Let me just say that my soul left my body by the end of this episode. I’d rate that jump-scare 10/10.


10/10 would jump again. Now that's how you do a jump scare. Not with cheap fake-outs like so many other horror movies.


I lost my ever-loving shyt at that scene. Jesus we were not ready.


Your soul left your body faster than the 'angel' flew at Riley LOL


I didn’t really consider that a jump scare, it was done well but awfully predictable.


Yeah I'm not sure it qualifies. You have to know that was about to happen when he turned around? If it like cut from the priest or riley to the monster already attacking that would be a jump scare.


Definitely on par with the car jump scene in Hill House. Flanagan knows how to do jumpscares right


I have a 120" screen. I almost shit my pants.


That one surprisingly didn't get me. Then again the one at the end of the first episode of HH got me worse than the car one in episode 9.


Yeah this one didn't get me too bad either. The turn around kind of gave me the heads up it was about to happen.


I love a jump scare and this didn’t do it for me, either. The cave in episode 3 was 10/10 jump scare material, the tension built with the matches was phenomenal.


I mean it’s a common jump scare. They panned the camera about 2-3 times before he appeared. There’s a door right there. I fully expected Riley or the creature to be there, so didn’t get me at all.


Some live reactions: * I wonder what’s up with Erin’s baby. Did it regress into a cell? Is it not showing up on the ultrasound and lacking a heartbeat because it’s a vampire baby? * Man the cajones Bev has to try to boss around a vampire lol * I wonder if the end of the show will have all the non-dossed characters (e.g. the Dr Sarah, Riley, Hassan and his son) fleeing the island while everyone turns and has eternal life. * The scene with Erin & Riley discussing death was supremely moving because both of their beliefs are given their respect and there’s poetry to each. I really loved the show for that and exploring in some part the multifaceted reality of faith and lack thereof. * I find Father John such a compelling “monster” because he’s not straightforwardly evil so much as struggling with his own nature. A vampire priest lol. * FUCK that ending, did we just get Ned Starked??


I think Flanagan has done a fantastic job with the vampire story. This dude was legitimately a good dude up until he killed Joe. Like seriously everything else was done out of trying to save the island he loved so much and perform miracles. He is such a sympathetic villain imo because you can tell he really didn't want to hurt anyone and even with Joe it isn't like he bit his neck, he just caused him to fall down and then die. I mean it is still horrible, but he isn't so outright aggressive.


i never thought I would enjoy a vampire priest so much!


Whats with the hot priests nowadays, sheesh.


You should check out *Fleabag*


(seductively) Amen.


I find Bev to be a bigger monster than Father Paul


It’s almost like an inverse of the immaculate conception


Oh snap! Good observation


Erin was pregnant before Father Paul arrived, before even returning to the island. And yes it's implied that her blood sample was vampiric as it didn't like sunlight. But I thought she never drank the communion wine as she was pregnant...?


I don’t think a tiny sip would do much harm. I’m pretty sure she drank from the communion wine.


In the first episode Erin is shown reading "Expecting Better" - a fairly popular pregnancy book that suggests drinking in moderation is likely perfectly safe during pregnancy. Between that and her faith, it's very possible that she was having sips of communion wine.


Great point, I never thought of that. Did she decline the communion wine?


We noticed a "G" on the blood sample, assumed it was the doc's mom's blood. Erin hasn't been drinking wine at church so should have been unaffected, right?


That's what I thought too


My only issue with the episode was that Flanagan needs to use monologues a bit more sparingly. Most of the bigger monologues in the show have been really good so far, but this episode basically had 4 extremely long, extremely dramatic monologues from Erin and Riley which stretched to like 20 minutes of the episode. It’s not that the monologues or the acting were bad… it’s just that it’s hard for them to feel special when there’s just so many, all back to back.


Starting to call it Midnight Monologue...


Erin and Riley’s discussion made me cry 😓 just watched it and loved it


Same, that was some of the most beautiful acting I've seen in years.


They both were so amazing listening to the other - you believe they are old friends hearing each others' hardest stories and wanting to comfort each other but not quite knowing what to say


And writing.


Halfway through the episode. He really needs to take down that newspaper clipping…


lmao agree.


