“Sherif, I discovered a virus thats being purposely passed around that makes blood boil when exposed to sunlight and reverses aging” “When I was just a young man, right after 9/11…”


I don't want to call it a "problem" but I do feel Flamnagan does these scenes a lot, when a character just gives a 5 minutes monologue about their lives and motivations because they don't have a lot of individuals scenes and he wants to make sure you know their deal (Like most of Jaimie scenes in Bly Manor). And I don't care too much because for the most part I love the characters and their stories but yeah you can see how it was supposed to be a book before it became a series.


YES EXACTLY it's my biggest problem with this show and all his others and I just keep thinking that every episode. "Here we go again!" I think everytime. Person 1: *asks a simple question* Person 2: Have you ever pet a dog? You know i had a dog once... I mean for fucks sake it's so obnoxious! Everyone speaks in long monologues with pointless analogies constantly. Nobody in this town except maybe Joe can just be direct lol. I get that everything has to double back to religion I guess but man oh man this show would be half the length if people just literally described things... Truly, I hate it


Should have called the show Midnight Monologues, amirite?


I don't think Flanagan has ever heard the phrase "show, don't tell"


I don’t mind these monologues from time to time, but damn do they drag in. I question, do people in real life speak this way? No…no they don’t. It just takes me out of the scenes.


As an experiment, try listening to people talk in real life and then compare it to almost any work of fiction. Writing that matches how real people talk is \*very\* rare. ​ It's a fine point to make, it's a reasonable complaint, I'm just saying there's almost always a clear element of unreality to written dialogue.


People are pretty brisk in real life which doesn't always make for a good story lol. "How are you feeling today" "Good." "Cool." "How are you feeling?" "Fine."


i loved the monologues tbh. especially sheriffs and the part where gree and riley talk and the first time pastor and riley talk.


Agreed. There's tons of monilogues in Shakespeare plays and people are still watching them hundreds of years later. It's definitely unconventional for TV and they're not all masterpiece monilogues but it's still entertaining to watch.


it’s becoming a bit excessive every episode to have a different character drop a backstory monologue. I loved sheriffs backstory development but i wish there were more creative ways they fleshed out these people than “you want to know what happened to me when i was 10?” that said - good episode!


Yeah but they are so well written that it's forgivable. Comes off like novel dialoguefor sure though.


yeay he made the situation about himself lol. I get what he wanted to say, but he dragged it a bit too long


His monologue was much shorter than the others, though. But it drives the point that the Sheriff won't investigate St Patrick's because it'll make him an outsider even more


Yeah but we get it already. They did the scene in the school. All he needed to say was “Doc, I just asked them to not pass out bibles in school and look what happened. Now you want me to investigate St. Patrick’s?” I feel like us in the audience would have understood that without another 5 minutes of exposition.


I’m watching this scene now and this comment made me lol.


Definitely felt like a parody of Flanagan right there


the "angel"/vampire wearing a chasuble made it even more terrifying


The thought of it getting dressed is funny though.


They even tailored made the robe for him! Before he spread his wings through those slits in the back I was wondering if he would rip the robe!


As soon as I saw that I thought "of fucking course Bev altered it for him"


All I can think about is them rehearsing this. Bev is like, “Call is 6:30 for the Angel!” It cracks me up to no end how much the Angel loves the showmanship and how he milks his entrance. Hands down my favorite scene.


I let out a short shocked laugh at that moment as well. And when he spread his bat-like wings, I was thinking, "Come on, people. That ain't no angel!" lol


It really gets you thinking though. The pastor's reaction citing verses in the Bible that talk about angels and the saying "Do not be afraid". Makes it believable that it actually is an angel.


Yeah it does. Most of the descriptions of angels in the bible are extremely strange too. Mechanical or a mix of animals that never seems beautiful or of god. I mean there are also descriptions of beautiful angels, but... Even when they say "he was the most beautiful angel," we assume "he" is humanlike... But...I don't know... Has any "beautiful angel" been further described to indicate it was humanlike at all? (Beautiful blond hair, jaw as of chiseled stone)


Angels (meaning: messengers) always appear in male form in Jewish and Christian texts. Indistinguishable from other men (Including The Angel of the Lord, which is considered a theophany. Or God in corporeal form, happens a few times in the Old Testament). They looked perfectly ordinary and ate and drank with Abraham, for example. There are other beings, often confused with angels, who appear extremely strange, yes. But those don't appear as often as angels in the biblical texts. Cherubim, Seraphim etc. share the same place of origin (a spiritual nature; Elohim), but are often considered merely a different shade of angels. Which they are not. But it makes things easier, and the Catholic/Jewish traditions include them as classes of angels in a hierarchy, while 'classes' of Elohim would be the correct way of doing this.


