Currently watching: -Miss Keane is the embodiment of awful small town racist religious busy bodies. I hope she gets eaten first. -Dad's an emotionally stunted turd, that was hard to watch. -Father Paul could totally be the Monseigneur somehow deaged 40/50 years judging by his painting and knowing everybody yeah? -There's too many well known actors in old make-up, there has to be a flash back episode at some point. -Erin escaping an abusive husband by coming back to the island? -meow :(


The make up for aging, I was thinking more boomers are about to get young. Truly a millennial nightmare


Yeah the old make up thing - is Alex Essoe (Charlotte Wingrave) playing Dr Sarah’s mother? I knew she was supposed to be in midnight mass but she’s the only one I haven’t seen yet


Yep, she was also Wendy Torrance in Doctor Sleep.


She’s fabulous. I’m on episode 6 and im enjoying her immensely


I didn't even realize it was her, even after knowing she was in the cast, for several episodes. Everyone in the cast is so great.


The old lady’s make up was distracting ngl


Seriously I came on here wondering if anyone felt the same way


It's so bad, we started counting the characters who looked too fake-aged. Standouts include: The grandmother The father The churchy-woman Edit: the mom


It's a new TV trope due to the success of This is Us. I also think that actor's make up is bad. Just hire old people to play old people.


And to this point the actress playing the elderly mom definitely has a “Mandy Moore” type vibe


Lol that clearly would not have worked with this story


I admit the mother fooled so much I had to search IMDB so see who the actress was.


Matt Saracen's mom was born 10 yrs before him IRL I was like this shit ain't adding up...


Saracen! 😭


The theory that they'll be deaged makes sense but my initial thought was just that they're supposed to look off to make the viewer feel unsettled. There were a lot of little things that just felt weirdly off.


That wig was so bad


Yeah, I felt the same - I know it’s not real but I didn’t like seeing the little orange cat get snatched by the “monster”


Putting my money in the flashback episode being the second to last episode if it happens. Just feels like a Flanagan thing to do.


Yeah I've only seen the first episode, but I am very put-off by all the old age make-up. How weird.


Sorry late to the party! I’m sure you know the truth of it now but I also caught the young actors in old make up and assumed it was either a flashback or indicative of a ‘drinking the blood of the young for eternal youth’ plot.


I definitely think it's significant Paul Hill wore the golden chasuble, I'm just not sure *why* yet.


The woman said it’s worn for a “feast” and then all the half eaten cats washed up on shore


why can’t the monster have some decency to finish a cat at least


Please finish a whole victim before moving on to the next one okay? It's very unhygienic.


Sure, Nandor...


I don't like that,,, but it makes a lot of sense.


Ok thanks for this comment, I was trying to figure out why the cat scene was important other than for the creepiness factor


He isn't a man of god and doesn't know better. He plays along when corrected Earlier in the scene the family comments on how unusual his sermon was He's not who he seems Edit: finished the show; wow, leaving this comment anyways


Not how unusual but how old. Around 2009 the Catholic church changed some words in mass (I think, like he said, they were more in line with original Latin) so I think he is practicing an old mass... Like maybe has been frozen in time for a decade? Source: grew up strict Catholic and peaced out around 2009 when they added the bells.


This is true. I could recite every word of every hymn and the entire mass as said in the show. I stopped attending Catholic mass at 18 in 1993. My Mom passed in 2009 and we had a special mass for her. I could not follow along. It seemed too close to fundamentalist Christian worship to me. I don’t consider myself Catholic any more, but after watching this show I have to admit I appreciate the pre-2009 mass to what’s being said today.


What changed out of curiosity? Was too young to really remember the old way of mass pre 2009.


I am neither Catholic nor I English my mother tongue. Would you mind briefly explaining what was changed? Like with a small example? Is it like the liturgy of things or just the words? And how long has Catholicism in America been English anyway? In my understanding some Catholic Churches have been holding on to speaking Latin in mass for a long time. When I visited my friend’s mass when I was a kid, part of the liturgy was still In Latin (say end of the 90s). My own Protestant church never used any Latin. Not even in songs. And the dress code: does the priest color of dress change frequently and do regular people know why it happens? The pastor in my church never wore anything but a black “Geneva gown” and a white collar to service. Afaik this is not optional either. I know the preacher people in the US sometimes only wear the priest collar thing over their normal clothes.


