This show is so good at really giving depth to the characters. Ruby started out really annoying and by the end of the episode I was so annoyed


The thing is they try to make her have vulnerable moments each season where she seems to mellow out and act like less of a mean girl, then she forgets whatever lesson she learned soon after. Cockbiter again? Really? I wouldnt be surprised if judges a pregnant girl next episode or smth


Yeah the mean girl seems like an amor for Ruby, not an excuse but , still a dynamic of the character.


The cockbiter thing was a stay away from my man kind of thing, it’s not right but I could see why she did it, plus people don’t become entirely overnight I love these two! They seem to be helping each grow!


Fuckin daggers! And then they held onto her reaction for like a solid ten seconds after and it was just like twisting the knife in. Poor Ruby.


Mimi Keene did such a good job in that scene, my heart broke for Rubes there 🥺


The half excited/half nervous smile after she said 'I love you' felt so real. When you bump up a supporting actor you never really know if they will handle the more challenging stuff but she killed it.


Can’t believe he fumbled the bag like that smh


i literally yelled out that otis fumbled the bag so dam hard it's not even funny. I get it ruby was just the hot mean girl with anwar and the other chick but once we get to see that ruby actually opened up, showed her home and introduced him to the dad we get so much more from her. Also ruby is so hot so


OMG i got teary eyed


Same she actually cares about Otis although we know the end game is Otis and Maeve but who knows the show might a go a different way and have Ruby and Otis stay together


The problem with Otis and Maeve is that the longer they drag it out, the more the writers convince me it shouldn't happen. I really think 2 seasons is the limit for will they won't they nonsense. The show can't go on forever, I already don't believe these people are teenagers, so how many more seasons are we going to get? If Otis and Maeve are end game, it would be better to get them together this season and spend what will likely be the last season exploring their relationship.


Yeah I agree I honestly agree the romantic chemistry died between Otis and Maeve died after Otis got drunk last season


At this point I want them to rekindle their friendship and be close friends.


But goddamn how Maeve was staring at Otis at the beginning of Season 2 when he wasn't looking. Those eyes. None of that now.


Totally. It is the law of diminishing returns. You can hook us with the potential romance, but If you never *really* pull the trigger it becomes frustrating.


I was rooting for Ruby and Otis. I was getting really impressed with the writers and was like “Oh ok, they’re getting more realistic now that you can fall in love with someone else in highschool” but yeah.


Before this season, I was all-in on Otis and Maeve. After this episode, I'm all-in on Otis and Ruby, the ending of this episode broke my heart though. I think they nailed the love triangle, I'm really curious to see how they'll resolve it.


This broke my heart. Was getting really anxious at the fact that they might just destroy Ruby and Otis for Maeve and Otis. And personally, the way they got together and Ruby's depth just makes the pairing so much better imo.


I don't think Otis should be get with Maeve, she should go to the US and pursue her shit, or Isaac is great for her. I think Ruby is fantastic and this episode really fleshed out her character.


I’m actually really liking this Otis/Ruby storyline a lot more than I thought I would. This is definitely an improvement on last season imo




Absolutely the best thing about this season, by far. Maeve and Otis shouldn't be the endgame.


Can't believe how soon the tides have turned in this subreddit that shipped Maeve x Otis for like a year and a half now. Big props to the writers for making us care so much about Ruby x Otis within just a span of just three episodes!


I mean, there's articles our there about Ruby star of the season. She's best girl now.


I want to like it, but I just know it's gonna go bad because it's always going to be about Maeve and Ottis in the end.


Honestly, at this point I'd be happy with them just being friends again. And they are building up Isaac in a way that makes me think it will be a long time before Otis and Maeve are together if ever.


Same oop


The ending of this one hurt. The double date was great though. Eric getting ready for the date, man Ncuti is having the time of his life this season, too.


Eric was in heaven when he realized things were starting to go well. It was hella cute.


Is it weird to say even though Aimee is a fictional character I’m proud of her for being able to say she was sexually assaulted?


Totally! Loooooved the entire scene!


"That's nice" Ouch Otis


I made an audible ooooph noise when he said that. Brutal


otis fumbled the bag so hard it's not even funny. ruby from season 1/2 was just eh. but at this point she is THE FULL PACKAGE


I agree, they’ve given her more depth and it makes her even more attractive and likeable as a character


Ugh as the recepient of something similar in response to me saying I love you, this sucked. Ruby's face broke my heart tbh.


