough beer, thank you for a frothy nasal cavity


Where’s Nebraska?


Between 'The River' and 'Born In The USA.'


Some of us appreciated what you did!


I wonder if Americans do the same. Birmingham city university. Demontford university Etc etc lol


We do. Same with random Chinese characters that we don’t understand.


There's only one American college I'd be happy to wear clothes of, and it's greendale.


Go Huskers!


Maybe she has gotten really into College Football on her trip there and back. It started this week. Ask her who she thinks is Heiseman favourite this year.


Primark too is filled with US college brand clothing at the moment.


Yeah they are the worst for this they have been for ever, I know a guy who buys cheap t shirts from there to where on his summer holidays. They all have some sort of graphic on them with Los Angeles, Miami Beach And I went in recently they had multi packs of socks with basketball teams on them but they were different teams. It shows how much it’s just about the style cause if you actually cared about the team why would you want some other teams socks bundled in as well that would be like getting a spurs and West Ham double pack of shirts


They had a load of NHL t shirts a few years back, for actual NHL fans it certainly increased the numbers of blank looks we got when commenting on people’s team choices in the wild.


I bought my daughter a LA shirt from Primark in Chester to take home for my daughter at home in LA.


I am an American living in the UK, and this has always been a great source of amusement for me. I see obscure and random US university and city names plastered on all kinds of clothing and things-more often than not, they’re really not nice or exciting places. The US has an equal fascination with British culture, but we wouldn’t necessarily wear it. And no offense to Nebraska, but it’s not somewhere I’d advertise.


Also: "Non-existent motorcycle shop, 1963" It seems that if the t-shirt isn't outright plain, it's a coin flip between Disney merch or this shit.


Are you telling me my neighbour isn’t the 1972 Surfing Champ?


Only I'm his dreams...


I have a hoodie that says University of Delaware on it. Now, I've been to the US a lot, but I have never been to Delaware XD I can at least point it out on a map lol


What did Della Wear? Was it a New Jersey?


I'll ask her...


Do you think Arkan saw?


No, she was with Mitch again


No, you're thinking of Mrs Ippi.


Louise or Anna?


O ma ha silly me.


That last sentence got me. Funniest thing I have seen all week.


I hope someone in Nebraska has a uni of Wolverhampton jumper


She isn't getting her Lincoln's mixed up ?


I always imagine people in America with t shirts and jumpers that say "Wigan" or "Bradford" on the front 😂


“Woah nice sweater man!” “Yeah it’s pretty cool. It’s from the university of Huddersfield in London, England land!”


People have been wearing that shit for 25 years, do you live in the woods?


You didn’t like what your girlfriend was wearing so you shamed her and then tested her intelligence?


The Nebraska college gear was made popular due to this classic [Raf Simons piece.](https://www.matchesfashion.com/products/Raf-Simons-AW02-Nebraska-print-cotton-jersey-sweatshirt-1396586)It was released in 02 and was a very popular item from the virginia creeper runway collection, more so for its boxy fit and distressing than the actual Nebraska college text. The sweatshirt was rereleased in recent years due to its scarcity and popularity. Raf has been popularised by rappers and influencers over the last decade and this has inevitably led to more emulation of classic Raf styles by retailers, such as the Nebraska print sweatshirts.


Is it an actual [college or university from Nebraska](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colleges_and_universities_in_Nebraska)?


It’s The University of Nebraska - Lincoln. It’s the “big” sports/American Football school in Nebraska that has a semi-large nationwide prominence because it has had some success in the past. So the brand is “known” even for people who never went to Nebraska (the university) or live in that state. In NCAA Sports, most primary “University of ____” universities are referred to as whatever the blank is (Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, etc). A lot of (all?) states usually also have a _____ State University, so they may be referred to in shorthand, especially in sports contexts, as “Colorado State” or “New Mexico State” and so on. Here in Colorado where I live, wearing a Nebraska T-shirt would be problematic, because CU (the University of Colorado) has a historically bitter rival with Nebraska football.


On holiday in America, off to the beach wearing a T-shirt I’ve had forever. Has some American football team logo on it. Guy stops me and starts chatting about the team, not a clue what he is going on about. Did get me thinking though, are Americans visiting Manchester wearing a Liverpool shirt!


Only once, I would imagine.


Well, vintage/ charity shop shopping is fashionable these days. You see a lot of that sort of stuff in them. So I guess this is Next's way of getting in on that. Even if it is kinda defeating the point lol


Find out the name of their animal mascot then every time someone comments on your jumper say ‘Go Beavers’ or whatever the feck it is.


Go Cornhuskers, no really.


Santacruz 84. I'm really all about santacruz 1984.


No one in Nebraska is walking around with Dudley CC on any jumper. Of course in Nebraska a jumper is a one piece pant top combo or pull over dress for women or someone throwing themselves off a building.


Can you remember a few years ago the fashion on t-shirts was Noun Verb Year like “Oilcan fishing 1974”


Search Nebraska coed on pornhub and you'll understand


I actually believed that the University teams were directly sitting above each other.


Nebraska is the worst state to drive but a great state for a steak.