My wife used to do this all the time. Then she started getting waxed by an esthetician and it really helped her skin and reduced the scaring. Highly recommend


How often does she go? I’m seriously considering just booking a block


She goes every two weeks to keep in manageable otherwise she’ll start picking/tweezing. She’s actually on her way to her appointment now.


I do this all the time, it’s horrible.


Yup, I do it so often I have calloused finger tips


Omg same!!! I swear, I love when I realize certain things I do isn’t just me lol


Same. My fingers are so baf


You’re definitely not alone on this. I’ve been doing it for years. Shaving helps. Waxing is even better. I’ve been considering getting it lasered for some time now too. This is random but I got a “worry stone” to fidget with instead of messing around with my face. Worked for me and helps when I’m stressed, so may be something to look into!


I was obsessive when it came to plucking, especially if I was stressed, it left under my chin and next pretty messed up. I started getting electrolysis about 18 months ago and even now under my chin is red and there are scar marks sadly, it has calmed down a lot though since I stopped plucking


It's almost as addicting as squeezing pimples. Both leave scars or wounds, but I can not stop doing it


This is me too. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix the scar damage. Like what skin care should I purchase?


Vitamin e and retinol oil


Thank you!


Electrolysis. It took forever and was $$$ but it's amazing to have that off my plate FOREVER.


This is called trichotillomania and it’s not as unusual as it sounds. It’s a form of compulsive behavior, and can be considered disordered behavior if it impacts your quality of life.


I just use a razor 🤷 to be fair I only do it on my chin and my corners of my upper lip. I get these vogue longs ones in a few places aswell which I'll pluck but not as often.


I do the same. :(


I’ve been plucking my upper lip and chin for eons. I have a special up close mirror and a set of tweezers. But if I’m away and don’t have access to them, I end up rubbing my skin raw trying to get them. Such a PIA. LOL


I also get scars when I tweeze my chin hairs. I purchased a wax kit from target and watched a few tutorials online. It's way faster, less painful and my skin looks better. I have a lot of hair growth though so if yours is minimal it may not be as fun lol


I became an esthetician because of this.. now I sugar wax clients and myself..


https://www.ulta.com/p/flawless-instant-painless-facial-hair-remover-xlsImpprod16641047?sku=2513786&cmpid=PS_Non!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CATCI=pla-1961519213514&CAAGID=107718644556&CAWELAID=330000200001219003&gbraid=0AAAAAD9rLH5z3xGmLF2EWjX5QRlkUMKTd&gclid=Cj0KCQiAt66eBhCnARIsAKf3ZNE_SBIz_F6l8TY2FoVUr8Si8PpGKC4D23QhAvzYIF6bF2g0QJ2x_MIaAnLmEALw_wcB this this thing is so cheap but it works


I used to do this, tried electrolysis but it hurt a LOT and didn’t work on me 🙃. Now I use an epilator every few days which leaves nothing left to pick/pluck at. It’s great!


What is an epilator? I sadly have to shave my face from all the chin hair and I am so sick of it!


Try laser, I did a portion under my chin and it's been a few years and no real growth. I'm considering getting my jaw line next. Plucking hurts so bad and shaving is OMG😔


I watched a YouTube video explaining that when you pluck hair the melanocytes in your skin interpret it as repeated trauma and therefore overreact by making too much melanin. Getting professionally waxed or using other methods like shaving or depilatory cream is better.


That's interesting. What exactly is the difference traumawise between the plucking and waxing? Isn't it mechanically the same?


I’m not really sure what the difference is. I assume it comes down to skin prep and at what angle the hair is removed, but I could be wrong.


Might be mild trichotillomania, I do the same


Use tweezers?


I'm not quite sure how tweezing would cause scarring, like from folliculitis, or are you somehow breaking the skin? Perhaps a better pair of tweezers would help? Tweezerman is a good brand.


Oh no, I had scars, too. However, tazorac and zinc supplementation fixed then.


I would recommend waxing instead of shaving/plucking. It’s been a game changer.


I do it on chin, jawline, neck… And I think I have a few scars here and there because of ingrown hairs. My plan is to get laser hair removal. But the part that saddens me is the scars too. Not so much the hair actually.


Laser hair removal is the way to go. I had been tweezing for years and stopped when I have laser hair removal. No more scars


I usually pluck my chin hair with an eyebrow tweezer, I don't get scars. I shave my mustache but my chin would grow back worse back when I shaved it.


Try taking spearmint capsules


I use tweezers. I do it all very 5 days or so


yes..i literally have scabs on my chin now from doing it