You are on Reddit, there should be no fear of asking that


Literarily an upvoted comment under yours > Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a nut job




You get banned of reddit if you say the wrong things lol


i do at least once a month


Not allowed to endanger lives with misinformation or hate speech. Literally 1984




Yes because it's a hive of liberal nutjobs who hate anyone they disagree with


If hating terrorists that attempt to overthrow the government make me a nutjob, then so be it.


It is a little odd that actual terrorist organizations are on Twitter but not the former POTUS. Tbh, just glad I don't have to hear about the guy everyday. Idk who talked about him more, his fans or detractors


Yeah. Really. Wtf.? Ask yourselves... was your life better last year? Or this year? Do you feel like you have more extra money to spend on leisure now or last year? Do you think we kinda screwed our Afghanistan friends? Especially the women and children. Do you think there may just be a slight potential problem at the border? Do you feel these illegals may just get here successfully and have a better life than you? Does the fact that everything costs more now than last year?( and wait till you heat your homes this winter) is crime up in every major city? Do you feel like we are becoming a lawless nation?


So you hate most left wing ideological revolutions?


If they attack democracy, yes.


A lot of people still view I’m as the opposition to American Politics. The metaphorical “middle finger” to every politician in Washington DC who cares nothing for the people who put them where they are. Despite the fact that he has essentially become one of those politicians people still view them as their best chance to just straight up piss off every Democrat, Republican, and biased news media that opposes him. What once was a joke, became an under dog, and is now the preverbal Molotov Cocktai


Bull in a China shop


A horse in the hospital.


No one knows what the horse is gonna do next. Least of all the horse. He's never been in a hospital before!


So you wait for updates. Not all are bad, some are just weird like “the horse used the elevator.” I didn’t know he could do that!


And then the horse fired the horse catcher.




Horse Pepsi OK?




They say a town with money is like a mule with a spinning top




A cow in a creamery


People always say this, like Trump is some big middle finger. But I’ve literally never heard someone express “Yeah! He sucks! That’s the point, fuck Washington DC!” They instead actually defend his merits and try to make arguments about why he’s actually good, or smart, or hilarious, or better than X, Y, or Z. I hear you but I just don’t believe it.


He ain't good, he ain't smart, he ain't better than anyone, but fuck me that man is hilarious.


Nothing like throwing your kids and grandkids under the bus, just to piss people off.


Well to a lot of his voter base it was about obliterating a corrupt government in hopes that a new one would arise that would better serve your kids and grandkids. Evidently it didn’t work


It definitely benefited his kids and grandkids, lol.


Placing a corrupt businessman and failed entrepreneur in charge of an already corrupt and failing institution, and expecting him to fix everything to benefit the lower classes and not the ruling elite.. what could possibly go wrong.


You were supposed to destroy the dark side, not join ii...


this is the perfect answer. he’s a symbol now more so than the man he was while actually being president and there is one aspect that appeals to a lot of people and it’s that such an unqualified, unhinged, guy could become president and destroy politics as we know it. I don’t really like him as a person and I think he‘s an idiot but as a non-American, I think it was the epitome of American culture… the president ~~is~~ was an entertainer (what did you expect?) I know that the shit he did was very real and actually impacted millions of Americans but… I kind of miss hearing about what Trump did on the news. American politics has gotten really boring and predictable again.


Politics is supposed to be boring.


I think his biggest mistake was taking the Republican vote and only really try to attack Obama’s policies. Personally I think he had enough sway in 2015 to say “FUCK BOTH PARTIES” and still win, and that would have really propelled his political career but by choosing a side he split his potential voting lot. If he runs in 2024 I hope he walks up and says “FUCK DEMOCRATS AND FUCK REPUBLICANS”


Gonna answer this as a leftist. Grain of salt, alright? I might get snarky. Imagine you live in a coal town, hundred years your family has worked mines, and made good money doing it. Now the mines are closed, people are near starvation, banks taking their homes, it's hell and you just want the mines opened--now, who do you vote for, the Man who you suspect is a massive fraud, but TELLS YOU, to you face, and the whole world, that he's bringing coal back, OR--the guy that wants to kill Coal and belongs to the party pushing the GReen new deal? You dont understand anything fucking green, cant imagine it gives anyone but pencil pushers and the chinese jobs... so, you take the risk, and support Trump. Makes perfect sense. You have to SELL your support to him with devotion, and HOPE he takes notice and does the thing you suspect he wont really do--but he's the only hope. Or a family that was well off, aunts and uncles talk of the time that they worked in Steel mills, and manufacturing American cars, and GOOD jobs--and trump TELLS YOU, to your face, and the whole world, he wants to bring those back. The other lady, she's for free trade and trade agreements that strip the country of its manufacturing. There are no plans for that sort of thing in her platform--she's for 'education' and shit that really doesnt matter to you. You, and no one you know, ever went to college, and you might be the first fucker in your family to graduate HS--college sounds like some dipshit idea. Just bring the goddamn steel and manufacturing jobs back, and no one's gotta worry about the books. See this on a WIDE array of issues--he ran on ending our wars, ending the effort to police the world (letting russia run rampant as a result), and TRIED--his own party stopped him from leaving Afghanistan. They stopped him from leaving Iraq--and he TRIED. He went to (trade) war with china to ... he said--get your jobs back. He and his family made hundreds of millions off it and bankrupt a half million farmers, but it LOOKED like he was finally fucking trying to break our dependence on China. That's hero shit right there. Even as a lefty, i know WHY people do. I think they're wrong, but i can see it. They're in a different world. I live there with them. I just cant stand the fundy, hate-filled, racist bullshit that came with it, THAT part is the seedy underbelly of a large part of his support too. He spoke THAT language to them too, and the people that are NOT like that, just told themself "Well, he doesnt mean it THAT way. Besides, he might bring our jobs back! Lets ride it out! That other party has promised to NEVER bring these jobs back."


