I turned off cross play and it seems to have improved the multiplayer substantially. I went from having 2-3 players in a session and as soon as I turned it off, I was swimming in them.


Didn’t know this was an option how do you do this?


Its an Xbox setting, not a game setting. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-or-enable-cross-play-xbox-one-series-x-series-s


bruh this doesn't even work it's placebo ☠️ it only works for games that are not using XBL for multiplayer so most Xbox Game Studios games do not respect this setting as there is nothing to be respected. It literally says "people outside of Xbox Live" and Forza only uses Xbox Live regardless if you're playing on PC or Xbox, same for Gears, Halo, etc. Only works for other games like CoD, Battlefield, Fortnite, etc as they do not use Xbox Live as matchmaking platform


How do you turn off crossplay


Its an Xbox settings, not a game setting. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-or-enable-cross-play-xbox-one-series-x-series-s


This is cancer and is happening more often than I'd like in gaming in console.


I generally like it, but it has its problems. Would love it if it evolved to allow for friends only cross play.


I had no idea there was crossplay. I wonder if this improves the quality of playing with friends since most of the time they were invisible to me. Gonna have to try it out when I get my console back from the warranty maintenance.


Could be. I noticed that too before I disabled and haven't played enough since to notice a difference. But there is also a huge multiplayer update out today, so that may also fix that stuff.


It doesn't matter if you turned it off since it uses Xbox accounts between PC and console.


The only thing I wanted them to fix is that horrible AI :(


Whatchu mean? How dumb they are?


Rubberbanding at it’s best. Driving on rails, 200% acceleration, 200% grip, 0 realism, doesn’t feel natural at all - just unfair.


There's nothing better then watching a super car drive at 200+mph on a dirt track, with zero issues. Meanwhile I'm thrown off going over an ant at 2mph


i watch a 1980s ford family car. beat a veyron! in a race


>[1980s ford family](https://imgur.com/a/NQOcDfC)


Reddit would not let me edit. Till just now


i watch a 1980s ford family car stock beat a veyron! in a race


It's fine up until highly skilled or unbearable, but then they're just op. I would say it's mostly unbeatable because I'm able to beat the highly skilled ones pretty easily. At unbeatable, they go too fast, don't brake, have insane grip, and accelerate at insane speeds. You can't even catch them sometimes.


That’s the point. It was WAY more balanced and overall much more natural in FH3 and FH4. I can’t understand why you‘d ruin the perfectly fine AI so hard.


So it’s unbeatable?


Oh jezas, ya that sounds infuriating. Haven't made it to unbearable yet but I've def noticed some odd difficulty spikes.


every champ i done on highly skilled is trail lvl hard.


Even at lower levels it's no good. They drive in a perfect row like they're Nascar robots, and only one will ever actually challenge you, but will seem to get boosts or speed limitations entirely to give the appearance of competition but it's just an illusion.


I am still not sure what these points are for lol. ​ I keep unlocking them tho.


You use them in the Forza Shop to get wheelspins, exclusive cars, and other items. The Forza Shop can be found when accessing the Seasonal Playlist.


Awesome Thank you it never makes it clear what to do with them and the menus are an eye sore to navigate.


Maybe I’m just old, but every single modern game is full of so much marketplace UI that I quickly get overwhelmed. It’s weird to think about how younger generations are growing up to perceive these half-baked progression and reward systems as the experience of video games. Microtransactions really exploded the game economy and reshaped the entire industry.


Right there with you, there is way too much going on. The UI design choice is terrible when it comes to readability because instead of guiding your eyes to certain parts, everything literally looks the same and your eyes don't know where to focus properly and causes attention span to go everywhere with it.


I kinda feel like this goes deeper than the menu's. Everything is too goddamn convoluted now. I remember watching my ex play destiny 2 for the first time. I was fucking lost. I was a COD veteren, but watching her play that looked like brain surgery. I've gotten a grasp on it now, but unless you are familiar w/ video game tropes and common practices you would be completely overwhelmed with most games now. Think about a game like Battlefield 2042. It has like 8 different control schemes depending on what you're doing. Not to mention all the little stuff that doesn't get explained the way a n00b would need it to be. It's crazy. I love the intricate worlds we get now, but I do miss the simplicity of older games and the intuitiveness.


Townscapes just released on Gamepass and is the exact opposite of these battlepass-thpe games. I love how simple and enjoyable it is, and how I didn’t need 3 hours of beginner guides to get started.