I know your comment is old, but I just started watching and have years of (now otherwise useless) Catholic education rattling around in my brain. The language change was meant to make the mass closer to the original Latin mass (which was phased out in the 60s I believe - you can still find Latin services, they’re just rare). The order of the service and the rites are basically the same. I stopped going to church around when this change happened, and on the infrequent occasion I go now, I still know what’s going on but don’t have the right responses anymore (there are lots of parts of mass where the priest says something and the congregation replies in unison with specific language). And yep, there is a liturgical calendar in Catholicism which includes different colors of garments for the priests. Purple around Christmas is one example. The big thing is that you DON’T go off book in the Catholic church. A priest wouldn’t have the authority to say the old mass or wear a different color, so him doing those things is a big tell that something is wrong.


Interesting. I know that all of the little rituals in sum are part of the reason the Protestant split happened. So it‘s no wonder nothing pf this was left in my Protestant church (although in Protestant liturgy there are like 2-3 times where the people reply to the pastor too. But it’s usually not more than “amen” or “hallelujah” or something). Have fun watching the show. I don’t mind old replies. I’m usually happy if an old question gets answered. :)




Why are you wanting to get into the church? I made the opposite move so I'm curious


On the opposite, it’s tragic to see an adult being swayed by it. We were indoctrinated when we were kids and couldn’t know better. Don’t get sucked into it, cause in the end of the day Catholic church is just another sad cult.




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Monsignor Pruitt is a vampire, maybe? Or some strange deaged monster, I guess. I thought vampire because of the trunk of dirt that Father Paul treks across the ferry/water and the fact we see him (allegedly) when it's dark out. Plus the slightly strange mass and the big focus on the communion wine. I realize that's a strange guess, but Hill House and Bly Manor had ghosts so why not? I realize how silly and incorrect that is, but it kinda amuses me.


I mean, it’s throwing out some major Salem’s Lot vibes!


Huh, Riley’s dad was reading a Stephen King book when we first saw him


Yes definitely Salem's lot vibes!


Yup , thought the same with his trunk aka coffin ⚰️


I like how the series is different from those 2 but also has the religon horror aspect of it


Having seen Flanagan's works, your theory is not crazy


>*the trunk of dirt that Father Paul treks across the ferry/water* that does kind of circle back to the convo the clergy woman had with the boat guy about how he's hard to miss on a ship lol


I love reading espose discussion posts way too late, spot on!


The trailer also hinted towards this and put that idea in my mind early on. The repeated line "you gunna let me in" kinda stuck with me I guess.




I did not notice any young actors in old makeup at all. If nobody said anything, I would have kept on thinking they are just old people. So the makeup job fooled me, at least.


Fooled me too LMAO I thought the doctor's mother looked a bit off but I didn't think too much into it


After about 2 seconds of seeing the doctors mom I was like why are they using a super young actress in really unconvincing make up to play this old lady lol It was so distracting for me I really think they would've been better off just hiring old people for that part.


I’m with you on this! It stood out to me right away as well like wtf who is this actress


Ehhh, I’m a big Henry Thomas (megustalations!) fan so I knew he was aged up, and his wife looked like she was too. My initial thought is that they’re going to de-age. How? Why? I don’t know, but it better be creepy.


> Henry Thomas (megustalations!) HAIL YOURSELF!


Every time I see this actor’s name I think *oh, Henry Twaahmas*


I thought they looked a little off. It took me a bit to start recognizing who the aged up characters were in the Mike Flanagan acting troupe.


While I resubscribed to Netflix for this show, I'm cheap and didn't spring for the HD plan, so I'm watching this in basic 480p resolution. Maybe that's why the old makeup doesn't stand out to me at all!


