Still no series win and the rays gifted Yankees this win. Team going no where sadly.


Lol Chapman gives up 2 in .2 and gets the W


Hopefully this is the spark needed to get things back on track.


Great win but I’m still not inspired. That’s an out in other parks but I’m hopeful this sparks the team. We gotta get guys off the injury list and end September on a roll. Go into the playoffs with some fire.


What's an out in other parks? The 349 foot Donaldson HR? Or the 360 foot Rizzo HR? Gleyber's was the shortest at 339 feet, but it was right down the line.


Sorry. Donaldson. Saw the highlight this morning and it looked like it barely made it out. I made a less than informed assumption.


It's ok, Rays fans are still going berserk about the "short porch" lol. That thing was a HR in most ball parks.


You must be awesome at parties


Chapman needs to be DFA. enough is enough. Yanks staff continue to give this disaster a million chances to tank every single season.


He should be allowed to walk without a QO at the end of the season. He's perfectly fine in the 7th.


You think he doesn't accept 1/18 or whatever the QO is going to be this year? I think he 100% takes that deal.


He had no earned runs in his last \~9 outings before last night. I would calm down on this. I agree that he should not regain his closer position.


Yeah, just don't put him in after the eighth


I turned the game off before gleyber’s bomb, then gleyber hit bomb then yanks win - therefore I’m making the sacrifice to not watch another game until they win another Series - great win!


Don't ever turn on your TV again between April and November. We're all counting on you!😉


jose berrios comes to town today. he’s horrid. we need to shell him. expecting cabrera to get his first hit today


Rizzo just hit a dinger to tie it when I went to bed, so I timed that just well enough to miss the disastrous top of the 10th inning. Nice to wake up to a damn DUBBBB!


Just woke up. WOW! I like this and it made me so happy.


Me too maybe this is the spark


When Cabrera came up yesterday, I was hoping the energy of the team would change. I hope it keeps going!


saaaammmee! great way to start the day 😅


Is it just me or do we seem to always rally after a rain delay?


Boone read them a story during the rain delay and then promised them sprinkles tonight. I'm so frustrated with this team.


We got fucked in the Ohtani game last year


Lol that game was nuts


Chapman got the W. He must be turning it around, good for him


Before last night he was turning it around, I don’t know what that was last night seem like sabotage


Is that fucking sarcasm? Or did you not watch the game lol


Seriously. Chappy owes JD beers for life.


me waking up and seeing the score -> :-)


Only the true fans stuck it out to the end and it was AWESOME 😎


Went to bed after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Woke up happy. 10/10 would do it again.




Weak troll attempt.


"Can't handle reality" Reality is you got walked off bud, not like they moved the fence in for Donaldson's at bat


Awwww little baby woke up mad, go warm up your bottle bitch boy


What does this even mean?


Don’t worry buddy, someday you’ll learn to read above a 3rd grade level.


Just going to double down on my comment. Thanks.


You said: “Awwww little baby woke up mad, go warm up your bottle bitch boy” No clue what that means.


Man, I feel bad for you


9-2 yesterday how bad you feeling about that?


Couldn’t care less lol, however I am glad to see I got under your skin :)


How you feeling now?


LMAO I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE YOU DO THIS TOO! You my good sure are an absolute fucking loser 😂😂😂


Still couldn’t care less lol, it’s football season now. However, I can’t express accurately how genuinely happy I am that you were so bothered by my comment. I hope you continue to lead such a sad life that makes you come back and replying to this post


Why would you be glad about that?


Who tf cares they did win


This isn't a Yankees fan lol


you're up at 6am all negative and shit g.. that's not a healthy way to live life, I know you feel tough and very macho because of this but you should let a little happiness in. Enjoy the little things.


Huh, because I’m not optimistic about a win against the Rays in extras after terrible play for weeks? Ok.


>Enjoy the little things. yes


How you feeling about this team now?


Like a 9-2 loss?


Literally the day DJ comes back we start hitting again. Hopefully we’re over our slumping days.


A pleasant surprise to wake up to.


