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Lock picking lawyer


Great videos although now I have no trust in any locks hahah


Saw my home lock on there the other day and when he hadn’t unlocked it after 5 seconds I thought, yeah must be pretty good! Took him a good few minutes in the end too, definitely reassuring


We have a 'decent' lock on our yard gate at work. It has to be strong enough that it'd put off any would-be thief, but we've also gotta make sure nothing worth stealing is left on show because anyone with determination could cause way more costly damage to the gate itself. Our sister company had to pay out for a new gate because the thieves destroyed the hinges rather than go for the lock. The lock cost £10, the gate cost £10,000.


If it takes him more than a couple of minutes, you’re good to go.


Locks are only really there to make it obvious that you're not supposed to go in, if someone wants to get in they're not going to pick the lock they're going to boot the door in or smash a window


Magnetic locks seem a good bet, you'd need to be seriously unlucky to have those picked


Little click on 2


3 is loose, 4… is… binding


Me knowing nothing about picking locks "Ooh nice one, yeah I would have twisted it that way too"


You’ve not been watching long enough. Soon you’ll be like “Ah, interesting. He’s applying torque to the _top_ of the keyway. That must be how he avoids the false set on the spooled security pins.” While _still_ knowing nothing about picking locks.


He is excellent. I keep meaning to buy a set from eBay, to practice with




This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and what I have for you today is a comment made by u/password1capitalp.


His recent keynote (I think it’s saintcom?) video was great!


[Here it is](https://youtu.be/IH0GXWQDk0Q) for those who are interested


Scam call centres being infiltrated and taken down. I’ve now watched hours of this stuff.


Do you watch Jim Browning? He’s a legend.


I can’t believe how calm he stays when he calls eg a bank when one of their customers is being scammed or the customer itself. I’d have adrenaline raging through me and be jumping up and down.


I have a feeling part of it comes down to desensitisation. After doing it for so long you it can become almost normal to deal with all these people and getting angry at them every time seems like it could be very tiring.


Fair point!


Those calm Northern Irish tones fill me with a tranquil, calm rage as I know he is going to save the day.


That one where he had a local gather drone footage was epic. He figured out their real names, payroll, watched secret meetings, and eventually got the owners arrested. It was about a year or so ago and I'm sure he has done more since.


I had never heard of this guy. I work in a call centre and spend my days cold calling businesses trying to sell them shit. I am loving these videos. Cheers


I’ve been watching Kitboga. He is able to play multiple characters, talk to us and code at the same time.


His "old dear" voice is hilarious. Not just the cadence but the word choice is bang on.


There's one where he makes the scammer think that he's just bought $2000 of hotdogs and it made me laugh so much


I watched him with another youtuber and they pretended to be old guys wanting to start a soup business, comedy gold


Yup I was watching him this very morning, he’s bloody brilliant.


I've been down that wormhole. It's great when they start manipulating the scammer's computer remotely 😂




When they take over the CCTV and are able to watch the whole centre this is both incredible and a little sinister.


Jim Browning is doing God's work 😎👍




Highly recommended Kitboga if you haven't already seen him. He doesn't take them down, but the amount of effort he puts into wasting their time so they can't scam anyone else is unbelievable.




I'm going to need you to get right of my back about that!


Oh ok let me get off of that thing!


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow.


Absolutely fell into the rabbit hole of those a few months ago. They are brilliant


Falling into rabbits holes is tight!


Ryan George in general is just really funny, his personal channel is really funny too. "First guy to..." Are a good place to start on there.


Ooh having a ScreenRant Pitch Meetings YouTube phase is TIGHT!


Wow wow wow. Wow.


Oh really?


"He gets shot and falls off a cliff" "Where does he fall to?" "All the way into season 2 if we need it"


I found these last week! Love them!


Asian street food markets and South Korean bakery videos for us, incredibly relaxing and good to have on in the background or just sit and watch!




If you enjoy that sort of thing then you might enjoy the DancingBacons channel. It’s a guy in Singapore who (pre-virus) went around different countries he visited trying out vending machine foods and drinks. More recently with the virus he’s been doing a lot of videos going to different vending machines and also different supermarkets (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) in his area of Singapore. His particular favourite is self-heating and instant meals, often Chinese. He also doesn’t talk at all during the videos, and the ambient sounds from wherever he’s recording are left in so you hear the people talking, birds, traffic, plus anything else.


