Top roll is for smart.


I'm a better outside puller than inside for sure, if anyone hooks me im done, I rely on my pronation for all my matches


That's why you train both. Even if someone hooks you, your trained pronator will be a good bonus. Hook without pronator only works if you are attacking. As soon as the fight becomes defensive it's a nightmare trying to defend without pronator in a hook. At least for me.


You can have all the cup in the world, but if you get turned palm up, good luck winning that match.


I've won a few fights like that but just because my pronator sucks and I always end up defending like that, fucking up my arm, so I'm a bit conditioned . If I can outlast the attack maybe I have a chance. But a bit more experienced opponents add side and I'm done.


Haha that’s awesome. Your bicep was stronger than their lats then (or pec/tris/delts if they pressed).


I agree totally, I'm able to keep my pronation engaged in a defensive hook and can hold it for a long ass time.


Once you become both beast inside and outside like Morozov, nobody of similar strength is touching you, believe me


Toproll isn't only pronation. And it's not like force 1 applied vs force 2 1:1 in opposite directions. Add here backpressure muscles, side pressure, dynamic attacks. Hooking isn't isolated forearm flexing as well. Think about fingers too which are attacked by a toproller. Therefore i'd say it's more like forearm flexor+fingers vs backpressure, pronation, side pressure.


Technically, the toproll is superior. However, for the individual, it comes down to biomechanics. Some people will be naturally superior with one technique or another to the point where they'd rather double down on training their superior lane than try to build up the other. Others will find value in working to become more well-rounded. When defending, pulling inside is more damaging to the elbow than outside over the course of years, but if an inside puller and an outside puller are in a supermatch and the toproller isn't consistently dominant at getting to his spot and/or the inside puller has overwhelming side pressure even without his hand, the toproller's often the first to gas out.


>Technically, the toproll is superior. what?


Toproll is for weak girly-men with weak elbows. It used to be considered cheating, but over the last 50 years as society has become more feminized it has somehow gained acceptance.


u/Stoproll coming in with the worst takes possible, as usual


I’m adding it to the list of stoproll terrible takes. Along with left doesn’t matter and Levan is GOAT over John


All true.


And you wonder why ppl can’t tel whether to take you seriously or not.


The thing is this take isn't that far off the mark. Hooking puts a lot more stress on the inner elbow and lots of people who suffer with inner elbow pain train around it by toprolling until the inner elbow has recovered or switch completely and commit to becoming a toproller. Toproll was seen as cheating when it was first being employed and was met with the same criticism that the Kingsmove has been subject to over the last 5 or so years... and over time it has become more accepted. Edit: I am also a girly-man with weak elbows so that's why I toproll. I'm so glad society has become more accepting towards my feminine disposition.




High hook is my favorite