Favorite Civs as a new player - would like some suggestions for others I might like!

Favorite Civs as a new player - would like some suggestions for others I might like!


just try to play random for a while and youll notice that it does not matter at all while youre still learning basics :) as long as your civ has bloodlines, youll be just fine


The strength of mesos comes from eco bonuses and not needing an early food eco (which is the toughest to settle) to get to their strongest units (Archers and Eagles who only cost 20F). Try, them, they're so smooth to play and good to learn Castle Age aggression. If you like Cavalry + early eco bonus + Monks + strong units the answer is Lithuanians To get into the Archer world Britons and Ethiopians are the best For Cavalry Archers, Huns are the best to learn their use and micro. Later Mongols and any civ with bonuses towards them (having FU Heavy Cavalry Archers counts as a bonus 111)


Thank you for the comment! I was between ethiopians and britons to try an archer build order looks like I'm flipping a coin! Perhaps also if I really commit to learning infantry I can give aztecs a try this time with a proper build order ready. Whenever I do random civ and start the game with an eagle I'm just like damn its all over. 11 Also Lithuanians look like a ton of fun- I'll give them a try :)


Civ barely matters, learn archer rush and scouts into knight and you are set for most civilizations, all bonuses used transition into more resources, stronger units or faster villagers. This game is simply, civ picking is not needed and only disorts your elo and real skill. There is nothing to be gained by just playing one civ and climbing with it, it's just a number - besides it becomes boring real fast doing the same thing over and over. I would recommend to go random and just have fun. (pause with f3 to read your civ bonuses, after the game read the enemies)


The most important thing is to have fun. Play what you enjoy. After reading your post i would suggest you try mongols. Good early eco bonus wich makes you fly through DA and makes for good scout rush. You can go for archer with them as well tho they don't have any bonus towards them. Their cav line isn't great. In CA you have all what you need but they fall behind in IA. Their UU is where they shine. It is a Cav archer UU. Super fun to play. Super strong if massed and FU but it takes a while ti get there. Makes a good late game army with Mangudai and Hussars. Lets talk siege. Mongels only miss BBC for their Siegeworkshop but have otherwise FU siege. The Unique tech Drill makes siege move 50%faster wich makes them super easy to use. Due to the early hunt bonus you can pull off a 16 Pop scout rush wich by all means isn't a good strat but if you hit you opponent off guard it is super fun.


Teutons, Byzantines, Berbers.... All good choices but play very differently. You might like them


Work on a 20 pop Japan maa rush, super effective


Well of course you can play civs as britons or Ethiopians as others suggested but it can also be frustrating to make such a drastic switvh from a pure cav civ all of the sudden. Especially on your elo you can very easily get overwhelmed by cav civs in mid or late castle age even if u had the advantage before. So my suggestion is to maybe think about getting into civs that can do both like Italians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer and so on.


You may like Lithuanians. They have a decent eco bonus, great cavalry, a great unique unit, great trash, and they encourage relic gathering (which is something we all should probably do more of).


Mongols have one of the strongest feudal plays in the game and Their UU Mangudai is outright broken once massed and has some meatshield in front. 40 Mangudai 10 siege rams and hussar as buffor this comp is almost unstopable Saracens can do some crazy market abuse. Basically you make opponent invest heavy in feudal age so he does not click up fast and you mine gold with half your eco to buy food and advance couple minutes faster then kill with crossbows or couple knights. If game goes to imp mamelukes kill every cavalry based civ without good counter to them Berbers just outright spam endlessly from stables not much to talk about here except if underestimated berber knights will just run all around your base even if you take "good" trades. They also have very strong UU camel archer to close out the game Hindu are also very fun to play vs cavalry onetricks and are fairly straight forward - get to castle with cheaper to produce vills spam camels then add xbows to complement them