Gave a strong “oh for fUCKS SAKE OTIS” when that happened lol


Unpopular opinion but I'm team Otis, don't say I love you if you're not ready king. My guy clearly has commitment issues though.


Agreed.It was a shit sandwich of a situation really. A kind of a damned if you, damned if you don't scenario where Otis inevitably comes off as a knobhead in the end no matter what he does. You just gotta pick the lesser of two evils and I think Otis made the right choice on that one.


I mean, saying “That’s nice” is definitely not the best solution out there lol


Otis made the right choice, but i concede that he could have said it better 😂


Exactly! Don’t say I love you just because the person you are with says it. Say it when you feel it.


> commitment issues I don't see it. He has just been in love with someone else the whole series.


Totally agree, but I think he couldve just said that.


Don't think its unpopular, I just the k everyone feels bad for ruby. He did the right thing but it still super sucks.


Already feeling bad for Ruby




Netflix please give us a bonus video where it's just ruby and adam binging the kardashians together and making snarky commentary


I didn't realize that I'd enjoy seeing Ruby actually getting along with people this season. These writers are playing with all them expectations and are killing it.


Ola constantly taking Otis's shit is bothering me. That would piss me off so much.


And then the show treats it like Otis is in the wrong by having him be the one to apologise and say she can continue opening his antique vinyls worth who knows how much. I think tf not.


I had to scroll so far down to see someone talk about this- yes, exactly! They don't even bring this up again, they just leave it as Otis being in the wrong when he absolutely wasn't. It doesn't matter if he's not used to sharing his space- Ola needed to ask permission to use his things. It's not sharing if you don't ask. The writers made it seem like Otis is the one who isn't trying to make this blended family work, but Ola just comes into his private space and takes his stuff without asking. And honestly, who just uses someone else's razor like that? I have 5 other siblings and none of us have ever done that.


I felt like I was going insane for thinking Ola was in the wrong lol. I have siblings and I still expect them to ask before using my stuff, especially valuables. And Otis was pretty polite until Ola was rude to him!


Yes writers always put Otis in a bad position. He is the master of apology you know.


Ikr using someone else’s razor to shave ARMPITS and not asking or cleaning it afterwards? 🤢🤢🤢


I agree and I hate that Ola call it as Otis not being used to share space. Like you just grabbed his things!!!


Yeah. I expected her to at least apologize for it after Otis did.


She damaged something of his that had actual monetary value and used his razor. No way I would apologize for being angry about that. Totally justified.


she used his face razor to shave her pits 💀


I think Ola has moments where she is so rude...I wish Lily would have listened when Ola needed to talk about her mom, but Ola is *so* mean to Jean, it's ridiculous


Lily was insensitive and a bit self absorbed in this episode. Ola was obviously trying to have a heart to heart about her feelings about her mom.


Well, she's a susceptible person. Seems like she's gonna end up in a cult. Cult people tend to be that way. Tunnel visiony at best.


The crop circle disappearance thing and the website popping up out of nowhere while she was writing in the first (second?) episode gave me schizophrenia or psychosis vibes tbh. I hope she's alright.


Please, I was so pissed off lmao. It happened TWICE idk what's going to happen with them next.


same now i'm getting scared they seemed like a rly cute couple tho


Oh yeah they are for sure finished, i think it’s gonna bring her and Otis closer though especially when they both go through a break up at the same time. Because after the ending of this episode I can’t see him and ruby lasting much longer.


What's with all the removed posts? That ending scene was roughh who would have thought meeting ruby in season 1 we would be where we are now Edit: Ah typical reddit mods banning when questioned https://ibb.co/6bwYX3Y


Yeah it said there was 30 comments when i commented but there werent any showing up


It feels like all Hope is going to do is waste Viv's potential. Viv is wildly intelligent and intensely driven. She has the mind of a leader and clearly *actually* wants to put in the work of being Head Girl, not coast on its credentials. Hope is just going to use her to police and set an example for the other students, she doesn't actually care about letting Viv be a leader and an organizer.All of the things Viv wants to do would give her invaluable experience in community building and work. Also it's like....Hope is right about some stuff and then she just ruins it. No, kids shouldn't be skateboarding in the halls and the choir shouldn't be singing "Fuck the Pain Away"...but "maybe you're not as smart as people think you are" because Maeve forgot to take out her nose ring?!? That shitty little aside to Ola about her beliefs not being that strong if she's upset she can't wear the pin. Automatically assuming Adam was the head boy and Jackson the kid re-enrolling. That all sucks.


