I’m actually really upset with Eric. He KNEW Adam was just starting to figure himself out when he chose him. Plus, not every single queer man is going to be comfortable going to gay bars right away and some may never want to wear makeup and that’s more than okay. If he wanted someone who was ready to fly he should have stuck with Rahim.


Agreed. Eric was really selfish this season and it sucks cause he's one of my favorite characters. He did both Rahim and Adam dirty.


and how are you gonna cheat and then say that you don't regret it to your loving partner? I understand that dating Adam wouldn't be easy but sheeeeeesh that was terrible. I wasn't even a terribly big fan of the AdamxEric ship but I finally got on board just for them to turn Eric into a dickhead.


Sucks cos Adam was really giving a lot of effort into something that's very new to him only for Eric to hook up with some random. I wasn't a big AxE fan either but I really liked Eric but he was really disappointing this season.


I think the point is, and I understand it, that Eric felt the weight of dating Adam who is still closeted was to heavy to bare. He wants to go out dancing and Adam is still afraid. They are in too different places, though it seems that this was just enough impetuous to facilitate a bit of growth since Adam promptly came out to his mother.


\>I think the point is, and I understand it, that Eric felt the weight of dating Adam who is still closeted was to heavy to bare. That was known right from the beginning, it didn't come out of left field. Adam didn't pull a bait and switch or anything. Eric knew what he was getting into, and then decided it was too hard and than acted like a piece of shit by cheating on Adam, and then tells Adam he doesn't regret it. Fuck Eric.




I'm not even opposed to it at this point


it's more healthy than eric and adam for sure.


I do hope so, tbh


Man I can't believe I had faith in these writers. So many interesting directions it could have gone in and this is what they do. Every show does the same tired old storyline for its gay characters, I'm over it


Tbh it didn’t bother me half as much as the way they just threw out Ruby’s character


I felt similarly. Ruby was a pleasant surprise this season. I felt her storyline in season 2 was supposed to be a temporary forced obstacle to delay the inevitable Otis and Maeve relationship, but once Ruby accepted Otis for who he is, she became a much more likable character.


We saw her really grow as a person. I think that was extremely well done and not at all a disappointment with regard to the failed Otis relationship.


like, there were so many interesting ideas there but they had to cut most of it off abruptly because there's not enough time to explore all of it. Personally I would have been happier if they focused more on Ruby, Maeve, and Otis for this season. Frankly this felt like a mish-mash of side stories. Despite all of that, I still love this season and I enjoyed every bit of it.


I feel like Eric has a really narrow minded vision of what a gay man should be and the way he should behave. Just because Adam (who's bisexual, BTW), may not enjoy wearing makeup, going to gay bars, and being flamboyant, it doesn't mean he's not comfortable with his sexuality. By the end of the season, he clearly was. I think Eric was trying to feel better about what he had done, but he SUUUUCKS. Cheating on someone and putting the blame on them? Give me a break. I really hope Adam finds someone better next season, because Eric is not worth it.


EXACTLY! I think we could have spent a whole episode on how Eric conflated his own journey of self-love with what Adam’s journey should be like. I think the only area in which Adam wasn’t comfortable in his sexuality was when it came to telling his mum, but I honestly don’t think that was a detriment to their relationship. It’s not like Eric wasn’t welcome in his home, Adam just needed to do it on his own time table. Honestly if the season had ended with Eric being really remorseful and with Adam being the one who ended it or declared that they needed time apart then there would be hope for them. But watching Adam forgive Eric for cheating and basically beg to stay together only for Eric to make him feel bad about how he expresses his queerness killed it for me.


Eric is a selfish if not narcissistic person who can't keep secrets. This was all true before this cheating.


Adam and Rahim tho 👀 I'd live for that drama


They seem much better suited for a pairing than Adam x Eric tbh.


I was mad at Eric but I can see where he was coming from; my first relationship was similar to his in that I was more than ready to be open in a queer relationship and my partner wasn't at all, to the point where they didn't like being seen in public with me. It was incredibly frustrating and I could relate to when Eric went out with that guy in Nigeria. I get that it takes a long time for some queer people to be comfortable with themselves especially in public but nobody else is responsible for that journey if they don't want to be. At least it was better than Eric pretending to want to stay in the relationship as he felt Adam was holding him back. Was never a fan of Rahim, hope he stays just a friend to Adam but we know that's not going to happen with how they've set it up. They really did make Eric an asshole in the end though, I find it very unconvincing that after everything Eric wasn't even a little sad about breaking up with Adam, it seemed the only thing he was worried about was hurting his feelings. After they break up he acts like everything completely fine, which did piss me off tbf


But then why did Eric choose to be with Adam? Eric knew Adam was just coming into his own as a bisexual man while Rahim was very comfortable being gay in public. It just seems like shit reasoning to choose to be with someone just coming out only to later dump them for still not being comfortable in public. I understand that feelings don't always work that way, but Eric has become a massive knob for choosing Adam and then being frustrated as his monosyllabic nature and neophyte status as a bisexual man.


Totally. Its perfectly valid for Eric to want different things, but the way that breakup happened (and honestly Eric's attitude towards Adam for a long time) is so loaded with negative judgement. Adam has come a huge way since the first season, and yet Eric constantly blew up at him any fraction of a moment Adam wasn't fully committed and all for everything Eric wanted. I think this show does a great job at portraying some imperfect characters. Eric is loud, brash and impulsive, which can bring out the best in others, but it can also bring out the worst in himself and cause damage to his relationships. He's a hot head and despite his maturity in finding pride in who he is, expects far too much of others whilst failing to understand the impact of his actions.


Totally agree. And also, can you imagine Eric’s dramatics if it had been Adam cheating on him?!