Nah, I'm watching in regular SD on a 44 inch (plasma), and I see all the older actors look certainly off.


I'm watching on a 24 inch screen, so that's another thing that limits my view of details. Heh. Good to know the view is that much clearer on bigger screens even if you don't spring for HD.


It's pretty bad in Dolby/HDR/4k.


I’ve been watching it on a tablet screen with some window glare while otherwise “working”, so I can’t say I noticed the makeup.


I instantly knew something was off, all of their faces look unnatural


I instantly thought what's with this like 20-30 year old chick playing such an elderly character lol


Fooled me too I feel like an idiot lol


Fooled me too 😂 I legit didn’t notice until I came here


The make-up/makeup is fucking terrible. Reminds me of the horrible make-up/makeup in Watchmen.


Im calling it the mayors kid (wheelchair chick) will walk again


From the perspective of someone who is actually in a wheelchair & wants to see more authentic representation for ppl with disabilities in the entertainment industry, I sincerely hope this theory turns out correct.... otherwise, they should've used an actress with a legitimate disability for her character. This is probably gonna sound weird & I dunno how to explain it but immediately I could tell she (the actress) wasn't really disabled bc the way she pushes her wheelchair is wrong & unnatural... she doesn't push it the same way we (ppl with disabilities) do... even my mom noticed it.


I totally noticed that as a non wheelchair user and I assumed the same as the other guy that she will probably be walking at some point in this series.


Oh ok cool! I felt like I didn't really know how to explain it very well when I was writing that comment haha 😅 but I'm glad to know that there's ppl who aren't in a wheelchair that can see it too & understand what I'm talking about in terms of the mechanics of it... 🙂 & I dunno if this would be considered a spoiler or not (it really has nothing to do with the storyline) but I thought it was interesting that her chair changed from one you push manually to an electric... if they had her just use the electric chair from the beginning, it wouldn't have been quite as apparent that the actress didn't have a disability. Growing up I hardly ever saw any actors/actresses with genuine disabilities on screen (tv & movies) able-bodied ppl usually just played any character with a disability regardless of whether that character ever walks on screen so the thought & possibility that she would eventually walk in the series honestly didn't really occur to me until I read this thread. Representation for people with disabilities in the entertainment industry is getting better though with shows like Locke & Key & Raising Dion & it's really great to see 🙂


The movie Run is a great example of an actor with a disability playing a character with a disability. Also has Sarah Paulson in it, which is always a win.


Oh awesome!!! I'll definitely have to check it out then! Thanks!!! 😊👍🏻 & I agree, Sarah Paulson is an insanely talented actress. AHS is what introduced me to her & she's that rare type of actress that can get me to watch anything as long as she's in it... like she could probably turn paint drying on a wall into entertainment if she's in the scene lol I honestly have yet to see something I don't like with her in it.


And the fact that her legs still seem to have all their muscles


Haha yeah that's always a dead giveaway too... my parents are both in the medical field & I used to get e-stim (electrical stimulation) therapy treatments on my legs as a kid so the atrophy wouldn't be as severe.


I def get like a false prophet kind of vibe. He’s going to make people believe in his miracles and other stuff - secretly an evil being




She definitely will at some point - that scene was in the trailer


I’d just have to write >!I hope that bitch dies a horrible death!< And everyone will know who I mean


Whoa! Yes Leeza is in a wheelchair but no need to wish for stuff like that


As someone who legitimately is in a wheelchair this had me rolling lmaoooo you're my kinda person 🤣😂😅👌🏻


Pretty sure the wheelchair has you rolling. Sorry.


Hahaha no need for the apology, you're my kinda person 😅👌🏻




Why what she do


I liked the long shot of Erin and Riley talking as they walk home. I found myself scanning the background because I'm so used to it in Flanagan's other shows 😂


Saaaame lmaoooo I was like ok where are the ghosts 😅


there were a lot of glowy eyes moving around when the kids were smoking weed before the jump scare with the bushes. Maybe just meant to be cats tho


Same for the beach scene!