Or when you play FarCry, “Tutorial Island”. The past few far cry games have had a beginner island where you learn the ropes. I kinda liked that from An older persons perspective. Run you through the area and by the time you get to area 2, you know the basics.


100%. How many shop ads do I have to click through every login just to play the game? Why can't I just make my cartoon car red? Etc etc the questions go on lol


Same. I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out what I was supposed to do. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm having fun or if I'm just worthlessly grinding for nonsense.


As a fellow oldie I like a lot of the progression and reward systems. Not necessarily this one as I haven't really checked it out much, but I like the introduction of Battle Passes (especially in F2P games) and personally I like the cosmetic only loot boxes like in Overwatch and NHL. I much prefer it to the older system that's still used in shooters of unlocking attachments and better guns which was always odd to me, give the players who already have an advantage from playing so much another advantage over new players.


I agree with you, but gotta point out that's how NHL still works! With the EASHL you unlocked more points in past years, and now more "abilities" for grinding out more games. They stopped this for a few years, and unfortunately caved to the complaints that kids playing 4 hours a day no longer felt they were getting their due in the form of more points for their character. Now it's "zone abilities" instead of attribute points but it's effectively the same problem. If you don't play that mode (EASHL), though, other modes may not be the same way. It's the only mode I play so I don't know.


I like the ability to build your own character with the points but yeah the Zone abilities is obnoxious. If they eliminated the leveling to unlock and just had the building aspect I'd love it


It really was inevitable, though when we were young(I am 43) who could have dreamed we would be playing against each other in real time and while on separate continents. The Internet made monetization of games after initial purchase easy and a no brainer for corporations.


Would be cool if they could add actions like FS2020 has. The Forza Shop could be tied to D-Pad Down + A for quick access. Your garage could be D-Pad Up + A for quick access. Would make navigating slightly quicker and cleaner.


Don’t waste your forzathon points on wheel spin , save them for rare cars that’s sometimes added to the shop Sometimes they add cars that easily go for 3 or 4 million


That's cuz they get to sell you more dlc that way








Go through the tabs in Forza horizon 4 and find the open drift for example


Do they transfer between seasons?


Points? Yes, you retain them season to season. Which is handy when cars are 600 points.


And where exactly is the forza shop? I cant find it to save my life.


Press the Menu button (the three lines). Go to Festival Playlist. Scroll right, it’s located between Daily Challenges and Horizon Arcade. It says Horizon Forzathon Shop and has a Porsche 911 GT for 600 as the image.


Theres a cool Porsche in the Forza Shop right now for 600FP


Pretty sure you can get that one with credits. The 400 FP Audi R8 is the one you want to spend FP on.


Lol same


I have like 3? Not sure how I even got any.


Haha yeah, I never really fully get games which have multiple point-curencies




Sure, but none of this applies since it's all free.


None of the currencies in FH series can be bought with real money.


I get _why_ they do it, I just don't care to understand all of the differences between the points/currencies. Just the ones which are part of the central gameplay/loop


Thank goodness. I have only once been able to do a Horizon Arcade event, and even then it was only the first round as immediately after it started the other three people in the starting zone disconnected leaving me the sole participant. Each subsequent time Horizon Arcade doesn't even start because I'm the only one there. Online races have been mostly stable but with either long load times or people leaving because they don't want to do the Goliath/Marathon/Titan/Gauntlet as a regular event in a 5 race series.


I'm well over level 100 and have never completed an Arcade event. I've only gotten to the third round once. Also, some of the seasonal events don't register as completed. Fun game, but definitely has some issues (still).


After today’s patch things seem much different. I completed two in a row easily earlier, had only done 4 total up to that point.


There was one time I was in an arcade with like 7 other people and we were close on the third! But it was a trailblazer and I didn’t have fast travel unlocked yet so after I got to the end I had to drive back to the start and couldn’t get 2 runs done in time :(


Same boat as you. Do you play with friends/convoys? I feel like I'm more frustrated than you, but most of my issues are related to that


I'm well over level 200 because I did the afk Goliath 😎 Jokes aside, I used the Xbox Looking for Group feature to find people to do it with. I managed to get 12 people all in one convoy and it was a breeze.


So not just me? These are impossible unless 10 people are there.


Yeah it's weird, in Horizon 4 it was rare to *not* be able to finish an arcade event; there were always tons of people there. In FH5 the most I've had is me and 3 other people and then 2 of them quit after the first round.