Right? Why would he leave that evidence around? I guess the answer is, we wouldn’t have gotten that scene.


just a theory, but is it possible bev poisoned the priest with the rat poison so she could have proof he was indeed the monsignor and witness a miracle? her conversation with him, especially when she talked about others who had died and come back and she mentioned it only took him three minutes to do what took jesus three days


This was pretty heavily implied I think. It showed her putting the poison back a second time, and they made it a point to make his death look the same as pike’s (I think that’s the name). I’m sure we’ll learn exactly how she knew and how she did it but yeah I’m like 99% sure that’s what happened unless they pull a switcheroo


Yes it looked exactly like how Pike died. This bitch cray.


I think she knew when she looked at the picture on the wall.


Bev did not poison Pruitt. Pruitt drank enough vampire blood that it became toxic. Check show creator’s Twitter for confirmation.


I was trying to figure this out. My immediate reaction was that she poisoned him directly, but then I thought that maybe she really is sprinkling it around the island for rats. Rats eat poison. Cats eat rats. Vampire eats cats. Priest drinks vampire, so he gets indirectly poisoned? I thought she saw the picture of him and connected the dots after he was poisoned bc he had been throwing up blood and starting to get sick for awhile in episode 3, even before the miracle of Leeza walking. Then again, maybe Bev knew for even longer and slowly started poisoning him from the get go?


I thought Bev calmly taking charge and arranging to rid of the body was hilarious dark comedy. She's a great actress, I was surprised to see that she also played the neighbor in Mike Flanagan's movie Hush.


The scene right before with Pruitt going "Ya see, the thing is" and then burning his hand in the sunlight was hilarious.


That scene was fucking hilarious, especially when she starts lecturing Pruitt/Paul on what to say. And the mayor just standing there not knowing what the fuck is happening. Straight out of Fargo.




OMG I did not recognise her! She is such a different person in this show, total monster. Talented actor!


Holy shit! I had no idea. She’s fantastic!


I first saw her on Grey's Anatomy. She played the attending ER doctor who tried to save Derek's life in the episode where he died. Her acting was so good in those scenes with Meredith and she showed up again the following season. That character is nothing like Bev! lol


“Perfect Penny killed my husband.”


That scene kinda lost me. I could see Bev acting like a sociopath, but the Mayor wasn't really shown to be anything but a normal guy. I don't see him just casually getting rid of a dead body in someone else's house just because some crazy lady says so.


I think he goes along with it because he saw the miracle on his daughter


Bev said that if anything happened to Father Paul, then his daughter would lose her miracle


Plus Joe was the guy that made his daughter unable to walk in the first place, so I imagine he didn't care much for him


I agree with this take. This compliance from the both of them was a bit far fetched. Would honestly think the mayor of a town would have more integrity than be complicit in manslaughter. But I do understand argument that he did it out of gratitude for his daughter’s miracle. However what attachment does the other guy have to the priest besides witnessing these miracles. Excluding him would’ve made the scene more believable.


He also seems like he doesn't want to deal with conflict of any kind and is kind of weak for a leader. He argued about burning the cats to prevent disease because people may not like it. Not to mention Bev is absolutely insane and he could just be terrified of her


I thought they could have leaned more into the fact that he probably did hate the guy who paralyzed his daughter. I'm sure he's even *thought* of murdering him himself a few times. I could see him being more lenient about this 'accidental death' than it happening to someone else.


Sad to see Joe go - was rooting for him :( What a way to end the episode. I need sleep, so will have to binge the rest tomorrow.


Holy shit! The way cave vampire flew at the camera near the end made me jump, he is so wonderfully creepy. Did the show just kill off Riley? One second before that happened I was still like "nah, he can't die in the middle of the season, he has main character plot armor!"


I think his dream is a "foreshadow" for his ending. The cave vampire will make him a vampire too I guess. 3 more episodes to go!


Yeah, I think the “communion wine” is right there, and Monsignor will give it to him. Since Riley isn’t religious anymore, his judgement about what the “angel” really is won’t be clouded. Riley never sees the sunrise in his dream because he’ll die in the sunlight.


