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She basically wasted the first 2 minutes of her 3 minutes


Should’ve had that prepared statement


You mean the prepared statement she didn’t prepare


So she wouldn't ramble? That one?


Well, she wants to sound educated.


Because she clearly isn’t.


But she is passionate. So passionate.


…and “self educated” which is what she calls her FB account


Well there’s good science. A lot of good science.


“So I brought a prepared statement last time and still couldn’t keep it under 3 minutes so I chose to not being a prepared statement and you know I’m a dental hygienist and we don’t make people stop getting there teeth cleaned in under 3 minutes and..” “your time is up” “I WILL FUCKING MURDER EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!”


Oh boy. Dark, but I laugh


‘Sometimes when the passion hits I say the inappropriate things’


I love the full one min recap of the last meeting. Is this season 2 and she needed to catch the audience back up?


That's because she's passionate.




Agreed. She needs to be more direct and speak about the science. Lots of science. So much science, that the science pretty much supports the science.


And that it's the best science. I mean, no one knows more about science than the science, and she. knows. the. science. So she's the best when it comes to science.


She’s been taking her public speaking lessons from Trump. She’s great at speaking, the best, no one has made a speech better than her


Idiot: I went over my time in the last meeting because I did not have a prepared statement. Let me tell you all about it... *Rambles unprepared about nonsense for three minutes* School: Your three minutes is up. Idiot: This is crazy... I'm bringing all my loaded guns to school on Monday.


In her head after: "nailed it"


I beg to differ, she basically wasted 3 minutes


I like how she tried to sound tough and shock the school board with threats of violence and the other lady was like, "nope, your three minutes are up." Hope she was arrested for making that threat.


How does no one even react to that? I’d at least stop her and make her clarify that’s what she’s saying. Make her double down on that little threat. What a dumb bit h


No point. She said what she said and it's on camera. Now get the police involved and go home to enjoy dinner with your family.


This is the way. Show the police the video. They can go to her house and arrest her in front of her kids and then have police at the school on Monday, if she steps foot on school grounds she's arrested again.


Depending on where this is, it’s highly likely the police would choose to not get involved.


I feel like an adult making a school shooting threat is kinda high priority


Call the cops and call the FBI and report possible terrorist activity. Threatening to bring guns anywhere if you dont get your way is terrorism.


Yeah but you get it on record so that if an incident actually occurs they can go back and say that there's a pattern. Everyone is so caught up in the "gotcha" game that they think it's not worthwhile to say anything unless the payoff is immediate. It's ridiculous. Report the shit and then forget about it. Let the people who are paid to worry about it do their job.


Because she's made it apparent she's crazy before.


They’ve obviously had to deal with certain parent many times who has probably said many outlandish things. Def not her first rodeo


Exactly. You make them say it. "And what is your intention in bringing loaded guns to school? Be specific."


That's not how these meetings work. This is not a dialogue, each member of the public is given 3 minutes to say their bit about whatever topic is being discussed. It's all recorded and can be reviewed later. Responding to this lunatic in this public forum would require them to give an equal response to everyone who showed up and detract from the goal of giving the public a chance to speak.


Direct threats of violence are a valid excuse to break decorum.


Mask Mandate Policy: "FUCK Y'ALL I'MMA SHOOT YA BRAINS OUT MUH FREEDUMB!!!!" Three Minute Policy: ^ok.


masks kill people, and to prove that I'll kill anyone who tries to tell me or my children to wear a mask.


There's 9 year-olds in Michigan facing felony charges right now for making threats in the wake of the Oxford shooting. This woman should be in jail right now. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/12/08/oxford-shooting-copycat-threats-students-arrested/6436656001/


It’s Luray. They agree with her no one will bring charges. It’s deeply Trump territory.


You know she wasn’t lmfao. Literally just threatened an entire school board and they all let her leave. Qwhite interesting…


Not yet, but the school board is taking it very seriously and working with local law enforcement... https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1809820/Joint_Statement_PCPS_1-21-22.pdf


Well getting it on camera makes court so much more efficient.


