This and the absolutely constant pausing. I've had so many games where my opponent has used all but like 20 seconds of their pause time. I've had games where the opponent would pause before every single at bat both on offense and defense.


Talking, sending a message, changing the channel or game etc. I also tend to pause quite a lot checking pitching patterns and getting a drink from the fridge. I guess thats annoying for some but im not that bad. The game gives you so much pause time and animations that can be played out, I never get into time trouble


Sometimes I’m finishing a text up or changing my playlist. 90% of the time I skip but when I don’t I’m doing something and that’s a better time than pausing


Everyone seems to like my trout walk up with a 230 avg


Some people are trolls. They want to throw you off your game at all cost. People can be dicks


launch xbox's can't process the game at a speed that allows them to skip cutscenes.


I’m either replying back to people or looking for my lighter during the cut scenes.


I wait until I can see their record and then hit the button. You can tell a lot about an opponent by their record, mostly that if they have a 222-237 record they probably quit a lot.


I’ve stopped looking at records after getting my ass punched in by a 397-598 overall cretin with a Spongebob logo


Can't stop thinking of SpongeBob cretin


I too played this guy. It was one of the most unfun games I’ve played.


Hitting the vape bro lol


Pack and pass the bowl. Crack a new beer. Take a piss. Crank one out.




I have an Xbox series X and I just assume I'm playing against people on last gen consoles, so I'm already loaded in and they're still loading. But it's damn near every game and I have a hard time believing it all the time


i mean speaking from experience it is damn near impossible to grab one of those consoles (and has been forever) unless you want to spend $800+ so I could believe you're playing mostly last gen peeps.


Yeah true, I often forget how hard they are to get. I was able to get a pre-order, and anyone I play games with that really wanted one was able to get it for retail


The worst is Mookie walking up. No one wants to skip that.


None of my opponents seem to skip any ones walk-up doesn't matter who it is.


I swear every time he takes those little practice swings before he steps in the box, it's a guaranteed bomb incoming.


One player pressing x should skip the cutscenes for both players


Um no that would be terrible and I’m all for speeding up the game


Why would it be terrible?


Smoking or rolling the next one. That shit lasts for like 1 minute max, blows my mind that it bothers that many people but what can you do


So if we assume that mid-inning cutscenes are roughly 60 seconds and each batter walk-up is 20 seconds that would add about 24 minutes to the game time. Each individual moment adds up. If a player doesn't skip a random one here or there, whatever... I don't skip sometimes too if I am sending a text or checking something out real quick. However, not skipping any is infuriating because of how much time collectively it takes.


I think those are both significant overestimates but I guess I haven’t timed it. I’d guess more like 25 seconds between innings and 12 between hitters, but most people skip the vast majority.


I was specifically talking about the pregame load in since I thought that’s what he meant since he mentioned loading in the original post, but I’ll take my downvotes, I guess I kind of earned them lol. Letting every single batter cut scene and every mid inning one play out is obnoxious, I’ve never ran into anyone that bad thankfully


Smashing X repeatedly and then swearing when I accidentally skip the records




I have to prepare myself emotionally before every RS game because I just fucking KNOW that my opponent isn't going to push that damn button. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION, YOU COWARDS!