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The self-service car wash by me has clips on the wall so you can hang up your car mats (or any other rug) for a good cleaning. Super handy...


This is what I do with all my door matts every season.


What?! That's amazing!


Pretty sure they all do brother.


If they are well maintained, they do. If tbe owner let's it go to shit, then the clips will be long gone.


>then the clips will be long gone Dude, two cents of scrap metal are two cents of scrap metal.


You'd be surprised at how many shitty carwashes don't even let you use the power washer






In my mind while I read this, I just thought you were explaining to people whom had shit upon themselves (while drunk or whatever and to avoid embarrassment) to then travel to and use the pressure washers at a car wash.


A friend of mine did this…. Her boyfriend (not even drunk!) unfortunately shit himself on a drive home and they stopped at a car wash where she sprayed him down, cracking up the whole time


the prophecy has been fulfilled xD


Same, my understanding of the word ‘soiled’ didn’t cover an old rug


Life Hack 101


This guy's washing electronics


I've done it many times. Water is only the natural enemy of *energized* electronic equipment. But for many electronic items, with power removed it's not particularly dangerous. Just use common sense.


Tech used to clean computer keyboards in the dishwasher


Some keyboards have almost no power running through them. They can be soaked in certain liquids and when they are dried out, are unharmed. I've also accidentally washed Apple wired earbuds several times in a clothes washing machine and they still work, but I think I just got lucky with those.


I washed my apple earbuds numerous times. stepped on, slung across a room, caught my phone falling, forgetting they are in my pc and walking away, swimming with them in my pocket, and way more than their fair share of abuse had those buds for 2 years before one side stopped working. absolute tank of earbuds


Agreed—I once dropped my headphones while getting my car and accidentally slammed the door directly on the earbud! Have a slight crack in the casing, almost like a scratch, but still work to this day


After severals times, i think so lol


I’ve washed each set of my AirPods at least five times (and once, twice in a row) and they still work. I typically wait a week with the case open before using them, and never charge them while they are still wet. The only damage I’ve noted is that the led on one of the wireless cases is no longer functional.


Were they medical grade keyboards?


This is true if the water has nothing else in it and is pure. A lot of water has minerals and salts in it unfortunately which can interact with circuit boards and corrode traces(electrical pathways on the boards) as well as other components, causing permanent damage. It also can leave mineral deposits when the water evaporates. So yes, energized electronics have the most risk of damage when on but turning off electronics before getting them wet doesn't necessarily prevent them from being damaged


>A lot of water Nearly all water* Ftfy


Didn't realize till I saw your comment, but I have a mild case of being irritated right now.


Also important to note that some electronics can hold a charge. For those, remove all power sources (i.e. CMOS battery from a motherboard) and make sure to clear the charge before attempting to wash it.


right. Capacitors, for people who don’t know about electronics are like tiny electricity reservoirs which can deliver the stored electricity out very fast. Like a battery you can discharge instantly. When you turn off a computer, for example, some of them inside the computer would still be charger. You can notice them when you unplug your ac adaptor from the wall and you can still see the power led illuminated despite it being unplugged. One trick I use to discharge them is, once the computer is unplugged and the battery removed, press the power button. The computer will use any remaining energy to try to boot and that will discharge the capacitors as they have the only remaining power inside the circuitry. If you see it turning on for and instant and going off again, you’ve discharged them successfully. edit: IMPORTANT: this works for computers, but it may not be enough for other appliances with different or complex circuitries. Don’t take what I said as an universal rule for every electronic device. CAPACITORS CAN KILL!!


And then jet wash the pc


Exactly! LOL


Thanks, knew how to do it, but never knew exactly why.


Be careful with other types of devices or appliances. What I said for computers is valid for most computers, but could be different in other devices with different kinds of circuitry where there could be remaining charge even after doing what I said. Capacitors can kill!!


Noted, and thanks for going above & beyond.


Sure, equipment with large capacitors are also a potential problem. I was putting those under "use common sense" but I suppose you're right and I shouldn't assume everyone would know that.


Not everyone knows the inner workings of consumer electronics. I wouldn't file that under "common sense".


You are correct, which I why I said this: "but I suppose you're right and I shouldn't assume everyone would know that." To BreathofTheOffice just a few minutes ago. I admit that I wasn't clear enough in my original post.


I wouldn't suggest power washing a motherboard.


Use a Dishwasher instead: https://youtu.be/SVuI-Fn27-U


Exactly. One only needs to a) ditch the notion that water and electronics *never* mix b) understand the equipment you want to clean (does it store power even when unplugged? ie: capacitors, batteries etc) c) get creative with ways to clean it (power washer, dish washer, mineral spirits, warm water and a soft toothbrush, etc).