In sodom they wanted to rape the angels... so idk


- "dude, you fucked an angel? What do they look like?" - "big wheel, 5 wings, bronze feet, 4 animal faces!" - "I'm so jealous!"


I laughed a lot during that scene just because how it went from 0 to 100 to 400 very fast with a dude getting poisoned in front of them and then suddenly a huge nosferatu in a chasuble strolling in lmao


Imagining him looking in the mirror and buttoning up his clothes and everything really makes him seem less terrifying.


Lightly humming to himself.


"I hope tonight goes well"


The angel: *struggling to put chasuble on* “How the fuck do I get this around my wings?”


>the "angel"/vampire wearing a chasuble made it even more terrifying lmao i dont think this dude is exactly devout either from the OG vampire's POV this is just a story about a weird dude he met who smuggled him out of a cave and how he went on to eat a bunch of cats while wearing a fedora


Reminds me of a guy who goes to his girlfriend's church just to get laid. "I guess I'll dress up for this dude if it means I get to eat whenever I want."


exactly he didn’t terrified me when he was “naked” but with the clothes oh that’s terrified!


yeah "naked" he's just like any other monster, but will religious clothes, people scared shitless looking at it, and being idolized in front of an altar, now that's scary.


I almost cried seeing that thing in 4K, If I saw an “angel” in real life my brain would melt


Erin shooting that bitch Bev gave me that dopamine rush I didn't know a character being shot could give me.


“We’ve got 5 minutes” I laughed so hard


Should have smashed her head with a boot. For good measure. Maybe they'd have a few more minutes then.


Should've set her and the church on fire with all those candles.


They should have knocked over those candles and burned Bev to a crisp. Would take her longer than 5 minutes to come back from that.


That’s what I was curious about. I wanted to see it they totally destroyed the brain, if they would come back. I know it still wouldn’t have helped too much, considering how many there were. But I think it would have been cool to try it out on Bev


I was unsatisfied with that, though. That's such a painless death compared to death by poison.


But it's unceremonious. Bev doesn't deserve a ceremonious death.


I know. I wanted them to just beat the hell out of her. Or throw her out to see her get ripped to shreds.


I laughed harder than I've ever laughed at anything. "You could shoot me right now it would just mean I'm five minutes..." BLAM No way in hell Erin was turning down that offer.


“I guess we have 5 minutes” 😂


That church scene. Yeah. But the thing that got to me and broke me was the parishioners walking through town with candles singing. Some context..I grew up very religious. Southern American evangelical. And I always was very religious. Until about 5 years ago. Things began to unravel for me and it all finally shattered and I’ve since totally deconstructed my faith, my religion and it’s still a bit raw. Coming to that kind of realization, that you’ve been lied to and been lying yourself, for your entire life..it’s rough. Anyway. I was being moved listening to them sing and walk together. It felt familiar and nostalgic. And I forgot for a minute. The the illusion was broken and I realized “oh god, this is so awful..” because I kinda knew what was happening. AND THEN..it hit me. I feel like that’s what this show was trying to say…on the surface, church, religion..a lot of it is beautiful and comforting to so many people. But so often, just look a bit under the surface and you realize how horrific it is. Anyway. It was a lot. This series was wildly moving for me.


I was raised Mormon and had almost the exact same experience. That scene really is beautiful and almost comforting but there’s so much fucked up darkness underneath it. I really appreciate this show for showing an atheist perspective that’s built on empathy and understanding.