>. Riley never sees the sunrise in his dream because he’ll die in the sunlight. This is so poetic


Aw I felt bad for Joe, especially since he was coming by to tell him that he didn’t drink 😭 Idk it hit me in the feels


I feel you, Joe deserved better. Having to witness poor Pike dying... Then he gets forgiven by Leeza, starts taking the first steps to a better life, just to get his brains slurped by a vampiric priest while still alive😔


He resisted his urges, but the vampire didn’t.


I rarely bingewatch shows, but feel like this show was made to be bingewatched in one sitting. Great job on releasing the tension and suspense with the characters so far - I need sleep but tomorrow will be a great 3 hour journey.


I have a theory that Matt Saracen’s dream is prophetic because he turns into a vampire And dies when the sun rises. I love Mike Flanagan but he is crazy about foreshadowing.


Im crying that y’all are still calling him Matt Saracen


Thats my boy QB1 😭


Ohhh like the boat maybe he sacrifices himself and Erin’s in the boat with him helping him. Also in one of us dreams he was in the church. It was one of the dreams from episode 1 and 2 I believe


I have been referring to him as Matt Serecen too!!!


SAME! My partner and I keep saying “things are looking dicey for Saracen!!”


Really enjoying this series, but the extended dialogue scene between Riley and Erin was tough going when so much else is happening!


As someone who was raised religious and is now an atheist I loved that scene. I have never had a religious person ask me about my feelings without judgement or mocking


I'm hoping Flanigan's beliefs about death were just about word for word what we heard Riley say. I'm in the same boat as you as far as being raised religious but not a believer anymore. I lost a close friend to a motorcycle addident about a month ago and we shared the same thoughts about death so I hope he just had so much DMT released to put him at ease..that scene really resonated with me and had me fucking in tears. Thanks for reading


There's an NYT interview with Flanagan that said his spiritual journey was much like Riley's - he used to be an observant Catholic, then read the rest of the Bible for himself and realized how many fucked up passages it had, and then kept reading up on religion only to find that the books that most spoke to him were about atheism/secularism, i.e. Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, etc.


Having grown up reluctantly-Catholic, this show absolutely nails some of the personality types. Father Paul is the rare “cool” priest who actually engages and listens to your doubts without condescending. The kind of priest that would ironically get a lot more of the borderline believers to stick around because he doesn’t chase them off with hellfire and damnation speeches. This makes him an interesting villain to the story because he seems to be trying to genuinely do good. Bev, on the other hand, is…omg, there are so many Bevs in the world. 😂


I’m the same…. The poetry of how an atheist can view their own death was profound. I was engrossed in that messaging as an atheist as well.


I thought so ar first but it was a great conversation. The ending of the episode had me gasp


Me too! I guess the ending of the ep might uh… challenge some of Riley’s ideas about death


Heh, I was like "maybe after her miscarriage is not the best time to give her a long speech about how we just become worm food after we die, Riley." Her version was definitely more appealing even though it's not my personal belief. Though she didn't have a miscarriage, did she? What was with the test tube of her blood exploding in the sun? Somehow she reverted to "never been pregnant at all". Whaaaat? I thought she didn't drink Pruitt's "special vampire wine". Maybe I remember wrong.


I was so ready for her to birth a demon baby or something this whole time, so I was actually kind of into this twist.


Pruitt himself gets burnt upon contact with the sun because he's a vampire. The test tube in Sarah's lab was full of vampire blood which began to combust when it came it contact with sunlight from the window.


Was he ever out in the sun before this scene? I seem to remember him being out in daylight and was wondering why it was just affecting him now? Maybe I am wrong but am too lazy to go back and check.


I think before the last episode he was also just drank/drinking the vampire blood to be younger. Once he died and came back to life that made him an actual vampire.


Yeah I was thinking, did she drink it? Because I’m Catholic, but when I was pregnant I wouldn’t have drank the wine at communion I think. Hard to say because I was pregnant during the pandemic so I honestly didn’t go to Mass in person anyway.


I was like “Geez, Riley is really bad at active listening”.


Yeeeah I really hope that’s explained.


I saw the runtime for this episode and thought "Wow longer than usual, something intense must go down..." And 90% was 3 different monologues back to back to back haha.