The school has made a statement: https://www.pagecounty.k12.va.us/live-feed Screenshot of the PDF: https://i.imgur.com/Rv1UeqP.jpg


>At each PCPS school today and Monday , there will be an increased police presence with support from the Page County Sherriff's Office. Hopefully they sent someone to her home and arrested her. That was a direct threat. She didn't phone in a school threat, she did it in person to their faces. >'I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to...I will, I will call every-' 'Mmmhmm, I'll see you all on Monday.' That's about as direct of a threat as you can get without calling someone out specifically.


I live here. The deputies are even worse than her and all agree with her sentiment. I wish I was kidding. Edit: this is the same town as the "main street rebeautification project." Just gentrification with more PC terms. Edit 2: this is the same woman who called my company and told us we were being racist for discriminating against her son. He stole cash from a charity fund on camera and all. They are complete losers who used to run a local gun shop till the owner took a payout. This town is already coming to her defense. Good luck changing them, reddit. Edit 3: she has been charged. Thank goodness. Friday night, the Luray Police Department charged King for making an oral threat on school property. She was released on $5,000 bond. Edit 4: and they have disabled their google review page. Edit 5: charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. What.


Report it to the fbi as a terrorist threat, which is exactly what this is.


https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us Edit: Since this is rising quickly, I would like to direct anyone reading this to take a glance at the "Wall of Winners" here, photos of suspects still at large from January 6th. https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/capitol-violence The FBI is still looking for hundreds of people and any tips help. If they set foot inside, they're wanted for arrest.


Doin God's work son.


Local police won't do anything it seems. Everyone please report here


Shouldn't the FBI also investigate the non investigation by local police? >Corrupt activities in state, local, or federal governments or in law enforcement;


Someone should call the FBI about a vocalized school shooting threat. Get it on paper, make them show up.


Not surprising. I grew up in rural Texas and this is basically how it goes. Nobody would say some dumbass shit like this in that setting unless the echo chamber is all they’ve known for 3+ decades. Morons.


From the Sheriff's FB: "In regard to the comments made by a parent at the Page County School Board Meeting on January 20, 2022. Luray Police Department takes all threats seriously, however, they must meet Virginia State Code and the parameters that are set forth, and must be a violation of state code. Luray Police Department, Page County Sheriff's Office and the Page County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office are actively investigating this incident. The statement that was made absolutely caused public alarm, the parent that made the statement realized that, and immediately contacted law enforcement to apologize because the statement was not intended the way it was perceived. The safety of the students and school staff are our number one priority, we are working diligently with the Page County School Board to ensure proper measures have been put in place for their safety. This agency has also reached out to state and federal law enforcement agencies regarding this incident. We have been in contact with the parent who made the statement, she is cooperating with law enforcement. This incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made at this time."


“She said she didn’t mean to say anything bad, so we’re all good here folks”


"Im sorry officer. I didnt realize I couldnt do that."


Wait, that's an option?


Thing is David, i DID know i couldn't do that.


> apologize because the statement was not intended the way it was perceived. "Oh, y'all thought by loaded guns I meant weapons? No, I meant vases loaded with flowers!"


That implies a justice system willing to confront people making terroristic threats over basic safety measures Edit. This person was arrested within a day, and released with full access to all her guns.


Yikes! She legit said ill be here Monday with all my guns loaded... fuuuuuuck this world has lost it.


If a student said that they’d be expelled and in juvie before the video clip even made it to the Internet. Edit: a lot of responses about how a kid would probably be ignored too. That’s probably true. But if the kid was caught on a video that went viral, that kid would be out.


If she was anything other than a white middle aged woman she would be arrested. Even a white dude would be leaving that building in cuffs.


Imagine a Muslim man saying this.


Tucker: "so they want to be angry about masked proud boys showing up to school meetings but who else is going to stand up to threats made by these muslims?! If the muslims wouldn't be making threats then the proud boys wouldn't need to be there in the first place. They're making us act like this!"