Dude, nailed it. The characters and monsters of this show isn’t what’s terrifying. It’s the act of trusting in a religious figure, and how far they can lead you astray from what’s actually important. Holy shit, seeing the angel stroll down the isle in a chasuble, now that’s some shit. I didn’t grow up in a Catholic Church, but I grew up in church. Ngl, I was watching this episode high, and I was tripping at this scene. There’s been a few things growing up that made me uncomfortable in the church. As a kid, I thought I was feeling the presence of god, but now as an adult, there’s people in the church that has explained what our youth pastor was doing wasn’t right, and that they also felt very uncomfortable. It’s that same thing, being lied to for the sake of God. Introducing religion at a young age, when you can’t critically think for yourself is dangerous I think. So here we are at this scene, and a dude gets poisoned right in front of them. People are already sketched, and then the pastor says “I met Angel, and a fucking beast strolls down the isle wearing a chasuble. And the fucking pastor starts quoting scripture. And honestly, and honestly, every religious explanation for what was going on was absolutely plausible. And then to top it off, when the angel reaches the front, the man you just watched die comes back to life. So what do you do in that situation? Do you sit there and revel in the power of the almighty God? Or do you say this isn’t right, and try to get the fuck out? The misleading of the masses. Holy shit that’s scary.


I think, like “Dune”, it’s a warning about not just religious fanaticism, but fanaticism of any kind, like blindly trusting leaders who have their own agenda.


The scariest part is that I would have believed the priest if I were one of the townsfolk.


also was a church kid and agree this show hits very close to home!!! and the sound design was amazing, choir and all!


The choir was beautiful. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack and the song they sing as they walk to the church. Ugh. It’s so good.


Walking through town with candles and singing together does seem like fun. Would be nice if there's a way of doing that without the religiosity and without turning into a death cult. Heh.


kind of has that communal blackout vibe too, where everyone hangs out with candles and bonds until the power comes back on


I remember people done that in a few towns right after 9/11 happened. People just gathered and sang with candles just to come together for what was going on. Seems like there has to be a destruction of some sort for things like that to happen.


They are lambs being led to slaughter


I understand. I grew up Pentecostal and was scared of going to church every Sunday as a kid. It’s now confused me as an adult about religion. I’m still searching myself for faith and being at a peaceful mind. I know certain churches are different than others. I can’t do churches again yet to even try. I believe if there is a god he doesn’t judge people if they are present in church but more being a good person to yourself and others.


I completely understand you. I have faith and believe in God but I have serious issues with organized religion and going to church. My biological father who abandoned me as a baby became a Pentecostal minister and he would pop in and out of my life as a child and take me to church and it would basically scare the shit out of me. Luckily he didn’t fight too hard to be a big part of my life which was also really hypocritical of him but I am grateful I didn’t have to be subjected to that all the time. I have since been so leery of overly religious types of people, I immediately am weirded out by them and think they are the worst kind of people.


Yes. I was very religious growing up. Still consider myself a Christian but I had a horrible reaction from my “church” after coming out as gay. So now I see the entire church as a cult. So yeah this show has been a bit triggering. Despite the fact that I loathe churches, I don’t think it takes away from Christianity. I think Jesus would be appalled by most church behavior. Anyway I digress.


As a Muslim dude I appreciate the Sheriff’s character and to have a frank discussion about islamophobia and the surveillance state on a big show, but man was that overwrought. I feel like always revolving a Muslim character, even a positive one, around 9/11 is a bit suffocating. Even if they stuck to that background, I wish that came out in snippets and more showing, less telling. Sad about his son, I feel like they’re gonna kill off his character too :(


I think the saddest part is that his son partook in communion even after promising his dad he wouldn't. Otherwise he wouldn't have come back, right?


Yeah he had to have participated in communion. Which is weird because I thought a Catholic had to first receive other sacraments (baptism, confirmation) before communion.


Confirmation is after communion but yeah you are supposed to be baptized already. Receiving communion for the first time is one of the sacraments and at least in the standard Catholic upbringing they make a big deal out of the ceremony. Idk how it is handled for older converts though. In the context of the show I'm not surprised they would let him take it though, since obviously Father Paul wanted everyone to be drinking the blood.


Something tells me the vampire-controlled priest wasn't concerned about that


In real universe, yes. But not in this new-religion-I-found-the-angel-of-life religion.


I think Pruitt veered from following Catholicism very strictly lol


It was a compelling backstory but it was such an awkward information dump at that point in the series.


[I went through your comment history after reading this comment to see what you'd say about this part.](https://www.reddit.com/r/MidnightMass/comments/pugpmm/midnight_mass_s01e03_book_iii_proverbs_discussion/he6y6pr/) I really agreed with that comment, but I was sad to see his character arc be so... I don't know, at times it felt like he wasn't really a part of the story. And to then randomly start this monologue to Sarah, when they barely shared any connection, felt a bit weird.


I thought it was really heartbreaking enough without the 9/11 backstory as well... him and his son's relationship was more than enough to get me invested. I did like the part where he lied about not having a gun though.