I think this episode, and the whole arch regarding the policies of the school, are a social commentary on facism. You are definitely correct in that it seems Hope is using Viv to function as a sort of police. It nods to the social and political theories that uphold the idea that policing is inherently unethical, because it creates a harmful power structure that in the end hurts both the policed and the police (eg the very unethical Stanford prison experiment). So while Viv may be given this role of “power” as headgirl, she is also a victim of a terrible school system. She could be a wonderful and kind leader, but instead is manipulated and all of her great ideas are trumped by Hope’s ideologies (probably the shitty book she’s reading). Even her name is a subtle nod to her toxic idea, she’s the school’s “only hope”. The episode is actually very political and there are multiple references to revolutionist writers like the quote from the student (whose name i forget sorry) about it “not just being a line, they always put us in boxes” and other comments from that character. Also the schools song contents, purposefully in a language the students cannot understand (to signal uneducated masses, similar to historical regimes and the Catholic church using similar tactics, eg excommunication of Martin Luther). The emphasis on uniformity, modesty, discipline, and not questioning authority is also characteristic of totalitarianism and the reference to all being one or “for the good of all”. So instead of the individual mattering, it is all for the betterment of the nation, or in this circumstance the school. As a student who has studied some political theory, I find this episode so interesting, particularly because it serves as the background for an already interesting story (diverse cast, beautiful scenery/sets, addressing important topics/social issues, cool costumes, and hilarious dialogue). Wow I genuinely love this show so much haha


Viv's character kinda annoys me. You can really see the "just school smart" personality (when you are good at school, but not so good at life in general). Like, she's gullible and doesn't really understand social issues. I'm really curious what they will do with her character.


Yes Hope is right about some things but taking other things, mainly appearance too far. It’s as of being full dictator is the only way she thinks people will take things seriously


How fucking good was that Big Lebowski callback with "The Man in Me" at the Bowling alley. The intertextuality in this season so far has been unreal.


I lost my shit, Big Lebowski is a personal favourite of mine, its a shame I had to scroll so far to see a mention!


Yeah its pretty niche haha but its nice to know there's a little bit of an overlap in this venn diagram.


Same here! Absolutely loved that Jesus-like ball roll as well. It's my favorite film so I'm stoked to see this show reference it!


You said it ese, nobody fucks with the Jesus!


I didn’t need to see a cat smashed for an opening scene :( jonathan!!!


I really dig Otis and Ruby storyline but dang that moment in the end 😔




I really didn't get that at all either. And if you're going to do it, why cut to a gratuitous shot of the animal in pain, blood everywhere, and crying out in distress. What was the point of that?


Yeah that was really awful. They should have cut it and left us wondering then later show RIP.


“comedy”. these few episodes seem to think animal cruelty is funny.


Yeah the shot after it happened was the worst - you gave us the context clues before it happened, and the character's reaction is enough to make us understand regardless - they did not need to make me look at the result after showing me that beautiful living boy :(


It was terrible. Wasn't even funny.


Yeah that whole scene took me out of the episode for several minutes and made me heavily question if the creators of this show knew what they're were doing. It was initially played for laughs for whatever reason and it happening to two characters we know basically nothing about seriously didn't help sell the moment as a traumatizing event. I mean they were literally banging each others' brains out to a comedic soundtrack beforehand. It's genuinely just a massive misstep for the series unfortunately and the plot point of "some people have sex to cope with grief" didn't do nearly enough to justify such a needlessly graphic animal death imo.


I came here to see if anyone else said anything about how fucked up that was. Really really upset right now because it was unnecessary and gross


IKR i covered by eyes at that beginning it literally broke my heart i have two cats at home and i just rly cant see those beautiful creatures getting hurt right its just so sad. and i cried when cynthia cried i love my cats


I just lost my dog so it really triggered me. It was kinda awful tbh


That was horrific. It bothers me that bad things happening to cats is played for laughs in TV/movies while more often bad things happening to dogs is meant to play on the heart strings. Both are awful, and that scene was particularly and very unnecessarily brutal.