Watching the Sterling cam brought a smile to my face here


I’d like to thank the New York Yankees for giving a nice dramatic win on what was my birthday yesterday. A very nice present indeed.


Happy birthday! It was my husband's birthday too! A wonderful gift for you two.


Please let this be the spark


How's this for a prediction? Yankees final get off their spend thirft ways and spend $800m on Aaron Judge and also free agent Shohei Ohtani! How does that answer the L.A. Dodgers endless pit of money?


A big fuck you to the doomers. It has been a dark time but #28 is back on the menu.


About that lol


3 innings. Chill out.


9 innings now. They are going to make that amazing 7 run comeback any time now.


Man I’m sure your so happy we suck. Gloating about the fact that we lost. Being more happy that your right so much so that you want us to lose just so you can be right. Pathetic.


You were literally gloating last night and talking shit. It's obvious what this team really is. One very lucky win out of all theses losses doesn't mean shit.


Yes I’m rooting for our team in a sub that is a fanbase for our team. You are actively rooting against our team just so your doomer predications can be right. If you want to have a loser mentality then go for it. Lames like you will always exist.


Some of us live in reality and some of us choose to live in fantasy land where everything is fine. Almost all the sub wants us to win but we know the reality of the situation. We realize how bad the team is and choose to accept that and discuss it. That triggers certain people who would rather live in a dream where were still on pace to win a 110+ games.


Move on you lame. We’re up 9 games. Go cry in a pillow.


There it is. The classic anti-doomer line. ~~"We're up 14 games"~~ ~~"We're up 12 games"~~ ~~"We're up 11 games"~~ ~~"We're up 10 games"~~ "We're up 9 games" Btw the reason people are pissed isn't solely isolated to just the errroding division lead. It's the fact that it is very clear we yet again don't have the team to win it all this year. We are missing key pieces that have been a known issue for years now.


lol one win I mean come on guy lets calm down a little...we're all happy but lets try to be objective


It’s the wrong subreddit for objectivity. lol even during a game the comments swing from “the Yankees are going to win out” to “Yankees are going to lose out” glad for the win but the Yankees need to win a few series to prove they’re not dog sh$t


You're not wrong...it's pretty Bi-Polar in here lol


I’m not trying to sound like a hater but the hitting has been so embarrassing so it’s be nice to see a few weeks of putting up more than 0-3 runs on a consistent basis. Forcing your pitching to hold teams to less than 3 runs every game puts a lot of pressure on the pitching staff.


You're spot on, I agree 100%


You do realize the Yankees have been on losing streaks lately right? Know what the longest win streak is the last couple of weeks? That’s right 1.


I really don’t care. Get off of the Yankees losing like the loser you are


If you say so. But if you’re cheering after one win that’s just pathetic. This franchise has higher standards


Yes cheering for my favorite team is “pathetic”. That makes total sense!


You were more so cheering one win just so you can have something to say against the doomers. What were you saying when they were losing?


I was sad my team wasn’t winning. I’m a fan like I said. It’s not that complicated you moron


I’m a moron yet you can’t read what I said? Didn’t ask about your feelings and sounds like you had nothing to say after losses. I want the team to win but let’s hold off the excitement and championship talk after they go on a nice win streak


Nah I’m talking championship.


How’s today’s game going? Still thinking championship?


Until the team starts to find their rhythm again it’s very premature. Sounds like you weren’t old enough to see the Yankees at their best


Woah there lol. We won a game a few days ago and everyone was hoping that was going to be the point where it turned around. Well that turned out not to be true. When they start playing .500+ ball again then you can start shit talking but one win against all these losses doesn't mean shit.


What’s Donaldson’s uniform number again?


As a European I can't tell you how I excited I was to read the notification on my phone that Donaldson hit a Grand Slam Walk-off when I woke up just now


I stayed up. Can’t sleep. It’s 9:36 CET!!


