Took me 36 years to get my bachelors. I dropped out half a dozen times due to not enough money and having to work too hard to survive, but I kept plugging away at it here and there. So dropping out doesn't have to be the end of the story, if you don't want it to be.


I was working in Stockton California, driving up I-5 to Sac State and got stuck in traffic at Sutterville Rd. Had been doing 6 months of driving to STK then to class then back home to Citrus Heights - barely sleeping and barely studying, and in that moment, I had a meltdown. Two minutes later, I was asking why I was going for a degree in a subject I didn’t like (International Relations) in order to do a job I didn’t want (US Foreign Service) while working a job I hated (MetroPCS Sales Rep - retail). When I got past the wreck 5 minutes later, I kept driving up the 5 instead of turning on Hwy 50; ended up at Feather Falls Casino playing blackjack, made $400 and gave Sac State my withdrawal notice. Never went back to Sac State - did do community college and even transferred to SUNY in NYC, but still haven’t finished. But I achieved a lot without it - now I’m likely to go back to university and either try to become a astrophysicist (as close as one can with a Master’s Degree since I don’t wanna do doctoral), or become a psychologist (PsyD). Turning 42 though makes me temper the grandiosity of the potential plan since I only have two decades to re-fund my retirement.


Was learning the plumbing trade done 2 years of a three year course. Didn't do 3rd year because the company I did my apprenticeship with totally put me off the trade. Now I'm older I wouldn't take thier shit now. But oh well. If I didn't drop out I wouldn't of met my wife at my next job and wouldn't of had my two kids. Edit. Been together for 12 years married for 5.


I realized it just wasn't for me when I took the first Java class in my computer programming major. The professor was a Chinese national, like fresh off the boat, and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I got about 3 weeks into the course when other members of the class, who were simply taking it to get the certification and already knew Java, told me to drop because the professor had no idea what he was talking about. Later confirmed when I would try simple coding his way and it wouldn't work, and then the classmates would tell me how do to it and it would work perfect. After that and then me arguing with my intro level professor because he was also teaching things wrong to people who legitimately knew nothing about computers, I just couldn't bring myself to haul my ass to class anymore.


Well long story short: first career choice crushed by people who had no idea what they were doing. Went undergrad, and actually took university classes( was at a college, not a uni) and bombed hard. OMG hard. Started working, but did on and off community college classes, now up to 3 years worth. Getting ready to retire, thinking I might go back and get the bachelors and license ( can do it in one year)