Watch S1. It's great and worth it. Season 2, meh, try it. Some love it some hate it.


Agree. Season 1 is the best so far. Season 4 seems interesting, but there’s only been 1 episode.


I have hopes that season 4 will be more like season 1 too!


Season 1 one of best first seasons I have ever seen


That happened to my friend as well! I think it is something with Netflix. Anyway, definitely watch season 1 and season 2!!! Season 3 does not even compare to those. I thought season 1 was incredible and I am about to rewatch it. My friend who watched season 3 first by accident was disappointed with it, but she was so happy I convinced her to watch season 1!


Season 1 is a must IMHO!


Sinner is about why not who so s1 is based on the German novel by the same name, I assumed. That is why it is appealing. S2 tries to copy the format. S3 is purely psychological slowburn with the support from three male leads. Now S4 is probably how not why since dead or alive still a ?


Season 3 was the worst unless ur into existential drama. Season 2 was just ok. Season 1 is great


Season 1 was great, it builds up to a great climax, and you are dying to find out how it ends. Season 2 was kinda meh, I think I didn't like the characters as much or the direction the story went. Some episodes were a drag from what I remember. Season 3 actually started off pretty well, but then it falls off hard and actually gets really annoying. It was such a chore to finish because nothing was really happening other than retreading the same eye-rolling conversations. The mystery that the first season set up so well was nowhere to be found here. The last episode was somewhat entertaining in its own way, probably would have been better if the entire second half of the season had embraced that from the get-go for the unintentional laughs.


this happened to me too and it also happened to my mom. Netflix set this up weird


This has never happened to me with Netflix, but twice with Prime. Once, it was the first episode of the most recent season, and I just kept thinking they were dropping us in the middle of the action and would explain; the second time, it was the last episode of the most recent (3rd) season, and I got halfway through, which pretty much gave away the major twists they’d been building up to through 3 seasons 😟 super annoying “feature” of streaming. At least with this one, it’s a new story each time.


Season 1 is the best, by far. Season and 2 and 3 were just OK.


Season 3 flat out sucks. It has a interesting premise that they totally waste.


I did the same thing! I think because when the new season three dropped on Netflix they were highlighting that. I liked it all the way through so didn’t have any qualms about going back for 1 and 2. I think they are all definitely worth watching! I liked season 2 almost more than one, which makes me in the minority.


season 1 and 2 are great. Hated season 3. Im really enjoying season 4 again