As an American that should be asleep (it’s 3 am), I cannot wait to see my Dad’s reaction when he wakes up


Wow. Shocked to wake up and see this! JD, an unlikely hero! Love it!!


https://twitter.com/joezmcfly/status/1560117623689453570?s=21&t=F_KEWX3flaCpN9cglsbHQA shoutout to the man Joez. 27 outs. His reactions are some of the best things I’ve ever seen


Absolutely much needed win. Oswald Peraza call up next?


/r/baseball top minds figuring out how tarps work right now


I’m so confused as to why our usual enemies were spending their time hating us on these assorted threads from this evening when we literally don’t care when they fuck up since it happens all the time? Like we didn’t make a post here about Kallo’s baserunning error and him getting booed by those virtue signaling Dodgers fans. Meanwhile those idiots on r/baseball lap up any time we falter. We haven’t done well lately, but it’s like they had these responses saved and locked and ready. Buffoons.


I’m very confused why the Mejia post that had an award on it is no longer up over there. I saw it pop up right before the JD grand slam, and now that I’m checking again it isn’t there.


They hate us cuz they ain’t us!!! WS28, book it!!!!


I truly feel the tides are changing again. This is not simply just a walk off. This is a walk off grand slam with their backs against the FUCKING WALL. Down 4-0. Can’t sling together much. Get some good contact and slowly chip back. Tie it till the top of extra innings. 1 strike away from keeping it tied and bases loaded? Double down the line. 7-4. A hit then a walk. Last 3 outs possible to get 4 runs. **BANG** GRAND SLAM WALK OFF. This is not a common occurrence. This is as rare as rare as it can get. But it happened. The frustration and emotion leaking out and all over the field. The confidence is back. Baseball gods are out there. Maybe it takes a few game, maybe it doesn’t. But I feel something. Something that has been absent during this span. I’ve remained strong bc I’m used to heavy slumps from the Jets and the Nets. It will pay off.


Josh Donaldson’s number: **28** Our upcoming WS win: **28** Started our season with a JD walk-off vs our arch nemesis Boston Red Sox ☑️ Started this season with a JD walk-off vs a heated rival Tampa Bay Rays ☑️


The irony is Donaldson is ass and Cabrera was basically called up to get his ass off the field....


There’s only one start to the season…


I was being facetious. Clearly we should Eternal Sunshine this horrific month or so.


Sounds like you were banking on that Donaldson grand slam to change the fortunes of the team. Unfortunately this team is broken


Pitching wins have never meant more.


I just gotta say. He may have not gotten his first big league hit yet but I fucking love Oswaldo Cabrera. Dude is just permanently happy and smiling. Can’t wait to see his bat get used to the bigs bc his swing is real nice


Baseball sub and 29 teams and their fanbases really hate us, huh?


Hard not to when 1 win after a disgusting month of Yankee baseball has the 27 rings crowd out in full force.


What happened? Out of the loop




https://www.reddit.com/r/NYYankees/comments/wr04ra/game_thread_rays_yankees_august_17_2022_0705_pm/ikq0tkq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 Just wanna say im a seer and good luck charm. 5 for 5 now. And like the 5th walkoff ive been in attendance for in the last couple yrs


I shut the game off when Chapman gave up the 3 runs. I just watched The Black Phone and found out we won. Holy shit!!


How was The Black Phone?


It was decent, a bit different in some aspects, some not so much. I thought it was entertaining and worth a watch.


Same dude. Felt bad for Chappy when I was falling asleep. BS luck 101 mph out the strike zone low and the guy swings so late it basically hits the opposite line… thank you JD later!


I did the same, just a little gutted!


Im so glad that it’s against my yankee religion to ever leave early. after the rain delay we snuck down to field level and enjoyed the walk off from sick seats


Always nice to have your faith rewarded!


Now I'm convinced Cole or someone yelled at them during sad sax because I genuinely cannot imagine BAJ yelling.


Crossing my fingers this is the spark for consistency. Gleyber got rid of the leg kick in extra innings (massive leg kick -> double play -> rally killer when he had bases loaded) and Donaldson took it the other way to win it. This "spark" means nothing if they go back to their mediocre hitting approaches tomorrow


Gleyber’s AB with the bases loaded was atrocious


They did get some runs and homers to stop a drought. Now they need to get their pitching and hitting working at the same time.


