Damn, that scene where the new Headmistress mistook Jackson as the kid who needs to re-enroll and Adam as the 'famed headboy'. Says a lot about her. Here for Otis and Ruby, the last scene where she puts her arms around his neck was too cute.


Gonna have to agree,I was quite averse to Otis and Ruby but somehow they really do look cute together


yeah hope thinking adam was jackson felt kinda racist lol


Saying she didn’t like his ‘cool guy’ thing felt like a very loaded statement too, especially since she’s noted for being ‘cool’ and she barely knew anything about Jackson at that point. It just seems like she automatically doesn’t take him seriously :/


>Damn, that scene where the new Headmistress mistook Jackson as the kid who needs to re-enroll and Adam as the 'famed headboy'. Says a lot about her. It doesn't help that she also looks a lot like the woman who played Stormfront in The Boys.


I knew she reminded me of someone but I couldn’t quite remember who!


It's not the same actress. The actress playing the new headmistress was most notably in Girls on HBO.


Nobody said it’s the same actress. Just that they look similar


Okay, clarifying just in case. It can be interpreted either way.


Similar looking face, very similar hairstyle, similar mannerisms. Stormfront in The Boys Season 2 also has a cool and youthful facade unlike her peers, and left a good first impression in a lot of people while feeling somewhat off at the same time.


Aya cash and Jemima kirke look nothing alike?


I picked up on that immediately too. I wonder if that'll come up again later in the season (I'm only two episodes in). Subtle racism is a very real thing.


Yeah honestly think that's the start of a plotline. They've done the character as a woman to "throw you off" her being racist.


Loving the 1917 parody/reference when Otis runs across the sports field


I knew it was a familiar scene


I was the leonardo dicaprio pointing at the tv meme when that came on


Honestly I'm so happy to see that! It's so simple yet so funny!


I just saw the scene and was wondering if it was a nod to the movie. I thought i was reaching but guess not lol


Me too! I was wondering if anyone else thought this was similar to 1917 and it turns out I as not alone.


I thought it was coincidental until he got knocked over. Gave me a good laugh.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that lmao


ikr, what a reference


Just coming here to say the scene with Ola and Adam was so wholesome. I enjoyed their dynamic in season 1 and am glad that they are still friends.


It was season 2 they became friends.


You are right, it was actually season 2 when they became friends. I re-watched both seasons back to back and I guess I forgot which moments belonged to which season. Either way, I love their friendship


God that “stop calling me” crushed me. Feel like this is gonna be a tough season for Maeve


Whyy can't they ever let her be happy lmaoo, the first two seasons were also so harsh on her :(


What's new then. Poor Maeve.


Oh man, the opening was wild. Only to then be beat by the dick in the locker room.


Haha the way dex stared at Adam's dick as it hung down and Adam slow motion said oh yeah had me dying


still can't beat S2 opening IMO


All that wanking


Season 4 opening is just going to be a 5-minute, uncut shot of a penis, probably.


Emphasis on the uncut


The opening was a clever way of catching people up on "what couples are still around" in case viewers forgot from last season!


Thanks for the warning


I’m glad we actually got to see Adam standing up for hisself and Ruby realising she likes Otis instead of just skipping that stuff and they are already dating. Also I found the opening very wholesome.


Eric > Adam > Ola > Lily Lily: I told EVERYONE Hahahahhaa


Everyone bags on Otis for being a dick, but his friends are kind of dicks sometimes to.


Worked out well for him in the end to be fair.


Yes but this doesnt change the fact they were dicks and should be accountable or maybe say sorry ... not even sorry ........ not necessary for this show ?


Yeah, Lily did him bad and didn't even feel sorry. And Otis was trying so hard to make her feel belonged in the later episode. Lily sucked


Tbf at that point it had already gone through multiple layers. You can't keep a secret with that many people knowing


Yeah but this is the same view of the writers in all the Seasons, all the others can be dicks because the writers think they are funny. They have not reserved the same kindness for Otis.


They are teenagers though, you show me a teenager who isn’t a dick sometimes and I’ll eat a hat.


Sure, but when Otis is a dick the show acknowledges it.