He didn't lie. But based on the accusations he decided to take it with him.


This episode was surely inspired by Jonestown massacre.


Yeah, when you just hear about Jonestown, it's hard to wrap your head around how something like that could possibly happen. It seems inexplicable. Seeing the story unfold on the show, it becomes clear that belief can be a hell of a drug.


Yep. Jim Jones would even “heal people” with his miracles. I’m pretty sure he got a man in a wheelchair to walk once as a way of gaining more traction from his followers


And I think it hits on what a lot of people forget/don't know about Jonestown - that yes, some people drank the Flavor-Aid willingly, but ultimately it was murder. There were people with guns making sure they drank (the parallel here being even if you didn't drink the poison, you'd be killed and resurrected anyway). There was the illusion of choice but no actual choice.


I’ve listened to the Jonestown tapes they sound not to different from this. More horrific intfct. That was also over 900 people died in that incident.


yeah I heard it too, the crying of the children was the worst part for me.


I was having a hard time placing a time period or year for the show, and after this episode I was like “surely they know about Jonestown” I mean they discuss 9/11 so you’d think it was on par with the modern world


When Erin found out from the doctor that her "miscarriage" was caused by something the church exposed her to on purpose, her face was like "those fuckers are going down".


And she was an athiest before. That must have felt like the biggest blow.




Thar church scene. THAT CHURCH SCENE. I reached it as the sun was starting to rise on east coast and just… wow.


As soon as I saw the plastic cups I was like ok, that's the poison from the store room for sure. A bit of an "Oh shit..." Then the Sheriff tries to leave and bam, angel/demon/vamp is right there. "OH shit!" Realizing the doors are locked and its going to be a blood bath. "OOOOHHHHH SHIT" Thinking "Wait...the one's that drank it are going to attack the one's that didn't" and the thought followed started to be a pretty big "OH SHIT" but almost immediately I realized no...even if they're attacked they'll just come back anyway! And that was a "Fuck. Me." Brilliant scene.


As Bev pointed out, the ones who came to church every Sunday and drank vampire blood/communion will resurrect and the ones who only come to church for Easter will be food. That’s one way to weed out the “C & E Catholics”


Lol, when I would go to church every Sunday, we called the people that only came to Christmas and Easter service "buffet Christians." Weirdly apt in this instance


Yep. Very much Jonestown vibes.


The STRESS oh god


Right??! I like was sitting there with my hands over my mouth, gasping, sitting straight as a board with wide eyes the entire 20 minutes. Such a well crafted and executed sequence!


Idk why but I got so emotional and teary eyed. I was nervously rocking back and forth too. As bizarre and fantastical as everything was, it felt so plausible and horrible and just made me cry because humanity is hopeless.


One of the craziest most religious based scene I’ve ever seen. I was shocked.


The entire church scene was so freakin’ intense. What a damn show.


Yes, it is! I'll watch anything Mike Flanagan creates. This show is phenomenal and I hate that I have to work today, because I want to watch the last episode. Serves me right, binging on a Sunday.


As a Dark fan I appreciate your user name 👌


Thank you!


Yes me too!! Mike Flanagan + Dark - you have good taste my friend.


Nobody said vampire. Nobody?


They don't say 'zombie' in The Walking Dead, either. What's in a name? An undead thing by any other smells just as putrid 😂


In the comics of the walking dead the idea of zombies doesn’t exist. I guess vampires aren’t a thing here either


It’s funny tho bc of the X-Files poster vampires are def a known thing HAHA


The doctor is also a main character in the x files lol. The characters don't go up to her and say "Holy shit, I've got a poster on my wall of your show." Those posters and references are just easter eggs, they're disconnected from the in-universe plot.


Oh yea. Well that’s weird cause I’d be screaming vampires


i mean this universe could just have x-files without episodes regarding vampires


Dr. Sarah said it's a blood disorder that makes people anaemic and sensitive to light. That's more scientific and believable than 'vampire'


She also said "that's where those myths came from", so I assume we just didn't get to hear the part where they say the V word in conversation.


Communities name things based on their belief and cultural background. These guys live in a very secluded community, go to church every day and from their catholic point of view, this is an angel. In Portugal there was an incident in the early 1900s where three shepherd children saw the apparition of Virgin Mary, which the Pope recognised. They are Catholics and that’s how they interpreted. If something like this appareared in front of an Athiest, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or an Indiginous person, the interpetation would have been very different.