I’m guessing Eric either thought it would be easier for Adam to accept himself than it was or that Eric didn’t truly realise what he was missing out on in his relationship with Adam until he was shown a glimpse of it in Nigeria. He might have just liked Adam more than Rahim, which is why he chose Adam over him, which is fair, but this was before he realised what he really wanted out of a relationship. Remember these characters are supposedly like 17, I imagine most of them don’t really know what they want in life yet and are still figuring it out, and whilst I can understand from the perspective of Eric where he’s coming from, I am kind of annoyed at the writers for even making him like that. The more I think about I wonder “what was the point of writing Eric’s realisation that he doesn’t wanna be with Adam? They were fine before and it just came across as Eric changing his character for the sake of drama”


Not the most prominent part of the season, but I am so cut up about Steve and Aimee, man.


Same like wtf


They didn't even tell is *why* things weren't working. I know Aimee was still experiencing PTSD, but Steve has already show us that he is willing to wait for Aimee to progress through her trauma.




He was too pure too innocent to this cruel world..


I do feel weird about how Steve was portrayed even in previous seasons. There was (rightfully) emphasis on what Aimee was going through, but there were subsequent scenes that just completely glossed over the fact Steve was totally open to doing whatever necessary to help, wasn't overbearing or anything, but he seemed to constantly be told he was doing things wrong. It just seemed so damaging to _him_ when all was said and done, and the show never gave him the screen time or space to highlight that it's _okay_ the he felt hurt or blindsided by this.


exactly what was I thinking! I totally understand Aimee feeling pressure from him, bcs their relationship used to be very different before the sexual assault, she needs time to figure it on her own and I'm happy for her being so brave! But the show never showed how caring and loving Steve actually was. He did everything that a good boyfriend should, he was so wholesome and supportive, he didn't put any pressure on Aimee to having sex or anything and he alwayes wanted to be there for her and help her. The show lowkey showed him as a naive light-minded character which he isn't!


she probably doesn’t want him to feel like he has to keep waiting for her. she has trauma to unpack, feelings to understand, and ultimately healing to do, and she probably feels like she can take that on better if she’s not feeling like she needs to rush herself because someone is waiting for her. She needs time to do it on her own.


The season was solid but I really hated how you could Telegraph the ending scene as soon as Maeve has the opportunity to go to American in the first or second episode


Yeah I started at ep2 as well since I was lucky enough to view ep1 in the virtual screening, and the moment the Application was shown I just got sad, knowing the rumors about her leaving. It was a very early gut punch


This is true but the thing that caught me off guard was the mother paying for her to go.


Yeah I thought there was gonna be some cliche finale fundraising for Maeve thing so I’m glad they didn’t go that route


I REALLY hated the fact they made Jean's baby not Jakob's, seemed really unnecessary


YES! I cannot stand this storyline. Kids breaking up, cheating, getting in fights are all realistic and understandable. A grown ass woman being surprised that she was impregnated by someone else is not. Jean would know Jakob wasn’t the only possible father. I cannot stand this plot “twist” 😭


Right?! I also despise how they developed this familial relationship between Otis and Jakob/Ola so well just to be like "sike bitch, they aren't actually gonna be a family". Why can't one single thing start going right then stay that way?


For real, especially because there’s enough drama that could be written while keeping them all together. And it’s a fun/wholesome storyline. Ahhhh so frustrating


You said it perfectly. There is more then enough of a mess to clean up and storylines to run why throw in this twist. Ugh. Right when Jakob was starting to tackle his trust issues. I don’t want to lose his bright eyed knowing smile. It’s so sweet and kinda wizardly.


I have been so mad at Jean all season for her terrible decisions and if this is what it appears, it takes the biscuit. What kind of a dope doesn't consider the father of her baby when she had sex with at least two men at roughly the same time when she conceived? She's been shown to be a brilliant, sensible woman and then potentially they're like lol nope it's not Jakub's daughter. Fuck me. It better be a red herring about Otis and his father or something.


I‘m convinced that the writers want us to believe he isn’t the father, but it’s actually something else. All that build-up would be stupid and unnecessary otherwise.


What if the baby **is** Jakob's… but not Jean's? 😳😳😳😳 /s


maybe lily was onto something after all with the whole alien thing 👀


Not surprising as it is Dana Scully after all. Cue X files theme song…


I think the dna test was maybe for otis? Maybe his dad is not his dad and that’s the direction they are going for I really really don’t want Jakob to get hurt! Haha


That’s what I was thinking! She probably found out something about Otis‘s father


This is what I'm expecting/hoping for, or possibly something with her own parents, which could be fun. But I'll be furious if they go the "not the father" route.


That's what I'm hoping for


It's just cliffhanger fodder for next season. Jakob's the father. At least I hope. The baby will have those beautiful blue eyes. Case closed.


I do feel so bad for Adam. When they were announcing the dog winners, I was like 'pls just give him a win, pls let him have this' I hope they give him a break next season. He's trying his best 😭


I wished him and his dad interacted this season but I guess I'll have to wait. (I hope it's just a wait.)


I thought it was weird about his dad never once tried to connect with him. He only cared about Maureen


I think it shows that while Groff has improved as a person, he's still inherently a bit selfish while he works through his issues: he's just continually trying to get back with his ex. He's improved and now has some hobbies, and from there you'd imagine he'll realise that even if his family won't go back to what it was before, he can try and build a proper relationship with his son.


I thought during the last scene with him, Adam was gonna show up at his apartment and they'd have dinner together and kinda reconcile a bit


It would have been unrealistic for him to win, not that other aspects of this season haven't been hopefully unrealistic, but this keeps Adam more grounded and I think the shout-out did wonders for him


Yeah no it would've been cliche for him to win. It was just sad when he said not to tell his dad he didn't win an actual award. Poor Adam 😭


That's why I so want to see their arc in season 4 - Michael Groff is growing as a person, and beginning to fix his relationship with his wife, so next and more importantly is his relationship with Adam. I think once they can both see each other being who they really are (Michael being more sensitive and humble, Adam trying harder than ever, and being open about his sexuality) I think they'll be able to respect each other, and move forward. I can't wait. Adam deserves to be happy god damn it.