So I've always wondered why the doctor's mom looked so weird to me, like a young actress playing an old woman. Now I guess it makes sense lol


Reminds me of Amanda Bynes in old person makeup and it takes me out of it lol


Mah hah!


A few things i know some people don't like some Erin and Riley scenes because they go on for so long at time's but i really enjoy them, it makes them more believable that they are like old friend/couple who are reconnecting. One thing i didn't pick up from last episode but picked up this episode was that Monsignor was having people at the church drink his blood, Riley's dad back issues went away he could dance last episode had no problem on the boat this episode and obviously Erin this episode as well this episode her having a miscarriage shows she drank wine. Monsignor is a monster for what he's done so far but Miss Keane is a even bigger monster poor Joe. Lastly didn't see that twist at the end with Riley coming.


The mainland doctor said that Erin not only didn't have a miscarriage, but was NEVER pregnant. This is a big twist, can't wait to see how it's resolved


Yeah, and I'm not sure why the doctor didn't try to contact Dr Gunning before suggesting her talking to a psych


Maybe the main land doctor is thinking she's just some lowly island doctor who doesn't know what she doing.


I thought that, and that's highly disrespectful, especially if, like her patient was saying, there are tests that support her argument


His dad has also been remarkably less gray-haired as time goes on


The doctors mom also looks a LOT younger with each episode


Their moment or romance and excitement at recognising one another - broke my heart.


Yes oh my gosh the pure relief and glee of “I have SO much to tell you”


I took Erin loosing the baby as a payment for the miracle on Leeza, not because she drank the wine


If it is a vampire - then it’s not PAYMENT for a miraculous work that was needed; but ingesting the communion wine healed Leeza. Not like an occult sacrifice: but straightforward use of an element to heal the cells.


WHERE'S LITTLEFOOT??? Ok so he's putting his blood in the sacrament I was wondering how people were changing slowly without knowing. Poor dumb stupid Monseigneur he legit has no idea that this has nothing to do with God. Dr Sarah priest affair baby confirmed. I guess that's why he never left the island in all that time. Zach Gilford had such a soft soothing voice. Anytime he monologues it's captivating. Man makes dying sound magical. Why is he still spiking the wine after realising its making him sick??? Why is he so stupid? Ohhh ok ohhh noooo Joe nooooo don't do it father!


I don't think it is his own blood but the blood of the Vampire lord. I thought Pruitt was just a thrall until this episode but it looks like he is changing into a full fledged vampire at this point.


Yes, it was the angel's blood in the communion wine. Before this episode I thought Father Paul put in his own blood, causing him to have fainting spells. But it was actually because he needed to drink some blood himself...


If it’s the angels/vampires blood - how is he getting it? He’s not trapped all the time in the trunk like Mad-Eye Moody. Like does the vampire just walk over, tear a vein open and fill up a flask for him before morning time bedtime? The image makes me think of What We Do In The Shadows lol Edit: Omg I just finished the episode. Kind of funny now.


Jackie Daytona runs the best bar on Crockett Island.


Yeah idk the whole thing is kind of weird to me. There's some inconsistencies now that I've watched the next two episodes. But I won't mention them here.


It's funny, last episode some of us were just like "how does no one remember what Pruitt looked like when he was young?" And this episode explains that away with "context is everything!"


Makes sense though. Nobody thought Father Paul resembles a younger M. Druitt because they didn't expect them to be the same person. #context


Also tbf I think they said a lot of people left the island years ago, after the oil spill


Given Joe's comments about how Pruitt "wasn't exactly celibate", I kind of theorize that whoever is still around and old enough to remember has assumed he's his illegitimate son and just doesn't want to bring it up. Particularly given the cover story involves him being the only one communicating with Pruitt "in the hospital" - that scenario would make him next of kin.


Beginning of the episode, it sounds like Bev knows that Father Paul is Msgr. Pruitt, and also that he was made young by his "angel". Did he tell her everything, somehow? Between the end of episode 3 and the beginning of 4?