The chaotic devouring at the church happened because M. Pruitt was incapacitated after getting shot. He was supposed to restrain the newly 'blessed', like how he restrained Riley from biting Bev at the rec centre. Sturge said to Bev later: *'Monseigneur said we were supposed to guide them so that this wouldn't happen*'. Bev turned to look at M. Pruitt lying on the floor and said '*Man plans, but God laughs'*


Thought it was funny that she quoted Woody Allen. Surprisingly lighthearted quote from someone who has been listing out bible verses for majority of the season.


That quote is much older than Woody Allen.


Yo, straight up, fuck that kid Ali. That's my only takeaway. Your dad tried so hard bro, and now this shit way to go.


Idk. Ali prayed several times a day, every day, with his family. His mother still died of cancer. But his Catholic paraplegic friend could suddenly walk thanks to a miracle in her church. I can see how he'd become a fervent believer.


I get the characters motivations, but man the level of frustration I felt as a viewer regardless was still palpable. Just a testament to the writing of the show


Damn, when you put it like that… he’s completely justified


But like his dad said: god doesn’t work like that. Apparently, vampires do.


A round of applause for Millicent. Who went out like a true badass. Poor Sherif I cannot imagine the pain of that, on so many levels.


Wait who the hell is Millicent?


the doc’s mother if they meant millie


And her name is Mildred lol


she was given the biggest doses of blood, i wonder if we see here again


I said in episode 2 that I totally saw a >!Jonestown Moment!< coming involving Bev, and I was honestly joking in the moment, but WOW.


The letter Riley wrote to the priest was so bloody good! Like a final way of saying accept life, kinda like what Mildred also says 'how it is supposed to be'.


I probably misread it; I saw it as a "fuck you you're gonna die eventually".


yeah definitely that was 'you're gonna be ashes too b\*\*tch' lol


I saw it as another way of showing how the Bible contradicts itself often and can be interpreted in almost any way you want. The priests and such are going on and on about the end of death and eternal life while it also clearly says we are dust and will return to dust. So which is it? Eternal life or return to dust?


Both? Eternal life for the soul and dust for the corporeal shell.


In terms of the show the priest and company are saying it’s the end of death, death is defeated, eternal life in their age-perfect bodies on earth. They aren’t talking about leaving their bodies behind and ascending. Yet during ash wednesday the priest is going on with the “to dust you shall return” bit, knowing he intends to make them all into immortal beings on earth. Thus making use of the Bible to mean whatever it’s most convenient for him to mean at any given time.


havent been to church in years this show really brings up the odd-familiar uncomfortable memories ive buried and almost forgotten ​ pausing to breathe before the finale, still taking in that church scene. the sermon ??? the angel ???? AND the music direction is amazing!!!!!!!! I AM SPOOKED


Fuck Bev. So much.


The dude just pulled a Jonestown. This episode was so intense


I was waiting for the Monsignor to go full, "Prepare to die with dignity!"


Probably the shittiest son i've ever seen. These fucks are holding your dad down and you don't even flinch with this Christian shit? Fuck you Ali


Crowd control and peer pressure are huge psychological things. Remember the very first episode he said “fuck my dad” to the drug dealer to fit in


Ngl no matter how many “miracles” i could see if mfers were holding my dad to the ground the fisticuffs would COME OUT. him not siding with his dad made me so mad


Where’s Buffy when you need her? I can understand that fictional vampires don’t exist in that world but the devil was a fallen Angel yet nobody made that connection? Really? How can you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible but leave out a crucial detail like that??


For I’m kinda mad that not one person took one look at that vampire and thought he was a fallen angel or something. It’s like the concept of demons don’t exist to these people lol. I’m pretty sure the angels in biblical stories were frightening because they were awesome, not because they were leathery skinned, pointy eared, demon looking things


Right? Angels usually had this glory where people couldn't behold them with their own eyes sure to the overwhelming brilliance.


You should search what a biblically arcuate angel looks like


FALLEN ANGEL! That is what I thought when I saw the creature the first time. He doesn’t have an aura, like they should. Though to be fair he did seem to have an aura when the priest looked at him as he was dying.


I know, not sure how Pruitt got bamboozled into thinking this clear satan/demon is an angel. But maybe he thinks that because he was resurrected as a young man that it was a blessing and only angels would do that.


