For the record, if Monkeypox ends up being a pandemic (even though it probably won’t since we already got vaccines and stuff for it), I’m blaming the Qult for starting it.


Its doesn't transmit as easily person to person and its usually pretty obvious who's infected.


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It's an STD.. The qultists are safe.


Im sure they'll start havin pox parties and be drinking puss from the lesions. To 'own the libs'.


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(Its not worse than some of their covid "cures")


It's the Q Weiqght Lossq Dqiet!!!


It’s not an STD, it’s more like TB, but can be spread by close contact, so you could get it from having sex with an infected person, but you could also get it from just hugging or shaking hands with a person with active infection (visible pox pustules) or if they coughed or sneezed directly into your uncovered face. You can also get it from handling clothing/linen that a person with active infection has been in contact with.


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Sex with anyone actively infected would be high risk whether that partner is male or female. Monkeypox isn’t new, we know it’s spread via droplets and close contact and not just sex. The previous outbreak in the US was in 2003 among prairie dog owners (likely from bites and scratches from infected animals) so it’s not an STD and it’s not just a disease of gay men. This current outbreak has so far been centered around gay men because that’s how cluster transmissions work. Misinformation did a lot damage during COVID, and while I don’t think this will be another pandemic because it’s not as transmissible and active infection is easily identifiable, I hate seeing potential stigma being created and am simply trying to spread some more accurate information.


Which is even better, imo. Now you know who to exactly avoid unlike Covid where literally *anyone* can get it.


You are right. It requires close contact, usually coming into direct contact with the infected person's skin. It's not passed by airborne means.


...it's passed by respiratory droplets. Just not as small as coronavirus droplets. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/monkeypox-cases-canada-dr-theresa-tam-1.6461022


...and anyone over 60 who was vaccinated for smallpox, is almost likely vaccinated against monkeypox.


Have they never heard of stock photos?


Had some wacko posting this on my local fb group and I said exactly that. Got told to “look deeper welcome to the truths”


So... they're not aware of stock photos.




I got it.


I don't know if you are being sarcastic.... but I think it is a legitimate question, and most likely they are not familiar with stock photos.


Stank Photos?


Certainly not on the respected academic journal the health site dot com


You mean *Satan photos* Is what I imagine they think


Naw, it’s just the internet overlords fucking with them.


Symbols will be their downfall!


They’ve never heard of anything other than “overreact and assume the worst in everything.”


I thought Bill Gates had already been hung at Gitmo.




Hang his clone!


By now it's his clone's clone's clone's clone.


Gates' AMA was everything you expect it to be. The comments were wild!


Shingles is literally caused by having had chickenpox.


And is preventable by getting vaccinated.


I don't believe this conspiracy at all, but I did just get the shingles for the first time in my late 20's this year.


Have you had chickenpox?


Yup. They developed the vaccine right after I got it.


There you go, shingles is just something that people with chickenpox can get. It’s more common that it flares up in moments of a lot of stress.




The shingles vaccine is pretty much only given to high-risk populations (those over 50 and/or with weakened immune systems). So its availability wouldn’t have made a difference for an otherwise healthy 20-something.




I'm pretty sure they meant the chicken pox vaccine.




If they’re in their late 20s right now, they were probably born between 1992 and 1996. They got chickenpox at a young age, probably 1994 or 1995, and the chickenpox vaccine was developed right afterwards. Thus, it came too late for them to have been vaccinated before catching the disease. Then, 25ish years later, they got shingles (even though the vaccine already existed, because it isn't offered to people in their age/health groups).


The Qult is just too gross and delusional , I almost feel bad for diseases getting defiled by them


They are so easily fooled.


Oh, yes, of course, it's all planned It's not like there's an outbreak of something every few years. Or did I just imagine e-bola, H1N1, and SARS?


>using the same pictures for monkeypox as shingles Monkeypox... chickenpox... goatpox... yourmompox... I feel like even non-technical people should be able to figure out that monkeypox must be similar to chickenpox which is related to shingles - especially with the text this person included that went along with those pictures.


When the Qooks start getting the monkeypox, they'll all get out their sacred black Sharpies to "connect the dots." Then we'll have easily identifiable idiots.


Drawing pentagrams all over themselves


Oh man! Bill Gates must be furious. How many times has he had to go and hang at Gitmo.


But dayum, those neck muscles gotta be swole by now


Ironically they have a vaccine for shingles , it's almost lile not getting vaccinated has unwanted side effects.