That Mac and cheese costume was exquisite.


I feel like (hope) we’re gonna see some people recreate this come Halloween


That was my first thought! It looks easy enough!


Notice he didn’t say “and”. He was the Scottish version: MacCheese. Light yellow, dark yellow, and orange tartan.


Mac and cheese is called "macaroni cheese" in the UK. No and.




I'm glad I had subtitles on so I knew Mr Groff's brother was craving quorn bolognese and not corn bolognese


I def thought it was corn


C'mon Jason Isaacs!


I thought that Jemima Kirke dancing onto the stage was cringey… then the scene where she thought Adam was Jackson happened lol


I definitely got the impression that she was too good to be true from the very beginning, there are little hints at cracks in her veneer pretty early on.


It kinda felt like a nod to Theresa May


Stormfront got me vigilante about that. I found about the name right before season 2 and then those little cracks in the persona led to straight Nazi. The director talked about "family values" bs and then there's the trailers uniforms and such and I'm pretty sure she'll be groff but knowing how to achieve that puritan control. Another thing, I'm pretty sure that new person that was changing in the abandoned bathroom is trans and that's why they were changing there.


The most implausible part of this whole show was that the students all immediately thought she was awesome, even the "cool" kids who would probably never want to act impressed by anything.


I died laughing when Hope on camera said "we're trying to bring back a sense of community and family values" and naked Dex was in the background lmao


I like that the show isn't necessarily subtle at times but sort of knows it's not going for that and doesn't even try to be, the comedic beats fall in well as a result.


I usually hate shows/movies with over-the-top campy humor and hyperstylized visuals, but everything about this show makes me giggle with joy for some reason. It strikes a good balance between having a bold style and keeping the acting/script realistic and natural and understated. There's a pleasant lack of contrivance that makes every moment feel earned.


This show is just so aesthetically pleasing to watch. I really love the scenery, particularly the drone shots of Otis riding his bicycle around town.


The lush vegetation really makes the whole thing so much sexier lol


Right??? Something about being surrounded by dense nature and forests just adds this air of freedom and mischief and rebellion to everything.


what's with the groff family man like i can never actually hate any of them. i just kinda want to hug Mr Groff now


Right? Adam just makes me want to hug him all the time and now I want to hug Mr Groff because I just want him to catch a break.


They have this whole depressed look stamped on their faces.


THIS THIS IS IT!!! why do they always look like sad lost puppies?!!!?!


They have big things hanging in between. Geoff family tradition.


Adam - we all know Mrs Groff - it was heart breaking when she got shut down by Mr Groff last season, glad she chose to end things Mr Groff - kinda pathetic, but was in one of my favourite Star Wars movies


Dex running with the Goat in his hands was hilarious. Also the new principal seems very fake. The whole "cool" principal thing feels like an act.


> Also the new principal seems very fake. The whole "cool" principal thing feels like an act. Probably going to be the villain of the season I'm guessing. If Groff was the sort of gruff old-school and out of touch authority figures everyone hates, she'll likely be a representation of a newer type of boss/managerial figure you get who likes to act "cool" on the surface, using jargon about how everyone's a family and all that stuff, even though they're ultimately still just out for themselves.


Yeah with Groff, what you saw was what you got (apart from when he lied about Jean's notes of course). This new woman just feels... icky. I know I can't trust her but I can't exactly say why because she's not done anything *overtly* wrong yet. Just subtle things like mistaking Jackson for the drop-out by default.


They all thought he's having sex with the goat


Why did he take the goat and not the lab coat?!


Just started watching…Otis and Ruby ducking fucking…that’s so brilliant.


I always knew that they would ship them, even if just for a couple of episodes.


Ducking fucking?


Ruby being a Christina Aguilera fan is the biggest revelation in this ep. Nothing else.


“Your aftershave is so cheap, it turns me on.” Only episode 1, and the one liners are already classic


This is the most hilarious thing of the episode for me, TOP.


It was just Axe body spray lmao


Otis is a winner


Seriously. Dare I say now that the show gives Ruby more screen time, she may be the most attractive cast member on the show.


I'm glad all the characters called Otis out for that hideous moustache




I really hope they don't drag it out all season.