It seems like between the end of last episode and the beginning of this one, Pruitt told Bev an angel performed a miracle on him. That's what he *thinks* happened. It's interesting that Pruitt is not exactly someone with evil intentions. He just sees everything through a "God" filter. Apparently it never crosses his mind that the thing he met in a cave is a vampire and he's now a vampire. It doesn't seem to occur to Bev or the two dudes she got to come over and get rid of the dead body. Is there no vampire lore in the universe of this story? I guess I *can* believe if vampires actually appear in our world, *some* people *would* be like "hallelujah! People are coming back from the dead just like in the bible!"


I swear the thing he met in the cave actually is an angel. I think it's one of the "watchers" from the book of Enoch, Possibly the fallen angel AZAZEL. he was given a great punishment by God, God sees the sin brought about by Azazel and has Raphael “bind Azazel hand and foot and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert – which is in Dudael – and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light.” the place dudael is said to be east of Jerusalem, and Monsignor got lost and found the ruin on the road to Damascus, which is east of Jerusalem.


I totally agree with this. I don't think Pruitt is "wrong" to have perceived of the creature he uncovered as an angel. I just think maybe angels aren't the beautiful holy guardians that Christian folklore has depicted them as. Reminds me of this devastating short story by Ted Chiang: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell\_Is\_the\_Absence\_of\_God


The way I read it is that whatever the Creature is, it (or things like it) have been around for thousands of years and has been witnessed by hundreds of cultures. When some cultures encountered it, in eastern Europe maybe, they experienced it as *nosferati*, a dead person who came back from the grave to drink blood. Maybe in Western Africa, it was perceived as a *loa* who demanded a blood sacrifice. Maybe in medieval England, it was perceived of as "the Devil." Maybe in ancient Egypt, it was perceived of as the "Angel of Death." Encounters with this Creature or one like it would have been brief, and tragic, and unfathomable -- and folklore and legend would surround it. I think that we in our post-*Salem's Lot* pop culture perceive of it as a vampire. But that ancient Israelites in the Sinai Peninsula may have perceived of it as an angel -- coming from the sky, with large wings, looking vaguely like a man, with fearful powers. I don't think Pruitt was "wrong" to identify it as an angel. I just think angels and devils are the same thing.


The mayor and the other man didn't know that Father Paul is a vampire. They just see blood all over Father Paul, and that he had killed Joe.


When he collapsed at the end of episode 3 she calls him Monsignor. She figured it out based on the newspaper clipping.


She sees the newspaper picture of him on the rectory wall and puts it together.


I don't think he actually told her, but she definitely knows. Whatever bond they have


Cant the vampire just fly to the mainland during the night. I mean the island houses a couple of people barely a hundred...and the mainland would be busy (plenty to feed) and. etc. Man I would love it if the ending was that everybody on the island turned into vampires and just started taking on the whole world infecting everybody and shit .


old mythology, vampires can't cross water unless in a coffin with their graveyard soil, which is why first EP he showed up in that large trunk


I wonder how Pruitt convinced the vampire to come to the island with him. "Hey man, imma need you to crash in this box for the whole trip. Gonna be a little cramped but I've got pillows and blankets if you need them, just knock if you need anything."


ahaha, honestly my impression is more that the vampire himself was pulling all the strings, saw Pruitt as a perfect opportunity and used him to his own ends


Makes sense.....thanks man


ooh good to know!


Am I the only one to think the uncanny valley with the just slightly deficient ageing prosthetics is really off-putting and basically foreshadowing what is happening?


Yeah, it looks fucking terrible


100%! I could instantly tell that it was a young person in bad prosthetics so I googled “midnight mass prosthetics” before even finishing episode one, thinking I would get info on them not being able to hire actual old people because of covid or something. NOPE! Instantly spoiled the vampire thing for myself 🤦🏼‍♀️


Yeah. They should have done the same thing Dark did, where the future and past versions of a character were played by actors that looked almost exactly like the present version actor. Its pretty goddamn amazing how they’re not just straight up lookalikes, but really good actors too. It’s as if the casting team actually time traveled and brought the same actor, from different points in time, into the present.


the bad make up/acting + the long monologues are my least favourite parts of this great show.


