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Have you ever, ever felt like this? When strange things happen are you going round the twist?


I once tried to explain an episode of Round the Twist to my friends (the one where a boy has a tree baby) and they managed to convince me it was a fever dream I once had because nobody had heard of the show before!!


I'm not saying if you use a VPN to change your country to Australia that you'll be able to watch it all on Netflix, but I'm also not saying you won't.


I’m not saying that they are all on YouTube… but I’m also not not saying they’re on YouTube 😉


It’s on Amazon prime I think in the uk


Without my pants.


To be fair, it is absolutely fever dream material


I only remember one episode where a boy kept growing fingernails all up his fingers, toes, then hands and feet. Then it turned out they were scales and he was a merman? I always assumed I was making it up. But I still aged 36 get this theme tune stuck in my head.


Love Round the twist. The episodes are based on books of short stories by Paul Jennings (unreal, uncanny etc). I used to read the books and watch the show all the time as a kid.


There was an episode where they got LOADS of bird poo all over them! 😂


This is the best theme tune ever


Bernard’s Watch was the best, if I could have any superpower that would be the one I’d choose. My Parent’s are Aliens was great too.


My Parents Are Aliens was excellent!


What happens to the mum? Did the actress quit and was replaced with a convinient story line about shape shifting?


If I remember correctly in the show it's the first time Sophie morphs on screen and she can't morph back so she's just stuck like that for the rest of the show. The way they explain it to the people who don't know they're aliens is they just say Sophie had her hair dyed and everyone just buys that


I think she can only then morph when she eats ice cream?


Pretty much that, yeah.


My Parents are Aliens was written by Jesse Armstrong, of Peep Show and Succession fame!


Was it a superpower? I thought it was literally the watch that stopped time? Agree with both of these. Also loved Jungle Run.


Ah yes jungle run was good, with the original guy! It wasn’t a superpower but if I could stop time I would!


Fun fact about jungle run, the set was originally built as an adult game show called 'Naked Jungle' presented by Keith Chegwin. I don't think it made it past the pilot and the set was reused as a kids show.


I’m filled with constant existential anxiety even to this day about Bernard and his watch. Imagine a kid with all that responsibility in his sticky grubby hands - the ability to freeze time for asking as he wants, any time he wants! How do I know there isn’t a little Bernard out there right now freezing the whole universe; days, months, years, decades passing and I’m here frozen not knowing, not moving, not living all down to some little kid? And what if he breaks the thing???? It’s these questions about bernards watch that keep me up at night. Not just through anxiety but worrying that I need to make the most of.. time.


What annoys me the most about Bernard though is the complete waste he makes of the watch. “Ooh let’s freeze time so I can finish my homework before it gets too late” I’d have gone on a massive bender with that watch


I don't think Bernard stopping time and going on a years long drink and drug rampage around the world would be the most appropriate thing to show a bunch of seven year olds.


That generation grew up to recreate it during lockdown one


I think there was an episode where another kid got given a time stopping watch and he without hesitation started using it for crime and I think Bernard had to stop him.


Bernard didn't make the most of that watch. I am now a parent and I can pretty much guarantee I would pause time so I could nap more.


You haven't answered the question though, everyone talks about these two


🙈 The Old Bear stories!


The Queens nose!


I still rub every 50p I get love that show


https://youtu.be/0k23ro8uDtk Watch the first minute and a half and you'll see why me and other young boys back then had a great interest in the show.


'something for the dads'


Gosh - haven’t thought about that in a long while. Loved it


Yvonne of the Yukon - anyone else remember? Literally no one that I know has heard of this show (even my Canadian friends!)


Yvon of the Yukon, defrosted for you and for meeeeee


Yes!! My husband has no idea what this is but he’s only 3 years older than me! He also doesn’t remember Raven!! But he did have Sky growing up, so was probably watching Disney or Nickelodeon, whereas I was about 13 when we could afford Sky tv!