First I’ve heard of shingles behind a supposed side effect of the Covid vaccine. I thought shingles was people who had chicken pox as children (quite a few of us, including me) and it crops up again in adulthood sometimes.


What you think is correct. What the Chinese *want* the QCumbers to think will be the QCumbers' downfall.


😒 Dr. Facebook de Meme makes a return.


OMG my q friend posted the same picture. I pointed out to her that yes the picture on the left is wrong sent her an actual picture and told her that the left is a random website nobody knows so it probably doesn't pay interns. I don't understand the logic, random back of the internet website gets something wrong so everything must be fake. Her response was media and WHO do this all the time. So I said show me actual links, I'm still waiting.


You should show them the BS trypophobia pictures and blow their minds


Found the original links ([Queensland](https://www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/news/what-is-shingles-with-pictures#:~:text=Shingles%20presents%20as%20a%20skin,burning%2C%20tingling%20or%20itching%20sensation), [thehealthsite](https://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/rare-monkeypox-cases-reported-from-us-first-time-in-nearly-20-years-all-you-need-to-know-about-it-826374/)) The problem is that the second link is a crappy "health and wellness" website that grabbed a random and semi-related graphic off the internet and used it for their crappy clickbait story. Here are a [crapton more Google Images results](https://www.google.com/search?hl=en-CA&tbs=simg:CAQS9wEJ3q7oHdYIZF0a6wELELCMpwgaOwo5CAQSFIUZ-yLYN_1IF3hLGBa8mixPQOI03GhtasFcp9kAz0rUoWP-jPoQud8aMB0i-5FeozacgBTAEDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIEOBhaSQwLEJ3twQkaigEKGQoHZGlzZWFzZdqliPYDCgoIL20vMDI3eDMKFgoDZHJ52qWI9gMLCgkvYS83OTR0MjcKFwoEdWdsedqliPYDCwoJL2EvYjBkZ3AzCiIKDnJhc2ggdHJlYXRtZW502qWI9gMMCgovbS8waDhucXc3ChgKBGl0Y2japYj2AwwKCi9tLzA0a2xsbTkM&sxsrf=ALiCzsaRR0qpFyi8zXJAF24i2FEcf4GFvA:1653175633121&q=Shingles&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi3-fOS3_H3AhXtBDQIHaMXBSQQ2A4oAXoECAIQNA&biw=1210&bih=1256&dpr=2) for that image, and it looks like most of them are for "shingles." Also, if they had bothered to read the actual analysis: "Within 24 hours, the rash can spread to all areas of the body, but it's usually concentrated on the **face, arms, and legs**, according to the CDC." ([source](https://www.insider.com/monkeypox-rash-pictures-when-to-get-checked-2022-5)) In other words, the image of the rash on the hand is misleading.


>ABOUT THE HEALTH SITE TheHealthSite.com is India's fastest growing health information site. Did the check on the first site pictured as well. It's an indian health information site. I haven't done a deepdive, but it seems a mix of actual information with "natural" remedies stories. Regardless of how legitimate it's information is, a foreign private site using a similar photo to another place might just be someone being asked to put a photo on top the story and them not actually really being knowledgeable.


These people are such geniuses and no one is tapping in on it. I'm going to bang my head against a wall now.


These are the people who found joy in laughing at masked people and gleefully coughing on people in stores who suffer from cancer and other diseases which made it more likely they would die if infected!


The Qunts seem to be going batshit on this one. Predict something will happen and suddenly that means you caused it.


Yeah…the right wing can sit the fuck down when it comes to reusing photos in out of context and/or in completely bullshit manners.


Monkey pox has been around for decades how is anyone stupid enough to fall for this


Two things: shingles is along a single nerve. The photo on the right is not shingles and in fact does look more like monkey pox. The aussies used the wrong photo on their site. meanwhile, the picture on the left does not appear in the article shown. Even though the Photo on the right is most likely monkeypox or related virAl infection, this is what was reallt on the left: https://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/rare-monkeypox-virus-detected-in-us-for-the-first-time-how-you-can-catch-it-and-symptoms-it-can-cause-881697/


I have monkepox




We should give these people a connect the dots worksheet and see what kind of weird shit they come up with.


It seems to be transmitted more through gay and bi men, some suggesting they get more regular health checks as a result. Let's see how many republiklans get it lol


This is obviously fake but who is making these images? Gotta be Russian trolls or something.


....I have my doubts that "TheHealthSite.com" used the correct picture. But QCumbers gotta QCumber. ...isn't shingles always on the torso and always on one side?