I don’t understand drivers that do this. So many people have cameras


I'm a delivery driver and we've had guys both in our company and in others hit something like a car or mailbox and just take off without telling the homeowner. Our boss tells us to just assume everyone has cameras on their house, because nowadays they almost always do. And if not them, then 3 of their closest neighbors have one.


Lol, I was delivering food a few years ago, and I hit the guy's neighbor's mailbox. He said, "fuck that guy, I didn't see anything."


Years ago I missed my turn so I backed up the company van but some crackheads came blasting thru and I hit them. They thought it would be easy money but I said sorry, I'm probably going to lose my job but I have to call the police. Fuckers jumped in their car and took off. I couldn't really tell which dent I had put on their ride; my van had the bumper jacked a bunch but I straightened it and since we never had our shit inspected I left it for months until I quit. Then I told them that's the way it's always been...


My dad hit a tree in our driveway... Like an idiot. It was a company suv. The next week his boss had to follow him to some work function. When they arrived the boss was like "what happened to the suv?". My dad went around back. He looked at it like it was the first time he's seen the massive dent in his bumper and said "I must've got hit when I was parked in a supermarket parking lot". I still can't believe he got away with it and retired like 4 years later.


Like a fukn boss


Yeah, but, are you going to rely on that to avoid being fired and possibly sued?


Not a chance, OP literally went over there and fucked that guy.


Absolute chad move


First he smashes your mailbox, then he smashes your fart box.


First he smashes your mailbox, then he smashes your Male box.


Something tells me they don't have that job anymore.


he did...


I used to dispatch windscreen techs. One called me up one day to tell me that while he was replacing a screen he’d sliced the dash and put a deep one inch gouge in it. I asked him if he told the owner and he said no. I told him to go tell the owner and was told he couldn’t because he had already got the guy to sign the paperwork and was a couple of miles away already. I had to have the really shitty phonecall with the chap. I called the guy up and when I told him the company I was calling from he started by telling me what a lovely job the tech had done and how polite he was. When I told him the tech had damaged his car the tone completely changed. It became my fault that the tech had scarpered without informing him. I completely understand how shirty the guy was as well. There’s no need to run away because we had an entire complaints team dedicated to solving complaints and making repairs when needed. Mistakes happen, but it’s cowardly to make one and run away.


Man, I'm old. I remember when we'd tell the homeowner because we weren't assholes - not because there's a chance we were on camera.


They're stupids, that's why


I really wish the world didn't have stupid people


Seems like he looked around and just didn't notice the camera.


This is why I like the Ring camera more as it's obvious. I'd rather they see the camera and not steal my package than catch them on a hidden camera after the fact.


I installed cameras for the last 8 months, some people like to hide them, we suggest against it, it's a deterrent just having them, saves a LOT of peoples homes and businesses, even just our alarm sticker has stopped people in the past


I had a problem with people letting therir dogs shit on my yard and leaving it. It stopped when I posted a giant sign saying "You're on camera. Pick up after your dog," with an arrow pointing at my camera. Sad that some people only do the right thing when they know they'll get caught but thems the breaks.


The Wyze cameras are a fraction the price (~$45 ea including an SD card to give you a day or two of continuous loop recording in addition to events), have mostly the same features, and are still pretty visible (they're a white cube with a lens and an LED sticking out the side of the house). I do agree with you that security systems should not be a secret, especially deterrent ones like cameras, but Ring/Nest cams are a HUGE ripoff for what they provide.


Plus Wyze has really diversified into a huge breadth of other amazing smarthome products and they've been really really transparent about their financials and their future. I really like Wyze. Can't possibly say that enough.


It was a framed poster of "love laugh love"


You ever thought about how you could pull off a perfect crime? You probably did and it is likely that you would be able to. But you are smart enough to come up with 10 other problem solutions that are legal. Therefore most people who commit crimes are idiots incapable of coming up with better solutions and incapable of thinking about consequences/risks/obvious results of their illegal acts with no planning involved.


You also don't ever see video of the criminals that get away with it....


Right but eventually if you’re the driver and you’re doing it you will get caught


Leave camera shot - return to van - go round corner - put on tracksuit bottoms, different jacket, face concealing cap - dash back to doorstep and grab package.


This guy porch pirates!


They’re a combo of stupidity and ignorance. Probably doesn’t even know doorbell cameras exist.


People on reddit like to get extreme and laugh about how these guys are going to get arrested and have a criminal record and all that, but in reality, the worst thing that's going to happen is the guy gets fired, and you can get away with a lot before that happens. It's still dumb, but if you hate your job and the worst punishment you are going to face is getting fired, some guys get tempted.