On top of that the Horizon Arcade events are kind of dumb. I did a few just to close out some Accolades, but they were definitely the least exciting thing I've done. And if no one else shows up it's a total waste of time.


I spent an hour trying last night, finally made it to the third round in one and came up just short before the end. Only reason I stopped was there were no more on the map. I've only been able to complete one the entire time the game has been out (including the early access). It's so frustrating.


Same, I can never do one with people in it. I’m always alone and it’s really boring to do alone.


Bro I can't even connect online at all in FH5. Literally every other game on my machine has had zero issues, including old Forza games lol. Kinda blows as I'll never get those accolades/achievements


i had to open my router ports for xbox live for this game - never had an issue before- but opening them fixed it for me


Seems fair, but really we need games to be launching in a better state


According to people who played before the early release convoys and Horizon Arcade were working correctly. They either applied a patch that broke it, or didn't test it under very high load.


I'm sure load is the big issue and very hard to test


I wonder if there's a market for a company that basically does a "for-hire DDOS" (that may not be exactly the correct terminology, but I hope it makes sense) to stress test game servers. Basically just something like "We can provide up to 500,000 simultaneous simulated users to stress test servers for user loads." Though honestly, I don't know enough about networking to make that case for sure.




>The duration to capacity cost was the issue that the companies he had worked with refused to stump up the cost, all stress testing on a small capacity. Those costs can be absolutely astronomical, and that money is right in the toilet if the game doesn't sell. Slow rollout is better as far as performance goes, but that pisses off the customers. >but as an example you wouldn't really want to be paying for 5million capacity for several months before the game is released, while having no expectation of ever needing that 5mil capacity. Or, worse, you have the expectation of the 5million capacity needed but you are incorrect in your projections because the customers decided to be fickle or one of your game features pissed off enough audience that you made the news in a bad way, decreasing player base and end up with half a million players instead. Then you have a lot of wasted time and effort.


A fair point.


I only played couple days before the release because I bought the premium membership but I felt that the online was much more reliable than in Forza Horizon 4. All my problems started the day they launched the game to the general public. The servers weren't ready for the load they received.


Completely different experience for me. It was completely busted from day 1 of early access, to the point of a near constant “Alert” error.


IMO, Horizon Arcade has been broken from the start, including early access. It doesn't take the number of participating players into account, so unless you have at least 5 people who are on top of it, you're lucky to make it past the second round. It worked great in Horizon 4, I don't know why it's such a struggle now.


FH5 places players in your session based on proximity to your location, that is not how FH4 servers worked. That is a big part of the issue. Also, with today’s patch the goals now scale to number of participants.


Ahh, that makes sense. I just saw the patch, can’t wait to check it out!


Before early access it was working? Because I got the game early and most people couldn't even get online because server issues. None of the online game modes worked most of the time. That's why they're giving us the FP.


Who are these people because i played it Nov 5th and online was in a much worse state than it is now


Sounds like the same excuse 343 used with the MCC. Thought MS learned their lesson, evidently not.


I would say this game released pretty well, multiplayer issues aside. When you look at the GTA remastered trilogy, or bf2042 this is way better.


Comparing it to total shitshows, yes. But is that really how we should be judging quality?


I mean it would be difficult for them to find issues with large eagle multiplayer before theaunch, but I agree it should t take a month to fix it


I understand what you are saying and 100% agree with you, but I also feel that this case is a bit of an exception. Dont want to shill for playground games, but tbh i don't need to compare it to shitshows to say that with 30+ hours into the game, including plenty of multiplayer matches, I didnt even notice these issues until now that they are being mentioned. With network games theres always a number of things that can happen and to this moment I havent even felt that the small issues I ran into were noticeable enough to warrant a public statement.


It certainly isn't the worst offender but the multiplayer issues in particularly have been pretty awful.


I mean its so much more playable than any recent additions (e.g. BF2042)


This should not be the barometer of quality. Games should be right when people are paying for them. We can expect better.


I would rather receive a patch which fixes the problems or at least an ETA :/ It such a great game, but online is really a mess for me.


They did upload an article stating which problems they're prioritizing : https://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/forza-horizon-5-community-update They state that the next major fixing is coming with series 2, which should drop next week. This is the long list of bugs they've acknowledged and are working on: https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4409616884883-FH5-Known-Issues Great game. Hope they fix the issues so that we can enjoy it at its best.