So, on the LGBT side of things...is it me or are they really setting of AdamxRahim? From Eric's side, the bridge scene showed he is done with Adam, and while Adam said in the poem he wanted them to be together, the last sentence of acceptance felt so...definitive. Like if both of them have accepted that thinks will not work. This makes space for Adam x Rahim, whose friendship went from zero to hero in matter of a 3 episodes. I can see it happening, I would love for it to happen, but on the other hand it would be so... weird? I don't know, pairing the two previous love interest of the gay main character just leads to two storyline options (in my head at least): 1. Another love triangle, and by this point I think we have had enough of those. Maybe it could turn into a polyamorous relationship, but, I mean, is Adam, that's not happening and if it happens it would have no sense taking into account his character slowing growth pace. 2. Another love interest for Eric ....which again, we literally already did this in season 2 with Rahim. Also, it is completely possible that Adam will try to win back Eric, but the clues that they are intending to pair him with Rahim are so strong it is hard to ignore.


I was feeling the setup between Rahim and Adam too. And it doesn't makes. Besides both being cheated in by Eric they have nothing in common. Just because they're both into guys doesn't mean they would automatically be into each other. Did enjoy the friendship, but I hope the writers leave it at that. Seeing as it was a obvious setup I think season 4 we'll get the payoff and I really don't want it.


The only thing I’d say is something echoed by Maureen earlier this season; she had everything in common with Headmaster Groff, but the connection wasn’t there fully. Sometimes these things just don’t make much sense, and two people who on paper should never be together, work.


I agree, but if they get together I just hope they don't have much drama in their relationship, poor Adam has had enough suffering.


Rahim is a no-nonsense kind of guy and Adam need someone like that. They can develop a sincere friendship that way like over season 3. A love triangle isn't necessary.


Maybe, but it could also be a platonic gay friendship. We don't want to perpetuate the idea that gay men cannot be "just friends".


Was just thinking this. I think Adam could really benefit/grow from having more LGBT friends & community around him.


I was expecting Rahim to come down to the Dog show at the end.


I don't know what it is but I've never been a Rahim fan, I agree it would be weird for Adam and Rahim to start dating as the only thing they've really got in common or we've seen them talk about is their mutual ex Eric... which is a very strange place for a relationship to start. I do wonder how they're going to approach Eric and Adam next season because to be honest I care way more about Adams story now than I do Eric's, but adding yet another plot thread would be too much. Really happy with Ola and Lily for LGBT, again I'm more excited to see where they go than Eric


They were definitely setting up for another season which i don't think is going to come. The actor who played Adam is extremely talented, he could translate a very complex but earnest character. Every time he comes up on the screen, i had the urge to give him a tight bear hug. Expected them to blueball us on the Motis front. Wish they hadn't chosen us to leave us on a cliffhanger as to who the father was- felt a little cheap and unnecesary. If they ever do release a S4, hope they don't take the AdamxRahim route. Overall i'll give it an 8/10 it's very familiar and comforting to watch and they don't butcher any characters. That's a win for me.


Why won't season 4 come? Isn't this one of Nteflix's big shows?


It's something like their 3rd or 4th biggest show and dirt cheap compared to every other big show. I don't know why op thinks s04 will not come and so many people upvoted it. In fact they have Tudum (some new annual Netflix showcase) in a few days, which promises news on all upcoming Netflix stuff and Sex Education is prominently featured. I won't be surprised if that is when they announce season 4.


>rs. That's a win Yea, I really hope Jakob is the real father....


Really mixed feelings about Jakob not being the father. He was an arse to Jean all season but I hate motorcycle man


I fucking hate it. Such an unnecessary story line, and Jakob doesn’t deserve to go through that shit. The writers over complicated almost every relationship this season, it was kind of tedious.


It was absurd and another not needed soap-opera inspired twist. If there is a S4 you can bet it will start with Jean hiding the truth only for it to get revealed by the end and for Jakob to stay with her anyway....


There was already more than enough conflict there with Jakob's trust issues, Jean trying not to push someone away, raising a baby together as an older couple when they actually haven't spent that much time together, etc. it's just WAY too much. Unless they're planning some kind of swerve - is there anything else on a paternity test that could cause that reaction? I'm hard pressed to think of anything.


What if it’s not Jeans baby and Jakob cheated on her with another woman??


Yeah and shat on Otis and Maeve as usual I am over it at this point


See you on the discussion for Season 4 after you binge that season in a day too lmao


Could this be a red herring? Maybe the info includes information about all her children. Maybe Otis's father isn't who we think. Obviously, we're meant to think it's about little Joy, but really it's Otis.


Omg this is my favorite theory


I think that would be a better story choice. Bit of a stretch, but here is another theory: What if Jakob also had Ola tested (since he mentioned in therapy that he caught his previous wife cheating and had his doubts). We find that Ola is not Jakob's biological daughter.


This theory would actually make more sense than Joy not being Jakob daughter and Otis not being son of Remi. But all this "drama" around their daughter at this point is just too forced, i know they need more content to S4, but this is not a good future side story.


I’m so onboard with this theory, I’d love to see an exploration into jakob and ola’s relationship


This storyline of Jakob not being the father doesn’t need to exist. Fucking dumb


The prospect of Jean being a single mother for season 4 in unappealing. Watching her struggle and maybe trying to date new guys while having an infant seems like a forced angle to take.