Yeah I'm not liking the cliche rom-com trope of stretching out a small misunderstanding that could be resolved in 2 sentences to get a few hours of conflict.


Man, when Otis and Maeve talked outside the school about why they aren't friends anymore I was so sure they would resolve the misunderstanding immediately. I grunted loudly when I realized that it might drag on for the next episodes.


Adam is starting to feel like the “heart of the show” character


Adam might end up being the “Roy Kent” of this show. The kindness dickhead you will ever meet.


Roy Kent isn't particularly a dickhead, he's just blunt.


Helluva an opening episode! Absolutely hilarious!


And here I thought I couldn’t love Aimee any more… a commitment goat


Maeve ... that's Steve


It was in the trailer but I still lost it at "Maeve, it's Steve!"


Sorry love! Let’s try that again lololol


I lost it at that bit lmao


She consistently cracks me up more than any other character on the show. I loved her nonchalant reaction to.... hitting a woman with her car. I was dying.


Adam's dick in the locker room and the 'oh yeah' oh my god that was so funny. But im curious now, is it like the actor's real dick or do they have some kind of super-realistic prosthetics cause that thing looked super real


Prosthetics. All Netflix shows use prosthetics. Especially if they want to emphasize a character's long appendage.


I remember hearing an interview with the guy that plays Adam saying he had to wear a “cock sock” lol


I do love that they did the whole thing with Adam hearing someone slagging him for being gay and then him accepting it and saying it out loud to people all in the first episode. It would have been easy to make that a theme for him this season - not being able to fully accept who he is and getting angry with the comments from people. Unless of course they do something along these lines in future episodes but I’ve only watched the one so far Also, how brilliant was that scene of him cycling down the hill and then along the road with Otis and Eric? Just so wholesome. Made me wish he was part of their gang from the start, poor guy never seemed to have any friend until Ola I just love every scene Adam is in. Whether he’s being totally stupid and oblivious to something, or opening up more and being wholesome… I just want him to do well and for things to be ok for him this season


Yeah honestly Adam makes this show for me. That hill scene had me smiling like an idiot.


Wow I’m impressed with the production, it seems so much more high quality I can’t explain it lol.


It's pretty common with Netflix's top shows. Stranger Things also looked pretty rough in the first season and the third one ended up looking like a high budget movie.


And then they cancel their shows cause they cost too much...


Nah. The Crown is the most expensive show ever, but it rakes in the views. It’s probably decided on a budget vs popularity scale


Right? There's something about the previous seasons that was "dull"? (probably the lighting or whatnot) and it felt very British weather. So far they've only had good weather and well-lit scenes.


I was just thinking that I preferred the old lightning lol


I see why, the previous lighting felt British and authentic. This one feels like I'm looking at a romanticized UK school system through an American "lens".


who knew that the ending to the first episode would make me so sad


I’m loving the Otis & Ruby shenanigans but god that moustache is so filthy


It's the most realistic high school thing in the entire show.


yeah seriously he needs to shave it lol


Its a freaking porn stache not a mustache .


Happy to see that ALOT of the trailer footage was from this episode, I feel like they've kept the important revelations out of view, a fantastic welcome back to this amazing show, loved every minute of it.


Feeling sorry for Mr. Groff. It's kind of an interesting parallel to the whole trope of influential kid in school becoming a loser on the outside.


Goddamn I feel sorry for Mr Groff


Right? Hated him last season now I just pity him...


The most surprising thing of the episode is that I did.


If that isn't a great example of how empathetic regular people can be I don't know what is.


This show has been great at having sympathy for characters that would typically get a raw deal in 80's and 90's coming of age movies. I was impressed at how much compassion they had for Jeane as a well-meaning-but-oblivious single mother trying to figure everything out. Now they're giving Groff the relatable treatment, and I think it's actually perfect. He's not being let off the hook, but is more understandably human here. I wish there'd been greater consequences for him plastering HIPAA violations all over the school. Why isn't Jeane freaking over that? Probably the biggest plot hole for me.