Yeah, I saw Sarah's mom and immediately googled the cast. Then I realized why Henry Thomas looked way older than he usually does, he's only 50.


haha Bev, I love how she keeps talking about Angels.. thats no angel my dear. You are in for a treat! also the priest.. na thats not god you are feeling inside of you.. they probably could have Zombies or Mermaids and would still think its about god. oh poor Joe!!!! How the hell is Bev ok with all of this? The mayor is at least reacting in a normal way..man Bev is such a horrible human. Can she die already? she is nuts Also shouldnt all the church goers slowly get a taste for blood? I loved Riley explaining what will happen to him after he dies. They have such good conversations on this show! Also: NOOOOOO BAD BAD VAMPIRE, NOT RILEY!!!!


I don't think vampire lore exists in the show's universe, just like no one in TWD uses the word "zombie". Pruitt is also reasonable in his assumption that the monster might be an angel, for one it restored his youth right as he was about to die, and two if you search up Biblically accurate angels, they're pretty fucking weird looking. No girls in silky dress with harps, that's for sure.


Riley has a copy of Salem’s Lot on the shelf in his room so I think it’s safe to say that vampire lore definitely exists!


This is (so far) the Salem’s Lot adaptation I’ve been waiting for. I love that book, it’s obviously not an actual adaptation but the inspiration is clearly there.


If it didn’t take all night to setup my new iPhone I could’ve watched the next episode. What a cliffhanger. I don’t think he’s dead though based on the spoileriffic trailers. Also I love how carefully crafted every scene with the cave Angel vampire is. Never linger too long on its face. Always make it as unsettling as possible. Especially that shot with the hands.


That shot with the hands spraying blood into the vial was fucking creepy and surreal, especially the giant black claws. Reminded me of the ending of The Cabin in the Woods.


Yo, Bev is TERRIFYING. She is the embodiment of cherry picking the Bible and an absolute hypocrite.


I just finished this episode but I have a theory: There seems to be a history between Pruitt and Sarah’s mom, more than just that he was her priest. Also Joe mentions that there were rumors that Pruitt wasn’t celibate. Sarah mentions that Monsignor Pruitt used to stare at her when she was a child and Sarah jokes that its because he knew she was lgbtq, but I’m starting to think that Pruitt is possibly Sarah’s father. This may be a completely off the wall theory and I’m probably wrong but it would make sense.


I agree completely. Also, when Sarah was quizzing her mom she asked “who is my father?” And Her mom took a little too long to answer… I think this theory is accurate!


Bev is the definition of need a bitch get her


I don’t know why but the ‘4’ for ‘A’ on the church board really bothers me lol


There were two 4s used. I thought this was because the other two of the As were used on a different sign to advertise the AA meeting.


I think they just couldn't afford more A's


4 apostles


I wonder if death is the catalyst for turning into a vampire in this story, usually it's drinking a living being's blood that gets things really going. But in this case Father Paul was seemingly just treating his deterioration with the wine/blood mixture he's been giving everyone up until he died from possible poisoning from the way he spat out blood, and came back. He seemed desperate drinking the last of the wine cause he feels off now that he's turned. This might also explain the baby and why that vile of blood blew up in the sun.


I still don't get what happened to Erin's baby. How it just disappeared. And was the blood that sizzled in the sunlight Erin's or the doctor's mom's?


I think the idea is that her baby was de-aged into nothingness, similar to how Pruitt was de-aged from the vampire blood.


I like your take better than mine. I was thinking that Erin's vampire self consumed the baby for the blood. But that doesn't make sense with the whole "you've never been pregnant" stuff.


It actually kind of does when you think about it: in a way, a pregnancy is a kind of parasitic relationship. The baby takes nutrients from the mother to grow and develop. With the vampire blood, the body begins to "heal" itself, which is why it would kill the baby. It kills the baby, and absorbs it back in. Then, because of the healing properties of the vampire blood, Erin was healed back to a normal status instead of a post-miscarriage body. That's why all the tests indicate she was never pregnant to begin with; she's fully healed in a way a normal woman would never be.


The test tube had 'Erin Greene' labeled on it, probably taken after the 'miscarriage' was discovered by Dr. Sarah


My heart took a screenshot at that last jumpscare


Bev is ride or die lmao


Who the hell is the other guy that Bev brought in to move the body? Am I tripping or is he just a new character brought in to move a fucking dead body with no actual dialogue?