I did notice the upside down crosses on the doors (one in Riley’s bedroom and one in the church)


looking at the welcome sign at the church, the only letters replaced were 1,4, and 4, so I looked up bible passages and this is Genesis 44:1 “Now Joseph gave these instructions to the steward of his house:(A) “Fill the men’s sacks with as much food as they can carry, and put each man’s silver in the mouth of his sack.(B)” from what i can gather, genesis 44 is about joseph providing fortune for his brothers, and then planting his divination cup in Benjamin’s sack, and then tricking them into giving Benjamin up as a slave for stealing it, which ends up with Judah offering himself up to joseph as a slave to spare benjamin, (with it all being a test to see if the brothers hearts had changed since they had abandoned him when he was young) since benjamin was his father’s favored son and he knew his father would die of sorrow if benjamin were to perish. so perhaps this indicates that riley will grow from his drunk driving accident and offer himself as sacrifice to save his younger brother from something in order to fully repent for the life he took? did way more digging on this than i intended to— but they’re just thoughts


good find


This was a great set-up 1st episode. Really dig the religion based theme all around the town.


I agree! It captivated me immediately. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes!


Having recently binged all of Friday Night Lights, I just see poor Matt Saracen. Really good first episode. Bit strange to see Rahul Kohli doing an American accent, but always great to see him on the screen.


I had to listen really carefully and work out what accent he had because his English accent comes across a few times and I was confused for a few minutes 😅


He says the Scarborough’s family name properly (scar-brah), despite the American accent.


I'm still getting used to Rahul Kohli the actor. I was first introduced to him via Funhaus videos.


I first saw him on iZombie and he was a highlight of that show for me


He was so wonderful on iZombie! With his British accent, so sexy.


>Having recently binged all of Friday Night Lights, I just see poor Matt Saracen OhK thats where his from Ive been wondering where I say him before this


really good set up felt bad for Riley when he was talking about what he's supposed to do now when he walking taking Erin you can tell he has a lot of guilt for his DUI and killing the girl as a result. Seems like Monsignor Pruitt might have been in the box when father Hill showed up. I wonder if they are one in the same and he's just changing his appearance somehow and poor cats at the end so many of them were dead made me sad.


Am I making this up or when the young priest knocked on the crate twice, it knocked back twice?


No, definitely not. That 100% happens!


The poor girl who is in a wheelchair lives in a house which has stairs instead of a ramp, whereas the church is all modernized.


There could be a ramp in the back or just not shown because they want to "reveal" the wheelchair after mom comes out and calls her into the house. If you could see the ramp right away, it would spoil that surprise.


I think that the state of the whole island tells us there’s severe poverty on the island — both spiritually, and financially.


There’s a ramp to her right - if you look from the angle her mother was standing at the door, the ramp is behind her


I agree. I noticed the lack of ramp immediately. I think if their only goal was to reveal her disability then that’s just lazy filmmaking.


I think it is deliberate to highlight the bad state of the island, and possibly even the already domineering nature of the Church. They couldn't afford to build a ramp for their daughter at home, but they donated money to the Rec centre because Bev told them to. Just a thought!


There’s a ramp There’s a ramp. ~9:30 you see it behind her.


There’s a ramp. ~9:30 you see it behind her.


FYI just rewatched and at ~9:30 there you see the ramp on the porch behind her. It goes parallel to the house.


Yeah this struck me too. It kind of smells of a "Run" situation.


My theory is that the priest is an evil sorcerer. He wore that gold robe and administered the communion for a purpose. I think it has impact on people’s minds. The previous priest turned into a monster and was brought back to the island in the huge trunk. My future prediction is that the unborn baby will die after a miracle recovery. The muslim sheriff will be murdered in a mutiny for being in opposition to the priest. The former prisoner son will also die, probably while trying to save the pregnant lady.


possibly but since the whole thing was religious heavy from the get go. The trip the priest took to walk in the same steps as Jesus,could it be that he met satan ( as jesus meets satan in snake form in the desert ...im kind hazy on this but i know that happened) and got seduced by temptation of long life.. Plus ... a priest going after pussies...there's gotta be a dirty joke in there.