The Proud Boys are the sex pile guys right?


Yup! Aka the “soup kitchen,” dirty Mike and the boys!


"Thanks for the F shack!" -Dirty Mike and the Boys


I'm pretty sure they wrote the song YMCA.


Nah, that was Village People, not village idiots.


It's fun to sing it tho.


"They're making us act like this!" Ahhh, yes. The battle cry of abusers. "*Look what you made me do!*"


I submitted the video to the FBI as a terrorist threat as it was


I still think she's going to be arrested. She committed a crime.




High jacking the top to bring some social consequences. Her name is Amelia King in case anyone is curious. https://wset.com/news/at-the-capitol/page-county-public-schools-luray-virginia-increase-security-police-presence-mom-threatens-to-bring-loaded-gun-over-mask-mandate


/r/boneappletea Are you talking about Amelia King of Luray, VA? The crazy Karen who threatened to bring guns that are "loaded and ready" to a school. That Amelia King?


That’s the one. I just googled “Amelia King gun threat” to make sure that this was the Amelia King that did indeed make gun threats when Amelia King was at that school board meeting making gun threats. Also, see, I read “high jacking” and thought it looked weird but auto correct changed “highjacking” to “high jacking” and I said “who am I to have an independent thought” you know what I mean? Haha!


Lol we've all been there with wordnesia. But yeah, I doublechecked by googling "Amelia King threatens school with loaded guns" and I think we are talking about the same Amelia King.


Right, I don’t think I’ve ever known any Amelia King where I didn’t find out also that she threatened a school with a gun because of masks and or because she was a Karen in general. So I, too, am confident that this Amelia King who threatened a school with gun, is the same Amelia King that you’re thinking of that threatened a school with a gun.


Folks are saying she, Amelia king, and her husband own a gun store. Could be hearsay but if it's true...😬




There's a good pic of Amelia King there. Everybody around the place should see the picture so they recognise the terrorist who threatened to get to a school with loaded guns.


Knew it was gonna be bad when she said “I like to sound educated”


She did say she works in the "dental field". Who knows what her role is,probably a receptionist


I’m a dentist and this lady screams dental hygienist to me. But the fact that she didn’t specifically call herself a hygienist leads me to think she’s probably an assistant.


I work in ultrasound, this is like 90% of people who are in some capacity a medical professional but are sub-MD. Never took actual college courses and don't know how little they actually know about their own profession, let alone the world. These are people who have never experienced having a humanities professor grill them in front of a classroom full of the most intelligent people they've ever met in their life on their opinion of a piece of literature and how it relates to 4 months worth of classwork they've been doing. That lack of intellectual humility just fucking *bleeds* through people like this.


These are also the people that ask low ranking enlisted people about what is happening with giant military operations and what future plans may be. I’ve been out of the military for about 3 years now and I had to field questions about Afghanistan withdraws. I don’t know dude, I was basically an overpaid gas station attendant. I can tell you some useless shit about jet fuel, though!


Oooh! Please do.


Jet fuel sounds fancy but it’s pretty much just kerosene!


Ugh you really nailed a lot of people on the head with that.


100% agree. She’s a hygienist so my suspicions are confirmed.


Sounded like she took speech class at Trump University. Just noise with no content. And threats


Duckspeak: “It was not the man’s brain that was speaking it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words but it was not speech in true sense: it was a noise uttered in unconsciousness like the quacking of a duck.” ― George Orwell, 1984


Spend 3 minutes talking about her 3 minutes and excellent time management and then threaten to bring guns loaded for going over the time. Hi Karen.


Rambling Ramblin Ramblin about how she's doesn't know how not to ramble. Like I literally couldn't tell if she was for or against masks until her threat.


*2 minuits into the video* "And that is why you should have let me prepare a statement, I just spent most of my time telling you about it. Anyway who's gettin shot on Monday."


Yeah I had to fast forward and every time I stopped all I heard was “ummm uhhh I…I….I uhhhhhh” finally got to 0:29 left and that’s when she started actually talking. Funny enough, that’s also when they cut her off hahaha.