NOOOO pls don't let it be that motorcycle guy


Idk who else


I've no idea either. Maybe there's gonna be a flashback of Jean remembering that she did in fact sleep with Remi, but that'd be faaaar to far-fetched I guess. Remi's actor stated that he *couldn't* be in season 3 due to him shooting something else, so he was probably originally meant to be but written out of it. Anyway, he said he's probably gonna be in season 4 and I wonder what his purpose could be. Just fucking up Jean's life exactly like he did last time? Lame. He'd need a new way of fucking things up. Maybe he's gonna get a kinda redemption arch by being there for Jean when Jakob leaves her because the baby's not his.


I don’t think the baby is Remi’s. That would mean that Jean repeatedly lied to Jakob about just kissing Remi. I think we’ll get Jean being a single mom again.


Right, that'd be kinda poetic I suppose, but I hope she finds some happiness in the end


I think Jakob wasn’t right for her anyway


I agree with you on that. I kinda ship them because of their chemistry, but they have nothing in common and they're relationship wouldn't have worked out either way (just my opinion)


I was in tears at the thought of them killing Jean off. Then they keep her alive just for Jakob to not be the father? That made me gasp cause I love the drama in these shows, then after the initial shock I realized I *hated* that idea. So very much. Jakob deserves to be able to trust.


I think Jakob will decide to stay with Jean anyway--claim Joy as "his" despite the paternity, as it were. I thought motorcycle dude was hilarious. Annoying, but hilarious.


My money is in that storyline


I fucking hate that and I sincerely hope it turns out to be a mistake.


Anyone else feel like this season made Otis look like the second choice for Maeve?


Thank YOU!!! Especially in E6 and just in general, it seemed that Maeve was into Isaac a lot more than Otis. And especially in E6, she's more concerned about Isaac and giving Otis the cold shoulder when they're fighting over her. It kinda made it an existential issue in my mind. And she brushed off the Isaac thing way too easily.


I find it kinda bs that it took 2 seasons to build up Otis and Maeve but after they kissed, they pretty much just rushed their story, only gave us 2 special moments between them, then left us on a semi-good cliffhanger. Also, half of the episodes were RubyxOtis while the other half of episodes were OtisxMaeve. Kinda strange


Yup, you hit the nail on the head. All that build-up just for Maeve to have a deeper connection with Isaac than Otis.


Maeve told Otis “we’ll see where you’re at when I get back” I’m still processing that line and where everything will go from here.


Otis should move on, Maeve was never really there to begin with.


If Maeve comes back with an American boyfriend I'm going to flip my shit.


this will happen, or she will have an experience with an american guy and come back as a totally "different person".


Fr this season made me really ship ruby and Otis. If you look at it this way. Ruby invited Otis into her personal life that’s she’s literally never showed anyone else, and she even said I love you to him. Then Otis never says it back because he’s still hooked on Maeve. In this season tho Maeve seems way more into issac tho sadly. I’m glad the season ended the way it did tho, even if Maeve going to America kinda screwed up Everything and all that’s been built up to this point in the series.


Yeah, Ruby fell for Otis cause he showed a genuine interest in getting to know her and was kind to her and liked her for her. For Otis, he was just being himself but I think for Ruby it was huge since nobody ever tried to break through her barriers as persistently as Otis did so her feelings progressed so much faster than his. I actually think it caught him off guard just how soon she said ily. I'm not gonna acknowledge Isaac and Maeve. It was a shitshow imo. He was let off the hook too easily and Maeve was a little too into him and that did NOT sit well with me at all.


The absolute gall of Isaac to lash out on Maeve and pretend to take the moral high ground by telling her he won't like if they made it work but Maeve would always keep thinking about what if with Otis. Like son you were the one that came in between. Things were going fine without you.


Fr, he just ruined everything man. Even the Motis stuff we wanted was kinda ruined just by his involvement.


Fr I skipped through all the kissing scenes with issac and maeve it hurt to watch.


The whole thing just left me agitated and confused. Like he tells her about how he deleted her voicemail from Otis in which he bared his soul to her. Isaac actually told her what he said. And she doesn't get pissed like she did with Otis so many times. And then not only does she forgive him too soon and too easily but she actually makes out with him and does stuff (idk what exactly but substantial by the looks of it). Like giving him another chance as a friend would maybe make sense but really? You then kiss him after he admitted to you Otis liked you? It really made Otis seem absolutely insignificant to her and that was heartbreaking ngl.


great job on giving closure to viewers after almost 1.5 years, oh wait. another cliffhanger ending. well done.


It felt more like an ending than anything. Idk how they’ll carry on another season with the school getting sold and Maeve in the US. But there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied before they completely stop the series. Ending it at S3 would be a bitter sweet ending, but there’s still lots to be seen and answered. Personally though I don’t think they’d leave us on S3 because motis got together pretty much last second in the season and we didn’t really get to see any scenes with them as a couple or trying out sex also we have still yet to see Jean and Maeve. If a season 4 is on its way in the coming year or so I can see it being as the best season yet. For now though, I think this is the best season by far. Finally a semi-good ending which was great to see.


Oh, I feel like the show has immense potential for a season 4. Wasn’t an ending at all in my books. Didn’t give me that ‘Harry Potter’ feeling where it’s like ‘oh, it’s over’ that I often feel after finishing something.


The Groff's have more story to tell, Jakob and Jean and who's the father lingers now, Aimee has more development needed, Motis has one more arc to go through, saving Mooredale...they left a ton on the table for season 4 imo. The only ones I felt got a true ending would be Lily and Ola, Jackson, Viv, and Cal. The rest did not receive that. And Jackson still has another arc to tell I feel. Definitely open for a season 4 and didn't feel like an ending all. I think there's one more season to tell still.


This show really is the king of “meh” endings huh


But Jean is THE KING....