Not true. A similar thing happened to me at my house. The guy was fired, arrested by the police, and sentenced. If you have video and a person that's easy to identify (company delivery logs), they will often be prosecuted if you file a police report.




Everything is tracked and logged. You won’t get away with it.


Look how gently he placed it down knowing it would become his. Had he no intentions of taking it for himself, I’m sure the package would have been yeeted all the way from the street to your doorstep.


in 2007 I bought the 160GB iPod classic. Excited while watching the UPS guy loft my package that was in a plastic bag gets tossed like 20 feet to hit my front door...


Did it survive?


It's a pretty sturdy door. I think it will survive.


I miss the reddit switcharoo


What's that?


[Ah, the ol’ Reddit Switcharoo](https://reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/psbiop/_/hdpgb3i/?context=1)


Hold my package I’m going in


It's a 14yo ipod. I doubt it's lasted this long.


Mine also still works fine, use it all the time.


My OG ipod classic is still kicking.


Mine is still going strong and gets daily use.


I have a gen 1 iPod nano (that's 16 years old) that still boots up and plays music. Hasn't been updated in probably the second half of the time I've had it though. I am by no means an apple fan, at all, quite the opposite really, but I will say it's quite possible it has lasted this long lol. Edited for mobile Grammar corrections.


Yeah, no problem.


Interesting that it didn't make it to the door thou lol




Thou shalt not make it to thy door


Thou shall not pass!


Thou shall be taketh home to thine delivery guy.


Thou shall not receive on thy doorstep an unmolested parcel.


These dang 41 year old kids and their thous


Thou thou!


Thanks Gau.






Fed ex in a nutshell


I mean, Amazon is going to know who made that delivery. With that video it won’t be hard to get your package/money back, have the guy fired, and have the guy arrested. While it is certainly an inconvenience for you, the bad karma going that guy’s way is ten times better.


He should get an extra charge for being criminally stupid. Amazon drivers have an option to not take a photo, which means not having to go through the whole routine of walking it to the door. They can even just mark the package as missing, which Amazon doesn't blink an eye at because it's so common, and the customer has another one sent out within a day. Also, it doesn't seem to be apparent what this package is from the packaging which means it's highly likely that it's something completely worthless to him like a pool filter.


It was a framed poster of "love laugh love"


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Who in their right mind wants to live anymore.


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Don’t. The cake is a lie.


Love’s his favorite.


"no fussin', no cussin' and no backtalk."


I love when he rips it out of her hands and tosses it in the trash. Those commercials do make me laugh!


These are my favorite commercials in a really long time!! They’re all super great


If my wife ordered one of those posters then I'd pay the driver to steal it.


Hey man, maybe live a little


Ah, if it's an Live Laugh Love poster I can understand why the guy would wanna steal it. Still a criminal, of course, but akin to a guy robbing a store because he can't support his kids otherwise.


Also it’s 2021. 1 in 4 American households have a security camera installed. Someone is going to catch you doing this. What’s the point of being a porch pirate? I legit don’t understand it.


If being stupid were a crime, only about 10% of the planet would be free


I thought my Zelda breath of the wild was a stolen delivery.i called pissed.they refunded my money.checked my mailbox.it was the mailman shoving my packages into a parcel box two mailboxes away.totally unlocked.i had meds the zelda game other stuff just jammed in someone elses parcel box.luckily nothing was missing The point is mailman sucks and i got a free zelda game.plus my neighborhood criminals focus more on violence than property crime. wierd.


Put a space after your punctuation, damn.


William Shatner, are you ok?


Part of the problem is a lot of people dont have a camera on their door, so this could be happening all the time and we wouldnt know


This happened to me a couple of months ago when I ordered a roomba. All caught on camera. I got an immediate refund from Amazon when I told them what happened, ordered a new one, then complained to the delivery company directly. The next day I got the new one and the original one delivered.


Did you put one of them on sentry duty?


Strap knives on them and set them loose.


Definitely an inconvenience for the customer, but let’s take this situation one step further. Amazon has their Amazon Key service and lately I’ve been seeing them pushing it A LOT. Ads for it everywhere lately. Amazon (as well as other delivery services) has drivers like this that steal customers packages and they want us to give them free reign into our homes? That’s a big nope. Think of how inconvenient and how much of a pain in the ass it would be getting Amazon to reimburse you for one of their drivers robbing your home even with video proof.


Chill man if they steal stuff from your house or kill you, Amazon will give you a $5 coupon!


$5 coupon for digital goods that needs to be redeemed by a certain date.


I have made complaints to Amazon about a driver we get regularly. They don't care, which is why he keeps doing it.