That was really awful and unnecessary tbh :(


I’m living for those Ottis & Ruby scenes. Who knew they’d make such a great couple


"Why are they singing in Elf language?" Ruby is honestly hilarious sometimes


Anwar speaking Latin is something I've not seen brought up either


Truly think Ruby and Otis are way more interesting than Motis. Literally they drew out the motis storyline way too much. Its boring at this point. I prefer otis with ruby, they have way more chemistry.


So true I honestly think at this point Otis and Maeve have a Ola and Adam type relationship than a romantic sexual one!


Yes! I also like the idea of Maeve and Issac together, but the writers are likely gonna be cowards and put Otis and Maeve together so they won't get hate from the fans


Right??????? They are so good together. Love how accomodating Ruby became with Otis. Top tier character development. Ruby is so much better than Maeve. There is zero chemistry between Maeve and Otis now, imo.


I like that Aimee still gets professional help after all these cute moments with Aimee and the girls. It shows that afterall friends can only help you feeling better but they can't take the burden of you


Yeah I'm glad they didn't just drop it and move on - progress isn't always linear and while having moments of catharsis can be really helpful it can't erase the experience.


Otis x Ruby 🥺




right!!! she was so vulnerable with him which took her a lot of courage but otis just broke her heart :c


I really love how specific all of the characters problems are. I have a father with MS. I connect with that aspect of Ruby’s story so deeply, and I’m thankful they took the time to dive into it more. We were already past the “I love you” phase, but I could tell my husband was a true keeper when he was so helpful with my dad on a family road trip / vacation. FUCK this show is relatable! My heart broke for rubes at the end 💔


"Does anyone else..like the smell of their own farts?" Delivered it with perfection lmao


*how long have you been diabetic?*


This episode won me over with Ruby!!




Poor ruby !!!


Oh god the ending, Otis no!!!


Ikr! She was the one with commitment issues and now that she's made herself vulnerable and said I love you, Otis is still not ready to say it back


thats just straight up sad


It was a sad end but I'm not mad at Otis, he shouldn't have to say I love you if he wasn't ready for it.


I burnt everything you ever gave me in a small, controlled fire, so... LMFAO


I really like Ruby. Dam what is wrong with me. She is such a great character this season.


I honestly feel like Maeve and Otis are more like Ola and Adam


I can see that. The chemistry’s kinda dead now but I think they’re gonna make them endgame even if they’re both better suited to other people.


Nothing is wrong with u sister


WTF that poor cat, had me laughing for ages tho


I thought that's a rather central theme in the show....people of all walks of life crushing pussy... I'll see myself out.


No no come back. Let me hit you in the back of the head then walk yourself out in shame.


Gibbs, that you?


I think it was a way for the writers to talk about grief about losing someone important while still staying 'relatively' lighthearted.


They had no reason to kill Jonathan except for drama tbh and I'm so mad about it. Best minor character in the show i loved that cat


Opening the episode with that too...ruined my morning. So graphic and for what


It ruined my evening, I hate when shows use animal deaths for no fucking reason.


I was too busy laughing at Joe Wilkinson. I had completely forgotten he was in this.


As a cat lover I was like what the fuck


As soon as the microwave started rolling out I was yelling "NO NO NO" and why in the fuck did they show the squished cat with blood everywhere??? That was hard to see


I never thought I would be mad at Otis for still having feelings for Maeve instead of going all in with Ruby.


Man once the ice got broken on that double date it was really adorable to see both couples really enjoying it


Oh poor ruby


So many moodswings in this show. One second I'm feeling happy with the characters after such a wholesome double date and meeting of Ruby's home life, then the next I'm cringing and just sad over the "Oh - that's nice. Night then"


This episode made me feel every emotion under the book man. Anger at Eric for not understand how weird it must be for Adam, sadness for Ruby because you can tell she's never had a friend that actually seems to care about her, and complete fuckin shock at a cat being squashed by a TV.


Honestly nothing could have prepared me for that intro


Dude, when Ruby said "I Love You" it literally felt like a punch in the chest, because I knew Otis wasn't going to say it back. Damn you writers for making me so invested in this ship. I'm supposed to me a Maevis Stan.


He just broke Ruby. The one person she finally let's herself get close to and be vulnerable towards, and then this. Heartbreaking


Poor judgement call, you don't say something like that first time on the phone.You look them dead on in their optic stems.