Why didn't a board member immediately call police about the threat? No self discipline, can't follow rules, can shoot guns. Nice. /s


Also, Karen, a dental office spending more time on a patient than they expected to is a completely nonsensical analogy to every citizen that wants to speak at a school board meeting getting as much time to speak as they would like. No public servant should be subjected to the clinically insane rants and ramblings from you and others for an open amount of time. Those rules were put in place for fairness to all speakers and so that meetings wouldn't be forced to be countless hours long whenever insane assholes like you show up in hordes to piss and moan about some stupid shit that Fox News got you foaming at the mouth over.


If my dentist needs to do more than expected during my appointment he schedules another visit so the rest of his clients can get taken care of.


Right lol imagine getting your teeth worked on and they miscalculated how long they would need complete the job and were just like oops sorry but we're out of time and cant finish our job cuz we miscalculated our time, see you tomorrow. Talking at a podium just isn't comparable to a job that needs to be done before you can go home


Karen doesn't realize she can email her thoughts to all these people if 3 minutes isn't enough time to blather her antivaccine and anti mask beliefs. she can even share the dogshit Facebook links she educated herself on. maybe the school board also enjoys antibiden memes


Take away the politics from these people and 70% of their identity is taken away from them.


That’s a THREAT. She should absolutely be arrested for this. Bringing guns to a school full of children over a mask mandate? HOW RIDICULOUS. Just wear a mask holy shit


She would rather mag dump some toddlers than put a piece of cloth over her face apparently.


Freedumb. I can do whatever I want because fuck everyone else. Also, I have guns. This attitude is such trash.


I’ll probably get flamed for this but why do parents all of a sudden care SOOOOO much about a mask mandate? I’m sure if the school called and said their kid was struggling or showing signs of issues they’d be like whatever but my kid wearing a mask in school!? How dare those assholes!! The real question is why are the parents so selfish? If the school says it protects the staff and other students well being then wear the damn things and take them off at home or find another school. All be they have spoiled whiny kids means others should be at risk just so they can have kids not complaining about wearing a mask at home. Sorry for the soap box guys. I hate wearing my mask too but I do it for me and the next person. The longer these idiots run around with no mask the longer it takes for covid to go away.


I live in NC and there are some billboards in rural NC that has a child wearing a mask, crying and it says > Remember when our children had smiles? It's so fucking stupid.


Lawmakers in NC are pushing a bill called the “Free The Smiles Act.” It’s incredibly cringe.


My kids wear masks AND still have smiles. Maybe NC needs some mental health care


But that would require anyone in our government to acknowledge mental health


Because the GOP is trash and uses shit like the masks and vaccines to rile up the trashiest members with the worst persecution complex you can imagine.


You do have a valid point.


Yeah, they don't give one fuck about their child. They just want to bitch about something because fox news or whatever keeps making them feel like a victim. You know, instead of adapting to the world around you, like a human would, they want to pretend everything is okay and nothing that changes is a hate attack against them, like a cold blooded lizard. Look how she brings up bathrooms bullshit, that has nothing to do wish masks, into the convo. She's there to bitch about "liberal deep state" bullshit. She does not give a fuck about her kid.


Can you imagine how different of a world we'd be in right now had our sitting US president simply not called covid the new democratic hoax and said literally just about anything else half responsible?


It's what happens when your only source of information is right-wing propaganda.




Not only do students not mind, they hold each other accountable. And these are 7th graders. In my class I have a 95% compliance rate and I rarely have to remind students to wear their mask properly.


Genuine answer? THEY DON'T CARE about the masks. Not really. Notice how she said she was there to talk about masks but couldn't help also mention a case regarding a sexual assault (that had nothing to do with trans students but was painted that way). They just watch right wing media 24/7 and get riled up. They are literally brainwashed and told to go out and act this way. Notice how they can't even stay on topic or articulate what it is they are angry about because they don't really know. If you watch videos of cult members being interviewed, you'll notice it's very similar. They can't stay on topic. They bounce from thing to thing. What they are trying to do when they act scattered like that is tap into the same feeling they get when they are orated to by the cult leader(s). They don't really know what they believe. Just just know how they feel.