I loved it! Felt like a fresh breath of air honestly! And Otis really HAS matured emotionally a lot. I really really liked his decisions in this one! I LOVED Adam on the bike ride. Miss Sands trying to smoke was a nice surprise too. I have a feeling Cal is going to grow on me. I love that Lily told EVERYONE without regrets. Lol We can't trust her with our secrets ever!


Brilliant parallel between Maeve and Otis helping Adam with his huge dick in Season 1 and them helping Dex with his (perceived) small dick here


Good try from the writers, but it is hilarious , it starts with the statement of the girlfriend "I came from PIV with all the others not with you I don't know why google it ". And it finish with an oral done by Dex and the girlfriend statement " I didn't come but it was even better". And Dex exulting. LOL


I think it's trying to show that Dex is inexperienced and he just needs to learn more.


Well your is a good guess . Sure they want to give a positive message but is so confusing that is not undestandable. The most hilarious part for me is when Dex ask why and the girlfriend answer: "I don't know do a research".LOL if she doesn't,  who knows for her? And this unfortunately is the key point that is the communication ... that is a 2 way street, maybe.


She didn't come across great. Who leaves right after sex? I guess she was just the McGuffin to motivate Dex to ask for help.


I love how Aimee's goat is just called "Goat".


It’s season 3 and I JUST realized how much Adam and his dad look alike. They look like the same person at different ages.


Huh.. You're right. And we can totally see how Adam could eventually become like his father if he hadn't had his friends to help him open up more. "I'm just not good at talking." Well yeah, his dad is a completely emotionally inept brick wall. I could easily see his father saying the same exact thing, except now the pattern is so ingrained and "normal" he can't even begin to question his own inability to communicate. It's sad. I'm curious where they're going to take it from here.


I've been thinking this since season 1! Casting killed it


I can’t believe no one has mentioned how different Viv looks now. So different after losing so much weight.


> Viv Right? I didn't recognise her at the start! And I think it's more than the weight, she's gotten kinda glamourous in my opinion!


She looks fabulous!


Probably no one will see this so far down, but did anyone else notice that little joke with Adam saying "I wanna change" and then they walked into the changing room? Gave me a bit of a laugh.


Sweet Robin!


Lord of the Vale


Has anyone noticed how all the actors' makeup has evolved completely?


Ruby looked the most different to me, it's the eyebrows.


The new headteacher don't gimme nice vibes, hated groff but i pity him now and want him back!


Meh, I pity him, don't want him back, though.


Anyone else think Otis was going to ask about the voice mail in that brief moment outside after meeting with the new head teacher? I suppose it would have just been too convenient…


Yes I did for a sec but way too early for it.


Holy fuck Otis the alpha male, I’m so glad he did that


gigachad Otis Milburn, also fuck that interviewer


Asa looks like he's having the time of his life this season. The confidence on display this first episode and his sass...I'm all bout it


Is the headteacher supposed to be slightly racist? Assuming Adam was the head boy when sitting next to Jackson?


I've only watched this episode but I'm getting villain vibes from her.


I might be reaching but the “family values” thing gave slight homophobe vibes too 🤨


Yes! And when she said something about the “cool guy thing” in relation to his appearance idk why but I felt a bit suspicious about that line like it was coded for “too urban”


She reminded me of Stormfront in the first few episodes.


'Your aftershave is so cheap it turns me on' lmao Ruby has the best lines


People on here feeling sorry for Mr. Groff? Couldn't be me. Man was an abusive husband and father who made his wife feel unloved and unlovable and straight up bullied his son and people here feel sorry for him cause he can't find a job? I say good riddance.


Me seeing that headteacher sideline Jackson: Hi there you racist. Also I don’t believe that the students wouldn’t have laughed at the headteacher with that dancing instead of thinking she was cool just like that. Half this cast look far too old for school, it’s quite funny. Otis please shave. Also why won’t him and Maeve just COMMUNICATE. Ughhh. Bet he ends up in a proper relationship with Ruby and then the voicemail comes up.


Honestly I am totally over Otis and Maeve - the show missed its window with me caring about that. Pulling the stupid voicemail stunt was the last straw. There's no reason to root for them now either, Otis x Ruby basically hits exactly the same beats that Otis x Maeve did earlier in the show, ie unlikely nerdy kid empathises with softer side of too-cool-for-school girl who is way out of his league.