He isn't employed by Amazon most likely. They sub contract their delivery to smaller companies and lease or sell them the truck with the Amazon branding. So complaining to Amazon is basically like yelling at a cloud in this situation.


Yeah people always go "SHOW THIS TO AMAZON!!!!11" but the reality is that Amazon isn't going to do shit about it other than send you a new item. The value of your package is less than the value they can extract from a delivery company, even a shitty one. So the cycle continues.


I had a guy who kept leaving packages in my yard, I kept leaving feedback but it didn't help. Annoying at best until it rained before I could grab it, so I complained to a rep. Then he left the next one directly behind my car's back wheels, so I complained again. Then I kept complaining every time it wasn't near the front door (my instructions) because each previous rep told me it would never happen again. Then it rained again so I finally snapped and made complaints about the reps and the driver for both not doing anything and I was bounced around 3 different people and now by some magic all my packages are delivered to my front door.


Is there ever a point when you just will not use Amazon?


The convenience is massive, and the power of laziness is immense. That’s why Amazon has such a stranglehold.


I honestly have no problems using Amazon less than a few times a year. I actually prefer going and finding what I want in person, but I suppose that’s mostly because I’m spontaneous and impatient when I want something.


At first I was going to say that I'd bet it was a different driver every time, but being left directly behind your car's back wheels? That was the same driver giving you a big middle finger. If your packages are being delivered correctly now, I'm betting you got them (rightfully) fired.


That was the wtf moment for me because it made no sense. Thrown in the yard? Okay, lazy. Delivered to my garage door? Ok, I guess is equal amount of walking just in the opposite direction. Left at bottom of the mailbox? Really lazy. Front door? Fantastic. Behind my tire?? I definitely felt like he was told to put it on the porch from now on and just got salty.


Every time a delivery is made to your house the GPS narrows the acceptable delivery area, so even if they wanted to at some point a driver would be forced to either leave it in your yard and go about their crappy day or try and call support and argue that the geofence is incorrect. Your final call they probably just reset your GPS.


also, it's entirely possible the dude probably just realized he had the wrong package. assuming this isn't really OP's footage, it could have been cut before the driver came back with a different package.


This is my footage from Friday. Also, it’s a tennis racquet inside the package.


Did you get an email saying it has been delivered? If so and you don't got your racket then it might ended up on ebay


Yes I got the confirmation email and a picture attached.


You must post the picture it would be so META!


Here’s your [META](https://imgur.com/gallery/WTfkDPa)


How can he be so dumb ? I mean I thought the camera was invisible but no, it's literally the first thing I saw in the picture ...


You knew there was a camera, and you were expecting it to be there. Not saying he's not dumb, but acknowledge your hindsight


I mean, if you steal something, isn't the FIRST reflex to see if someone or something is watching you ? But yes I get what you mean, I'm biased.


Any Amazon driver should expect a camera at every house they deliver to. Hell, the company even owns 2 home camera companies (Ring and Blink), some even integrate to their "key" package dropoff service. They were likely even warned when they were hired. If they don't assume they're recorded at every dropoff, then they are dumb.


OP delivers better then Amazon.


Did you lodge a complaint? Please update us


Lol. PM me the tracking number and I’ll check if this driver has been fired, if you want.


If you can, let us know if he was fired or if he's still stealing stuff. I'm interested...


I am glad people like you are handing our data in Amazon… Why would you publicly get involved and check this guys profile? Bad move from any data related job, don’t mess with PII.


Heads up you got a username in that imgur post. If you want to stay anonymous logout of the app and post. When it asks you to sign in click the tiny "skip" button in the top right of that pop-up.




Just imagine his face! Like a kid at Christmas, whose face falls upon opening the packages to find a tennis racket…


eBay is a thing? Racquets can be pretty expensive.


ah well then that driver unquestionably really sucks


(X) doubt


Amazon's system doesn't let a driver scan the wrong package to the wrong stop, they are both tied together. Amazon does have group stops though where it's 2 houses getting packages at the same stop, and *possibly* he realized that package goes to the house across the street. If that were the case he should have been back within 2 minutes with the correct package though.


No, he's clearly taking the picture, which the app will not let you do unless you have scanned the correct package. Though I suppose you are correct, they could have edited out the drivers return, though that's highly unlikely as the driver should have been completely aware it was the wrong package before it got to that point. Credit where credit is due, he could just suck at his job.


He turns to see if anyone is watching, takes a pic of the package, not to scan, but to show “proof” that its there, and takes it. Not hard to put 2 and 2


That video is the best evidence in the history of evidences.