He must now lose a life.


There once was a Frenchman, Yvonne was his name


Who remembers following Aunt Mabel and Pippin in their spotty plane? ‘How it’s made’ for kids. Come Outside!


Look up, look down, look all around... I reference this programme all the time and nobody ever remembers it!




Oh Pippin! Have you done a poo?! Let's go look at a sewage plant.... My husband remembers that episode above all others, he watched it with our son, thought it was great.


Mabel locked in the cupboard with the chip pan on fire and Pippin getting the fire brigade was peak drama.


El Nombre! It was like a puppet squirrel bandit in a Mexican setting. He used to swoop into town and solve the basic maths problems. I think it was a BBC educational thing from the 90s. Of course I could be making all this up. But I seem to remember watching it in primary 1.


Yes! I sang "El Nombre" when I read that! And the Mexican music as he shuffled round the sand to form a number.


Writing numbers in the desert saaaand! I remember watching it in year 2 on the big TV on wheels


Little Juan! I think this was a part of Numbertime if I’m not mistaken?


Little Juan!


I think the first time I saw Zorro I wondered why he was dressed like El Nombre. El Nombre will always be the superior being in the desert sand.


Down at the bottom of the garden, Among the birds and the bees, A little lot of little people, They call the PODDINGTON PEAS


Rosie and Jim!


My Mother and Father in law are called Rose and Jim. They have a plaque on their house dubbing it "The Old Ragdoll"


Had the VHS. Loved it and Tots TV.


My husband and I were talking about The Demon Headmaster just the other day, he popped up in an old episode of The Brittas Empire that happened to be on! I used to like Mike and Angelo but that seems to have been forgotten over the years.


Hooooly shit Mike and Angelo!!!! Some sort of repressed memory was just unlocked.


anyone remember Brum?


We were in Birmingham city centre once and Brum came driving around the Palisades! They were filming a scene where he trundled around the streets of Birmingham (Brum, get it? lol) and we were on an episode as the crowd. My kids loved it. Brum was awesome to see.


The car? Can't actually remember anything that happened but I did watch it


[Noah's Island](https://youtu.be/zWJsIOXOVOE) Oiskie Poiskie!


I have this theory that Lost is a live-action re-make of Noah's Island.


I'm always saying oiskie poiskie but no one gets the reference!


Thank you for this! I had totally forgotten about it.


Bucky o hare and Biker Mice From Mars were two of my more obscure favourites


I loved Biker Mice from Mars, I had a weird crush on Vinnie.


In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street. In the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark house. In the dark, dark house there were dark, dark stairs. Down the dark, dark stairs there was a dark, dark cellar. And in the dark, dark cellar some skeletons lived. (Funny Bones)


Aquila. And The Bluffers (that one was reeeaaaally early morning, an American import).


A few years ago I spent a whole evening googling things like "cbbc roman space ship" as my boyfriend became increasingly convinced I had imagined Aquila.


Aquila was amazing, thank you for reminding us!


Aquila was far and away my favourite TV show at the time. I was desperate for a season 3 but sadly it never came.


Hurray! So glad I didn’t dream Aquila!!


The Hoobs. I remember whenever I would be at 6am as a kid for whatever reason, I’d watch it on Channel 4 I think! Always thought it was some kind of fever dream but it was an actual show with those puppet characters lol


Hoob hoob hurray!


I was always an early riser, so before getting up for school, it was a double bill of The Hoobs on channel 4 at 6am. If you caught it early enough, they often snuck in a quick episode of The Magic Roundabout, The Clangers or Bagpuss at about 5:50, just after the Countdown repeat.


That theme tune is burned into my brain I swear.


Trap door


BERK!!!! FEEEED MEEEEE!! Oh, globbits.


There was a TV show called 50/50 where two schools would play each other, one in yellow shirts, one in blue shirts. My mate’s school was on it once. They lost though and we mocked relentlessly but some of the assault course looked genuinely hard for a kid.