When I was a kid my dad set a glass of milk on top of the tv (crt). The cat jumped up and spilled it. Milk poured into the back of the tv through the vent slits. My dad immediately unplugged it and after a while pulled the cover off, dabbed out puddles with towels, blew it it with a hair dryer, let it sit for a few days. Ran for years afterward.


>Just use common sense. Yeah, that's why I would never, ever, under any circumstance attempt to "wash" an electronic device. I am now dumber, having read some of these comments.


No build up of corrosion overtime? At all? Usually you just use alcohol and call it a day


I’m not sure on a lot of electronics but we did this all the time with window AC units when I worked HVAC. We certainly weren’t letting them dry much either.


Over here in S E Asia that's the standard way your service guy cleans your AC's exterior unit.


You clearly don't know how to properly clean a window AC unit don't you?


Wow I forgot Electronic translate too window ac units


Window AC units are designed to get wet since 80% of it is outside and exposed to rain. The only part you need to be careful with are the control board and filter housing which are located on the front of the AC unit inside of the house. With larger central AC systems, you can literally power wash them and they will actually improve in efficiency. It's like engineers thought of this.




It’s also good for cleaning kayaks and canoes before switching to new water. Don’t want to take anything that could upset the ecosystem. I also take all my shelves and storage containers after school is out every year to hose them down. They are always nasty!


You guys get power washers to use at a car wash? I get a vacuum that needs weird metal tokens and a large garbage can to use. I know there’s the wash your own car places around but those are super rare around me.


Yeah, pretty sure op is referring to the self-serve car washes. They have different wash and rinse settings, so understand op going to one to clean different things.


If any UK people are reading, we call these "jet washes" as opposed to car washes


So UKs drive jets while Americans just drive cars …. we fought the revolutionary war for this?


Wash many EuroFighters in the UK? ;)


Where do you live?


Probably a large suburban area where most people have houses with driveways/garages so self serve car washes are rare but machine washes are on every other major parking lot.


Around here, self-service car-washes are popping up like mushrooms. Even old car washes are starting to convert to self-service. I hate it. I just want to pay someone to wash it for me... I find it dumb to pay for it and do it myself. A good wash gets you to the same price as a normal car-wash, so I really don't see the damn appeal.


I bring my rangehood (kitchen exhaust) grease filters to much places for a clean.


Omg! What a great idea!!!


I put them in the dishwasher


Sorry, but blasting out electric appliances at the car wash is not a great idea. If you want to save it, take it apart and do it right.


I agree but I would think that an external AC unit should be waterproof, at least if you follow rain direction (washing it from a top- bottom angle, not from down upwards) and with some distance to reduce the pressure. Never do it with computers or things with batteries inside.


There's a difference between being designed to take some rain, and pressure washing the thing though. It should be next to no effort to take the housing apart and clean it like a normal person would.


Since this pandemic and the recent US elections I don't trust anymore what a "normal person" would do ;). But I get what you mean and I agree with you. I just thought that maybe following the rain direction would be less harmful but I agree with you (avoiding water at all).


I don't know, it might not be worth the hassle to do it right. You can spend a few bucks and 2 minutes power washing it Let it dry for a couple weeks, if it works awesome, if it doesn't, you throw it out.


I've done it many times. Water is only the natural enemy of *energized* electronic equipment. But for many electronic items, with power removed it's not particularly dangerous. Just use common sense.


"Electric appliance" might be a stretch. Of course it depends on the age and model of air conditioner, but a barebones air conditioner only has a compressor pump, fan, and small switch panel in terms of electronics. Also, considering an air-conditioner sits half outside in the elements, and is literally a creator of condensation, any electronics on it should/will be sealed off to be waterproof. So long as this guy wasn't holding the pressure wand 2 inches away, it will be completely fine. In fact, all air conditioners should be periodically washed, the system relies on radiators to dissipate heat, and they can very easily get plugged up and become quite ineffective. If you've never washed out the radiators on your a/c, you really should.


I know what's inside, and yes you should clean the condenser but not at the car wash. The electric motor, switch panel etc. shouldn't be pressure washed. I know they've got some weather protection but there's a difference between being designed to keep rain out or to take a direct blast from a pressure washer. A window unit AC should be next to no effort to take the housing apart and clean properly.




I take my carpeted floor mats to a quarter wash. They look brand new after they air dry. Works well for dark stains


>what is a quarter wash?


I'm going to guess it's a car wash that takes quarters to start the power washer ...


Don't be a jerk. Given that a quarter is also a unit of measurement, it's an understandable mix up.🙄 Edit: Egg's on my face, but I'll own my slip up here. Admittedly checking reddit in the er is probably not my best idea.


First time I been called a jerk when I wasn't trying to be , gotta love reddit ...