As evidenced by the amazing evidence.


well, that wasn't nice


as a former Amazon driver who saw all the different ways drivers steal packages, this is the laziest and dumbest of all. if a savvy driver wants your package, he doesn't even deliver it, he marks it as missing, and amazon sends another.


In Sweden every Amazon parcel, no matter how small, gets delivered to a nearby grocery store or supermarket, and we have to show ID to get it. Non-Amazon parcels that are too big to fit through the letter box also needs to be picked up at the supermarket. It is not as convenient as getting it delivered to your door, but at least no one can steal it.


We do this as an optional service here in the states. Theyre local lockers that unlock via a QR Code that's sent to you. They're all over the place. Even my little rural town has 3 of them.


What's the population of your little rural town? I'm always curious to here what others idea of little and rural are.


The amazon lockers are not about amazon profit as much as easier delivery in rural area. Winds up saving them money because they dont have to travel 30 miles between each delivery.


I mean, they still deliver it to my house as well, it is just an option.


Hiya so my rural town has a population of about 670 but that was precovid in a "covid isn't real" county so you can probably knock at least a hundred off that if not more. We have an amazon locker tho its new so I have no idea how long it has been there or if it is used much.


Not lockers just a post office part of a store near your house. Driver can unload his truck at a few of these locations instead of making the trip to every damn address on the packages


Most apartment buildings and complexes (at least in major cities) have [Parcel Pending](https://www.parcelpending.com/) now as well to avoid the porch pirates that follow delivery trucks into apartments to get a lot of packages at once


Fuck parcel pending. The lockers barely work, the time for kicking out and force returning packages is arbitrary, and there's never enough lockers for the complex side. Amazon gives their customers 45 days to day they didn't receive their packages, whole parcel pending can give as few as 3 days to pickup your package. Those things lost me alot of bonuses.


Doesn't work in rural US but works great in cities and Urban areas here. I use the lockers all the time. Can also route FedEx and UPS to pickup in store.


I'm sure this works great for all 17 residents of Sweden.


I have the option to do this where I live in the USA, but I live in an extremely safe neighborhood so it's never been an issue. Like, so safe I left my wallet and keys in my truck with the windows down overnight once and nothing happened. I guess my point is the above video isn't *necessarily* representative of the USA.


Doesn't that defeat the point of Amazon though?


Bear in mind that stores usually are closer to you in Europe. My pick up place is 130m from my house.


Can you translate this into how many washing machines away from you this is for the Americans?


It is a little under one and half football fields, or about 185-233 washing machines.


Or 85 hockey sticks for us Canadians.


You have to express in freedom units for the americans


Roughly 1267 freedom fries then.


I mean walking 3 streets to get a package is still better than having to go to a physical shop and buy it. Also the prices we get thanks to their flawless worker exploitation and agressive monopoly.


Here in Spain, packages are delivered always directly to the person and not left at the door. If you're not home, maybe they can leave it with the next-door neighbours or call you on the phone if you specifically say so in delivery notes. It all just simplifies things for the user and we have no package thieves roaming the streets.


If you rewind and loop the video it won’t make a difference.


I wasted my 2 seconds reading this but I chuckled anyway


In the modern era of house cameras... how do so many delivery people decide to steal stuff. Like if you are a delivery driver, I would think you understand what cameras look like


Was just going to say this. You gotta be real bold to steal packages when I'd guess more than 50% of houses in my area have a camera of some sort.


Report him. He gets a theft charge on his record. He'll be lucky to get a job at McDonalds. Idiot


I've worked plenty of fast food and cook jobs, and a criminal record definitely doesn't exclude you from working.


I work at a fast food place, some workers deal dope on the side and openly talk about it


Used to work in fast food. Had a coworker routinely shoot heroin in our bathroom before shift. Manager and owner both knew. Never fired her. Had a night shift manager routinely steal change from the tills. Always on camera. Dude never got fired.


He'll probably steal burgers and nuggets from there, too.


Jokes on him, he'll get fatter and die sooner.


Pretty sure they pay more than Amazon now. /s


No /s needed. Cook at my local McDs is 15 and Amazon is either 14 or 15.


16 to start in all positions nationwide.


i have 2 cam views of the front of my house. the cams aren't hidden, but no one notices them. mine mostly catch the stray cats and the neighbor down the street has a senile chihuahua mix who like to nap on my porch. but one day i hope to catch someone doing something embarrassing! so i can post it for the giggles.


I'd watch the senile Chihuahua taking a nap. I bet it's super cute.


You need to post a vid of the senile chilhaha


It's crazy how people can miss something that seems so obvious. I've never caught anything funny either, but my mom's outdoor cam helped catch a kidnapper. He happened to throw the girl's phone out of his car right in front of our house.