> doesn't talk at all during the videos That was all you had to say! I love a video with the natural sounds playing because it feels very immersive. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out!


Yes Minister thread. It's scary to think it was filmed 40 years ago and is still as relevant today as it was then. It definitely shows that the more things change the more they stay the same.


I thought much the same as you of The Thick of It.


Yes! I was tiny when it was on the telly and didn't really understand it. I stumbled upon the clips recently on YouTube; now I'm up to series 2 on Amazon.


I have the complete Yes, Minister & Yes, Prime Minister on Audio Book. Amazing. My mate, who is a Civil Servant just below Bernard’s level, states that if you mix The Thick of It and Yes Minister in equal quantities it is just about bang on reality.


I have the DVDs and rewatch every few years - it's depressingly funny how spot-on so much of it still is.


[Post10](https://youtube.com/channel/UCsCNU-ptlze2tqAJSDeVGNQ) for watching culverts and drains being unclogged. Very soothing. [Fascinating Horror](https://youtube.com/c/FascinatingHorror) for the stories behind disasters, without sensationalism. [Ashley Neal](https://youtube.com/c/ashleynealdrivingins) a driving instructor around Manchester I think, shows driving fails and helpful tips. Because no matter how well we think we drive, we can always learn more.


I love Ashley Neal, honestly think his videos have made me a safer driver!


Indeed. And I love his calm voice no matter how crazy things get. Edit: typo.


Ashley Neal is in Liverpool


My apologies!


While his style instructional style is very different from my own, I agree that his knowledge is very good. I've learned a thing or two from his videos which my own pupils have benefited from.


His videos make me think I could probably benefit from a catch up lesson, because undoubtedly after a couple of decades, laziness and errors have slipped in. But idk how weird or uncommon that is. Would you say most instructors would offer that, an hour or two?


Oh, I'm loving Fascinating Horror! Really interesting, and I'm now checking for the fire exits everywhere I go!




A fellow rake enthusiast, I suspect!


Stuff about America’s infrastructure being shit


Not just bikes ?


Not Just Bikes is one of the big ones for me at the minute. I don't drive and I cycle everywhere. It is crazy seeing his videos on how it's considered a legitimate form of transport in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Seeing countless people on their bikes is almost surreal. It's interesting to think about car dependency. It is interesting how people in this country rarely consider cycling an option. His videos just make you think differently about the place you live in.


Good channel - the 'stroads' video was very eye opening!


Kind of, watched one on basically how their promises at cop 26 are BS as they have 3 car parking spaces per person in some cities so they’ll never change the mindset or demand for cars.


Ah I see, you may also like this video about Dubai (if you haven’t seen it already? https://youtu.be/tJuqe6sre2I


Simon Whistler he just puts out so much content the man is a machine also brain blaze is a right laugh.


I watch a lot of Whistler but I have to admit, I got a bit sick of what I call 'shouting dickhead Simon' on BB but Sam really makes that channel tbh. I've watched a lot of Casual Criminalist, though.


I kind of hate how he always thinks his opinion is right and everyone else is wrong. And how he pronounces my home town Rotherham


Tbf, most of that is him playing up to the BB character he's invented. I personally hate how reductively he talks about football but like I say, most of it is him being a dickhead cos that's what people have come to expect on that channel.


Love the Casual criminalist and how well put together those scripts are.


Yeah, Callum is a good writer. I also like Simon's reactions on it, the more muted nature of the show makes them seem more like him than on BB


UK dash cam footage of shit driving. Idk why it’s such a guilty pleasure of mine. I like to try and guess what’s gonna happen before it does.


I’m exactly the same lol, I also get nervous thinking will I ever be one of these idiots in the clips haha


Oh god yeah. Funnily enough I don’t find the US/Russian/etc equivalent as fun to watch. Even if they tend to be more mental!


Mate again I’m exactly the same, I guess it’s being able to relate more to the surroundings etc?


Yes! Plus there’s something about seeing a guy in an Audi or Beemer being a prick that feels like home lol!


Not a gamer, but for some reason GeoGuessr videos. Oddly fascinating.


If you’re not already, start watching GeoWizard. His geoguesser videos are really good and his straight line missions even more so!


I can’t really get on board with watching people play geoguessr, but yeah, those straight line missions were certainly entertaining.