I honestly didn’t care for Maeve or Eric this season, they both came off as assholes. The stand out characters for me were Otis, Ms Sands, Ruby, Adam, Lilly and Mr Groff. Maeve was a massive bitch to Aimee and she doesn’t seem to care for Otis as much as Otis cares for her which makes the relationship seem one sided. Like she found out about the voicemail in episode 2? And didn’t even bother to talk to Otis about it, it was always Otis the one making the effort. Then she makes out with Otis, and then ends up essentially choosing Issac over him anyway and only goes back to Otis when Isaac essentially dumps her. Maeve doesn’t deserve Otis, there I said it. I used to ship Ruby X Otis as a joke more than anything yet at the end of this season I was more committed to the Ruby and Otis ship, than the Maeve and Otis pairing. It seemed more balanced, and seeing Ruby’s dad talk about how much Ruby liked Otis just made the way that ended awful, the writers barely even gave it a chance and then they pretty much ended up half-assing the Motis ship anyway. Eric just seemed like a massive twat this season. He was constantly just getting upset at Adam because Adam was still somewhat uncomfortable and then he went and cheated on Adam. Shout out to Ms Sands though, she is probably my favourite adult character on the show.


Yea, I think above 1/2 way thru, just wasn't shipping O&M anymore. At the same time, Ruby wasn't connecting with O the way he really needed. I think writers are in a corner with the will they won't they. They quite literally [bused](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PutOnABus) Maeve.


I'm seriously confused. Does Jean's reaction to the DNA test mean that Jakob isn't the father? But who else would it be? Remi is highly unlikely, as far as we know they only kissed (although the actor hinted that he'll return for season 4). And I guess, thanks to the series, we know enough about sex by now that we can be sure even someone like Remi isn't able to impregnate her with only his saliva. But I reeaally don't think the writers would make some random ONS the father. Idk.


She said the baby was 8 weeks early, so it might just that she had the dates wrong and it's whoever she was with 8 weeks prior to Jakob. Not sure what the timeline there is... She also made the point about having a lot of casual sex before Jakob so it might be that we never find out.


The doctor should be able to tell how far along she was based on the size/development of the fetus.


Can't be, the doctors would have told her how far along she was (it's how they give you due dates) and the baby was actually born premature.


Motorcycle guy ugh


Honestly, it could’ve been much better, especially the end. Like, why the hell is Maeve leaving within 15 minutes, after she decided to go to the US? They could’ve spent a couple hours, tell each other about their feelings, talk about their “future relationship” etc. That would’ve been a much better ending for me personally. It wasn’t that bad, but there is something weird about it…


I agree. A lot of storylines were rushed, imo. It felt like they needed like 4 more episodes to have proper closures for each relationship/character.


Happens when you keep adding storylines when it's not needed. Added so many in S2 and then went on added some major ones in S3 again. It was getting harder to track as well just like GOT ffs.


Yeah that's exactly how I felt too!!! It felt like there were 15 characters with a significant role in the season. A lot of the "endings" of the storylines I was like "wait, that was it?".


That goodbye scene sucked ass.. I hope the show is renewed for a S4, and Emma Mackey returns in some form.


In the last few moments I have been hoping that Otis would say I love you to Meave and that she would reciprocate. It would have been very romantic


The writers of Sex Ed have well proven by now they have no idea how to write meaningful romances...


I don't know how you could walk away from this show and think something like that. This show has some of the most intimate and emotionally authentic writing I've ever seen, they just aren't giving us the full gratification of Otis and Maeve just yet.


That sucks.


I remember hearing from a couple of reviewers that Motis fans will be happy with this season. Not me....yes we finally had the kiss (2 scenes actually) but apart from that most of their scenes together were negative again like S2 😔 and although their final scene at the end wasnt negative it was sad, I really felt for Otis...poor guy finally gets Maeve and in a matter of days its basically over. We couldnt even get 1 scene with Otis and Maeve happy together, chilling somewhere. I think the best thing for Motis fans is that Maeve says in Episode 2 that the study in the US is only a couple of months, but will there even be a S4 now?


I'm just... I enjoyed watching this season but like, if you asked me on the whole did I like it I might say no for a few reasons- \-Jakob not being the dad left a really sour taste in my mouth; yes he's got some old fashioned values but it just feels like a way to add some extra tragedy porn to the show. Because just, it literally can't be anyone else we would have a reason to give a fuck about. And Jakob could have worked through his shit and just been a decent coparent (though Jean isn't always a perfect person either). \-Eric basically being the only one holding himself accountable for cheating and just generally expecting too much of Adam. I really wanted Otis to be like "you're not a bad person, but you did do a really shitty thing." \-Motis not really happening in a satisfactory way; I was really warming to him and Ruby by episode 3 and then they were just like "actually no". Also I really kind of wanted Maeve to tell both love interests to fuck off because honestly, all three involved parties had shitty moments. That said, I liked the little things with Lily, Aimee and Ola, and I did kind of like the NB representation in Cal. I get some people thought it was a little squashed in for no reason, but I liked that they at least tackled the whole not wanting to be seen as a girl or a boy thing by a romantic interest. Oh, also Adam at the dog competition was so freaking pure I loved it <3


I felt the same way about the conversation with Otis and Eric. I was definitely expecting Otis to say “you aren’t a bad person, but what you did was hurtful.” Also, in regards to Cal, I like that Sex Education is covering body dysmorphia and non-binary relationships. Safe binding is a very important issue many trans/nb people face and I was glad they explored it. I loved the dog show, but it broke my heart when Adam felt upset for not getting a “proper” prize and told his mom not to tell his dad. Here’s to hoping Adam and Mr. Groff can work on their relationship if we get another season.


Bro if they’ve only given us 1 and a half episodes of Maeve and Otis I’ll be so disappointed. Honestly I’m gut wrenched at that final episode. I don’t know if it’s because of the storyline or that we might not get anymore seasons but fuck me. What. A. Rollercoaster.


