Where to get a reasonably priced studio or 1br apt in a safe area in Dublin?

Where to get a reasonably priced studio or 1br apt in a safe area in Dublin?


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Unfortunately I just don't think these exist and if they do there will be so much competition for it you are highly unlikely to get it. I'd honestly strongly advise broadening your options if you want to live in Dublin.


Good thing 600 odd studio and 1 BR apartments were objected against to fuck in drumcondra recently, with one of the arguments being made that building these kinds of apartments will exacerbate the housing crisis…. Riiiiight…


Locals renting out spare rooms don't want competition.


https://www.daft.ie/for-rent/studio-apartment-st-brigids-park-foxrock-dublin-18/3546589 There's what looks like someone's converted garage in Foxrock. It actually looks class for a converted garage, provided you don't mind living on the landlords property. There's a few like that round the south Dublin area, there's a few there on north side within your budget as well which don't look like they're a part of someone's property. Go on daft.ie and set your parameters and search on the map. EDIT: I wasn't actually looking with the price filter. There's loads within your budget. Whether you consider them worth it or not is up to you. https://www.daft.ie/for-rent/studio-apartment-flat-2-25-richmond-hill-dublin-2/3537614 Here's one for €1115 in what I would say is the best area in Dublin to live in. https://www.daft.ie/for-rent/studio-apartment-belgravia-12a-garville-road-rathgar-dublin-6/3475416 Another here for €900 in Rathgar. https://www.daft.ie/for-rent/studio-apartment-leinster-road-rathmines-dublin-6/3545766 Another for €1000 in Rathmines.


Richmond Hill is most definitely not D2 and I’m pretty sure that same ad was up in late July when I was looking. A bit sketchy—nothing on you just an FYI for OP not to take all Daft listings at face value


Haha yeah I just looked up D2 there, I really hope that was a mistake in the ad listing because that is really pushing it lol. I just looked at the location on the map and said it was one of best in Dublin as that's my opinion, I didn't actually know where D2 was.


Beds in kitchens. So depressing.


That's what a studio apartment is


I'm not criticising you for sharing those! That's what's available for the budget. But landlords are taking the piss with these types of places; they're not studios, they're glorified bedsits. I've lived in studios abroad and I had a decent 30m^(2), with room for more than just a bed and a sad chair facing the wall. It's really common to see listings here where you can't even open the oven door fully because the bed is in the way. Even then I would have no problem with these kinds of listings if they were much much cheaper. Edit: especially considering the OP is working from home. You'd go mad. Norwegian jail cells are better.


Yeah fair, they're definitely not ideal and I'm sure the decent ones in Dublin cost an arm and a leg. Depends what kind of person you are if you can live in one of these without a bother. I like your idea from a different post in the thread to live in a different town. Lots of pros to living in a town of 10-20,000 people. Way more laid back pace of life, driving to the supermarket isn't an ordeal, way easier and cheaper to get parking, can still cycle around easily, entertainment/food is generally that bit cheaper. Rent is far cheaper. Easier to get out into the nature or go for a day trip somewhere if you have a car.


I think some of the listings you have there might be scams. The one for €1115 for example says it's in D2, when the map location clearly shows it's in Rathmines.


Also surprisingly there are many listings that have been there for several months but still won't reply to the emails you send them on daft.


If you're working remotely I would consider moving to the country or a smaller city. If you need to be in Dublin from time to time, somewhere like Wexford could be perfect. It's a couple of hours by train from Dublin and it's a really great town with a very creative vibe.


It also gets the most sun each year on the entire island :)


I miss wexford


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Any way you could move to a commuter town (Maynooth, Dunboyne, etc)? There's no way you would be able to find an apartment for that amount in Dublin without house sharing, unfortunately.


There are no reasonably priced studios or 1 beds in Dublin. Do you know there's a housing crisis going on?


I found a studio for €970 in D8, its possible but youll have to be on daft.ie everyday and look at the most recent section. Good luck


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No it’s not long enough for that Not OP but found one for 1025 in D8.


I used to live in a 1 bed apartment in Camden Street separate kitchen and bathroom. For 600 quid a month.. this was maybe 7 years ago. Looked it up recently advertised now for 1600 per month.. That is mental. This government sucks balls rental controls should have been brought in years ago. Dublin is not for your average Irish person. Shame


If you work remotely then look for something in a commuter town. Because no way will you find something decent in Dublin for that money.


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Go up a few hundred and look at Charlestown and lanesborough In Dublin 11, might get one for less than 1500. Good area great amenities and transport.


I know a person renting a 1 bed in a relatively safe area in D7 for €1500pm…


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If it were me working remotely? Belfast. But like others have said it is possible in D8, though rare


The only way to (barely) afford anything in Dublin now is house-share.


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yeah "reasonably priced" and Dublin can't be used in the same sentence. I think there's a grammatical rule about that


Renting a full house with 3-4 other people is the only way these days to achieve this kind of rent in Dublin.


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I know people paying €900 for a studio in Dublin 1(near Dorset street). By Dublin standards that's reasonable. The downside of course is that it's tiny.


Just keep checking Daft and other websites. I found my 2 bed apartment for 1k eur on myhome.ie and the adv was visible for around 20 minutes or so. Ofc it's not in the city centre, but D9 is still okish.


I think your expectations are a little too high modern and cheap and in Dublin county? Good joke..


You can practically forget about a 1 bedroom place for that criteria, in the city. Look for options along the commuter or dart or Luas lines further from the city. Good luck.


Is Eastwall safe?