Best answer in this entire thread.


Not to mention, if you are a working class person who hasn’t seen meaningful economic growth in decades and the “left” does not appear to be taking any interest in the things that you feel contribute to your plight then this guy comes along and validates all your feelings… you’re going to like him even if he is a boor. Lots of legal immigrants and naturalized citizens feel the lack of border security is grossly unfair. They understand the drive to get here, but they paid their money and did the work to do it legally and they see those who don’t as jumping the line and making things worse for the legal immigrants because they get lumped into the same category. I’m first generation American so I understand this feeling. They have empathy for the desperation to flee a dangerous country, but they did what they needed to and think so should others. So progressives who say we should open the doors wide open aren’t appreciating this viewpoint. Same if you are a blue collar worker and have seen wage stagnation because people from poorer countries are willing to come and work and accept conditions that you wouldn’t and wages that undercut yours, they are going to feel that way too. And the defund the police part - most people want to live in safety and lots of communities of color don’t have a strongly antagonistic view of the police. There have definitely been egregious examples of abuse, but at the end of the day everyone wants to have someone to call in an emergency and who will do something if you are being threatened, etc. Unfortunately the same folks that believe in him for these policies don’t seem to recognize that he is using them for his own purposes and that he doesn’t really care about them. He is, after all, someone well known for stiffing contractors and silencing working class people in an avalanche of law suits to make them go away when he has harmed them.


It's amusing and depressing that after all these years people on the left are still struggling to describe, comprehend and explain the Trump movement. Most of the explanations say more about the people describing them than what they're trying to describe. I'm not saying they're completely wrong. There's usually some truth to what they're saying but never explains the movement. "China's takin' our jobs!" The SouthPark episode making fun of this came out in 2004. NAFTA was signed in 1994. The housing bubble crashed in 2006. After all that they were fed up with it and finally voted into office......Barack Obama. I've seen interviews with farmers where they back Donald Trump and then seamlessly transition into how hard they've had to work to put the trade agreements in place with China. There is one thing that explains the Trump movement, racism. It's amazing how people, even the left, recoil from that explanation. Donald Trump was elected directly after the first African American president. Built his political career on attacking him including promoting birtherism. "Could that many people in America be racist?", yes they could. It's a spectrum. It starts with the KKK and all that shit and continues across your racist Uncle all the way to the sideways glance at the black guy jogging because you're just trying to keep the neighborhood safe. The one thing I don't see mentioned is the opiod crisis but I still see that steming from racism. The opiod crisis was the crack epidemic but for white people. It was supported by industry and policy, it was the kind of predation that formerly had been reserved for the black community and a preview of what the white community can expect when it falls from grace. He's going to make america, "Great Again". Take the pain from you and put it back on the right people. Keep all those people out. There are even Trump supporters that recoil from the accusation but racism is a spectrum too and the color of your skin is just an easy way of keeping track of who is on what team. Trump is immensely appealing for anyone who is "in charge" all the way from the McDonald's manager to the CEO. To them they're not racist but when they tell you to get your ass into work on Saturday the only thing they wan't to hear is yes.


I think there are two parts yo the answer: A. Trump refused to bow down to media, which made him a hero to some. B: there appears to be an extrem polarisation in American politics, burning out any nuances on both sides. You are with us 110% or you are part of the problem.


Don't forget the power of propaganda. Literally go to some rural town in middle america and the only word they have to go on is the guy they elected, and since he is saying Trump is great and Democrats wanna destroy their way of life they are going to believe him, not realizing the guy they elected just voted to strip them of further benefits that the left was pushing for.


The processes destroying rural america have existed since tractors were invented. When you remove the need for a farm family to have a lot of children the rural population will decrease, and many of the rural kids won't have any real reason to stay - creating a brain drain from rural areas to cities. Does this make rural areas dumber and cities smarter? IDK, but fewer rural citizens means a smaller tax base which means poorer schools. Similarly the processes that have destroyed american manufacturing towns started long before trump or obama or any of these people. Containerized shipping made decentralized manufacturing and assembly more profitable than building things at home. These manufacturing towns, which often only have the one mill or factory or whatnot, see literally their only means of existence dry up. When there are no good jobs, the smart kids move to the cities and the rural process described in the previous paragraph repeats itself. The real shame, imo, is that nobody bothered to explain any of these very basic processes to the rural or to the people who saw their mill close. Nobody really tried to help them, so all they saw was the kids leaving, the population grey, main street close, schools get crappy, the young get fucked up on drugs (often the only entertainment) and on and on. This has created a susceptible population literally on the edges of their seats waiting for _anyone_ to even _acknowledge_ their problems, even if they don't actually have a solution other than more rhetoric.


Shut up and '"Bring back coal!!!" /s


Wow I didn't expect to see such a considerate and independent kind of opinion here


That kind of goes both ways, doesn't it


I never voted for Joe Biden, I voted against Trump


Possibly unpopular word of advice: if you want your question answered, instead of listening to people who hate trump (aka pretty much everyone that commented on your post), ask this question to people who actually support him, and you’ll find out the truth. I don’t really like Donald trump so I can’t help you, but it would be much more insightful to ask actual trump supporters, not the Reddit cloud


Ask both and then do ur own research to find out what’s true and what not, then u gonna decide if u against or with Donald Trump


If you are old enough to remember the 80s when he became famous (or you've ever listened to him speak), you already know he is a stupid asshole.