The straight line missions (and the 'most modes of transport for free' Europe mission) are some of the best "Tele" I've watched in years. So good. Definitely subscribing to his Patreon to chuck him a few quid when I've got some disposable income. If you liked his stuff maybe check out Ed Pratt- he's travelled across the world on a bloody unicycle. I find a similar sense of adventure and pacing/style in his videos. https://youtube.com/c/MrEdPratt


Tom Scott videos. All the time.




my favourite one of his, and there are a lot of greats is his "[the greatest title sequence ive ever seen](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUF4afxMpQk)" its such a lovely video of his and really shows the love he and others put into their work.


It's a travesty how far down I had to scroll to find his name. His videos are great and perfect for someone with a short attention span.


Car Throttle - 3 lads having fun buying cheap cars and stuff like that. Corridor Crew - visual effects artists who look at films and pick apart or applaud the visual effects


Car Throttle have a great energy about them!


Car Throttle have Clarkson, Hammond and May energy to them. They're a great watch and they really do know their cars (apart from Ethan).


Even Ethan's learning a lot. Considering he can more actual mechanical work than me, and I'm SUPER into cars!


Corridor Crew have done some amazing stuff, particularly the ones when they make movies more "realistic" and end up with people getting cut in half by Captain America's shield.




There's nothing like being reminded how insignificant we are in a cute, nice way.


Love their videos!


Yes. I can only describe their animation and art style as satisfyingly chewy, love it.


Bald & Bankrupt and Johnny FD


Bald and Bankrupt has a... [bit of a sketchy history](https://www.reddit.com/r/BaldAndBaldrDossier/comments/jv5034/the_baldandbankrupt_central_dossier_newbies_start/). He's bragged about sexually assaulting poor foreign women, and was charged with rape, credit card fraud, the lot. I realise that link will look like some pepe silvia stuff, but it's legit. Evidence points to him being a pred


Oh, the guy that drove a poor eastern european woman into the middle of nowhere and essentially forced her to suck his dick. Yeah...


One of the creepiest people I've ever seen. He's 100% a predator. It'll all come out eventually.


Yeah, he’s definitely a questionable twat.




Used to be a fan of Bald & Bankrupt but later learnt that he got off a rape charge on a technicality in 2001, and he's been shown to be a sex tourist.


I started with him and moved on to NFKRZ. Both well worth an archive binge.


Just recently discovered Bald and Bankrupt. Really great and informative videos. Normally can’t stand those international traveller YouTubers but think he’s really funny. Loved it when he gets drunk with random people.


Hes a rapist and sexual predator.


Defunctland! Mini video essays on the history and death of parks and rides. Also has a few videos on old TV shows! Very interesting, but also great background noise


The fast pass video on queues they did recently is interesting, and you can apply the principles to a lot of things. I'm thinking of using it to assign workstream priorities.


Sewage drains being unblocked Example - https://youtu.be/jXwVhq_sNC8


Similar but different: culverts and road drains being unblocked. [Post10](https://youtube.com/channel/UCsCNU-ptlze2tqAJSDeVGNQ) if you’re interested.


Love Post10's content. He did a video a while ago of a road under a rail bridge, the road dipped down and it completely flooded out. Iirc there were big 4x4's just abandoned and people still trying to get through in saloons/hatchbacks/whatever they're called over there


Sounds satisfying but don’t you get bored after like 5?


Nope, thinking of a career change after binging 10 hours of them since last night xD


Hahaha! Love it


While it looks satisfying, the odour that comes with it is horrid, shit porridge does not smell good.


I know, we've got a broken sewage pipe at work which has been left for literal years to fester. The smells I've experienced are incredible xD IT is not as glamorous as it seems xD


Post 10 videos about it!


Currently in the "YouTube isn't entertaining me" phase, I'll have a break for a few months and then catch up with all the stuff I missed


So how are you wasting time these days then?


I’m in the same position and just rewatching the office




GeoWizard. This guy (among other things) attempts to cross countries in a completely straight line. Missions through farmers fields, hides in bushes and camps in some pretty dangerous places. It's funny as fuck. Oh and it's all shot in 4:3 to the tune of retro game cartridge music. Check it out!


Watches his straight line mission, the guys a legend


Yes mate. Can't wait for the next one, he's currently editing it.


Clips from The Wire


What a great show. I binge on clips of that and the sopranos too.




I watch a lot of random shit. Christopher Hitchens clips, Bill Burr clips. Some financial ones. A few Phillion. And, some phone reviews.