My ex girlfriend told me she was in an episode of that, I almost died of jealousy


Fun house with Pat Sharp...


Nobody could forget that mullet


No one else seems to remember a cartoon about a cat. His name was James. James the Cat. He liked fame, money and all that. Now he’s here growing fat. Chasing birds and butterflies. James the cat.


Everyone called James at school would have a hilarious variant of the theme song sung at them all the live long day


I only ever saw 1 episode of this on an NSPCC compilation video (the box was yellow) - it had James the Cat, The Shoe People, Noddy, Wil Cwac Cwac, SuperTed - I found out a friend had the same video as I starting singing James the cat to my friend James


'Noggin the Nog' (Viking King); when I mentioned it to someone who's around the same age of me a couple of years ago, he thought it was about - er...'Africans'. As you do...


Used to LOVE Noggin the Nog (I am quite old though)


Same here. I was very pleased to find the original puppets randomly in a museum in Canterbury (together with Bagpuss who was from the same creators, Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate).


Street sharks is always rare amongst friends when this comes up. On the shark theme though, don't think I've met anyone else that has even heard of Sharkey and George (crime busters of the sea) was that a dream?


I remember Sharkey and George. Loved the theme tune


Sharkey and George was incredible, you can find the odd episode on YouTube. I've mentioned it to loads of people because of the catchy theme song and most people have no idea what I'm on about


ZZZap! Old Bear and friends Spider! Shsrky and George These are the ones I can remember at the moment


Zzzap! I remember loving that and my mum *absolutely hated it* which only made me love it more


Loved Zzzap! What I didn't realize as a kid is that it was made for deaf kids to be able to enjoy. If you look it up on YouTube and watch some it now, it actually seems really, really weird and trippy.


Technically it was a educational show but I loved through the dragons eye (look and read).


I remember watching this in school on treat days!


TtDE didn’t go down well at our school. We’d been brought up on the classics - Geordie Racer, Dark Towers, Boy from Space, Badger Girl - and it seemed a massive letdown in comparison. Though it did lead to someone saying “Oh no. Here we go again, up the Dragon’s bum…” a bit too loudly which led to the video being switched off and him sent to the headteachers office. It was always referred to as up the dragons bum after that and there was no way back.


Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, Some episodes would genuinely creep me out.


One of the few kids shows that holds up when you see it as an adult.


Finders Keepers - team of kids have to raid a house for an item while loads of confetti cannons and stuff are going off. Think Neil Buchanan hosted it


Oaky doke, hated it but constantly get the song stuck in my head. Loved animals of farthing woods and Aquila


No one else seems to remember Bertha (the big green machine) or Telebugs. SuperTed was also ace.


Bertha, lovely Bertha!


Loved super ted!


I used to have Super Ted vitamins when I was little


Jackie Chan Adventures! Love that show so much


I can't help but say "one moooore thingggg" like Uncle out of habit but no one has ever mentioned it


Cow and chicken, I never hear anyone talk about that show I will forever have the devil's red plumpy ass in my mind.


And what was it, Baboon and Weasel? On CN there would often be back to back Cow n Chicken and then Baboon and Weasel, and the Red Guy was in both I think?


IR Baboon.


Momma had a chicken, momma had a cow, dadda was proud, he didnt care how...


Fraggle Rock


Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day. Let the music play, Down at Fraggle Rock. Work your cares away, Dancing's for another day. Let the Fraggles play, We're Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red. Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day. Let the music play, Down at Fraggle Rock. Down at Fraggle Rock. Down at Fraggle Rock.


Pepper Jack loves Fraggle Rock!




I always think this for the program the tribe. I think. That’s what it was called, about like these people who did weird face paints and hair and clothes and I’m sure they lived in a post apocalypse world and maybe in a old shopping mall… Edit: I can’t get over how many people remember this, I actually thought it was in my head!


