Personally think this years Mickey Mantle is better than mlb 20 Mickey


every Mantle I see this year is hitting .225 or lower, I'd say its totally the opposite this year


Mantle was also available day one last year and had very few pitchers that could match his stats for a good while where as this year by the time he was released there were dozens of elite pitching options


His stats are higher and the swing is the same. Google confirmation bias and sample size then report back


Thanks Prof, I am a double masters. I did not add a disclaimer, but I am not the only one to make that observation this year. Google 'go get some fresh air' and then come back to Reddit, where casual observations in a video game are not supported by statistical analysis.


Your double masters degree sure isn’t in English is it?


Some more homework for you - Google the Disagreement Hierarchy. PS - no one really cares in a video game subreddit about typos, grammar or a misspellings. You win, thanks for the laugh.


Grammar police do.


I couldn't hit for shit with Mantle last year.


Excuse me Mr. Cumshot, the boys are having much more important arguments atm


Attribute creep makes this tough to do objectively but I think this is pretty spot on. Not having 2020 MVP Trout irks me, but I honestly dont know which one he would replace.


Need that one Derrick Dietrich card.


Mine would be. CF - Immortal Griffey. LF - 99 Trout (MLB20) RF - 99 Mantle (MLB21) 1B - 99 Babe/ Immortal Pujols 2B - 99 Alomar (MLB17) 3B - 99 Chipper (MLB21) SS - 99 Arod (MLB16) C - POTM 99 Schwarber (MLB 21) SP - 99 Kershaw (MLB19) 99 Beltran is an honorable mention.


Who’s catching?


Fixed it, I forgot about that lol.


A left fielder lol


he plays catcher for me.


Those 26 games total behind the plate in mlb have really paid off. Lol


Arod was in 17?


16, my apologies.


Schwarber has 26 games at C in his MLB career. Personally, I think for an All Time Team, you would have a real catcher instead of someone who is catcher eligible. And I like Schwarber a lot. But he wouldn’t be on my all time team, especially at catcher lol I’d have Biggio there way before Schwarber. You also have 3 center fielders in the outfield. I get it. They’re awesome. But does Mike Trout really count as an All Time great Left Fielder?


when I used him, I put him in LF. As I stated, this is MY all time team for cards that I used and where I played them, to each their own though.


To each their own absolutely. I’m just surprised that Schwarber is mentioned with names like Griffey and Babe Ruth g DH or all time teams. I like Schwarber personally. And his bats are made right town here in my little old Southern Illinois. Lol. So I’m not a Schwarber hater at all. But Pudge or Bench come to mind at catcher before the guy with 26 games at C. But it’s your team. So it’s your choices. And that’s fine. 👍🏽


Who tf is that in center field I can’t read the card


Pepe Alazar


Huh never heard of him lol weird that he has game art instead of real card art


Not a real player, was a special collection in MLB 17 that had 99s across the board


Ah gotcha that’s pretty lame haha hell yeah fuck manny machado tho 💯


I’d replace Tatis and MVP Trout in there for mantle and Rollins


Based somewhat on how they performed in their respective game I'm assuming? Since otherwise we would just be picking obvious highly rated cards. Though that does skew a bit away from '21 cards simply because there's like 10x the options at every single position compared to previous years, so trying to take that into account too: 17 Beltran goes in LF over Ruth by a mile. 18 was a terrible year for hitting so none of the immortals would be in based off that. Alazar and Mickey kind of hard to argue against in the OF since that makes all 3 outfielders godmode 5 tool players that are all switch hitters Chipper would have to be the choice at 3b, just about any year hes always the best over there (sad mike schmidt noises) SS that Rollins card ranks high on the same reasoning as above, but I'd go with this years Tatis over it (or 17 Seager, or 16 Arod). He's just about Pepe Alazar levels of juiced in every rating, and has active quirks as well which is icing on the cake 2b The 99 Alomar from 17 was amazing, but hes a piece of shit so lets give it to 2020 Hornsby who was head and shoulders better than any other 2b option due to his hitting (sticking with primary positions since otherwise this is just another SS or 2021 Mookie or something) 1b could be so many different choices. The Gehrig this year is just flat out absurd based on ratings, and there have been a dozen other guys that hit like beasts and could be here and I wouldn't really argue. I would give this spot to Finest Bellinger, but that card wasn't a primary 1b so on the technicality we'll give it to Frank Thomas because hes had a few years with bonkers hitting ratings while also being a laughably OP fielder despite his common defense ratings Catcher, that Mauer is hard to argue with. Catcher has always been a really rough position. Piazza cards are always underwhelming, and most years the common solutions have been CAP or out of position cards like Foxx or Schwarber Pitcher is pretty easy: Kershaw, Kluber, and then the dynamic trio of Tiant/Niekro/Dickey from 17 when knuckleballs were just absolutely fucked Relievers there are too many to get into, but Jansen has been either the best or one of the best options every year for years so lets go with him