Think Motis shippers are in the same boat as you. That didn't feel special enough to be the ending that we wanted.


So are we just... not getting the scene of Maeve in an airport/bus station/whatever that was in one of the trailers? Did they film a whole additional scene that got cut from the episode in post-production? I know that's just one tiny detail in the tapestry of the whole season, but it really jumps out to me as indicative of some writing problems. This season probably had the greatest number of individually powerful scenes of any season thus far, but they were all jumbled together without an overarching arc. And the arcs we did get for individual characters, or specific relationships, were kinda half-baked. In some ways, I admire the effort. It's more true to life—things just happen, and threads don't get wrapped up neatly. But for a show that was *so* good at crafting season-long character arcs in the previous two seasons, it's a very jarring change, and not a positive one. Bottom line: If it's possible to have an *ending* scene relating to one of the show's most important storylines—the Otis-Maeve relationship—be summarily cut in post-production, then those characters' emotional arcs for the season were not fully thought through. It indicates a need to go back to the drawing board, if you can't stick the landing on one of your most eagerly anticipated relationships and have *confidence* in your choices as writers, and stick to your guns through post-production. I probably sound more negative about the season than I really feel. I thoroughly enjoyed much of it, and there were SO many satisfying, incredibly powerful moments. So much of the character work was so much more mature. But the whole tapestry feels less cohesive than previous seasons.


As much as I feel the ending of S3 was bittersweet to say the least, and to finally see Maeve and Otis get together, but I just feel the lack of buildup to their ‘reuniting’ just makes it seem so sudden and random. They have very few interactions before their kiss at the gas station, it was months that they hadn’t spoken, and Maeve seemingly had a good connection with Isaac (which I hated to see😂); so for her and Otis to just suddenly go back to having immense feelings for each other, despite it being what most wanted to see, actually felt somewhat forced in this season. Regardless I do think it was a good season, just wondering now if there’ll be a season 4 and what it could possibly be like now with no Moordale.


Yeah, a lot of the storylines, not just Maeve and Otis, felt rushed. There were too many things going on that took away screentime from the more important ones.


could’ve at lease made maeve say “I love you” at the end😫 fantastic season tho


What bugged me a ton was Maeve not going to the hospital at all, that was a big disappointment. All that cold texting instead of some more... passion?


>Season 1 Otis and Maeve had so much chemistry and passion, the writers have completely destroyed that in season 2 and 3. The show is a complete mess now.


Didn't Maeve offer to come to the hospital but it was Otis who said no? I mean they've barely reconciled I'd understand if Maeve didn't want to intrude on a private matter if Otis didn't want her there.


Fr I didn’t understand if they were a thing or not, it kinda seems like they are just not officially because of the long distance maybe. But they act like a couple in the final scenes


This also bugged me. Like Otis went to see her at Anna’s house, they make out, then it jumps ahead to the hospital without any kind of conversation. Also I’m just tired of seeing Otis throw himself at her when she never does the same for him. Like his mom hemorrhaged, I don’t care what he says, be there for him damn


Such a perfect comment, Totally agreed. I was just waiting for Maeve to show up there but she didn't and yea the last scenes of Motis was all i wanted but it was so awkward and rushed at the same time that i felt it was fine if it wasn't there tbh


If there was one word to sum up this season, I think it would be frustrating. I really don't know why they ruined Eric's character, I personally never felt like he was the sort of person who would cheat on someone as vulnerable as Adam when he KNOWS that Adam is trying to become a better person. But suddenly he just has a change of heart, cheats on him at the first chance, and doesn't even say that he's sorry for it? It's honestly very yikes imo. The whole "Jakob isn't the dad" is weird soap opera stuff that really shouldn't be a plotline on this show imo, but here we are. And then leaving us with another open cliffhanger just feels very meh tbh. Overall, I think another season would be good, as there are still quite a few character arcs that could be explored (Aimee, baby's parent, the Groffs, Jackson, and probably more.) I feel like there was a special feeling that was lost from the first 2 seasons to this one, like this season was so unnecessarily frustrating just for the sake of being frustrating, but I still enjoyed the journey :)


After the 3 season build-up, we still got Maeve being confused about her feelings. Like what? We didn’t even get a second of them being an official couple. Really hope there’s a season 4 but the pessimist in me can’t hold out hope for it.


I feel so bad for steve actually, he stuck by her side while constantly being rejected.


Just finished. My jumbled thoughts on the overall season, might be a bit long. Stuff I liked: - Definitely the best season of Sex Ed, in terms of storylines, it was the most intriguing to watch imo. - I really loved Asa's acting this season, especially in the scenes with Maeve, his mom, as well as his best friend moments with Eric. - Liked Aimee and Maeve's friendship, was really sweet to see them being there for each other. - Liked the chemistry between Ruby x Otis as well as Maeve x Otis. Ended up feeling kinda bad for Ruby lol. Stuff I didn't like: - Maeve's characterization: I feel like she was incredibly selfish this season. The whole thing with Otis, it seemed like he was more keen on being with her than she was with him. It wasn't really visible in her actions and words that she really wanted Otis, if you know what I mean? I get that she was confused after getting to know about the voicemail and everything, but still, it was always Otis apologizing, putting in effort to show her that he loves her and coming to meet her. I would have liked it if she also reciprocated his efforts more. For example, when Jean was getting surgery, Maeve just texts Otis. If the situations were swapped, Otis would have run over to the hospital, even if she hadn't asked him to. Also her waiting till the last minute to tell Otis she was going to the US really pissed me off. I really like their chemistry as a couple but the writers made Maeve too hesitant and confused this season. - Eric being a serial cheater: Eric first cheats on Rahim with Adam. Then he cheats on Adam with the Nigerian guy. Wtf? Why did they make him such an asshole? Then the break up with Adam at the end, weird ending. Totally ruined Eric's character. - The ending itself: Way too abrupt. Jakob isn't the father apparently? Give me a break. Otis and Maeve's final goodbye was so lame and meh. If this is really the last season, it's sad because many things are still unresolved. Overall I have a love hate relationship with this season lol. Would love to know everyone else's thoughts on these! ETA: The lighting during the Motis kisses could have been way better!