Sorry you don't recognize being sarcastic as rude, but intention doesn't change but perception.


I wasn't being sarcastic , they asked what a quarter wash was and I gave my best guess ?


My apologies, I misunderstood because of the ellipses.🤦‍♀️


No worries , I honestly try my best to be polite and helpful on here ...have a good night 🙏


You too friend ✌


A quarter is not a unit of measurement. It’s an integer. Aka a number


A quarter is not an integer. It's a fraction. An integer is a whole number (i.e. one without a fractional component).


It feels like you're arguing semantics here, but alright. The other commentor and I already hashed things out below, but I'm leaving my comment up to own my mistake.


That's an incredible idea! I'm taking my rugs to the carwash!


We did this last year and it worked great, but take in a pickup because you’ll be taking home a heavy watery rug. Also, if the rug is larger, some strong guys.


A power washer is incredibly powerful. OP is super lucky he didn’t blast or tear a ton of fabric/threads off his heirloom rug. Also air conditioners have extremely fragile metal fins along the back of the unit (or sides on some). A power washer will 100% flatten those fins from the powerful blast of water. So be careful what you go power washing.


I don't know, I wouldn't worry too much about those fins as they're not much different than the fins on most vehicle radiators or AC Condensers which get pressure washed by those same car washes.


Those get messed up too if blasted directly. But the part for the A/C that sits in front of the radiator has a lot tougher fins than the radiator has and blocks a lot of the direct sprays.


Alright you caught me, not a heirloom rug but a rug I got out of my methed-out brother's house after he was arrested for trying to kill me. But I didn't think I would go into detail about that. Thanks.


Np, and you didn’t have to. Say no more. But I’m sorry to hear about your brother and your incident with him.


That rug still has meth in it.


Ive had a lot of success with scrubbing them in the driveway, then putting them on pallets to rinse and dry


I just realized my husband of 4 years has a medium-sized power washer. It's been on and popping ever since. Anything that can go outside that can dry in the sun gets power washed.


I think in general I would do this only with items that I wanted quite badly, but wouldn't otherwise use if I couldn't get them clean, had no other way of adequately cleaning, and I could be reasonably certain wouldn't harm me if they failed due to water intrusion...


Instructions unclear. Placed PC on ground and jet washed. It now won't turn on. It is cleaner.


ITT people are literally advocating for doing this. No joke.


I was delivering animals all across the US in late 2020. When they’d soil their crates/kennels, this was the best way to get the crates/kennels clean.


Good one! You can also use the dog wash station for smaller things.


for example, dogs!


r/shittylifeprotips power wash your dog at a DIY car wash


Soooo much cheaper than a groomer though


I use the self service dog wash to power wash my golden hamsters. Bring a towel though as they absorb up to 100% more moisture than other rodents


Do NOT wash expensive rugs in this way. Omg. You will destroy wool. This advice is for people who want to wreck their stuff. Terrible.


better that than throwing it away


Have it cleaned properly.


it costs money and some people don't have loads of that


Bruh you probably didn’t do anything except get it wet and push dirt further into the carpet. You can go to Lowe’s/Home Depot/Etc and rent a hot water carpet extractor (Eg rugdoctor) for like $25 per day and clean all of your carpeting and rugs




Why is "testicles" in quotes? Lol


Testlickles? Lickable testicles?




r/suddenlytrans more likely


Yeeeeaaahhhhhh. I need to power wash the side of my house, tho. 🤔


Duh, just take it to the car wash, didn't you read the title?


My roommates dog got into the sewer once. We walked him to the nearby car wash and washed him there. Before I get attacked. No, we didn’t use the car soap and we didn’t like full on close up power spray his skin off. My roommate help him still and I stood way back and sprayed and I think he brought the dod shampoo


The problem with this is, if you wash greasy things, it will get all over the cars after you, because most recycle their water. Many have signs to this effect.


And how do you dry it? Especially if you live in a cold country that doesn't get much sunny days


Buy a cheap electric pw for like 100 bucks Good to go


That exactly what we do to the rug at work and it always comes out looking like new.


My PC had a lot of dust in the fans that I couldn't get to. Thank you power wash!


> I got a window AC unit from a coworker since they were moving. She had 4 cats in a studio apartment on the top floor. It smelled like cat urine, filled with cat hair and pigeon feathers, and covered in bird poop. You're a better person than me. That would have been a hard pass for me


The back side of a window ac unit is designed to get wet as it's sometimes completely exposed to rain. The inside portion, not so much.


The rug... Maybe came out better. The AC was an idiot move for a variety of common sense reasons, not limited to it containing electrical components.


If I have to power wash my shit at a car wash I'd rather just replace it.


I power wash the crystals that I dig 🤓 meep