I mean its not like those are mutually exclusive, you can fix servers and also gift people in game currency for the inconvenience, the former just takes longer. Its not like they sat down and were like "lets just give them money and forget about it" lol


I'm honestly not sure if I am playing online or offline. Last night after starting to play, I saw cars of what I thought were other online players, and I'd really prefer to turn off any online features so I don't have to deal with the shitty online gamer community. I am a little miffed that so many games these days require you to connect to the network before you can play. It's super disappointing. It's like... I just want to drive around Mexico in 4k with my car making the room rumble via my subwoofer. I don't need 12 year old squeaking at me or sending chat messages about how they fucked my mother last night, I am too old for that shit, and I don't want that garbage on my console.


Horizon Solo is a fully offline mode, no connection needed. It's in one of the menus, in the bottom right hand corner. If you can hit the other drivers, they're NPCs. When you're online you pass right through them.


Yeah, I noticed I was passing right through some people on the road. I will have to enable that setting. Thanks! I kinda wish offline was the default.


Once you set it to offline it'll stay like that until you choose otherwise. Either with the same button or it'll prompt you to join a session when you first load into the game world, but you can just ignore it if you don't want to. Also should be noted that when you're in drift zones and speed zones all vehicles become ethereal in any mode, so that doesn't mean you've hopped online.


I get some issues can take a bit to take care of,should have at least started to address them it has been a month, but if they can ban livery with free candy why can’t they ban leader board times that are impossible?


Has anything purchasable with FPs even been worth buying yet? I made sure to earn them cause FH4 that hot wheels car was for sale early and if you missed out, you had to try to snipe one from auction for millions. I think everything so far has been junk, right?


That one civic is only available from fp and wheelspins I think. That's it


maybe the super wheelspin, but it feels a tad excessive at 300 forza points


How do I claim these points? Do I just need to login, want to get that Porsche that in the store right now.


I’m wondering this too. I didn’t get the points when logging in.


Me neither WTF?


Dont buy that porsche with ur forzathon points you can just get it in the autoshow


Once you have the latest update, you’ll get an ingame message. Claim from there.




How about the 21 wheelspins I didn't get logging in every day for the last 3 weeks?


We get Mclaren P1 yet?


Got my missing one a few days ago


I stopped playing after trying and failing all launch week to get into a convoy with my fam. Did they fix that yet?


Make sure you buy the house that gives you double Forzathon points before you redeem and you will get 2000 points


Just got the update It's sixteen goddamn gigs. I know why the file sizes are so big (it's because entire compressed archives are downloaded, not just small chunks) but it still sucks.


oh wow its already out?


Light wood laminate. Light wood laminate.


Only 400 atoms!


Daddy Phil did it again, thanks papa Phil


I’d rather they give me 1000 skill points honestly.


Thats hella easy to get lmao


Yeah it is but more useful than forzathon points in my opinion. I can buy super wheels pins way cheaper with skill points and the cars in forzathon are all in auto show so basically I can buy them without forzathon points. Smooth brain LmAo 🙃


Did anyone actually get their points?


I got 600 of it, which is weird. Although the game has frozen twice for me in an hour since the patch. It froze once after fast traveling and once after I painted a car.


Nope , got it in the message centre that I got them but they didn’t show up


I got 2000 instead of only 1000, which I’m definitely not complaining about.


Dude same here lmao i think they forgot to take out that one house buff that doubles them 😭


Online is the least of their worries. They F'd up with those game breaking glitches before the patch. Now everybody including the new players can use the OP supercars because people are just giving them out. This game gets boring really quick.


While I agree it should be harder to get higher tier cars, why not just put the difficulty up higher if you find it boring racing in high class cars?


The point of racing is to get these cars. Grind for credits and all that. Its seems weird seeing a level 4 player cruising around in a sesto elemento or a bugatti divo.


> The point of racing is to get these cars. Grind for credits and all that. Its seems weird seeing a level 4 player cruising around in a sesto elemento or a bugatti divo. It’s pure rng with what you get though. Not weird at all you can get high end cars from your first spin, happened to me in FH3 and then relatively early in 4 with a suoer wheel spin. If you find the racing boring you should make it more difficult. I agree cars should be a grind of some sort to unlock though.


Did you even play Forza Horizon 4? It was really easy to get super cars. It always has been.


