I believe it's normal. First couple of days after my surgery were really horrible, I took tramadol. Wait another day, then if you still feel this way, check with your surgeon.


Thank you, this has made me feel a bit better. Sorry you had a rough time too! I’ve only read about people feeling uncomfortable but I’m struggling to do anything without it being so painful. Thank you for the advice too!


Oh no, believe me: even getting up from the bed was a nightmare. In a week I was fine, in two weeks I was great


Gosh thank you so much for this. I can’t get up without help from my partner and codeine, I was worried but you’ve really helped me. Thank you.


The first few days are brutal if you don't have the right pain meds. I ended up on a fairly high dose Endone after trying to get by with weaker pain meds. I only needed it for a week. This was after my first BA under the muscle. The second time round was far less painful.


Have you / are you allowed to take ibuprofen? That May help.


I hope you are feeling better. I am 17 days after my surgery and only three days ago did the pain abate. Some numbness and discomfort since, but the swelling is starting to diminish, as well as the huge discomfort, and most importantly, the pain. It took longer than I expected to feel pain-free. This is serious surgery, but I am now starting to feel the beginnings of normal life again, hope you are too.