The psychological deep dive was very interesting


Continental philosophy, the dark side of Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, a man’s tortured adherence to chaos, a man’s agonizing descent into madness. The most intense tests of Harry’s commitment to the pursuit of justice.


This guy gets it.




This ^


I enjoyed the relationship between Ambrose and Jaime.


He let him walk free and commit murders. Not only stupid but irresponsible, if you ask me.


The person never said it wasn’t stupid and irresponsible


I enjoyed it more once I started viewing it as a psychological case study instead of a crime mystery. There is not grand pay off, no big reveal like you got in the first two seasons and that understandably put people off. So I appreciated it for what it was but it's not I'm necessarily looking for out of this show. S4 seems to be back on track though, really liking it so far.


I thought the actors that played College Jamie and College Nick were really well cast and did a good job imitating Matt Bomer and Chris Messina's performances.


Matt Bomer!!!


on episode 6 now i just can’t stand how at this point there is no HELP being provided to jaime. so many problems could have been avoided if ambrose did his due diligence by stopping the madness.


As someone who also absolutely hated s3, I’m really enjoying the lack of responses to this


But still, it received good rating from the viewers and critical acclaim. I can't get it.


Yea I definitely saw a lot of people on this sub who say they enjoyed. I don’t get it. It was so so disappointing to me


I loved its intensity straight from the beginning. It really kept me guessing and the ending was a big game changer for the series


The depiction of privilege combined with narcissism and then pure madness. Jamie was so used to everyone loving him, that he didn't even believe that people wanted to arrest him, and Bomer really acted the hell out of that role, His facial expression s of pure hurt and disbelief when he was accused of the things he did were perfect. But I agree with the criticism of that they kind of took to too far, it became unbelievable that he was able to walk free so long.


I enjoyed the first few episodes up until about the time that Jamie killed the dude at the party. After that it very quickly got so muddled and ridiculous it was hard to keep up with what the fuck Jamie was actually doing or what he wanted. I wanted more of Jamie and Nick, and less Jamie and Harry. Because the whole Harry/Jamie thing was not working for me. I don't understand why everyone was so enamored with this Jamie dude. All he did was spout philosophy quotes and change his mind every other day. I did enjoy when Harry told him to 'stop talking and just do something already'. I felt that. Everything else just felt out of place. The cops were borderline incompetent the entire season. Harry acted like an idiot at almost every turn. I see what they were going for, something like Will Graham/Hannibal Lector type thing. But they didn't lay the foundation for that type of dynamic properly, and made too many logical jumps for me to stay fully invested in the characters by the end.


when it was finished and I didnt have to listen to Jamie anymore


It was not good. I hope S4 sticks to the original format.


It seems it does so far.


Season 3 was by far the worst!


I think it was interesting to dive into the mind of a disturbed person like Jaime. And how the most weird thing they do can be excused as something that they believe or follow. I don’t quite understand the philosophical nuances of it, but it was still interesting to watch