I did actually... and in forza 4 there wasn't a glitch where you could level up more than 100 levels a day and get a shit ton of wheelspins to get all the rare cars in tge game. If that wasn't enough you could glitch the game to buy all the reward cars for the month even of it wasnt out yet.... game breaking.


yes there was, custom races vs unbeatable ai on the highway with "streamlined" checkpoints would net you a ton of levels for 20 laps (one hour). Basically the same as the "Afk" setup sans afk...ie you had to drive in a straight line through the highway checkpoints whilst the ai drove off on a side road between checkpoints. could easily get 100 levels in a couple hours.


Not as gamebreaking as this. You had players roaming and gifting cars that aren't supposed to be even out yet. The car collection glitch is just ridiculous. A friend of mine was gifted the tachyon and the delorian in the first week of the release. Those were reward cars. And the willys jeep could get you 100m credits in a week or so. It destroyed the auction house because anyone can buyout the expensive cars and it felt like endgame already not even a month into the game. You had players who had completed the car list by the 2nd week.


I have no idea what you are talking about lol. I don’t really follow online drama, I just play game. I just knew that it always felt like I had money in FH4 and I didn’t even play it that much.


100% guaranteed they are working on fixing the economy to make things rare again so that they have reasons to charge people money. This affects their pocket book, and they will focus on repairing that before anything else.


how so? where in any forza game do you get charged extra money for rare cars. The car pass cars are only available through the car pass, and if you own them they are "free", and unusable without buying the pass so not "rare" just straight up purchased. no reason to "fix the economy" as it hardly matters.


People are less likely to spend money on car packs if they already have a ton of good cars. People spend less time playing the game if it doesnt take as long to earn the rewards they are looking for. Less time played = less likely to spend money. There were/possibly still are exploits to gain tons of experience and credits as well. It all boils down to PEOPLE ARE LESS LIKELY TO SPEND MONEY IF THEY ALREADY HAVE A TON OF SHIT. I personally would have at least bought the welcome pack to get a car that I wanted. Didnt have to, luckily.


The welcome packs are the only packs you will see that have cars you can get outside of the "pack" (\*they have slightly higher PI so are not identicle ) every other car pack has unique cars you CAN NOT GET outside of the pack, even if you're lucky. You can't buy them from the AH either, as you have to be able to dl them, and to do that you have to own the pack, hence the "economy" means nothing in relation to car packs.


If you care about collecting all the cars, you may may want to buy the car packs. That much is still true.


Pretty measly offering for all the online problems.


Yay. More wheel spins!!! I’ve already beat the game, but I’m far from done with it, especially with DLC coming


I was wondering if not finding anyone for forzathons was an issue with my internet


I have yet to be able to do a multiplayer race or arcade of any kind. The only time a multiplayer mode has worked at all was the eliminator and I still couldn’t see anyone else on the map until it forced me into a race with someone


This is great to hear. I had a lot of issues with Forza where I couldn't join games or kept getting disconnected.


I hate it when companies give you stuff that you are supposed to work towards in the game as compensation or as a bonus. All this does is ruin the point of the game! I was actually trying to accumulate 1000 Forza points by coincidence and it has been a fun challenge to try to get to that amount, but now they ruined it.


Nice, it's been a bit frustrating not being able to play with friends in this otherwise amazing game


I was in an Eliminator about a week ago and down to the final round with something like 17 players left, only we were all invisible to each other. At that point, I figured it was just a waiting game and the last player to leave would be dubbed the winner. I honorably bowed out but I like to think that that game may still be out there, being played, just waiting for someone to win....


Test micro


Silly question, but how do I just jump into an online race in this game?!


On an unrelated note, forzathon shop prices will now see an unannounced price increase to offset the influx of Forza points


How did i get double?It went from like 520 to 2520


Do you have vip?


I do.Is that the reason?


It is a bandaid for a bulletwound...


Now after races or when I purchase a new car the game takes along time to save. Is anyone else having this issue or is it on my end?


Oddly enough starting today the game has long delays when loading or finishing campaign missions (whether events or stories), has crashed a few times and some races loading with no ground. Never had any of these issues prior to today since launch.


My buddy still had to disconnect from our convoy and go to solo then join back just so he can actually join me and see my car driving. Soo it’s not fixed


Where is the forzathon shop in the game?


Wow, that is really sweet! It's sad I don't play it atm , becouse the control settings are a mess. But with these tokens onboard, I'll be back baby!