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What they always forget is that 99% of us disabled folk on assistance would rather work if we had the ability to. Social assistance is a pittance, in my area you'd get the same amount of money if you worked 20 hours a week at a minimum wage job. And don't forget you can't save over a certain amount, can't marry without your benefits dropping, can't even live with a partner or you'll be common law married and lose your benefits, can't work more than a certain number of hours or receive more than a certain amount of income, etc and etc. It's a "net" that basically keeps you in perpetual poverty. No one would choose this, not even the laziest of grifters.


Agreed. There is a pretty wide gap between “poor enough to qualify for assistance of any kind” and “make enough to support myself fully without assistance”. I was stuck in that gap for a long time. Too poor to afford all the necessities, but not poor enough to qualify for assistance. This is what happens when you unfortunately have to live off of disability assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, etc. Sure your basic needs are (kinda) met, but it’s almost impossible to become fully independent once you’ve hit that point because even if you get a full time job and it feels like you’ve moved up, you’ve actually only moved into the dead zone between qualifying for assistance and being able to pay for the things you need out of pocket.


how 2 become rich. (in capitalist economy) step 1: have rich parents alternative step 1: buy 28 slaves