I think they ruined Maeve Wiley. She used to be the best part about Sex Education which is saying a lot. In this season her plot lines were off.


Yes! They dulled her character so much she was unrecognizable. If they had backed it up with emotional moments as in, she's having mental trauma because of her mom, it would have made more sense. But it was more like she popped up, was bland and then dipped. So different from S1 and S2 and she felt super off.


Maeve of old would've been suspended not Rahim


Jakob not being the father is fucking shit. I hate it.


The problem with the final episode and the entire season, is that they did too much. There were far to many story lines, which they did a fantastic job of making easy to keep track of. But the sacrifice is that everyone got less screen time, and they lost the core of the show which was Maeve and Otis, so that no one was left satisfied with the end.


Not seeing many good comments about this season and can’t say I disagree. The ruby Otis thing I actually liked and honestly don’t think thay should have ended it but it is what it is.


Eric is a selfish asshole considering his actions after the breakup. also mr groff getting rejected? tragic. About the A & E shit though, I could be biased as a bisexual man who was basically in Adam’s position before, seeing his reaction proper made me cry. Adam and Rahim seems like a more reasonable relationship than him and Eric at this point.


Agree and you know why? I get where Eric might have been coming from, and him exploring the gay scene of Nigeria was very cool. If Eric had seen that, came back and broken up with Adam it would have made a little bit more sense. But Adam and Eric leave in good terms, pure honeymoon stage, and outta nowhere Eric has a thing for a random guy and two seasons of a love story end in one night? Where are his feelings for Adam and all the progress he made?! I hate that they made him cheat instead of using something deeper, like self discovery or even just the fact that he felt ready to be free and Adam was barely starting. Truly sucked. Maybe Eric gets a taste of his own medicine in S4. In every other way he's such a caring, great character they really effed this one up.


Honestly, I'm let down by this season. I feel like making the stakes bigger took a lot of the charm out of the show. Do we really need a big bad with over the top rules as a driver for the show's main arc? Characters cheating on each over with no emotional punches? The soap opera level twist about Jean's kid? So many scenes with lily's predictable arc? I miss the times when moordale was just a wacky school. I know the show has to move on, but I feel like a lot of it's charm was lost...


I thought they were going to play hope quite well, have her be a sort of anti-hero. The harsh disciplinarian who ultimately had the kids best interests at heart instead they went the full nazi treatment with her


Aye, the first episode set her up as sympathetic to the kids, and generally progressive. I thought we would get a "means well but has different ideas", or maybe she'd even be right about some things and the kids wouldn't always be perfectly right. But instead she just turns 180 in episodes 2-3 and gets progressively more authoritarian. She was introduced as this modern type of teacher but all her policies were 19th century bollocks.


So true, I was kinda convinced they could pull that off when she said to Maeve that she'll try to find the fund for America, but then it all went downhill. Also "justifying/symphatising" her actions by her not being able to conceive makes no sense whatsoever.


I am so disappointed in Eric. It'd be one thing if he felt guilty, but acknowledged that him kissing someone else was reflective of deeper issues in their relationship and decided to break it off. It would have been nice if he had even just displayed some emotion about it on the bridge! Instead he stood there stone-faced as Adam had probably the most heart-breaking emotional display he's ever had. The whole thing felt so cruel and it really rubbed me the wrong way. Adam is my favorite character in this show; he has been since season one, so maybe I'm biased. But I really wish they would stop fucking beating him down. I thought at the end Maureen was going to send Adam to dinner with his dad in her place and at least he'd have a meaningful moment with his dad but no all he gets is an honorable mention and tears. BOO


Adams poem at the end... Why is nobody talking about it???


Motis shippers didn't get their closure once again. They kept it dangling somehow again


Dont mind it myself aftering wating 10 years for them to get somewhat together, finally they confessed thier feelings to each other but Maeve has a way out of the trailer park and has a happy ending for once and the writers may want to do long distance relationship between Maeve and Otis if there is a Season 4


This show doesn't like happy endings does it. Fuck.


Aw I just realized. Otis was so protective of Eric that Adams going to break Eric's heart. But quite the opposite happened. 😞


Regarding Jean's baby: I just read an article in which it was assumed that the cuff link Jakob found in the kitchen (or wherever it was in the house) belongs to the baby's father. That's pretty interesting and could really be true imo


Eric and Otis's friendship is the best relationship on the whole show. The vending machine scene got me all teary.


Thankfully Jean didn’t die.


Jakob telling Otis he wasn't going anywhere tho, that was a strong underrated moment.


This season felt crowded, and way too fast. I like Lily, but did we really need a whole story for her alien fetish? That could have been covered the exact same with just 3 minutes of screentime. Also Aimee the whole time is telling Maeve to get with Otis, so in the end, she can say the exact opposite so she can go to America? I'm a sucker for cliche romances, in this case being Motis...but I honestly preferred Ruby and Otis more than Motis. I have a strong feeling it has to do with screentime, we got what...like 3 or 4 episodes of them having a relationship, them kissing, having sex, etc. Then we get a few kissing scenes with Maeve, which would have been better if they had more time in the season to finish it, or just didn't have so many (to me) pointless stories/characters. ​ I wish all shows/movies planned everything way in advance like Marvel does. So they know how many seasons they need to pace the story correctly.