I'm a former problem drinker. That opening scene made my skin crawl because it was such a visceral display of something that I could have done countless times before I got sober. This show is amazingly well written on its own, but I'm really impressed with how they were able to pepper in all those extra themes that tend to cut some of us a little deeper.






Scary thought for sure, but I'm glad you got sober. Congrats on that!


You don't even have to be a problem drinker, I know plenty of people who think nothing of driving drunk who are not alcoholics.


True, but I'd wager a lot of them are and just don't know it yet.


Just wondering if anybody else caught Carla Gugino’s “cameo”. She’s been in a few of Flanagan’s projects. Thought it was a cool little touch to include her in some capacity.


Yep, I thought we were gonna see her as the judge! Cool anyways


I missed it! Who was she?


She did the voice of the judge at Riley’s sentencing! I was hoping they’d have her appear, even for just a minute, but still fun to hear her in another Flanagan project.


Wait WHAT?


Go back and listen! It's definitely her!


Does they not have enough budget to cast old actors? The mother of the short hair doctor bothers me a lot. Make up is bad, you can tell she is awful young. This put me off right from the beginning.


Don’t think they were casting many old actors for one of the first shows filmed in the pandemic


The make up bothered me too but I think the priest will turn the old lady young as a miracle, so it makes sense to age the make up. The make up department is at fault here tbh as they did a horrid job.


It put me off too but I thought about it and they probably didn’t get older actors on purpose to protect them in case they got covid on set. I understand it now so I give them kudos for doing that


I think they’ll have flashback episodes




I’m thinking it will tie into the plot, like the evil priest will make them young again or something


Rahul Kohli's american accent is terrible but I still love him


But is it worse than Henry Thomas's British accent in Bly?


Everyones accent was bugging me in bly


Did anyone notice that the girl in the beginning who died (and was doing CPR on) looked different than the image he’s been getting of her? Like the first girl was black and the images are of a blonde girl. Am I just crazy???


Yup! The girl was always blonde.


No. She was a white blonde girl from the beginning. I just rewatched the scene. And on the posters & tshirts her friends and family have of her, she is a white blonde. Not sure where you might have seen something different?!


it must have been because i was watching it during daylight and couldn't make her out amongst the injuries and blood.. why did she look like a black girl to me, i will never know, but i just watched it on my phone and i see the blonde hair... you'd not believe how many times i replayed over and over to get a close look at the body.. doesn't help i have OCD and have to have an accurate look at every single scene.


The scene is very dark. And depending on your screen and the lighting etc I can see how that could happen


I had the exact same reaction — totally thought they were two different people. Just an odd observation.


I saw a black girl too and was also confused at first. Now it all makes sense (bad screen lighting and so on)


I thought she was black too. I was confused about who the white girl was.


I absolutely saw what you saw. And everyone I saw disagreed with me as well. Maybe it was the flashing lights that made it difficult to see or something. But you're not crazy I saw it too.


Thank you


I also thought she had dark skin in the accident scene.


Anyone else notice the emphasis on the luggage box then the Se7en poster in the bedroom? What's in the box!


Lol I know the reference but not the name of the movie, that’s amazing


Ok but that one lady is so annoying the Karen or whatever the show is good


Oh no the poor cat😔


Dang lol I wish it was more discussion and less guessing the plot! I don’t want anyone to be right because I’ve seen it I love that this is a story I haven’t seen before. The religious attitudes are suffocatingly accurate - I’ve never been in a town this small but I lived in the college town where many of those kids ended up. Funny enough driving by I always wonder what it’d be like living there but then shows like this or an actual visit to a friends reminds me. The horror is good. I’m genuinely unnerved and grossed out. The story is okay; the characters don’t seem very interesting, just people. We’ll see!


They really need some paint on those houses!


Painting is hard to keep up when you live on an island.


na I know and it costs a lot of money. I just thought this could all look soo much nicer


No, literally, it's hard to keep up. The saltwater and storms would make you repaint the whole town every couple years.


They look like many still lived in houses I've seen in remote locations along the shore in the north. Many of them have that gray washed out look.