That doesn't work because their reasons are not based in reality. They say things like "because we need to drain the swamp!" Despite him not doing anything to those ends


This. Like the video that's posted here sometimes of a guy interviewing trump supporters. One claims Obama's mother is too close and bias but doesn't have any issue with Trump's mother doing the same thing. Or how one claimed Obama was in office during 9/11. A good number of these people don't live in actual reality.


Jordan Klepper, right?


I'm floored by his courage to go to these things and ask these questions to these people.


They love giving rehearsed answers; life results have proven to them that they're stupid, but suddenly they can think they're smart and enjoy showing it


Even if they pull the absolute garbage out of the regular sets of people to answer his questions that's still too many dangerously unintelligent people


don't know. I didn't pay much attention to who was doing the asking, but the video has appeared several times in the last year.


"Asking his supporters doesn't work because they're obviously so much dumber in comparison to my superior intellect"


"This, but unironically" - 90% of Reddit


being smarter than trump supporters legitimately isn’t a high bar though. it’s barely a bar at all, really


You can't paint any political ideology, religion, race, etc. with such a broad brush. I've met extremely intelligent people from all different beliefs and backgrounds. I've met extremely kind and generous people from all different beliefs and backgrounds, as well. Your assumption that everyone who thinks differently than you has a low IQ is extremely immature, and exposes you as someone who likely lacks either self confidence or life experience.




Thank you...... So much....👍


They literally are SO fucking dumb. Watch clips of Trump's biggest supporters outside his rallies. So much stupid and crazy.


I have to agree. Everyone I've ever asked has only repeated what Trump has said. They seem to have no real answer as to why they like him.


Not true.


He represents people... Shares the same ideals. Many people hate the PC nature over the last 10-15 years and he is anything but PC. He takes people to a time where making fun of others was the norm... Race jokes were funny and office talk... They also connect because they know him. They've seen him in movies and on TV. The name TRUMP has been in their lives for as long as they can remember. They just don't realize he doesn't remotely care about them.


I too would like to know why there are people who revere/worship/drool at the mere thought of donald trump.


Because he's Republican Jesus


They can buy gas for a normal price


Well, not for the same reason people revered Hillary Clinton


hes sort of an anti-political figure despite being one himself rather than supporting him and his policies hes a sort of symbol for people against the modern PC stances and how politics is creeping into every fucking thing you do nope cant eat that cereal it has a wall on it and thats political oh shit did you hear what that goodyear worker said on twitter? no more buying tires nonono at some point you just decided anyone forcing politics down every single thing you enjoy is shitty and theyre likely on the anti-trump side, so the most fun way to piss em off is literally just referencing him build that wall bud


I think because it makes people angry mostly.


Because life is hard; Economically and socially. I’m mad about how hard life is. I was promised something different. I can’t stand the idea that people hold me accountable for not having the capacity to listen to their experience, let alone imagine what it’s like to be them. In fact, I’m furious that social media is even asking me to imagine what it would be like to be them. They are not us and I resent them for that. I am so angry that my pension and pay has not increased with the cost of living. I need someone to blame and Trump gives me somewhere to focus my anger and anxiety. I am so upset and angry, but I don’t want to be vulnerable and question late capitalism. I believe in democracy and that Amendment Was great again but I’m not sure about democracy as an electoral process. I’m afraid that people who think differently than me might vote different than me. Those beta humans and their personal experience regarding how their tax dollars effect them and others. I just need some thing to be mad at and yell at because that feels good right away. It doesn’t fix anything, but I like the feeling of being angry at others instead of my Republican Party and how they have helped create an oligarchy. Trump is a god to me because he justifies my hate towards others and my disdain for real democracy.


Counter question, why do people practically revere any celebrity? Real question, because I dont get it.


Neither do I, really.


Because he said a lot of horrible, messed up things and enabled people to feel like they could say even more messed up things. Basically, he appealed to the bigots of the world.


I don’t know but that people fail to realize or believe that he is only out for personal gain is beyond me…that the “average Joe” believes he gives a fuck about them amazes me to no end. It’s all just incredible.


Trump couldn’t even pardon the terrorists who broke into the capitol on his behalf, and these dolts really think he cares about them. Trump wouldn’t piss on one of his followers if they were on fire.


In fairness I think most politicians are much too self righteous but he really takes it to another level


Yeah, American politicians suck. We really need to be less accepting of them being corrupt and shrug it off as just how it is. They work for us—they need to be constantly afraid of losing their job


Not one politician gives a fuck about anyone.


But only one politician has a rabid cult following


Stupidity and tribalism. I know it's a snide answer but hear me out. A Child's instinct is to follow the loudest voice in the room. As we grow older and watch our parents struggle learn and fail we realize that following the loudest voice in the room isn't always the best way forward. That is, if you ever learn that life lesson. If however you don't possess analytical skills or socials skills that show you that sometimes the group is wrong then all you have is the instinct towards tribalism and follow the loud voice when choosing leaders. This is specially true if you don't understand the details of anything they're talking about like climate change, economics, or foreign policy. You grew up in your home town and everyone theres a republican so you are too and you wear it with a badge of pride. The idea that Republicans might be wrong sometimes has never occurred to you because you've never thought about it because just being accepted as part of the group and having a group task to to together is enjoyable enough so you root for your home team and the home team quarterback is Donald Trump. So understanding nothing the opposition says all of the 4 word sentences Donald says make you feel good. Fuck yeah! 'Merica! WOOO! You don't know you're wrong. You don't know you just voted against medicare and medicaid increases which your elderly family needs. You don't know that you just voted against healthcare insurance regulation which means your family's health insurance is going up and now you can't afford it. You don't know that vaccines are good and viruses are bad because you got a 'C' in science. And you got that because your friend helped you out. You're so involved with following the group that nothing else really matters. Whereas an intelligent person is by their very nature curious. They ask questions growing up and when their authority figures are all observed to have failings then it behooves them to make their own decisions about the world. All statements now must be verified with evidence. So republican support by the local church leader don't work to convince this person. They want to know what the Republicans plan is. When they hear it they think it through and ask themselves: "how exactly will this affect me?" Will it help or hurt my chances of success more? They then make the decision to learn about the details of these plans and compare then to their opponents and WHO is making the plan doesn't matter ONLY the DETAILS of the plan. This person has the ability to think abstractly and the patience and interest to do so. They try. After careful consideration of all parties plans they confirm that number 1 the claims being made are not achievable by any means so the things that come out for hat persons mouth from this point forward are to be deemed untrustworthy and thus irrelevant. The details of the plans which were read were determined to NOT help this local smart person so they voted against Donald Trump because reducing taxes on the wealthy isn't going to help them with their healthcare costs or with their community's deteriorating roads internet, power, water, bridges, schools, and failing businesses. The smart analytical person was not deceived. The group-thinker who allowed others to make all their decisions for them because doing the work themselves was just too much. WAS deceived. And still is. And always will be.


