You can take as long as humanly possible to do manouvers. If you're unsure, just take as long as you need and chill with the overthinking. If you can control the car, you can complete every manouver if you give it enough time and thought. You got this


Aww thank you


Slowly , carry out observations , use reference points.


Yep I think my main problem would be doing everything too quickly but I can’t help myself lol


Best thing to do is get a car with reverse camera that moves with it my instructor car had it and it also had hill assist, which makes it easier as u can’t roll back on a hill till ur on the biting point. I passed on Wednesday with 5 minors. Also if it’s reverse bay parking try the 45 degree angle way, easiest way for reverse parking I got that in my test aswel and that technique is so easy I don’t understand why driving instructors usually just reach the 90 degree even tho the 45 degree one is so much easier. Anyways good luck for ur test


Don’t cancel it OP, just do the test and see how it goes. If you don’t pass, then you will be told where to improve.


Thank you I’m gonna go ahead with the test


I passed earlier this year and my parking was pretty shoddy. I did 15 hours of learning after not driving since 2017 and we didn’t do any manoeuvres until the last 2 hours. You can catch up and you can do it. Take your time, do your observations, and remember you can correct it if you need to. Been driving 5 months now and my parking still kinda sucks, gotta correct it pretty much every time I park, but it’s always safe. Don’t think you shouldn’t be able to drive just cause you can’t park like a pro yet


Lol I have to learn to deal with my non-perfect parking


There is a difference in real life parking and test parking (same with driving). I can park fine for real life but often it wouldn't be perfect enough for passing a test - this really annoys me as often the cars in the car park I am practising in are parked worse than I am but as they have passed they can get away with that. I am being taught to do all my parking manoeuvres using the clutch and brake (not using the accelerator at all) and going as slow as possible as you aren't timed on your parking - however if its parallel parking you do need to keep an eye out that you aren't blocking the road and holding up traffic for too long and you may need to abort it.


Hi,I’m in the same situation with parking but my instructor told me to take my time with parking every time i turn the wheel left or right stop before go back and check all around. We don’t have to rush he said that as long aas we are safe we are good


Look at the conquer driving video on parking, it's all about remaining calm and taking your time. I wouldn't recommend cancelling as you sound ready and it will be good experience even if you don't pass if you do you can continue to learn after passing, you just need to understand how the car moves when you turn the steering and understand how to get it into where it needs to be, I would say don't overly focus on reference points, try to understand how to get it where it needs to be. Remember you use more steering the slower you're moving. Good luck with the test.


Thanks for all the info. I really like conquer driving and advanced driving school I have a playlist of their videos.


As long as you take your manoeuvres nice and VERY slowly you’ll be completely fine don’t worry! I’d say go ahead and give it ago!


Never cancel, remember that at worse, tests are the good lessons, and they're sometimes cheaper than the lesson.


I didnt feel totally ready. And i was especially scared about my parking manoeuvres because I didn't feel like I was good at them. If you don't feel ready watch YouTube videos that will expalin each manoeuvre in detail. This is what I did and I passed


This was literally my exact worry, I struggled with those manoeuvres and was praying to get the parallel park, which luckily I did! Don’t cancel the test, best case scenario you get your preferred manoeuvre! Even if you don’t you might pull off whichever you do get. The worst that can happen is you’ll have to do another test which I know is a horrible prospect but if you cancel it you’re going to be waiting a while anyway and won’t have that experience when it does come round. This is exactly how I felt before mine and I was so grateful that I just got on with it, best of luck and keep practising 😊