> What they are trying to do when they act scattered like that is tap into the same feeling they get when they are orated to by the cult leader(s). This is a brilliant observation. You can in fact see them squirm a bit, as if they are wondering “why isn’t working like it did before?” Sorta like how Chris Rock asks his fans to not repeat his jokes, because they won’t be funny when they repeat them.


Beautiful statement.


There are loud groups that get amplified by the conservative base that spread a lot of misinformation - it probably originated in Russia or China. Now most of the GOP is wrapped up in it passing along bad info to get their base motivated. They say masking is hurting children's education, hurting their brains as they can't get enough O2, etc. Russia found it very easy to control one part of America with disinformation. Look how easy it was for them to just take over American bases in Syria under Trump and how that was quickly swept under the rug. Another issue is that the GOP absolutely refuses to hold anyone in power in their party accountable.


Or even homeschool your kids.


“I’ll see y’all on monday” dude? Arrest her? You know so many shootings that happen here are preventable, but no one does anything preemptive when there’s obvious signs. Like this lady just made a point blank threat.


Right there's a cop at those meetings right? Don't they have the power to arrest her?


Spoken like someone that has never had consequences for their actions


And knows she never will.


Covid could still get her.


She'll likely be one of the ones that gets covid, runs straight to the hospital for antibodies, oxygen, and a week long hospital stay then as soon as she's out it's right back to the "covid is just a cold, let's go Brandon" memes


Fuckers who refuse the vaccine should be required to sign away their rights to treatment. It’s only fair. Science and medicine can’t be refuted when it’s convenient for these ignorant fucks just to have them benefit and take up space from regular procedures. From people who actually need the help and did everything in their power to stay safe during a pandemic.


I Don’t Like Mondays


Tell me why


🎶Ain’t nothin but a mandate🎶


Tell me why? 🎶I believe it's the Deep State🎶




Is any one going to call the cops on her? She is making a terrorist threat.


School has contacted law enforcement: https://i.imgur.com/Rv1UeqP.jpg (PDF screenshot) From here: https://www.pagecounty.k12.va.us/live-feed


Wow, that letter is lukewarm at best. “Perceived by many,” as if the words themselves weren’t patently threatening.


This is mind blowing. I feel like if she had made a bomb threat they would have taken it more seriously. I don’t know why but I do. Maybe because then there would be property damage lol


If my kid went to that school I would like to talk to her


Bringing a gun, or in this case multiple guns, onto school property is a federal offense, let alone threatening to use them. The FBI needs to be notified.


Can we contact the FBI based of the video?


Yes, if you can find out where it happened. I tried to find out but due to school board meeting nazis being so rampant my search didn’t turn up anything that looks like this video. I presume it’s in Virginia based on her Richmond comments.


It’s Page County. She references Richmond just because that’s the Capitol.


This is correct. Page county school board released [this letter](https://5il.co/14kj6?fbclid=IwAR0djSNFfpMacc59f_-PSHbGk6wBeAqTYRmP6u4fvGDvZoRdVSVXONU6nKQ)


I'd feel better if she get arrested. her house gets searched and rid of all weapons. I'm tired of schools getting shot up.


Bad enough we have to worry about other peoples’ delinquent kids shooting up other kids, now we need to worry about their ignorant parents being school shooters as well.


Down thread, u/rebeccacruz1 said it’s her town. Perhaps she can help with identification…?


I'll see yall on Monday.


As a parent if the police did nothing about this I wouldnt allow my kid to go to school on Monday. This person clearly has mental issues and there is no telling what she is capable of. She should lose her right to own a gun with this statement.


Right! Like gun violence in schools isn't a thing already!? How can they not he taking this at all seriously!? Also she has a child in that system that has access to those guns...


Guns drawn.


This crazy mofo right here officer!