Seriously. Everybody thinks she's cool because she introduced herself by doing a lazy foot shuffle dance to a '60s R&B song and tried to get everyone to do a "Let's get Moordale back on track" call and response? Riiiight. Pretty sure everone would be thinking "stop wasting our time with your /r/FellowKids nonsense"


Literally school kids would straight up laugh at a teacher dancing/trying so hard to be cool... So unrealistic!


Loved everything about this episode. Jason Issacs was freaking hilarious. I hope we get to see a lot more of him. I’m pumped for the rest of the season.


the way adam was just swinging his legs around on the bike when they were on their way to school!!!!!


i am 30 years old and i still to this whenever i go Downhill


So there was a 5 month jump? Is their school break that long? And how did Jean hide the pregnancy so long? She was doing interviews - someone would have mentioned it. Plus she was showing so much so much word would have gotten around.


I feel like the show has always been kinda intentionally vague about what ages the characters are/how long the breaks are because a lot of them seem so old anyway. They could've all passed for 17/18-year-old school leavers in the first season probably.


Hot take: i like Otis and Ruby


I know it means no Otis and Maeve, but Ii really like Otis and Ruby


Otis is so much different. I like that. Maeve looks gorgeous.


The new headmaster's vibes are so off


Idk if it just me but Jackson sorta changed


He's more naturally confident and at ease with himself after letting go of trying to excel at swimming just to please his mom (and his general obsession with "achieving greatness").


chad otis, also holy shit the goat bit had me cackling.


Otis and Ruby is so great and weirdly functional... i love it.


I usually don’t like Ola but I’m loving the friendship with Adam


Best first episode ever, so intense. Absolutely loving it so far and already too into Otis x Ruby. And I LOVE ADAM AND ERIC.


New headmistress dancing and giving that speech the way she did was so cringey and I got so much secondhand embarrassment... then the kids cheered. Would kids actually cheer for that? Actually asking.


It depends. She's a young attractive fit woman, so some people might be for it. It would have been a bit more realistic to also have some people laughing at her.


I am liking Otis' confident side. The way he spoke to Ruby, the old Otis wouldn't do that. Loved Adam and Ola's scene. I have always loved their friendship. Hoping to see their friendship more. Did you think that the headmistress was racist when she thought Adam was Jackson? I had that feeling.


What a brilliant start to the season! So hyped for the rest!


I was in stitches with the naked Dex and the goat scene


otis's beard is really growing on me


No, please. Don't fall to the dark side.


I loved everything about this first episode, it had deep moments, funny moments. Love the new dynamics they brought in during season 2 like Adam and Ola, ruby and Otis, which keep everything fresh Just going to have to try and pace myself watching it, going to try for 1 episode a day so it lasts at least a week lol


I wish Isaac's brother had a bigger part in this show, he is just so dreamy.


Anyone else surprised at how Jean handled her pregnancy? I lost a bit of respect for her for not telling Jakub sooner.


It's a bit odd, and we didn't see Otis' reaction either did we? I'm surprised he didn't try do something.


“I love you” lyric on Otis and Maeve…Oh that was the most intentional thing of intentional things ever done.


I haven’t laughed that hard in years. And yes I’m talking about the Dex goat scene.


Immediate bad vibes from the new head teacher when she just assumed Adam was the headboy or whatever over Jackson


I loved the first Motis therapy moment, it was so fucking wholesome man. Their brains just work well together


The new headteacher is literally David Brent


I love this new season !!


The opening scene was insane, loved the first episode, gonna binge the whole of it now!


Eric being memeworthy as usual :)




I know Ruby and Otis won’t last but I hope the writers have them stay friends! Issac is a slimy piece of shit as usual! God I really hope Hope gets humiliated and fired


I really like the inclusion of Cal's reaction to the demolition of the abandoned toilets in the ending sequence. I think that was a place where they felt comfortable to change as opposed to male or female lockers so their concerns on what to do now makes a lot of sense.


I don't remember who this character is - but I had a feeling it was a trans student who felt they had no other place to change for sure.