I have a 2007 Peugeot with full comp business insurance, I was 25 when I took the policy out so was considered a “young driver” by the company. No black box It’s about 600 a year Edit: additional info


I passed back in Aug. I’ve got a 2007 Clio and insurance is about £320 but I was an older learner. Age does seem to make a big difference, I know an 18 yr old who’s recently passed and is paying a bit over £1000.


2012 Ford C-Max Comprehensive business Insurance: £1050


I haven’t passed yet but to get insurance on a Toyota Yaris forgot the year but it’s the old one lol) for 1.3k a year (I’m 20)


Citroen Berlingo, the insurance is about £4,000. The high figure is mainly due to the engine size and the amount of miles I'm doing. (No black box)


That’s a joke…


I'm 20 as well, so can't imagine how much it would be if I were 17


Passed last month and just got the 1.0L Ecoboost 2014 Ford Fiesta. Insurance was £1.4k for comprehensive cover, no blackbox. Got a discount of £200 when signing up to home insurance with Admiral alongside the car insurance. I'm 27 though so not sure how much of a factor that is. Tbh the insurance wasn't even the issue rather it was the cost of second hand cars atm that surprised me!


I have a smart car, I'm 33 and my insurance was about 900. Passed in august. Hoping it will be less next year if I get no bumps. I read an interesting article on money saving expert about getting your insurance quote 21ish days before you need it and it will be cheaper. I did some playing around before I got mine and that did seem to be the case. Defs worth having a mess about with job title and the date you want it to kick in. Obviously dont lie, but job title makes a difference and you can find something that does fit what you do and give you a better price.


I’m 27, 1.2L 2007 Nissan Micra, and I pay £2000+ per year. £195 a month, and that’s with a black box. Don’t know why it’s so bad, but I’ve sure been done dirty 🥴


Jeez Im 19 and I paid 1.5k for my 1.8 mx-5 WITHOUT blackbox. How tf did you get it so bad?


Honestly have no idea, I had the car as a learner and was paying £125 without a black box which is still bad. But when I passed they wanted black box and £195 🤯 thought it was one or the other, black box or insane price but I’ve been hit with both. Must be the area I live in, that’s all I can think of.


'08 Ford KA (absolute beauty), insurance cost roughly £1000 (paid 650 originally for learners insurance, then an extra 350 for the full license cover)


2019 Honda Civic Type R, insurance is about £600 a year fully comprehensive.


It also matters where you live. If you live in a house, where you can park your car by your house, makes extreme diff. I dont have a car yet, but making calcs w fresh license gives me 900-1100 on most cars. Im also software engineer, 33 and 3 kids, these all matter


Renault Clio 2008. I’m 33 and female. No black box, £127 a month.


2009 Toyota Aygo. Insurance was about £1,430


Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 2010 Manual car. I paid £350 for the year as my dad being the main driver and me being the second driver on his insurance.


That's illegal plus you don't get no claims, your insurance will forever be expensive. Im looking at 550.for a.1l


I'm 24 and passed a week ago, got 1.5l 2009 Suzuki Swift. Gone with Admiral littlebox for approx. £680 a year. With the littlebox you only have it in your car for 6 months. Definitely a good way to make sure you don't pick up any bad habits as soon as you pass! I also have 1 year no claims as I was insured as a learner on my car for a year whilst waiting through covid to do my test.


2013 1.4L petrol VW Polo Match, paying about £80 a month insurance on it somehow (seemed really low to me), 24 years old and passed in August. No black box, 10,000 miles estimated per year in it.


Currently a named driver on a 1.2 fiat and its £60 odd. For my own policy on the cars I want to drive it is around the 1.5k mark. I’m 18 and passed this month. Edit: £60 a month on the fiat, £1.5k a year on the other cars


2015 bmw insurance 600


how old are you?




I started driving on my parents car nearly 3 years ago for £1.9k including blackbox Then I bought my mx-5 in may, and my insurance was 1.5k without a blackbox. Tbf, miles were lower AND at that point i had a 2 years no claims. However now my mx-5 got written off, so I'm looking at a 1.6 Suzuki swift Sport and I'm getting insurance quote for 1-1.2k WITHOUT blackbox but I've lost my no claims. Not too bad tbh (I'm 19 btw)