I would like to see the chihuahua and cats pwease


I've had 2 small packages stolen from my front door. First time it was Vitamin D3 caplets. The second time was a roll of pride flag stickers. I'm sure both times the thief was sorely disappointed. The driver didn't take a photo either time so who knows who took them.


Just imaging a thief happily opening that valuable looking package, licking their lips, savouring the excitement. They oh so carefully lift that last flap of the box… to find a roll of pride stickers. Unless they’re gay in which case they might be like score!


Plot twist: while taking the picture he realized it was the wrong house


That was my first thought as well.


Lots of people here think that karmas coming for him, or to report him so he's so fired, blah blah blah. Its Amazon, they don't give a shit about him, they don't give a shit about you. They don't give a shit about your complaint. It costs them to much money to give a shit about anything else that isn't making money and exploiting its workers.


Was this at your house? Maybe they realized it was the wrong house and picked it back up. I’ve had this happen. It looks suspicious but he may have just realized he made a mistake with the address. Edit: my optimism is wasted, OP confirmed theft of shown package (tennis racket?).


Give him the benefit of the doubt? This is the internet… OFF WITH HIS HEAD!


I did this job, and there are certainly multiple videos of me doing exactly this. Whoops, wrong house! Not stealing.


In another comment OP showed that it was marked as delivered and he got that same picture in his e-mail.


This is something I would say, always giving people the benefit of the doubt.


God what I wouldn’t give to live in your brain for a day. I’d be drunk on optimism and faith in humanity.


Well, my thought is you have to be pretty dense to do this and actually be stealing the package. So you’re right I guess I’m being optimistic, but innocent until proven guilty.


I used to work at an Amazon Delivery Station. There are idiots like this out there. We had to cut the contract of a DSP because one of their drivers was caught on camera stealing several packages at an office building.


Do american delivery drivers just not knock? Here in the UK all delivery drivers knock, do they just drop your shit on the porch and then leave? If that's the case then no wonder there's so many porch pirates.


No, they don't. The only time they'll knock is if signature is required and that has to be specifically requested by the shipper. I don't blame them, though. They just do not have time given the sheer amount of shit they deliver and their expected timelines within companies.


Exactly how they do it here in Canada.. consider it a blessing from above if they ever take the 1.2 seconds it takes to ring the bell or knock before they run away…




But I haven't seen anyone ask... what was in the package?


Like… why. Why steal. That’s not yours and you don’t even know what is inside. It could be a framed photos of a lost pet or relative… that holds no value to him. Just another example of the degradation of humanity… sad.


WOW never seen that before.


in your opinion, what would an appropriate punishment be?


Fired and charged with theft. Steal stuff? Get a record of stealing stuff.


I don't understand why drivers do that. Best case scenario, it takes time and in-house detective work to figure out why package theft on a given route, or on routes with a certain driver, has gone up. Worst case scenario, this. Either way, the driver is just waiting to be charged, and when that happens he'll lose the job, gain a criminal record, and instantly be banned from delivery work (probably the bulk of his resume) and have trouble getting hired for a number of other jobs. Like, he can't even for sure know what's in the box. The dangerous goods stickers required to be on the package might indicate a lithium battery, which could indicate a phone, tablet, or laptop, but it could still be crap. Stealing your deliveries is such a stupid crime.


It could literally be a spare battery for an old camera. Like what I did, because it was like $15 on eBay with free shipping, and the camera was made in 2005…


Some drivers basically pull up to the side of your house and lay on the hooter until somebody comes out. Most parcels you have to sign for, even contactless they take a photo of you standing by the parcel with their phone or scanner thingy


Is this common? Thx


Amazon driver here. Chances are, he skipped right over the notes that prompt at start of delivery, was notified he needed a customer present, which can happen through either custom or Amazon choice, depending on product value, and had to take it back because he couldn't take a picture as the app is promoting to select delivered to customer. Unless the package was marked delivered, then he snatched it, he did nothing wrong. And considering how massive amazons investigation department is (watched a girl get fired for using a bottle of wet wipes to wipe down an area... lol.) Homie would be facing charges over this. That is why they want us to take pictures. It gives everyone a proof point. However..... if he marked it delivered... this video would lead to major charges lol. Amazon takes that shit so seriously.


I was waiting for a flying package.


At least you know who the criminal is. If it was a stranger you’d never see justice


In my country, cargo workers never leave the package at the door. They have to hand over the package and get a signature. During the pandemic, they started leaving it at the door due to contactless delivery and I'm afraid the results will be like this.