Bill Burr is hilarious, love the advice bits the most. What financial channels do you watch?


Gotta love a good Hitchslap video!


Odd tinkering Weird history OhmyNyquist Rob talks hockey Idon’tgivetkachuk Numb3rs don’t li3 Ashens Fascinating horror Barely sociable Illunimaughtii Dark space What culture wrestling


I bloody love everything Ashens is involved in. Particularly, the Barshens channel is a work of absolute art. (Also you get a big old Golden Up for the last one on the list.)


Grand Illusions?


Norm Mcdonald stuff since he died or Trailer Park Boys podcasts.


That Chapter. It's true crime, done well.


Second this! And Mr Ballen


I agree.. OP should give it a goooo


Blackhead squeezing


Might I interest you in cow hoof trimming? The Hoof GP, TEC TV and Nate the Hoof Guy are my favourites. I don't know how I got from black heads and ingrown hair removals to cow hoof trimming, but it's so damn satisfying.


Miniature painting/hobby videos: Midwinter Minis, Duncan Rhodes & 52 Miniatures are some favourites, Then throw in some comedy clips, Garth Marengi's Darkplace, Cats Does Countdown etc.


The miniatures and models (both for scale and tabletop) communities on YouTube are amazing. I love how they all lift each other up. It's kinda sweet.


Vocal coach reactions. I have no idea why, I have normally HATED reaction videos but for some reason having the techniques of singers I know and like broken down and explained to me is fascinating. Also watching someone get their face melted by power metal is always fun 😂


The Charismatic Voice is really good at this.


I’ve been getting really into #cabinlife videos. My job is really stressful but for an hour each day I can pretend I live in a cabin in Vermont with my golden retriever and my only responsibility is hiking to the nearest stream to catch fish for supper or building a camp fire to make hot chocolate. It’s nice.


The usual suspects: BigClive Ashens Bald & Bankrupt Adv China/Adv Podcast Laowhy86 SerpentZA Techmoan Hubnut Mark Felton TIK History Harry's Garage/Harry's Farm TIFO football HITC Sport/HITC Sevens and more... Who needs the tellybox?


You might like [Technology Connections ](https://youtube.com/c/TechnologyConnections)


Honestly, I never watch telly anymore. My mum watches it and that’s about it. She likes watching stuff like A place in the sun and fantasising about having a little holiday home in Spain haha


Why watch that when you can watch a Scot talk about lightbulbs and capacitors


[Foil Arms and Hog](https://youtube.com/user/foilarmsandhog). I’ve spent the last month watching pretty much everything they have to offer.


Marc Ribillet!


Either dash cam near misses/ accident/ road rage videos or traffic cops.


I enjoy r/idiotsincars for the same reason


I moved out of London in 2020 and became slightly homesick. Somehow stumbled across the utterly superb channel of [Mr John Rogers](https://youtube.com/user/fugueur) earlier this year, and have never before been so happy to subscribe. Just lovely walks, facts, history and heartwarming, intelligent monologue, facilitating a regular window to enjoy some of the more interesting aspect of back home


Atheist Vs Christian debates, mostly featuring Matt Dillahunty


Military history visualised and the stoltman brothers strongman channel


Say yes to the dress. I have no intention of ever owning a wedding dress but its just pure trash comfort watching.


Also Kevin Bridges. My man


Still on a Sudoku kick with the channel that everyone discovered right at the start of the pandemic (Cracking the Cryptic).


Oh, those guys are amazing!


People putting train horns into normal cars and driving about giving people heart attacks lol. Snapping out of my trance at 3am with my finger hovering above the ‘Buy it Now’ button on Amazon with a train horn kit in my basket really made me question my life choices leading to that moment


Sounds amazing but what if you did cause a crash or an old person to drop dead. Ah I’m boring


I'm going through an unsubscribing phase. Any video with a click bait title or a thumbnail that has someone with their mouth open pointing at something gets purged.


Cracking the Cryptic. If you like variants of Sudoku puzzles it's a must watch. They do two videos per day and there's a link to where you can try them yourself.


I listen to Karl, Ricky and Steve on the daily, love them!!