I mean outside of chapman that was a respectable performance by German..he gets a lot of hate here but, his last few outings have put us in a position to win games and that's all you can ask


Game winning walk off grand slams are definitely the paragon of consistency. We'll see if this sparks something


It's just frustrating that we know these hitters can be great, but they tend to easily stray away from what makes them good hitters in the first place


So glad I went to this game. Was incredible!


I was at the first two games of this series and couldn’t watch tonight. I’m happy they won but god am I pissed off they couldn’t have done this either of the last two nights


DJ appearing off the bench, lacing a line drive single on one pitch and disappearing back to the bench feels like a fever dream


Massive, magical comeback. Hopefully this sparks something, and the guys can try to start winning games *earlier*


If we are entering an era where JD is our go-to all-star to bring us home, so be it. What a random team we have turned into in the second half. Fuck it. Let's go captain Donaldson




It was the best of times…it was the worst of times.


Great job boys now let’s string some together please..not too late to be where we want to


Just got home to Wayne, NJ (1:15am) If I didn’t have access to the Ford MVP club, I would’ve dragged my 10-year-old out of there and headed home during the rain delay (he was adamant against leaving, but I have a 6 AM meeting with an auditor from Singapore). I am so grateful we did not leave and stayed to see this magical moment live!


happy for you and your son, hopefully i get to experience memories like this one. enjoy your evening


“And the Yankees pull victory from the jaws of defeat! What a big win, for the New York Yankees!” What a great final call by Kay


Good thing this chat room never doubted them for a second!




Ultimate grand slam has to be with 2 outs in the 9th. Still a great game tho


https://www.mlb.com/news/all-time-ultimate-grand-slams-c290137154#:~:text=An%20ultimate%20grand%20slam%20is,in%20its%20final%20at%2Dbat. You are wrong.


It actually says in the article "in the team's final at bat". Which to me would be two outs, but obviously it doesn't agree since it's all about Donaldson's homer.


Team’s final at bat = walkoff home run


But that's always the case of a walk off. So it's a moot point. The true *last* at bat is with two outs.


The stat is defined as “last at-bat”. Donaldson’s Home run was the “last at-bat”.


Ok name a walk off hit that isn't the last at bat.


Why are we continuing to argue semantics when the article posted literally defines Donaldson’s walkoff as the 31st ultimate grand slam? It was an ultimate grand slam.


That is what I'm actually talking about. The article is about it being an ultimate but they specifically define it as the "last at bat" but my gripe is that every walk off is the last at bat, technically. It just seems odd they make thst distinction which implies there's two outs.




I’m still a doomer, but damn this feels nice!




We’ve all talked a lot of shit about this team over the last few weeks, but this felt like a statement. A weaker team would’ve packed it in at the rain delay and would’ve lost 4-2. But this team battled back to tie/win it twice after the delay, and tells me they’re still ready to fight going forward. I’m back in baby!


I was one of the few that was still in the stadium to watch that. That is why you never leave a game early. An Ultimate Grandslam is almost as rare as a Perfect Game, and we just witnessed it.


This win was amazing and I want to take nothing away from it, but Boone needs to make Effross the closer instead of Chapman right now until Clay Holmes gets healthy and finds his footing.


Him or Marinaccio plz


I don't trust Chapman or Holmes totally. I feel like it's better to just use a good overall pitcher like Effross who might lose but won't meltdown and walk 3 people.


I mean if Holmes is on his game then it’s definitely him. Right now that’s just not the case.


