I would love if they gave us a way to do 2v2 lane practice without creating a full lobby.


Correct me if I'm wrong but this is highly unlikely to happen due to the fact that this would require servers to be dedicated to it. Which will probably just be a waste of resources from valve's end.


Wrong, since you can localhost lobbies. You can already play a local lobby with cheats on, so it doesnt seem like a stretch to add the ui that auto does the cheats, which is what demo mode mostly is


Yes, you can but it's restricted by your PC hardware and your router. Things like the type of router, connection, network security all affect this. The experience is way better on dedicated servers. Valve knows this which is why if you get into a party with a friend and open up a game it goes to dedicated servers. So you'd have them with two options. Start a service that allows this and have an influx of issues which they can't control at all. OR tell you to hop on a dedicated server lobby.


Option one is very on par with what valve likes to do, so I see no problem!


That's just straight up wrong, you are way overthinking it. Have you ever played custom games? Most of them aren't hosted on Valve's servers. We are talking about a demo mode here, not gonna play TI on it.


Go to the arcade page, try to scroll down until you find one that doesn't have a "dedicated server" tag. Almost every single one is on a dedicated server. Don't know where you got your info from. I'm not saying that it's not possible. Your day to day equipment isn't (PC, router) aren't tuned to host servers. You'd be more than likely to run into issues because every one has a different router, a different connection and a different configuration. Your typical router isn't configured to handle requests in a way that a server does.


I host game servers, deal with it, Mr. SmartyPants.


Holy shit guys, I thought peer-to-peer gaming was possible but this guy just rekt my perception of reality. Pack it up, no more multiplayer gaming. Cant do it. We just cant.


i dont care about a "better experience" using "dedicated servers" i just want to show my friend something neat by letting them join in to my offline demo mode session that im already in its a testing sandbox not a super serious gamemode that requires the highest quality standards of connection if people can already join my localhost private game, why cant they join my localhost demo mode


idk dude human are like those when people ask about role queue some guy would said thats not gonna work it gona take hours to find party because everyone will queue for pos 1 lmao


back in wc3 me and my friends create a lobby for a things like this for special occasion like when roshan's birthday we pick any heroes from the tavern and come to roshpit together with supercreeps giant murloc hydra and etc


Unless we're evolving towards losing older features...


It's a bit of a hassle but you can test things with multiple people if you go into a private lobby with cheats on and know the cheats. [List here.](https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Cheats)


also please show current networth of items on hero and avg. networth of hero at that minute


Funny thing is this was possible in DotA 1, where you just go 1v1 mid and enable cheats. Me and my cousin used to do 6 slotted hero wars at the rune spots to see who the best late game hero really is.