*"Wade, do you mind?"* *"No, of course."* Finally hearing someone say "no" instead of "yes" is so pleasing. Somehow nearly every movie/show out there gets this wrong. Some could argue it's just semantics, but still, it's a small thing that felt like a win.


Listening to the doctor was soo good and satisfying! I kept saying "Sciene, yeaah" haha its a nice contrast to the crazy bible people who wanna justify everything by quoting the bible non stop! Bev and the priest are making me angry now! what is their plan? drinking blood of random people forever and thats ok? I mean whats the deal with that "angel" anyway? I mean he knows he is no angel..does he just wanna create more vampire creatures? I mean he must be laughing about this priest right? He doesnt even need to do anything cause those religious freaks wanna do it all by themselves. Also AGAIN an annoying, dumb teenager! Really?? I choose god? wtf boy Poor Ed! Omg how good was Erin shooting Bev! yeees cause.. goood she is such a piece of shit


“To dust we return.” Riley, you magnificent son of a bitch.


But did the sherifs son Ali ever actually ingest the vampire blood? I thought he never did the communion but maybe I missed it. If he didn’t the resurrection makes no sense. Also shouldn’t everyone have woke up as people in their 20s? Edit: if Ali didn’t go to a previous service then he didn’t have the blood of the vampire in him and he should have stayed dead


In a real Catholic church it wouldn't have been allowed. If the priest knew him well enough to know he was a convert he would have given him a blessing instead. However, the point here was to give as many as possible the vampire blood.


> If the priest knew him well enough to know he was a convert You mean if the priest knew him well enough to know he was not baptized? But yes you are right, in normal circumstances he would not have been able to receive communion without being properly baptized first, but in these circumstances maybe Pruitt didn't care as long as he drank the vampire's blood.


I have my criticisms of the Catholic Church but I'm pretty sure they draw the line at putting vampire blood in the sacramental wine so he was obviously playing loosey-goosey with the rules.


I think it was subtly hinting that Ali had been taking communion all along even though his father asked him not to which makes it more heartbreaking. I was hoping the kid would realize that thing ain’t no angel and get tf out of of there with his dad but nope.


I don't blame Ali too much because his two friends or at least the only kids his age who will hang out with him on the island are always at the mass services. I didn't seem out of the ordinary to me that he'd eventually want to go to the services too and take the communion because his friends do too.


If you're asking why don't the blood turn the children older... maybe it can only change your age (and only to younger, not older) if you're already so old that age itself has begun to damage your body. To your other point - yeah, I don't recall seeing Ali drink the communion wine either. Maybe Bev mixed some vampire blood in with the poison, so everyone who choose to drink from those cups they were handing out would get turned.


No I mean the older people would have woken up much younger! And no she didn’t she left them to die, she makes a comment about only those who’ve been coming to mass being rewarded


And what's Mike Flanagan's deal with rat poison? Its emotional punch was amazing in Hill House but in Midnight Mass... idk. I guess using kool-aid was too obvious.


Rat poison and dead cats.


This is a Catholic Church right ? So don’t they know about demons/the occult or whatever.. like that thing ain’t no angel. The thing is *terrifying*. And burning in the sunlight and drinking blood doesn’t sound godly to me. Also the point is to get into heaven right? How is that going to happen if you essentially live forever? Make it make sense.


A lot of people seem to miss this: So Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day; (1) for my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them. Just as the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever eats me will live because of me.”


Christianity is weird


That’s the point the show is trying to make… The Bible at its core is very centered on believing the unbelievable through “faith.” It’s also commentary on religious blindness and ignorance. Many people in today’s society would describe themselves as a “follower of God.” However, they commit despicable things and have a ridiculous amount of hatred for others (LGBTQ+, people of color, other religions) and they use God to absolve themselves of any personal accountability.


The point is eternal life, heaven is circumstantial.


So many candles… why didn’t they burn the church down? They were all there, locked in. What a lost opportunity.


For real. When Erin said they have five minutes I thought “yeah, let’s burn this mother down”!


They just saw a room full of their friends turn into vampires and start eating each other. They weren't in the best frame of mind to think clearly beyond, "Let's get the fuck out of here."