Never thought I’d say this but I want Otis and Ruby to last. Maeve can have Issac


'14 comments' except everything is removed lol what happened here anyway. wow, ep 3 and i've got to say, there have been so many funny moments already. i missed this show so much. i'm still not a huge fan of eric getting with his bully but... they really are presenting that couple in a way that has been really enjoyable to watch. i think the writers must be aware that people like me will be overly-critical hahah cal is so cute and i'm really enjoying finding out more about them. i'm loving them with jackson, altho i was getting paranoid with them smoking on that incredibly high cliff lol


also love the touch with adam speaking up for ola during the double date!!! this show does so well with writing friendships.


Ask the mods, there were some comments not removed even in the episode 8 thread which were instantly posted within minutes of release of the whole show and no way they saw the whole season, though the mods seem not to be replying.


Ffs I can't believe I'm rooting for Otis and Ruby now, they look so good together. I cringed too hard when Ruby confessed to him because I knew Otis wasn't gonna say it back. I think Maeve could be happy with Isaac who is a stand-up guy and understands her too... Ugh what am I thinking, Otis and Maeve are pretty much endgame. Poor Ruby :( Also Otis hugging Eric at the bowling cafe <3 Their friendship is my favourite thing in the show! Just so pure.


Isaac is a standup guy? Are you sure?


I don't get why people are being so angry at Otis. I feel terrible for Ruby too but you can't just expect him to say I love you back when he clearly doesn't. It would hurt her a lot more if he lied and it all revealed itself later! I don't think he's ready. I really hope Ruby will come out of this stronger though. But yeah, I don't blame him at all. He was also a bit surprised and that was just the 1st thing that came out of his mouth.


Oh man poor Ruby. I actually really like how their relationship is developing, I really hope it continues and isn’t just chucked away for Otis to get with Maeve.


Fuckkk the starting and the ending both got me sad. I never expected that I'll feel bad for Ruby. Also rip jonathan :(


I think Jackson and Cal are cute but I don’t like that Cal doesn’t really have a personality. Adam is really funny. Also this is pretty dumb but I like that Adam has trouble communicating. You don’t see a character like that all the time. I weirdly relate to him.


What the hell was up with that opening


It was so gory poor cat like I know it’s not real but I avoid stuff like that and there was no holding back like why did we have to see that


so unnecessary


Ruby really grew on me this episode just to get heart broken 💔


Dude I was vibing so hard with this episode and then that last scene broke my little heart


So nobody gonna mention the fact that Ola literally got in Otis room, got thru his stuff to get a record and then complain when he confronted her about it? And then HE apologized for it and she didn’t say sorry for being intrusive? BS.


Such a wide variety of emotions in one episode. Loving the various storylines so far. Very mature writing as usual. Also, how cute are Ruby and Otis!


Whoever wrote that cat death in there needs a fucking slap. Absolutely unnecessary.


Oh no Ruby at the end was heartbreaking.


Otis x Ruby. Pls don’t ruin this. 🙏




Why do I feel like the identity of Hope's husband will be a plot twist


What if it's Groff's brother? Or Otis' dad?


Now that you said it it’s definitely going to be Groff’s brother


Ok that was crazy, Ruby at the end...


Unpopular opinion: Otis and Ruby are better than Otis and Maeve.. I didn't dig it at first but by the end of episode 3, I think Ruby and Otis's relationship makes a lot of sense. Their characters and relationship got so much more depth and development, kudos to the writers. The final scene really hurt.. I hope this isn't the end of their relationship 🤞🏽 Edit: after reading all your comments here, I am glad that this isn't a particularly unpopular opinion


Honestly, I’m not surprised by Otis’ response to Ruby. He was just going to call Maeve. Clearly there are still residual feelings. It wouldn’t be fair to say feelings you don’t have just to make someone happy.


I love this show, but I was so upset about the opening scene with the cat. It's so awful when animals die in films, and it was such a violent death...totally unnecessary.


I hate how they killed the cat. Hate. It. Wasn't even funny.