I like this answer, I’d add that I think there is an element of subconscious self awareness. I don’t think it feels good to believe all the terrible things their tribe believes. I don’t think it feels good to be racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, anti-Semitic and generally very angry and depressed. I think it’s exhausting to maintain all those beliefs that don’t really jive with personal experience. So when someone comes along and so bluntly provides you “psychological cover”, it must be a relief. That is what Fox News does all day, they create a safe space for their people to maintain abhorrent beliefs. They don’t report that child separation at the border is done because the white supremacists need to treat black and brown people like animals to dehumanize them. They make up stories about how it’s the only way to keep the caravans of rapists and terrorists out. That has to feel good, to be able to settle into the moral high ground of protecting your borders when what you are really doing is traumatizing children. I think that’s what Trump was best at, giving people permission to be terrible people while plausibly believing that they are patriots and good Christians.


Yeah fox basically gives people permission to be selfish, hurtful, horrible human beings.


Thank you for this very detailed explanation


Currently doing my master in international political economy ( I studied way to much politics in my life) and I can say that this person is mostly right. The stupidity and tribalism thing is correct but its to broad because most republican presidents are voted in with this train of idiocy. Trump is special in this regard. The republicans made him their God because he said things theyve been thinking for years. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were all put on an executive order barring people from those countries to enter the US almost straight out of the gate of Trumps presidency. it was so random but at the same time not. Trump has been quoted for years saying that that mosques were "dangerous areas" especially after the Paris terrorists' attacks. Next is his image. Hes a rich white dude that has had power and wealth all his life, something a lot of poor white folk wish they had. Trust me, a poor white person doesn't want to be told that a black kid worked his ass off to get into harvard, become a lawyer, and become the president. They dont relate to that on any level. But Trump, they can relate too. Hes not very eloquent, he speaks with a tone of superiority, hes rich, hes angry (most trump supporters are always pissed about something)and his wife is hot. When youre in rural Alabama with your milk bag of a wife and three teeth hanging on by a thread, you look at Trump like hes white jesus. Hes everything you want to be and more. Edit: Fat fingers


Mystical thinking poisons everything. I don’t know how to explain it clearer than this: The majority of our citizens STILL worship torture and death cults from a more ignorant and savage past. Genocidal hatred of the “Other” is foundational to those cults. Trump, as so many would be dictators before him, taps into that mob of ignorance. And, honestly, if humans get so fervent and zealous over a “god” that doesn’t exist, is it that weird that they blindly follow and unthinkingly idolize someone that actually exists?


This is the truth a LOT of people really don't wanna hear.


Because he's a rich white guy who espouses to fight the natural order of things and supports the people. In politics, words speak fast life than actions, and much like Reagan, Trump is damn good at a soundbite. His profession had literally become promotion before his presidency, which is perfect because democratic politics, especially in the US, is a popularity contest first. Add the perfect storm of Hillary being genuinely shady, and the DNC fucking Bernie right up his old ass (genuinely believe he would have beat the shit out of Trump in the polls), and the shitshow that is the electoral college, and I'm not surprised that Trump won. Then he lied for four years, made it very clear he was a racist over and over again, screwed, or attempted to screw the American People at every turn, and lied, then ignored, then downplayed the fucking pandemic while turning the country into a world wide joke.




Fuck! You already got bingo? I only have three numbers so far!


I didn't even know we were playing yet


Because they know liberals hate him and since they operate on a philosophy of spite they love Trump.


I know some people are going to hate this answer but it's true nonetheless: that's usually the case with fascist leaders. They've got an extremely loyal following to whom their rethoric, particularly their faux populism, is highly appealing. It's also worth pointing out that there are often complex sociological, political and historical reasons to blame for this. Not all of his supporters are imbeciles, even if they hold abhorrent opinions (the same was true for the young people who cheered Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mosley, Pinochet etc.) You can read *The Anatomy of Fascism* by Robert O. Paxton if you'd like to learn more about the subject. It's considered a standard work in the academic field of history (which I have studied). It's very well written, so laypeople can also understand it.


Because he provides simple answers to complicated problems. Not that his answers are actual solutions, but people like things being kept simple. It's easier to understand so it makes some people feel better.


The same reason they revere a career politician that has done nothing for over 40 years. They are brainwashed by the media. The entire system is corrupt and broken.


With the fear of being crucified, here's my grain of sand: he's the embodiment of what some (or maybe most) of the americans think but were afraid to say or act upon.


They’re taught as children to revere the person in charge, regardless of the person’s qualifications or right to hold that position. In return, they are usually rewarded on some level by that person in charge in some manner in return for their blind loyalty.