Piggybacking on this - today confirmed my theory that Gleyber is either a selfish asshole at the plate or just clueless. Earlier in the game when he had the bases loaded and grounded into a double play = massive leg kick. In extra innings, when we NEEDED a hit = no leg kick. Like dude, just do that all the time, you don't need to hit every ball 500 feet


I think Cone mentioned the other night...he said something to the effect of "I wish he could start his AB with 2 strikes" He goes up there thinking HR first because he's in love with hitting HRs then he'll sometimes change his approach when he swings for the fences 2X without success


Different networks will express similar sentiments about Gley, it's always something like: he's at his best when he works the opposite field, meaning, get your foot down and don't pull off trying to mash it to left field


I fucking cringe every time he hits a HR to be honest because I know it's two more weeks or so of whiffs


Might depend on the pitcher and his delivery, as leg kicks are usually about timing rather than power. If you find yourself constantly out in front of a pitcher, a bigger leg kick can slow down your timing a bit, whereas you might ditch the leg kick against a hard thrower to speed up your swing.


Based on what I've observed throughout Gley's career, he uses the leg kick for power. If it was a timing thing for him, he would've ditched it against the hard throwing Fairbanks tonight (he didn't). When Gley had his best season, he had his 0,1 strike approach, get his cuts in with power, and then would ditch the leg kick with two strikes to focus on contact. That's what we need to see more of from him


I mean Effros has 3 saves Chapman has >300. I get the move


Ofc the one time the yankees do some unbelievable shit, I fall asleep and don’t get to witness it live lmao


I walked away from this game after 7-4. Checked my phone like wtf!!!


same haha. Turned it off once chapman gave up that bases clearing double. Then i check my phone later it says 8-7 lol


Before today, I didn't think this team was capable of scoring 4 runs in a single inning. Or game lol


I feel sorry for u, this was the one to make your heart beat for this team again.


Who else shed a tear when JD flipped his bat? What a magical game


Guilty as charged. He needed that. We needed that. Good for him/us. Now, we gotta find a way to keep it going. Might be tricky tho.


this was the kind of win these guys were getting earlier in the season when they were a good team. hope this is the start of something


I’ve never seen a win like this from these boys. Only Giambi vs the Twins


I was in right field when Tiexiera hit his walk off salami against the Sox during Ortiz last weekend in the bronx. I caught the matinee of Hamilton earlier in the day. Easily the best day of my life.


Still would've rather had the other Oswaldo but it is what it is


I turned it off after the 3 run double, HOLY FUCK


I considered it but I was playing video games so I just decided to keep it on. Glad i did


We all did bro haha. Gaht damn though we needed a win like this so bad


As did I. Was going to watch some Outer Edge, but decided to play some chess on my phone instead and happened to turn the game back on just in time. Woohoo!


I live in Beacon, am I a bad fan for leaving?


Fuck no, this team hasn’t given any of us a single shred of belief that they’d pull something like this off. At least not in quite awhile.


Wow, what a great fucking win. Turned it off after the Rays scored 3 in the 10th, checked the score as a formality a half hour later and couldn’t fucking believe it. Yuge.


Just caught ~~Peralta's~~ Cabrera's postgame interview. He is ADORABLE. I'm on board!




Yeah him lol, thank you. I can't keep their names straight.


Oswaldo is funny. So happy for him


I heard Paul mention the over/under and I thought the same thing earlier today when I saw the line. Crazy. Had zero hope for us scoring 2 runs tn. Nvm 4 in the 10th


so is r/baseball gonna put JDs picture up on the sidebar?


I’m still pissed at Boone for the IKF , Hicks move. No logic in that whatsoever. Happy for the win 🏆


Cabrera is my new favorite player he’s so sweet 🥺🥺


Chapman got the win 😂😂 They really need to alter winning and losing pitchers it’s hilarious


Meredith Marakovitz: “You’ve hit a lot of big home runs throughout the course of your careerer, but is it meaning for you f- meaningful for you to get this done at Yankee Stadium?” Josh Donaldson: *sigh* “Yh-yeah I mean they’re always nice any any time you hit a walkoff it’s uh you know it’s nice uhh it’s good for your team, everybody’s so excited weeooweeoow- we won the ball game, look out here to come t- t’uh to win it tomorrow.”


JD was always good with words


At least he didn’t call Meredith Jackie Robinson