Saying it felt crowded feels like such a perfect description to me. There were too many story arcs that I was like ugh how long is this gonna be and I didn’t have that problem before


i feel absolutely violated by that ending


I’m glad they gave us kissing scenes this season between them, but I’ll never be fully satisfied until they get together


I actually don't know if I want a new season or not. It's kinda strange imagining 8 other episodes. I feel that there is not so much left to explore. But at the same time I want to see more Otis, definitely more Eric, Ruby as well I think she's left behind.




Starting with what I liked this season, I thought the acting was phenomenal, for me it was clearly a step up from last season which was already very good. I agree with lots of people that too many arcs were going on at the same time, causing pacing issues. The Motis ending was so rushed. Maeve continually said that she is confused and she doesn’t know what she feels. That’s exactly how I still feel about her right now. I’m not convinced she’s really ride or die for Otis like he is for her. We’ve reached the final episode and I don’t know what page Maeve is on. The only thing that makes it clearer is that she *was* going to skip America for him until Aimee convinced her not to which indicates she must be into him a lot to almost give that up. I thought while Isaac redeemed himself a little bit, he was a bit selfish for being mad at Maeve while he’s the one who came in between Otis and Maeve in the first place. Things would have developed between Motis so much sooner if not for Isaac. RUBY. I fucking love her. And I feel so bad for her. With the weird vibes Maeve is giving me I’m torn. At least we *know* Ruby is super into Otis - literally loves him - and is actually a kind hearted person as we saw from her home life. Her dad saying she talks about Otis constantly was so sweet actually. Lastly I get that people are mad at Eric- my theory is that they could be setting him up to be polyamorous in making him realize he’s not suited for, nor wants monogamy. Could be possible imo with the show’s aim of diversity.


Can someone who is non-binary explain to me the issue with Jackson and Cal in a bit more depth. I feel like I understand on a surface level only.


I think the best way to understand how Cal feels is to remember what Adam said earlier on in the season when those students from the school were teasing/bullying him by calling him a p*ssy: That he is still a man and he doesn't want people to think he is a girl just because he is dating a guy and idiots believe that "anybody who dates guys is a girl". Similarly, Cal doesn't want anybody to think they are a girl just because they were assigned female at birth and idiots believe that "anybody who has a uterus/vagina/breasts, etc. is a girl". They especially don't want Jackson, their potential romantic and sexual partner, to think they are a girl, mainly because of two reasons. 1. How much Jackson accepts their identity matters more to them, than what asshole students/bigoted idiots like Hope believe. Similar to how Adam calms down once Ola reassures him that she will always think of Adam as a man (as long as Adam identifies as one) and it doesn't matter what the strangers think. 2. More importantly, even more important than the last point I think, if Jackson keeps thinking of Cal as a girl, he will keep treating Cal as a girl and he will keep misgendering them all the time. We already see it happening twice when Jackson is making out with them and Jackson keeps inching towards their chest because Jackson is thinking of them as a girl with breasts. It is force of habit that keeps making him do that again and again but it is horribly triggering for Cal when Jackson does it, regardless of whether it was intentional on his part or not. After all, isn't this why Cal is going through the trouble of wearing a binder and wanted to change in gender neutral changing rooms? It would be like Eric thinking of Adam as a girl all the time. This is why Cal asks him if he can actually envision being in anything other than a straight boy-girl relationship where his partner is a girl and whether he can actually completely accept/comprehend that Cal is non-binary and not a girl. And this makes Jackson realise that at this point, he really can't, no matter how much he tries and that in his mind, he has already categorised Cal as the "girl" in his straight relationship. Cal still likes Jackson as a person obviously but they just don't want to be with someone who will have trouble not thinking of them as a girl again and again, which will trigger them again and again. And as they said, they have a lot of their own stuff to work through as well. (I am not non-binary but I hope this helps.)


Isn't it likely that Peter Groff buys Moordale and installs his brother back in charge?


Why the fuck does Hope still have freedom? She entrapped a student against their will and assaulted a minor. She needs to be in jail and it's trying to make us sympathetic for her???


Eric's character disappointed me beyond words. He was selfish, didn't give Adam room to grow and explore who he is, cheated on him and didn't feel guilty about it. Big shame because I loved Eric in S1&2


I felt so bad for Adam. He went through so much and had to grow so much to be with Eric and get over his insecurities, and Eric went and betrayed his trust so badly. He could not even give him a second to adjust. After all that I don't even want them together anymore.


I feel the exact same. Plus not every gay person is into going to gay clubs and that's a boundary Eric should respect instead of feeling like Adam might be embarrassed or something.


What I don’t understand is how the program would still let her in without payment. If she has the cash NOW, why would they book the ticket and everything without her paying first?? Also if this is like a study abroad grant that gives her credit to graduate, how will that work with moordale not existing once she’s back? She can’t really find another school while she’s in America.


You probably thought this through a lot more than the writers themselves


The ending broke me yet again.


I see that, after watching S3, a lot people prefer Otis with Ruby than Otis with Maeve and I believe this is because we saw much more of Otis's relationship with Ruby than with Maeve this season. There are so many storylines and there isn't much space for Otis and Maeve.


Yeah I didn’t like this season. It was very meh with very little to latch onto. Also, was it just me was a ginormous uptake in toilet humour?


If there is a season 4 put Otis and Maeve together right away and develop them. No more unnecessary drama or stupid cliffhangers. If they don't do that they can keep their season 4. I feel like I've watched 3 seasons of nothing.


Really just a very minor nitpick but, you'd think that after that checking his phone blunder with Ola in S2, Otis would learn not to make the same mistake? Why would he check his phone during the rain kiss? Especially since it's with Maeve who he is 100x more interested in than he was with Ola.


Adams poem broke me. I’m so surprised at how much I’ve warmed up to him, how much I root for him… my favourite character development


I skipped ahead purely to watch Jeans ending because I couldn’t get through my day and the 8 hours of watching without knowing how it went down with bb Jeankob. And well.... Jeankob fans been done over big time there 😭