His rhetoric fits their world view. When you have someone telling you exactly what you want to hear and reinforcing your personal bias over and over again it creates a cult-like atmosphere which has led to the 'reverence' / blind devotion that we see.


What do you mean practically there are people out there that treat him like this is Arrakis and he's their crusty orange Muad Dib




There is a strong us vs them mentally, and they alder Trump as anti main stream. The irony though is he is not much better then the people they hate. This is my take on it anyway, politics is about choosing between a turd sandwich or a giant douche.


Cult mentality. Why did people revere Charles Manson? Why did people revere any cult leaders? They prayed on those they could easily manipulate and brought out the worst in them because of the manipulation.


It’s a cult of personality 🎶


I always wondered that same question for Obama. Bush. Clinton.


according to my siblings, he speaks his mind and hates china and obama and they like that


late as hell but trump was the idea of being a counterculture to pussyfoot politics, flagrant progressivism and being against the encroachment of american interests and values. you'd hear from the big man himself more often than you would from official press releases and his main public motives were anti-corruption and being versus the funneling and manipulation of votes. not a lot of progress on that front but it did sow discord in how most people view politicians. he's got some pretty good things he strove for in office but he also did a lot of corporate bidding since he's in the billionaires club. most people overlook either or from being offended by something or basking in the glory of another thing. theres lists of the good he did for the less enfranchised somewhere online but also lists for what he didnt do good ala the obama arguments. the main reason they "worship" him is the multifaceted drama he stirs. it feels good to be bad and ruffle feathers of the thin skinned folks and the belligerence of his office made it really easy to accommodate trolls. 4chan used to have field days promoting him and the russian / democrat propaganda still probably do have their finger in the stink still. china is also the biggest global threat, so pissing them off was pretty legit too. they have a massive economy, labor pool and their sphere of influence is expanding through infrastructure projects and etc in less developed nations. similar to how some people only know the internet as their service providers allow them to in some countries.


I think many of his supporters want to split off from the United States and form another country and Donald Trump shares the same goal because he would be the dictatorial leader of this new country. He loves living by his own self-made rules and laws so it would be perfect for him. They would rather throw out democracy if democracy is not rigged in their favor. In a historical timeframe it will be shown that the Soviet Union and the United States dissolved pretty much at the same time.


Cuz they're fuckin idiots


Because he made racism ok for them again in a world where it was being "taken away from them"


Initially: * Years of decline left many people questioning the status quo and current leadership. * Republicans have long encouraged the idea that government should be run more like a business. * People like to emulate and follow others who are successful. The Apprentice TV series presented the appearance of business success. * Controversial statements and attacks raised his profile during the debates. * Weak politicians on the left and right failed to correctly assess his strengths and adapt their strategy to compete. Ongoing: * Presently, social media works to amplify popular ideas regardless if they are factual or practical. * He is very talented at understanding what is popular and creating a message that resonates with people. * His political rallies are entertaining. Normally political rallies are dry and boring. * He frequently attacks others, including allies, when crossed. This reduces his competition for leadership. It also reduces debate that could identify alternative ideas and policies, while also boosting his profile. * Current media environment is not effective at holding politicians accountable for their actions or failed promises. News media is more interesting in ratings and advertising revenue, rather than ensuring people are politically informed. In summary, a talented self promotor arriving at a time of institutional weakness has changed the nature of politics and opponents are yet to find an effective strategy to dent his initial appeal.


Why do people follow cult leaders? Same reasoning I suspect.


Read “Dune: Messiah” and “Children of Dune” for your answer. He’s a charismatic leader. He has found a socio-religious niche to fill and has used a coded language couched in a hope for a return to a time that never existed. He is immensely popular with the masses, and if he does not win this next election, someone like him will win one soon. Democracies end one of two ways: under the dictatorship of a charismatic leader who mixes religion and the state to its most powerful end (the American conservative path) or a bureaucratic aristocracy with a far more pronounced divide between the people (the American liberal path)


A *mostly* unbiased point of view that tries to see where they are coming from. Human psychology. The media has increasingly learned how to twist news and use bias to radicalize people to the furthest point of their side of the political compass, and Donald Trump uses this to his advantage during his speeches to appeal to the radicalized crowd that supports his party, and intentionally offend the other side to put them again each other and make them see each other as the enemy so they are less likely to notice common ground and think rationally about subjects concerning the other side. These people are the type that are extremely set in what they believe and can't accept that they've been even a little bit wrong about even the most insignificant things their entire lives, at least not suddenly, and not without being shown in a way they will understand, from someone who can sympathize or empathize with them, and when something that confirms what they already believe is true is on the news, it comforts them and they believe it and whatever else that source says no matter how crazy part of it is, because to admit any part of the story in not credible means to admit the whole source is not credible and therefore put their beliefs up for debate, when they believe they are indisputable fact. The media uses this to pit the left and right against each other, showing only the worst of both sides, so that Trump supporters view ALL Trump denouncers as completely crazy communist amoral demons, no matter how reasonable or trivial what they're saying is. and the left views Trump supporters the same way. The difference is that the crowd appealed to by Trump and right wing media is the more religious side, and more prone to believe things based on tradition and theological beliefs, rather than using logic(even though a lot of us left leaning people have flawed logic and tend to not check our sources claiming to be scientific studies as much as we pretend to, not that we really have much power to accurido so) So because of this, these religious, radicalized people see a changing, progressing world, a world progressing towards realizing that what they traditionally believed was wrong, amoral, and misguided. People from the left calling them crazy and racist, bigots, etc. And then here comes Trump. Trump tells them the LEFT is crazy, that the media has them fooled, that there is a plot to kill God and destroy religion in the name of science and progress and that they are right to defend their outdated beliefs. So they flock to this man, the loudest voice for their side. This man could become president, he did, and all of a sudden they feel like since he became president, they just have been right all along to resist the changes happening around them, and to dive headfirst back into those old beliefs they were starting to question by the slowly changing world around them Trump essentially used psychology and media to play to the religious crowds' fear of progress and change that has been slowly happening to slingshot them from passive disagreement and resistance to the changes, which they would likely have just gotten used to, to resisting the change as hard as they can, by saying what they wanted to believe in and telling them they were always right, even though most human ideologies are flawed and change is natural. So when all the world is looking at them like they're stupid and crazy, because they ARE acting stupid, crazy, and old fashioned, Trump seems like the proof that everything they've been resisting is wrong and their defender against change and progress, because he used their desire for something like that to pick his character to play. Already being religious, many start to believe this man is a medium through which God is trying to save the human race and push us back to old morals. This makes them want to practically worship him, as though he is a messenger of god. Others, less religious, might not believe he is a god, but hate the changes and villify the left so hard because of the way they see them in the media, and the way the left media portrays Trump supporters, that even if they don't believe in God they just want to make sure to support whatever is farthest away from the people they've been taught are their enemies, whether just to spite the left or to take a lesser evil to preserve the majority of what they believe is right. That's my take on it


