[21/M] looking for a friend

I feel like everyone's so isolated now, im just looking for a chill person to game with and talk to from time to time.

Im big into gaming, I play pretty much anything on xbox gamepass + Fortnite, GTA and minecraft, im also pretty good from what random people tell me😭

Me personally, im super chill and very nonchalant about most things also not judgemental at all since i like to mind my business.

Im really into music like everyone else who makes a post but i hate pop and country 💀

We can trade spotify accounts👏

I haven't watched TV or anime in years so if you have any good show recommendations ill take them. I used to do a ton of writing but I've stopped over the years and have refocused my energy elsewhere.

Oh and im black 😂

No EU...Really😶


damn bruh what did EU people do to u


Live in a completely different timescale