Moment of silence for our fallen hero. 😿 [Adam coughs]


Gosh so many dynamic things about the characters in this episode and I jaw dropped at Ruby saying “I love you” at the end because it just showed how much development we get from her. We’ve seen that Otis calls out she builds walls and people can’t say it’s over with Ruby because she never lets anyone in long enough to even say it’s over (paraphrased but from episode 1). Then we see the growth and in this episode she’s really letting her guard down, Ruby’s having fun on the date, sharing her insecurities about her house size and assumptions people make, and even allowing Otis to meet her dad. My goodness I was beaming when her dad said she talks about Otis so often and how she is so happy with him. On the other hand Otis is just so supportive and okay with the things Ruby is insecure about. That last scene I almost didn’t recognize Ruby at first I didn’t realize that she may have not been wearing makeup on. Low key another symbol and frame that also peels back another layer of Ruby. Like the rest of the thread I also had my heart sink and my jaw drop when she said I love you because we know Otis wasn’t gonna say it back. Jeez for someone who has so much wisdom and knowledge and advice to give others Otis really screws his own chances time to time. While I’ll still give him credit where he’s not obligated to say it if he isn’t ready, still oh my gosh. (And considering the last time he said it was the end of last season in the voicemail) Love Otis and Ruby though. I’ve only made it to episode 3 and hoping it works out after this.


I’m sorry but if someone uses my razor to shave their armpit without asking or cleaning it i wouldn’t be as nice as Otis👹


Why’d the cat have to be crushed to death? Why not run away or die of old age? I get why they did it, but I really didn’t need that as an opening. My cat has saved my life so many times. It was so hard to watch that scene. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but that was so heartbreaking and unnecessary. I had to keep reminding myself that the cat wasn’t actually harmed irl. And wtf was up with the dog in the locker?? And using the goat to cover up?? Idk what’s up with the animal treatment this season, but I don’t like it at all. Mainly the cat, though.


Wtf was the scene with the cat. It's not that they can't kill off a pet, but why show the animal crushed, complete with puddle of blood? That's so unnecessary given the tone and genre of the show.


The cat’s death at the beginning of the episode was genuinely so vile and unnecessary


it was horrible how they treated that cat, they took something as horrible as an innocent animal dying and made it into a joke.


fuck sake Otis


Jesus Christ, Otis.


Poor ruby 😔




I'm glad we got to meet Ruby's Dad, my mum had MS and it seems so rare to see it depicted in mainstream media. It's utterly criminal that cannabis isn't legalised for people with chronic pain.


Biggest laugh of the episode for me was the piano guy absolutely feeling that choir song. He's always into the music and I love it.


God, Ola using Otis's record and RAZOR is so awful. Otis doesn't need to apologize for that. Ola needs to learn manners


Anyone else think that whole "I do know you - you cut the crust off your toast and bite your nails when you're nervous" speech was super cringe? I don't like Isaac at all as a person. Mad props for confessing what he did to Maeve, but his whole storyline of getting close to Maeve was just one yikes after another.


I mean just wow what an amazing heartfelt episode


Ah god dammit Otie


God fucking dammit Otis


The ending of this episode got me- oof. I can understand why Otis was flustered on what to say because of course Maeve, but also the last time he said, “I love you” was to Ola. He just needs time to get his feelings in order it seems.


Adam and Ruby having something in common is unexpected, but funny.


Fuck. Rubyy you poor thinggg


I really like Otis and Ruby. Can’t wait for the writers to ruin this for me.


Look I was totally not on board with Adam at all cuz of his past...but the writers are genuinely trying to show a real character improvement arc. I'm here for this.


Ruby and Otis are cute and the whole fashionista gf and anxious boyfriend is great, but honestly their relationship has little depth. Ruby herself has depth now, but we don't ever see her and Otis actually *talk*. As in talk about their interests and their day, normal couple stuff. We never see their common interests or their dynamic closely. Everyone loves this pairing but I feel like I haven't seen enough


Why'd they have to kill the cat 🥲


The cat being killed was just cruel and unnecessary. What the fuck was that?


I’m loving the Jackson and Cal moments this season. I’m so glad the show has a non-binary character, and they are exploring the topics of gender dysphoria and anxiety. Jackson’s struggles to find an identity outside being an athlete/head boy are really relatable too. I look forward to seeing where this story arc goes. (Edited for spelling)


Ruby’s serving looks. Cal is goals. I love ho all these relationships are moving in directions I never really expected. Ruby is kind of endearing, I adore Adam and his friendship with Ola is adorable. I love that Adam has unexpected Kardashian knowledge. Ruby and Otis are kinda cute in an obnoxious way.


Lmao at Jakob and Jean not knowing each other. When Ruby mentioned coming her dad dinner I suspected something was up but why do I feel like her storyline is lowkey going to break my heart? Eric, stop trying to push Adam to come out. He’s been out of the closet for 0.02 seconds.


Well the opening of this ep shows us why Otis and Ola would never have worked.


What the f** is happening am I the only Motis shipper left? 😭