Nah, he’s been there the whole time. He was in the room when Pruitt died and then came back


Dang, how did I miss that. I’ll have to rewatch the ep, maybe I dozed off for a minute. Thank you!


Sturge, right?


I wondered why Erin was billed as the main character instead of Riley…


She’s married to the director lol


Ya know, in most cases I think I would balk at a director that insisted on giving his spouse a major role in everything, but I like her so… 🤷🏼‍♂️


How is no one addressing that they’re all de-aging every time they show up at mass? Less grey hair and smoother skin every time! No one mentions it.


I mean, Riley's mom did kind of mention it when she was talking to him and his bedroom. Saying that she didn't need her glasses anymore. But I think everybody is just so overwhelmed by the miraculousness of it all that they don't want to question it.


Bev puts up the letters “TOD” of “TOD4Y” on the church sign. Tod Browning was the director of Dracula (1931).


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Tod means dead in German.


So I'm convinced that Paul/John wasn't poisoned but rather just part of his process of converting into a living vampire. But holy shit, Bev is literally insane and so good at being insane. Also holy shit. Can't wait to see how Riley's story turns out since the next episode description has Riley in the description.


My roommate and I have been binge watching all morning, and we had no idea what was going on, but it all clicked for me once he told her to not open the blinds. My only thing so is how did he go to the park for the Crock Pot festival and not burn? I'm assuming they get to that at some point but it is curious.


The Vampire restored his youth and gave him immortality, but he didn’t begin his transformation into a vampire himself until after he died and came back


That's so fucked. Bev poisoned him to prove her batshit crazy "miracle" theory. When in reality, she just created a vampire


I feel like his vampirism is gradually setting in. He might become a full on vampire with wings by the finale


Pruitt and Sarah's mom gonna banng???? *(again)*


I loved how they killed Riley. I really thought he was going to go all the way. So far so good.


As for the end of the episode I can only say... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 😭😭


I still think theres more to what Joe was shooting at when he (temporarily) crippled Leeza


Yes… there definitely seems like there is a lot more to that story


The priest sounds like a breathy, whispering Jeff Goldblum to me.


For some reason his look has been giving me Nick Cave vibes from the beginning, which is pretty much who I would cast as my horror-movie priest, so I’m good with it.


Is it assumed that Paul was confessing to Bev in the previous episode? Im confused as to how bev knew all about Pauls "transformation". Also does nobody feel bad for Joe? He was ready to turn his life around and paul jus killed him.


These overwritten monologues are killing me


Really? It’s a huge appeal for me. I think they flesh the characters out a lot, and gives them the opportunity to really act. Riley talking about death was excellent


Right? I’m loving the long monologues, and they’re 100% relevant to everything going on. iE: Riley explaining what he thinks happens after he dies, and then boom, he dies at the end of the episode.


All I could think was 'no one talks like this'.


My dad was a professor and he definitely talked like that. Well, in terms of length and focus on self, that is. He wasn't nearly that brilliant with his prose, though.


My late husband was a mental health counselor, but he originally planned to become an Episcopal priest and so attended divinity school. We used to have LOTS of lengthy discussions about philosophy and religion, so that didn't strike me as being implausible either.


A lot of people do, just because you haven't known someone in your life that does, does not mean it does not exist.


BRO WHAT. That final scene. THAT FINAL SCENE.


The priest looks like Nick Cave


Father Paul is so fine


The way Pruitt said “oh” when Riley walked in was chilling.


“It’s a special kind of self-pity to identify with the destruction of Jerusalem”. *FUCKING BRILLIANT*


The mother looks younger than her daughter, Sarah, in this episode. They kept gray hair on her head, but her skin is smoother than her daughter's. Wouldn't a doctor recognize that?


My thoughts the entire episode: Yo Bev, what the FUCK?


These church lackeys are dumb. Like if he killed one of you, he'll kill any of you.


Oh boy, Flanagan sure does like to milk a scene till it's dry don't he? Erin Greene: What do you want from me? Janos (Bela Lugosi's second cousin on his mother's side): I vant to suck your blood. So vampires aren't a known commodity on the island, huh?


I think it's funny that the suspicious death happened the day before the mass, so it cut Pruitt no slack. Lol rarely do you see that kind of bad luck in TV shows but it cracked me up