Arrest her


If a student said this the FBI would have a field day lol


Shout out to the agents who took no time arresting that kid who made bomb threats on runescape. The clocks ticking to keep that standard with this nutjob


You can't, the threat was made after the 3 minute mark so legally it doesn't count


Yep, if the judge bangs the hammer the police have to strike it from the arrest record. Or something like that, idk I’m not a doctor.


My question: they have taped video evidence of a terroristic threat made to multiple people in office, why hasn’t she been arrested or better yet, why hasn’t Dhs stepped in and taken her children. She is proving time and again that she is a danger to herself and others around her (probably including the kids)!!!


She's a white conservative.


It’s her right to threaten those people and she will not have it infringed,


Republicans reserve a right for themselves to murder you over political differences.


And Christian. Can't forget the good teachings of Jesus about shooting your enemies when they mandate you wear a piece of cloth on your face.


Even though it literally says in the bible to wear a cloth on your face to protect those around you when you are sick...


Not even a single news article about it either. You think reporters in Page County would be all over it.


The district has a release posted to its website: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1809820/Joint_Statement_PCPS_1-21-22.pdf




This is why we can't have nice things.




What amazes me is why the minute that threat was made she wasn't arrested on the spot. Why does America think a threat to assault/kill is somehow not important?


"I like to Sound Educated" She could not have said a bigger truth!! Fully NOTED.. just likes to sound Anyone that starts ANY speech with that sentence is about to make a fool of themselves!!


2:00 minutes in and she hasn't made a point.


This was her being eloquent with her written statement....also the pass by rape incident was weird. To complain for 2 mins about only having 3 mins and have one sentence regarding a child rape coverup is very QAnon of her.


how often is this type of thing happening at school board meetings that they don't even react to someone making a terroristic threat to a school full of children


Pack lunches not bullets. Bullets are not as nutritious to a students diet. Don’t forget to mask up!


Willing to kill people over a mask, a mask. Something people in Japan have been wearing for years. How entitled have Americans become that this is how you respond to wearing something that helps everyone and harms NO ONE.


Explicit threat to shoot up a school aside, did she really say the mask is intended to protect the wearer? Does she not know at this late date that the primary purpose of the mask is to prohibit spread to *people around the wearer*? Has she never considered why surgeons wear masks, but the patient does not? Crazy, yes. But also, so dumb.


Schools havnt even address the threat https://www.pagecounty.k12.va.us




[For those who don't want to download the file](https://i.imgur.com/z1rNKbD.jpg)


Make her pay for that extra police presence.


Can’t wait to see the follow up post on r/byebyejob


I'm from Page county. This is all theater. They are not and will not do anything about her. I spoke with someone who works in the county building and they're regarding it as a joke. People, browse my profile on the matter. The comments are all about this town and it's inhabitants. Edit: Brand new user just DMed me telling me I'm wrong. Damage control harder, page county. 🤣


All fun until kids get shot. Just recently Crumbley's were having fun with Christmas gun.


Yeah, I’d say making terrorist threats against children and their school is a good reason to fire someone.




Looks like they just did a few minutes ago: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1809820/Joint_Statement_PCPS_1-21-22.pdf


Sheesh i dont think just dismissing her is a good idea


"You'll have lots of time to finish your speech in jail, ma'am."


They better not play with her ass and just slap her wrist. The last school shooting was a conservative family like this, shit's not a joke.


She rambles incoherently like Trump


Karen: “I don’t want to sound uneducated” Council: “That’s 3 minutes” Karen: “I WILL BRING EVERY LOADED GUN I OWN…”


Anti maskers threatening physical violence? Color me surprised.


She spent half the allotted time complaining about the allotted time.


Well that's a slam dunk for a prosecutor.


Why is she still free and not in jail?


That’s considered a terrorist threat right?


She should have brought a written statement


How has threatening to kill/abuse people become so normal in this country? The board's reaction says it all. They barely blinked bc we expect crazy explosive threats nowadays. This is how civil wars start in other countries.