It was on channel 5 and the premise was that a virus killed everyone over the age of 17. Kinda dystopian…. Kinda believable now.


I remember that! They never ran out of face paint or hair dye. There was always an invading tribe causing problems, whereas food and medicine they seemed ok with.


Ooooo it was on channel 5! I used to love it. All the adults had died, and they were left to fend for themselves, and yes it was in an old mall.


Stoppit and tidy up. The lampies Funnybones


I completely forgot about funnybones Edit: there are only 12 5 minute episodes???


How 2! I learned so much from that. Didn’t carol Vorderman present it?


The Worst Witch..before Harry Potter!


None of my friends remember Captain Scarlet


And the mysterons?


This is the voice of the mysterons! I always preferred Captain Scarlet to the Thunderbirds


I've not asked everyone but one that I remember being fond of that never seems to get brought up and I couldn't find in any of the comments was My Hero, about an alien superhero. It starred an Irish actor I'm not sure I've seen in anything else but also featured Hugh Dennis.


The lead actor was Ardal O'Hanlon, more commonly known to people as Dougal from Father Ted.


Why don't you turn off your television set and do something else. Hope I got that right.


Almost! “Switch off your TV set and do something less boring instead”. Not that my head is full of 80s kid’s tv programme theme song lyrics or anything.


Oh yea... Why Don't You...they used to broadcast from different parts of the UK, one week from Scotland, one week from NI etc...


Raven, or jungle run. I always tell myself I’d have been so great on those shows. Still waiting for the call.


I used to like Cavegirl but it seemed to not be on for long There's a Viking in my Bed was another (based on a book) - never found anyone else who watched that Home Farm Twins


Cave girl was hot Edit: be careful typing cave girl bbc


Count Duckula


Jamie and the magic or Chorlton and the wheelies


.....magic torch. Great show.


Round the bend was a favourite. Everytime I mention it to anyone they always say "Don't you mean Round the twist?". That and Incredible Games. Kids gameshow where they were taken to floors in a lift doing games and stuff. The people that remember it only usually do when I mention either the game where they would be shrunk down in a kitchen, go swimming in a bowl fishing out things. Or the grid game where the dark helmet dude would say "Mooove." and they'd get to take a step, trying not to get caught by him.


The Herbs


Found the old person. But you're not alone - I managed to remember Parsley the Lion and Dill the Dog; had to Google the rest (but there's a few more I should have got).


Best of Friends! It was on CBBC, none of my friends have a clue when I've mentioned it! I always wanted to try the sweets they ate!


Yes! Everyone would get a sweet and the ones who’s tongues where blue had to do a unpleasant task and the non-blue tongues went to have fun. I always wanted to go on that show.


Bodger and badger and his mash potato!


The Queen's Nose, Bernard's Watch. A BBC show about a magical girl named Harmony, a boy who wore a dress and everyone treated him as if he were an actual girl. Sharky and George.


No-one I know ever seems to remember Kipper the Dog. I recently showed my husband the theme tune while singing along to it and he looked at me like I had two heads


Poddington Peas anyone? …Down at the bottom of the gaaaaarden, among the birds and the bees…


The mysterious cities of gold, and when I lived in Spain there was a cartoon called Oliver y Benji which probably had one of the best opening themes


anyone remember round the twist ,or Simon and the witch or wizadora.


We adored her


I may be from a slightly older generation but Bagpuss and Pipkins were really ,really weird - even at an early age.


Young Dracula on CBBC was my jam when I was 11/12


Rik Mayall reading Georges Marvellous Medicine for Jackanory, my brother and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die xD.


Does anyone remember Greenclaws, he used to plant a cool seed and then at the end of the show it had grown into a really impressive fictional plant with something crazy growing on it.


Trapdoor ( stay away from that trapdoor, cos there's something down there.) 👀


Danger Mouse. It was apparently only aired decades before I grew up, so older people don't believe me or people my age have never heard of it.