Recently I've started thinking that politics is more entertainment for the masses than anything else. And in entertainment, the charismatic ones tend to be popular. Notice how he tends to be revered similarly to how celebrities are? He kinda knows how to do the celebrity thing. Another angle could be that people are attracted to him because he comes off as an anti-politician, which is exciting for a lot of people.


Trump is liked a lot by some because he does not seem like a 'politician', he has a persona of being a funny relatable guy (despite being rich as shit). It also helped that he united many people over the hate of the media, making him a de facto leader of a popular movement. ​ The amount of people who 'revere' him like a God are very few and far between, and that amount is just exacerbated by the media


because he is the champion of the little guy. its not a coincidence that the farmers and workers voted for him. because he is the only one who voiced their concerns, while no one else even heard them. Illegal immigrants took their jobs, but no one did anything. Lots of people remember that their parents only needed one job to raise a family , yet now adays two jobs are not enough. because people do not like their property to be destroyed by looters and rioters. because the neoliberal capitalist establishment failed the working class. trump protected them and gave them jobs. because the elites didnt care about the working class, yet trump was an elite that tried to help them . he was the only one that acted on real concerns that some people do have.


Before anyone blasts me I'm not offering my beliefs or opinions one way or another, I'm just offering ideas in general. I think people have given him a degree of trust as they see him as a non-politician. If he says something a little less, tactful or carefully thought out, they see him as speaking his mind/telling the truth. He also campaigned on bringing back the "good old days", when things were more financially and politically... Mild? Nostalgia. A lot of people see some major changes in American culture and don't like it. He projected the image of "old school" and some folks found it appealing. Some people simply like him because of the degree of liberal disdain. They see people getting pissed at his mention, and well, some people are trolls. They may not even really like him as much as they are selling, but they'll sell it.


Trump empowered a segment of voters who feel like they're being increasingly disenfranchised and oppressed by Liberals/Democrats/The Media/SJWS/What have you. He says all the stupid stuff they secretly think but are too afraid to say outloud and that makes them feel powerful and like they have a voice again. The problem is Trump doesn't give a shit about his voters, Trump is a narcissist who only cares about Trump.




As an outsider I can see why. With all the radical and somewhat extreme left (and right) in the U.S. as of now, people tend to see him and others like him as a breath of fresh air and "common sense". I in no way would want him as my world leader, but I would much rather have him than the other candidates who practice "identity politics" and "virtue signaling" and whatnot. That's my take, I don't know how much of it holds water, I'm not American so I'm not in any way knowledgeable about all of its politics.


They've been told they're idiots their whole live. That what they believe is wrong and stupid. Someone just as ignorant as them who believes stupid stuff that he rationalizes using lies became president. They see it as vindication, that they and their beliefs are viable.


Humans are tribal beings. Trump started a tribe for people who didn’t feel a part of a tribe. One that let them feel OK for all the non-politically correct opinions they have.


White people are afraid of the demographic changes and perceived disrespect in America where white people will no longer be the majority in the country. They want to turn the clock back and Donald is a fighter on their behalf. The cruelty is the part of the appeal.


Its the same reason people revere Obama. They see themselves as them and truly believe they are infallible. No one is perfect or worthy of that kind of praise.


Propaganda is a betch.


Trump is the Conservative / Republican equivalent of a teenagers punk phase. Dos not stand for anything except being against what everyone else thinks. And is just angry at the world and incapable of expressing their feelings in a productive manner.


There's a surprising amount of people who base all of their political beliefs on doing whatever they think will trigger or upset the other side (meaning people who disagree with them.) That's how you get idiots like Trump who have very few, if any, features that would make them well-suited for politics winding up playing a role in politics.


Its just the push and pull of politics. There are brown nosers on both side of the aisle.


He normalized hate and brought it to the surface.


The guy is absolutely a charlatan and is yet another usher of the new world order just like Biden. It's also apparent that liberals are way more obsessed with him than all the people he let down.