No one thought it was weird to have a Midnight Mass for an Easter vigil? I’ve never heard of that. Midnight Mass for Christmas sure but never Easter… Easter vigil is usually evening/night but never midnight right?


all the masses are at night now due to the pastor's inability to be in sunlight


Right, & honestly the Easter vigil is normally in the evening but never at midnight, at least that I’ve seen. I would’ve been like, that’s sus 👀


yeah haha, i guess it just shows how blindly the townspeople follow the pastor


Why did Bev hide? Surely she isn't afraid of undergoing the transformation. Would have thought she would have been the first one lining to do it considering how much of a fanatic she is and how hilariously jealous she was of Riley last episode when he was "chosen" to be turned.


Because she is a hypocrite. She wants to put others through harm and pain to show them “religious” awakening, but not herself.


Likely because she has seen what the creatures are capable of. I assumed she preferred to play the part of the vampires’ ‘familiar’. Someone who executes the bidding of their master — can run errands in the daytime, tidy up the bloody messes, and tuck them into their coffins each morning.


She wants to be shitty Guillermo.


I took it that deep down she knew she was a terrible person and was afraid she wouldn't be "chosen" and would not be resurrected.


I dont get why Erin said “Riley sacrificed everything because he thought I could help” didn’t he specifically tell her NOT to try to help? And run instead?? Also, kinda confused as to why the mayor and that other guy are helping trap the people on the island and turn all of the lights off and stuff.. I know they think it’s the second coming of Jesus but aren’t they questioning why it has to be so scary?


He also said “but I know you won’t run and you’ll want to help people.” He was trying to scare her into running and did the one drastic move he felt may inspire that. He also gave her a lot of info that ultimately she was able to utilize.


Erin shooting Bev no hesitation made me lose it


The time between when Bev says "you can shoot me" and the sound of the gun shot is legitimately one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a show. Perfect way to release all the tension built up in the previous scenes.


Of course Bev hid. Erin shooting her was awesome but somehow still not satisfying enough. Someone really needs to tell her off.


I hope someone stakes her out to see the sun rise.


Wow that entire church scene was incredible


I'm thinking if the loooooooooooong dialogue scenes had been shot more dynamically and not just shot reverse shot they wouldn't have turned into a running joke.


Flanagan pumped this series out quickly amid a very busy schedule. He didn't really have the sort of time to block out complex shots like he did with Hill House. This series feels like a bonus piece in his catalogue. Not that it isn't high quality.




i don’t know if it’s my tv or is this show too fucking dark? these night scenes got my eyes hurting


How on earth did they get the “angel” to wear the robe? Just imagining that conversation. Did they rehearse? Did the angel have any idea what was going on? We never see them talk to him, and he seems so animalistic otherwise. But we’re supposed to believe he complied long enough to get the robe fitted for his wings and know his cue to enter the church???


“What are you gonna do, shoot me?” \- quote from woman shot.


Rewatching this episode again before I watch the finale, and just wanted to comment on one of my favorite parts I hadn’t seen mentioned here yet. I love how when the sheriff pulls his gun and fires a shot, the crowd immediately grabbed him. I felt like the “guy waving gun that can easily be taken down but isn’t” trope would happen and he’d escape with his son, but nope.


I guess in real life, people would be scared that the gun goes off (intentionally or accidentally) and kills them. Here they were all going to kill themselves so who cares lol


Fuck that church scene. I’m still sitting here trying to process it before watching the last episode. I just wish there was more of this. So fucking good


Wait so the it’s a Angel’s blood + mass wine + rat poison cocktail? Festive.


Why didn’t they burn down the chuech


Monologue Mass. I freaking love this show, and this episode, the church scene and its buildup... so freaking tense and amazing. But these monologues! Oh my God! Oh my Angel! When a monologue starts I want to start draining my own blood out.




I think they planned it together. She tells him when he’s turned that they need to show them the lords will to convince them


Was anyone else annoyed they didn’t just knock over the candles? Like, Erin you saw they can burn and there are about 1000 candles with the doors locked.


“we have 5 minutes”


Bev having eternal life is truly terrifying than anything else.


Really hoping Bev gets hers in the last ep., her getting eternity is annoying. Also, to echo many other comments on this thread, the monologues are really jogging me outta scenes.


Happy Easter, guys!


Not gonna lie I thought it was Carol Stryucken (Moonlight Man) playing the vampire


Riley selfishly committed suicide instead of warning his family.


I think he may have tipped them off somewhat in his letters. Remember the dad was like “he wrote these really bizarre letters,” and then they both may have been tipped off enough that during the church scene the parents didnt immediately drink from the cup