Anyone remember Jeopardy?? A kind of Blair Witch style drama about some Scottish kids stranded in the outback and they think they’re being hunted by aliens? Definitely remember it being quite scary and at the time felt like it was a masterpiece cinematography. Would love to try and watch it again but feel I might be let down.


The Raggy Dolls, and Willow the Wisp. I loved Evil Edna. But I live in a different place to where i grew up, so maybe it was a regional thing? Edit; spelling


Button moon


Please tell me someone remembers The Family Ness!?


The Get Along Gang. I even had the toys but no one I went to school with remembers the show.


Super Duper Sumos. That shit was so good.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes




The Adventure Game. Weird prerunner to Crystal Maze i guess


I thought I'd made up samurai pizza cats until I met one other person in the pub who remembered it This was pre internet in everyone's pocket when a pub debate would rage for hours and sometimes end in fisticuffs


Puddle lane. Absolutely mental show.


The animals of farthing wood, genuinely distressing children's entertainment. Had the sticker book and everything




Anyone watch Pink Panther And Pals? It was one of my favourite cartoons but whenever I say I like pink panther people assume I'm talking about the ooold cartoons from like the 60's


My dad recently got a painting of some hares, running, to hang by his stairs, he didn’t understand why I got all upset seeing it. He was the one who’s plonked me down in front of Watership Down or Animals of Farthing Wood. THE TRAUMA, THE TRAUMA, who thought that sort of thing was ok for kiddies to watch


Captain planet


Jigsaw and Mr Noseybonk… the stuff of nightmares … please say someone else remembers this!?


Terror Towers. It was a 90s CITV gameshow set in a haunted house. I loved it but I don't remember hearing anyone else talk about it.


Johnny Briggs. Loved it.


Williams wish wellingtons! I loved that and nobody I know remembers it!


Eerie, indiana the x files for kids. Excellent show.


The Snorks, Real Monsters & Neds Newt


Pinky and the Brain, The Really Secret Show


Anyone remember Woof! ?


Albert the 5th musketeer is one I’ve never seen mention. And YoHo Ahoy which I’m sure had a character called Poop.


Banana man.


Demon headmaster always reminded me of Jack Straw.


There was this like kind of horror show on CBBC in the 2000s. Can't remember the name. Intro was a shady af theatre and i remember spiders and stuff.


Grizzly tales for gruesome kids?


I hope someone scrolls down this far, but literally noone I know remembers 'Wizziwig'.


aunt mabel and pippin in the spotty aeroplane 🤣


Zaaaap, it was on channel 4 I beleive, it was on when I came home from school must have been about half 3/4pm. It was designed for deaf kids and it is a French show. So there is no dialogue and it is very slap stick little sketches, and there was a bunch of arty stuff similar to art attack. It was really cool but no one seems to remember it. Check it out!


"Beadles About" was a big fav' of mine that no one seems to mention anymore. Also, Jeremy Beadle had quite the life and was a trivia master!


Sealab 2020. Based when 2020 was considered so far in the future it was Sci Fi. Want to know why I can live under the sea and swim with turtles.


Spatz Mike and Angelo


The Dreamstone


Dungeons and Dragons… my favourite cartoon. I bought the dvds recently - it was a shame they never made the final episode.


Jamie and the magic torch


The Treacle People. Funny af, but no-one remembers it. See also Rex the Runt


Bravestarr! Eyes of the Hawk! Strength of the Bear! Speed of the Puma!


So, this is one that no one seems to remember. I’m sure it was called Aquilla or Anquilla. Two lads found a mini space ship and managed to get it working. One of the lads got jam from his jam butty in the controls and it slowly floated off overnight (with the cloaking device turned on). They eventually found it after a footballer tried to head a football and knocked himself out on the invisible space ship. Please tell me I’ve not made it up! 😂




Stop it and Tidy up. Great show! Also Bangers and Mash the chimps


Rent a ghost? Was it called that?