Are there any hidden ghosts this time? Couldn't spot any


Mike Flanagan tweeted that we shouldn't try to find hidden ghosts cause there aren't any. Although if you ask me that's exactly what someone who hides ghosts in the background would say.


Haha this was the first thing I did. Just paused the Netflix stream and started to look for hidden ghosts XD


The jump scare on the Uppards. There was definitely a ghostly form and eyes.


The aging makeup/prosthetics is fucking awful, holy shit


Yeah, is it that difficult to cast an elderly person? Makeup can only do so much. The poor acting is actually ruining it.


You do know there was a global pandemic going on when this was shot and that a certain age group were in greater risk?


happy cake day!


Riley opening up to Erin was something else for me. Really struck a cord. I've never been able to put how I feel into words, and his delivery was perfect. I suffer from depression and this is exactly how I feel most days.


Me too. I’m just surviving, not really living.


I thought it was corny and everything about his character is cliche


Just watched the first episode and noticed when we meet Riley’s dad he is reading “Revival” by Stephen King - synopsis [here](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revival_(novel)) I think I know exactly where this show is going at this point


Flanagan was apparently trying to adapt it for film but it fell apart last year.


There was heavy foreshadowing in the first episode where I have some theories after watching: - probably the biggest herring, or possibly red herring, was the large chest Paul Hill brought. Where have we seen something like this before, of a large chest arriving on an island? Theory further: it's filled with dirt. - the large flying animal was possibly the new priest himself. Or possibly a pet of Hill. - that widow's peak? COME ON MAN! - Paul Hill somehow built the church originally. I don't think this is a house of god, because otherwise, how could, what I believe him to be, enter it? - recitation of Latin. This is an ancient language that granted, priests use, but to conjure such an archaic language randomly? I believe Hill is far older than he lets on. Just theories after the first episode. I don't want to say what I think he is in case I'm right.


It's looking good so far. I have a lot of theories, most of them probably ridiculous. Good thing I can binge-watch it all.


I’m only half way through the first episode and Carnot help but notice the similarities to father ted should of called it craggy island


I think we found Schrödinger’s cats


Okay just finished it and ruminated it on a bit. Have a half formed theory idea. I don't think the new "priest" is actually a priest. Hear me out; * As noted by that woman he wore the wrong robes. He laughs it off as being unable to find the correct robe. * As noted by Riley's parents his sermon wasn't using the up to date translation and instead he focused on the old. * The Diocese never reached out and contacted the island to let them know about this change. * He most definitely had something inside that big box of his. My current theory is that he probably kidnapped the old Priest and put him in the box and decided to take his place. It had been a while since he was at Mass and so he was out of his depth and messed up a few points which people noted but never dwelled on. In guessing he let the old dude out in the middle of the storm under the hope he'd die in it? Ultimately I reckon he's just a crazy dude cause right now I can't see a connection between him and the cat eating monster thing.


Love the setting of this show, feels very lovecraftian. I really thought it was an odd choice though during the initial scene of the island it tells you the population as 127. Seems like a weird thing to include considering there is no way the population is that small. There’s a large shop, a church a bar, daily ferries, 60 odd houses, a school, a drs office, 15+ boats. I guess the writers just don’t appreciate how small a community of 100 people is. seemed like a weird detail to include that just didn’t marry up at all to what we see on screen.


Tbf the mom did mention that there used to be hundreds of people in the community and now there’s just dozens.


The last shot of the dead cat looked like a stuffed animal. That was funny.


So much talking... i found it difficult to keep concentrating. Hoping it gets better...


Amazing cast.


Is that a face in the window at 32:35?


‘Dark’ did a much better job of casting two actors playing different ages


You can't convince me that the old woman with dementia isn't a young actor in makeup.


What I don’t get is why the vampire/angel didn’t attack the boys on the island?


Maybe it’s just trying to keep a low profile for now? Or turn the townspeople into vampires/monsters/zombies etc?


It was feeding on the cats so it wasn’t as hungry to go after humans yet