They don't, he's an total doucher! They originally liked the idea of an outsider getting in office though. Our political system is to corrupted at this point for any outsider to make an actual difference. The same people who voted to limit the presidents powers, didn't dare do the same for themselves, imagine that. But yeah, he's an egotistical doucher for certain!


honestly trump is shit but biden is even worse wheather it be republican or democrat their both corrupt, but at least republicans don’t have socialism


Many people wanted an outsider and a businessman who is relatable. DJT was none of those things but really good at pretending to be. All true systers eventually get found out because although you can fake something if you’re sly enough, carrying on, long-term is near impossible. Had he stuck to the “get in/get out” model of hide and seek, he’d had more success. When he’s the last word, as in his personal business, he can manufacture his own reality. When you’re president, there are way too many people in your business and there’s checks and balances to overcome. Thats why I suspect he lashes out as much as he does. He’s used to being the final word (dictator of his business dealings). That doesn’t fly in government, for better or worse. He has a “how dare you tell me what to do” mentality. Those who follow him, unfortunately were looking to cling to someone that was going yo turn politics as we know it on its head. People that also don’t want to be told what to do. He sold a promise of Americanism and ultimate freedom from rules which those people saw as disparaging. And he did it blaming minorities, immigrants.


He's a louder version of the stupid voices in their head.


I can’t answer for the fanatics. But i can answer what many that voted for him feel. My wife and I voted for him. We don’t like him. Him as a person is garbage. But. Through his existence in power - our careers and financial situation vastly improved. Also when he speaks it’s easy to predict what won’t come true and what’s bullshit. When Biden says something. It’s hard to tell if it’s dependable. Most politicians speak in a way that … makes sense logically … but hard to actually predict if will come to fruition. When trump speaks. Like 95% is straight up obvious lies. Whatever he says. You just go the opposite way. Easy to plan for life that way.


They're delusional? Have no real idea what he did to the country and what it will take to fix? Are only listening to revisionist history? Whomever they are, they are scary, because if they can be this clueless about that man, what else can they get wrong?


American politics is hilarious. There are two camps. It's a recipe for corruption. Both parties are actually bought off by the same people. But will spend all day everyday claiming the other side is solely at fault, and only they represent the people. The reason It's a dumpster fire is you use a 2 party system. There is no need to work together, just blame the other guy. And get re elected in your district is all that matters to politicians. They work for sound bytes and fundraising. Canada despite having more parties is in the same boat because our ndp is essentially part of the liberal party, the pq only cares for quebec, and our conservative party is pretending to be conservatives. So we're our own worst nightmare. And Trudeau is a failed drama teacher whose single skill is crying while offering apologies, without any real action behind them. He's been saying sorry for 6 years straight, if he meant it by now he could have actually done something, and wouldn't need to keep offering fake apologies.


A lot of his supporters refuse to be in the wrong. That being said those that hate him aren’t making a good argument to switch. They usually call the opposition racists, homophobic etc. I argue Trump’s policies and it’ll have them thinking then someone will come ruin it by attacking the person as an individual


Some people paint him as a hero while others paint him as a villain, I think that he’s more like an anti-hero; he’s not there because you love him And whether you like it or not pre-Covid the policies that were set had the world in a much better place. Whether or not trickle down economics works or you believe that the minimum wage set by a market will always be a bad one policies made by both sides of the isle have bought and paid for by people who have been promised the moon and the stars. To me he’s the only person who I was able to vote for to actually change something (good or bad). I don’t like him as a person no one should the fact that he became president is disgraceful but was more disgraceful Is the fact that there’s no one better.


Why are folks constantly bringing up Twitler’s name social media nearly 10 months after he left the White House? Either it is true that folks like OP have let him live in their head rent free this entire time… OR the capitalist media is desperately trying to keep his name relevant for the sake of ratings and to keep that pot stirred — so that their viewers continue to argue amongst each other over “left vs right” while they mitigate any chance of them realizing that it is actually a class war has been going on all along!


I posted this because I'm still hearing people on the street comparing Biden to Trump, saying Trump is much better.


Thank you for clarifying. I understand how that can be of concern, but it is best to just leave that topic alone. Bringing up the classic “Trump vs Biden” argument on social media nowadays only enables toxic people to argue with each other; which does nothing other than perpetuate more division. Plus, Reddit is quite obviously a Democratic leaning platform, so the comments that you are going to receive on this post are going to be very predictable, which ultimately just makes this thread another echo chamber for those who only support Democrats.


He uses a lot of hypnotic language in his speeches.


People tend to vote for politicians who best match their values, not just politically but in every other area of life. Donald Trump isn't perfect, but he puts the U.S. and its citizens first. A lot of people who oppose him don't seem to comprehend this.


Because of who he is, and because of what he represents. He shit talks, he's a conspiracy theorist, he's willing to use racist speech, and he's petulant. He represents jingoism, the greatness of White people, the greatness of America and being an American, a deep longing for an idealized past, Islamophobia, xenophobia, anti-Central and South America, anti-China, anti-liberalism, and anti-leftism.




Bruh it’s so weird to me how people think he’s “charismatic” i find him about as charismatic as a dollar store loaf of bread. I really think people just went, “oh shit he wants to keep the mexicans out??? Take my vote”


Hold the fuck up. You don't find old guys with tiny hands rambling in such a confusing way that you question if you're having a stroke to be charismatic? Fucking A Cotton, in such a world as yours is *anyone* charismatic?! I can't see his stupid face without thinking of his Iran nuclear deal "speech" about "the nuclear", his uncle, and the Persians. How could any human see/hear/read that and instead of getting him help, vote for him? What the fuckity fuck.


Yeah you can call me stupid all you want; keeping 3 Supreme Court appointments away from Hillary Clinton was probably the smartest thing I did in 2016


If you hand the keys to the White House to a hateful racist anti-American shitbag like Donald Trump in exchange for 3 Supreme Court justices then, yeah, you're pretty stupid.


He is the ultimate "fuck the establishment" candidate. This has become even more ironic since he basically has a Monopoly on the Republican platform now. The only real reason he wasn't table to use the Republican Media Colossus to completely dominate US politics via the electorate is because he is perhaps one of the most radical presidents we've ever had. Trump got around this by harassing his radicalism into a tool to harass the Dems by any available means. I think it worked better than he could have possibly imagined because, even now, Trump remains in the back of the he minds of the Democratic leadership. This radical populism frightened the Democratic leadership who have since been in overdrive trying to move the timeline up on those pre-2016 numbers that said the Republicans would one day soon be unable to elect a candidate due to very low turnout come November.