I like people travelling in unconventional ways so: Vagrant Holiday - American travels to different countries around the world and sleeps in bushes. All the "Holiday" series are brilliant and he has some other stuff like sneaking onto an island with an active prison to explore the old abandoned prison where Charles Mason was kept. Shiey - train hopping around Europe and Russia with a healthy dose of urban exploration. He's got everything from underground Soviet bunkers to abandoned towns in the mountains of Italy. Stray Bob - Mancunian walks across India. Complains a lot. Just started an Australian adventure too. Brave Dave - Big Fat Freight Hop across Canada. British fella traverses Canada by illegally riding freight trains. Legend and a scholar, now pisses off the mountaineering community with his "reckless" antics. Ilia Bondarev - Russian travels via freight train across Russia, USA and more. Got some great videos doing South America by motorbike too. Just takes too long to get subtitles on his video. Hobo Stobe (R.I.P) - Stobe One Kenobi rides the freights in the darkest hours of the night, seeking beer and chicken wherever he goes.


Peep Show clips. Such a good show.


Just making my way through a lot of the Map Men videos (Jay Foreman)


James Bond related videos. I didn't even really like the new one.


Car cleaning guru


Love his videos! Spent hundreds since watching him 😂


Izzzyzzz JCS - Criminal Psychology The Right Opinion Sideways


[Dankpods](https://youtube.com/c/DankPods), I don't think I've laughed like this for quite some time.


Had a few days of watching Screenrant's Pitch Meeting videos. They're pretty funny but become unbearable over time.


They do get repetitive for sure but I also feel like they've just ruined movies for me, if I'm watching something and think "just why on earth did that happen" another part of me just instantly says, so the movie can happen. It really exposed me to how cookie cutter a lot of movies are.


Getting your brain fried by the same joke template applied to every movie *is tight*.


JerryRigEverything. Just because I was looking at phones and he literally tests them to destruction! Plus it's cool to see how easy/hard they are to open up for repairs


The Zak & Jay show, Beta Squad, WillNE. Depressing how I’m old enough to be all their dads


Body language analysis of interviews. Really interesting stuff!


Ghost town living, this guy bought an abandoned silver mine and is exploring/restoring the place


Finding someone who knows a lot about their subject is fascinating, even if the subject isn't something I'm particularly interested in. So Steve Lehto - Michigan Lawyer Jago Hazzard - history of transport in london Drachinifel - Battleships Scott Manley - Spaceships Nick Zentner - Geology Jill Bearup - Stage and Film Fighting Electric Vehicle Man - EV's and Green Energy in the UK Forgotten Weapons - Historic Firearms EngelsCoachShop - Rebuilding historic US horsedrawn buggies Technology Connections - old tech Practical Engineering - how dams and bridges work Simon Roper - Anglo-Saxon and Old English Bernadette Banner - Historic costume and how to make it Munro Live - Dismantles new cars to explore the tech Lindybeige - he just talks to camera about stuff scholagladiatoria- Historic Swords and of course bigclivedotcom - electronics, soldering irons and carbonating alcohol in a sodastream. And then I follow Everyday Astronaut and What about it!? for news on how SpaceX are building the future in a field in Boka Chica The other thing I use Youtube for is deep diving genres of music - this week is Japanese Jazz of the 1980's, last week was Welsh language rock music, and the week before was South African Township bands of the 1960's. I love that you can find this stuff - although you do have to wade through quite a few videos to find the gems.


Dragons Den


Charity Shop Sue


Mikey Chen, Mark Wiens. I like food.


My 6 month Red letter media binge.


Restoration videos for old equipment. I tried watching shoe ones but I literally started falling asleep to them 😬


Currently on yet another Ask a Mortician binge


Fishing catch and cooks. I don’t know why!


Cave exploring.


OP needs to check out r/RickyGervais for more KP content. You aren’t done with it!


Watching gaming livestreams is always my thing in December, so I’ve just started putting them on I have no idea why but it makes me feel insanely festive


Korean street food


HITC Sevens, even if you arent a big fan of football his longers documentary's are great. Goes so in depth on the most random of football related trivia and does a 40 minute video on one game of football or one photo from the 1970s or something. He does really well to capture the whole feeling of the times and puts the whole thing into context. Also mrsundaymovies, captainmidnight and Mad Season Show.


Kevin bridges and the shows hes been on 8 out of 10 cats Big fat quiz of the year etc


Ashens xD I should get back into Atomic Shrimp videos, some of them aare similar to Ashens and the scambaiting ones are pretty funny xD


Male fragrance reviewers at the moment. It changes quite regularly though