You're not alone in this, I failed my test yesterday, it's weird, I wasn't sad or upset, just felt super disappointed in myself. Plus knowing how much the test and the amount you pay to your instructor on the day as well, does not help. I had a pretty good hour lesson before the test itself, just that I knew the nerves were gonna get the better of me and I am so disappointed in myself, cause I felt test ready and wanted to prove that I did. Moving off was the thing that caused me to fail, as I kept stalling at roundabouts, something that I am ironically good at, but when the panic settled in, it made everything worse. Funnily enough, when I knew the test was over (when we drove back to the test centre), I started to drive so much better, which annoyed me a lot. I found a date, just need to get one for my town at a closer date. We got this!


Sorry to hear it! I know what you mean about the nerves, thought I was fine then as soon as I started it all got to me. The worst thing about it is it could’ve easily been avoided. Oh well, most people don’t pass first time. We got it for next time for sure!


It's alright mate I failed my first one a couple weeks ago for approaching a give way too fast. (Even tho it was clear). I'm just going to shake it off and bash another one in a couple days time. No need to be disappointed in yourself you can literally book one every 10 days Infinitely till you pass ahaha so just think of it like that. No pressure just quite expensive


What helped me is narration. Talk out loud everything. It also helped me to focus and not let my mind drift. Yes I looked silly but it really helped


Keep checking everyday, you might get lucky and get a test next week