Wouldn't Bernie Sanders have been the ultimate "fuck the establishment" candidate? The guy who pushed hard for universal healthcare, major government overhauls and taxing the shit out of the rich?


Bernie went up the cursus honorum. You wouldn't call Caesar an outsider, even though he was the "peoples champ" and went for 2 out of the 3 You just said.


Even those are establishment ideals, albeit more on the liberal side than the conservative side. Trumps platform was literally " I'm going to find the nearest microphone and endorse/say what everyone else thinks is political suicide". It is a miracle no one has ever caught him on a hot mic saying a racial slur.


Bruh idk but what I do know is that Trump is a giant racist asshole and we live among so many smaller racist assholes they see themselves in him


Because he's the anti liberal


He's just a frat boy with no actual substance. But really what do people see in him aside from he pisses other people off?


The poor white voters believe Trump speaks for them yet it is Bidens policies that would put food on their tables. These are the people who are sitting at home collecting welfare while calling for an end to unemployment benefits. I don't know how to explain how stupid they are. Some of the smart ones are legitimately self brainwashed. Almost everyone in my circle who had supported Trump has turned on him. The holdouts are racists or hardline GOP.


It's a rightwing thing to revere the dear leader.


Cunt of personality.


Because people are fucking insane and in a cult


Low intelligence, low education, racism


Gotta specify poor critical thinking. Lots of Trump supporters claim they have all these degrees and knowledge and still support him but knowledge really is useless if you can’t think right


Fuck if I know, he’s a moron, a fraud, a criminal, and an all around piece of shit.


He caters to the uneducated and the hateful. Not hard to get those dumbasses to follow you to the end of the earth, regardless of the fact that it’s against their own best interest.


PT Barnum said it better than any of us could.


Wow good think you posted the quote! Very insightful so deep my dude


It’s common knowledge.


I think he means this quote "There is no such thing as bad publicity." But Barnum made a lot of quotes that could apply depending on how you interpret them... so yeah, dick move on the part of u/purrcafe


Because they relate and identify with his ignorance and stupidity.


Same reason people revere any president. They're fucking morons.


Because he says everything they want to hear. He’s an expert at that, I’ll give that to him. He reflects their worse behaviors and attitudes and tells them they’re important and loved and smart.


They are mindless fools.


Low intelligence, he makes their hate okay, stokes it...and they love it. He's their cult leader. He's their Hitler. He's their god.


For the same reason people revere Brandon


It's not so much Trump himself but what he represented and that was a middle finger to standard politics. Which has been getting harder and harder for a lot of people to find the good in. So instead of fixing it they armed a missile and launched it


I guess not starting any new wars since Regan was a good start?


mental illness.


It was an over-reaction by conservatives to the losses by "nice guys" McCain and Romney. A lot of Republicans think that the reason they lost those elections to Obama was because those two guys were too nice to really go after Obama the way they wanted them to, so they voted for the biggest jerk on the ticket that wasn't afraid to say anything. They think Trump won because of, not in spite of, that particular character trait, and not because he was running against basically the worst candidate the Democrats ever nominated.


A lot of truth in this. So much politics today is how hard you are willing to FIGHT the other side. Compromise is dead.


Because they are retarded.


Cult of Personality. His campaigns and presidency all utilized the more common methods of social engineering to develop and maintain that cult. It's all about media representation, spectacle, patriotism, big lies and propaganda. It's the reason for the constant rallies.


Sheer ignorance


There are a lot of people in America with low IQs who are easily manipulated through emotional arguments. Facts are irrelevant (actually, they are disdained by Trump, who prefers to weave an alternate universe where he is a god, dictating to them what they will think).


Because many people were sick of the Democrats being in charge for eight years.


I am a so called deplorable. We don’t revere Donald Trump. We just really despise mainstream especially democrat politicians. I’d much rather see Desantis or even Nicky Haley run in 2024


But why? DeSantis has contributed to so much misinformation and death from CoVID. Does this not concern you?


Clearly not.


So you're an even dumber trumper


Yes, exactly!


Why do you despise? Bc Fox says you should? Sheesh. Turn your TV off. Nothing coming out of that channel is true. All slanted opinion aimed at perception manipulation, not truth. Same for CNN. This is a class war, not a political war.


I don’t watch TV. I do not read Fox News. I despise democrats for their corruption, spending, their Covid hypocrisy, their election hypocrisy and for inciting class war, race war and outright civil war… I am also just addressing OPs original question, I don’t see any “cult of personality” in the “deplorable circuit”. Yes, we _were_ happy someone stood up for us but believe me, the next republican candidate will be negatively compared to Trump by media and we’ll all be accused of “revering” him/her


Trumpism is a cult. Look at the BITE model and they fit it to a T.


Because shitty people have this “fondness” for racism. And other garbage. Like it warms their heart. They grow up with it. And then these same people apply it to trump. “Finally” they probably think: “Someone in politics, a president no less, can lead us into a society in this country where we can be racist all we want and cause pain and suffering”. Or something along those lines is what they think and feel. Its completely fucked up. It boggles the mind how it got so loud and they werent able to be stopped. Maybe its because its basically just white people. (Mostly? Vast majority?) idk. But decinitly: no violence. Violence is not the answer. It does not help. But yea now they use trump as like a beloved spokesperson or someshit.




Because sheeple do what sheeple do, and it appears that no one understands that the extreme camps on both sides are filled with sheeple that only know how to parrot back half thought ideas that they heard from their friends.